Vivian had just gotten off the phone with her sister. It appears her nephew had gotten himself into some shit again. Her sister was asking if she could take and hide him this time.

Vivian hadn't seen Jermaine in 7 years but even at 14 he clearly belonged to the streets. He was just a skinny kid who grew up hard, and he gave no cares about other people. Now at 21 he was a full fledge gangbanger.

Vivian would have been in the same place as her sister, but she got an abortion instead of having Jermaine's father's baby. She cleaned herself up after that and met Jason her now husband. He was a very wealthy dentist, and came with 1 baggage as Vivian calls his daughter Ariel. That was 11 years ago and the baggage never accepted her as a mom.

Ariel was old enough to know she wasn't her real mom, and her real mom left her dad for a pool boy, and let Jason have Ariel.

Jason raised her right, she was the valedictorian of her class, head cheerleader, and a body to die for. Ariel loved teasing men into doing what she wanted. But as far as Vivian knew she was still a virgin.

But goody miss two shoes could never seem to show respect to her step-mom. She was always whimpering to her dad to ruin Vivian's day or plans.

A smile ran across Vivian's face she had a fail proof plan now. She texted her sister and told her Jermaine could stay whenever, though tomorrow would workout best. She then hung up the phone and ran some errands and picked up a few things.

When she returned to the house her husband and step-daughter were already home. She walked in the door greeting her husband who embraced her and kissed her. "Honey you know Jermaine?"

Jason looked at her questioningly, "of course I do he's your nephew."

"Well he's been in a little bit of trouble, and he needs to come stay here for a bit." She smiled at him, draping his arms around his neck, giving him puppy dog looks and kissed him.

Jason was leery of Jermaine he was not a nice kid even at 14 the last time he saw him 7 years ago. Since then, he's been arrested multiple times, even under suspicion of murder, drugs, robbery, and date rape. He's even believed to have 4 or 5 kids by different baby mama's as he calls them. However Jason looked down, and he couldn't deny his wife's puppy dog look.

That night Ariel was looking over her college list. Only 1 month before she can move into the dorm and get away from her evil step-mom. The faint creek of a bed alerted Ariel. She reached over to her night stand, as a women's moan pierced the walls. Ariel rummaged through and grabbed her head phones. "Oh god fuck me Jason, fuck me like the slut I am." Ariel plugged the head phones in to her phone. "You like that huh baby that I'm a slut. Think of all those bla-." Ariel got the music blaring in her ears thankful not to hear anymore.

The next day Ariel woke to an empty house. She walked downstairs and found a note informing her of her chores, haha yeah right, and that they went grocery shopping for a guest that would be staying.

Ariel ate breakfast and headed for the shower. As she was stepping out of the shower she heard the doorbell ring insistently. She wrapped a towel around herself. She hurried down the stairs and looked through the peep hole. There was her step-aunt with a larger black man. Hmm guess she got a new boyfriend she thought to herself.

She opened the door. "Hello Belle, are you to be our guest tonight?" She said with a smile. She liked her step-aunt, so much more relaxed than her step-mom.

"No honey actually I have to run, but you remember Jermaine? He's going to be staying with you guys for a while." With that she hugged her niece, told her son to behave, and left.

"What up cuz. Damn you grew up what were you 11 the last time we seen each other 7 years a grown woman at 18?" He couldn't help but have his eyes wander the 18 year old blonde haired beauty before him. 5'2, 110 lbs but all the curves in the right place. Her 36c tits and her thick apple bottom. The towel stretchinh in both places. He could tell she liked what she saw as he watched her nipples harden.

She stuttered at her 6'5, 268 lb, jacked in all the right places, barely any fat at all, cousin. "I...i...ummm, yes I..." then she just laughed. "Oh my you've gotten big." Her eyes couldn't help but travel his body. The waves he put in his hair, his smooth dark face, his muscles stretching his shirt. Her eyes got curious as they traveled lower locking onto his waistband seeing a gun on his side. She grew nervous at the sight then, but continued on. She knew he was a gangbanger, so she assumed he'd know how to care for guns. Her eyes then traveled lower she could make out what appeared to be the barrel of a gun, but she couldn't fathom why you'd put a gun from your crotch area to your middle of your thigh. Or even why he would need 2 guns.

He leaned in hugging her, brushing the gun against her stomach area. "That's not a gun sweetie." He let go as the car door shut behind him.

"Oh good Jermaine you're here. Good to see you getting acquainted with Ariel." She hugged him and moved inside. "I have a big dinner planned, but first Jermaine I need to speak with you privately."

They went into the office and Ariel went to change. A big smile on Jermaine's face made Ariel question what that was all about as she bounded down the stairs in a short jean skirt and a pink flimsy tank top. As Vivian prepared food, Ariel couldn't help thinking she was being extra nice to her today.

The food was finished, and they all sat down for dinner. Vivian placed out plates then the drinks. They ate, drank, and chatted about life.

As Ariel ate she started to feel warm, and tingly. She took another drink hoping it would cool her down. She looked over at her step-mom who just said something to her, but she couldn't stop the feeling to concentrate. She heard the phone ring, and her dad stepped away from the table.

She looked to Vivian who was smiling at her clear discomfort. She squeezed her legs together, and ground into the chair cushion. She jumped as she felt a bare foot on her thigh. She looked up at Jermaine who was also smiling at her. He reached out and grabbed her hand which sent a million tiny Shock wave through her body. "Mmm, whaaaaa." The moan escaped before she could stop it.

Vivian laughed and clapped her hands together. "I think she is ready Jermaine." She dug out a black pouch and handed it to Jermaine. "Keep her happy and make sure she's always occupied."

Ariel didn't understand what they were talking about, she only knew she couldn't control her urges. She felt Jermaine's foot pushing at her knees. She was doing her best to keep them closed, but he started rubbing her arm sending the right kind of unlock code. She slowly opened her legs and his foot slid along the inner thigh until it found her moist slit.

She felt the pressure and then the rubbing. He now had both her hands, holding her in place on the table as he rubbed her wet slit with his foot. Vivian laughed and walked away. Knowing Ariel would be a good slut by the time he gets done with her.

"Now for the finishing touches sweetie." He opened the bag, holding both her hands with his other, his foot never stopping. He could tell she was getting into it, grinding against his foot. He pulled out a spoon, a baggy, a lighter and a needle. He took.a big hit, not one to make her O. D but enough to make her feel like she was on cloud 9.

He loaded up the needle. She tried feeble attempts to stop him, but his foot kept her in constant arousal and unable to fully control her movements. Her moans turned to whimpers wanting him to stop but not being able to say no to him.

He tied a rubber hose around her arm, and easily found her vein. He plunged the needle in, her whimpers not enough to stop him. He pushed the plunger down and shot the H into the future slut. He let go of her arms as he watched the drug move through her body. She leaned back, almost no longer conscious. He started rubbing hard and her body knew what to do even if her brain didn't.

Jermaine could no longer fight the urge. He picked up his 18 year old Step-cousin and took her to her room. He dumped her unceremoniously, with a bounce of her body. He looked down on her, lost in her drug high. Her panties were soaked, nipples erect and skirt pushed up around her waist.

He moved between her legs, pressing his 2nd gun into her eager pussy. 1 hand went to her throat the other to her shirt. As he ground into her, he choked her, and ripped off her tank top. Her breast came bouncing out, jiggling everywhere. He threw the pink shirt on the floor matching everything else in the room.

Jermaine leaned in biting and sucking on her nipples. He choked harder listening to her gasp for breath just to moan. His hand slid to her hair lifting her up. He told her to take off his pants.

Her weakening arms could barely be controlled as they fumbled with his belt, zipper, and pulling them down. The whole time Jermaine pinched, squeezed, and twisted her nipples. Her body was shaking by the time his half erect 10" cock snapped out of his pants and smacked her in the face.

Jermaine laughed at his cute white step-cousin. She slumped into him, her face all over his cock. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. He pressed his now fully erect 12" cock against her mouth. She knew what he wanted but couldn't control her mouth enough to move fast. smack. Her head easily snapped to the side even though the slap wasn't hard. She moaned at the abuse, and he squeezed her cheeks together opening her mouth. His cock slid in filling and stretching her lips.

The taste was like ecstasy, she wanted more, she wanted it so bad. She started sucking and slurping at his cock. Her tongue dancing all over the chocolate treat, greedily licking up the taste. Her hands resting on his lips as his hips started thrusting forward. Her relaxed throat gave no resistance to the pleasure pole sliding down her gullet.

Jermaine loved the feeling of this sweet white girl slobbering on his knob. He'd been using white girls for years, but when you find that perfect little princess and turn her into a cock hungry slut, it's the best feeling in the world. He continued humping her face throwing his head back. "Oh god Ariel, mmm Ariel, you fucking slut suck my black cock."

Ariel was in a daze, she didn't know where she was, what she was doing, or who was with her. She only felt extreme horny bliss. Whatever was going on it felt perfect, and she never wanted to leave. She slid a hand down and started rubbing herself. Her pussy needed attention bad.

Jermaine laughed shoving his cock all the way down her throat and holding it there. He moaned as he spoke "ahhh yes baby girl, are you hungry for big Cuz's cock in your tight white cunt?"

Ariel moaned around the cock buried in her throat. She shoved 2 fingers deep in her wet pussy as her hips slammed into her hand. She looked up at the large black man towering over her, and nodded.

Jermaine slowly slid his cock out of her mouth. He grabbed her hair and roughly twisted her over. He pulled her hips up and rubbed her cunt from below. She squeezed the sheet in her hand as his finger dipped into her sloppy slit. He buried it deep as her hips rode it up and down.

Jermaine looked into the mirrored head board. He looked into the eyes of his new slut, but they were far off not recognizing anything. The lust burning in those eyes was undeniable. He smiled to himself and thanked his Aunt for drugging her drink with the new underground sex drug. The H helps her quit fighting, but the sex drug made her into a eager slut.

Ariel rode his finger, and then the second and third. She moaned and panted, all the while her eyes focused on that black snake staring back at her in the mirror. "P-please, I...ah, ah... I n...mmm...need it...fuck...p-please."


"Owww, oh God, fuuuck don't staaawp it feels so good."

Jermaine smiled at her in the mirror. He slid his fingers out to her whimpers. He slid his cock between her pussy lips drilling her Clit. Her whimpers turned to begging.

"Please don't, please God, please don't tease me... I ca-an't handle it, just fu-uck me." She lifted her torso watching his cock, talking to the cock not him. She slid her hand down over his cock pushing it hard against her slit, trying to maneuver it in her.

Jermaine let her stroke his cock as it slid between her slit and hĺand. He smiled at the feeling, he smiled at her need, he smiled at how easy it was to turn a white girl. "If you want the black anaconda inside you, you're going to have to beg."

Ariel bit her lip, she didn't care that it made her look like a begging slut, she needed him inside of her. She ground her pussy into his cock. "Oh god fuck me, shove that black cock deep in my tight white snatch. I want to be your white whore. Fuck me, fuck me hard and rough, fuck me like I'm just a 2 bit whore."

Jermaine smiled listening to her beg and degrade herself. He slid faster and faster, her begging making him hornier and hornier. He slid further back and then drilled it in her. There was a momentary hiccup as he busted through her hyman and then plowed all the way in, hitting her cervix with 3 extra inches hanging out.

Her mouth opened wide but no noise came out. She felt down her stomach feeling his cock bulging out her pelvic area. She felt his cock bulge in and out hitting her hand. The noise finally returned to her mouth. "Oh fffffuck, ow‐owwww."

Jermaine loved how her hips matched his, slamming into his torso. He drilled harder and harder, bruising her cervix. He reached up and pulled her long straight blonde hair back making her look at herself in the mirror. Her bright blue eyes even brighter as her orgasm flooded through her body.


The sound of her ass being smacked ringing in her ears. She watched the scene unfold before her in the mirror. She watched her body shake as her O face formed. She moaned, panted, grunted, and screamed for more. Her ass stung, but it felt so good to be abused. She watched the tall black figure pistoning in and out of her.

Jermaine was railing her as hard as he could, how could this slut want more. His hand slithered underneath her, down her stomach, finding her clit. His two fingers twisted, rubbed, and pinched the engorged protrusion.

Ariel started bucking, his hand was driving her crazy. She could feel his cock sliding and pressing against her g-spot. She never wanted this to stop. The orgasm flooded her body again. Her upper body collapsed on the bed as he drilled her at a better angle. Her moans grew louder and more guttural, she wanted nothing more than to be this man's slut.

Jermaine continued flicking and rubbing her clit as he put the other hand on her back. He leaned forward as he rammed his cock in, wishing he could penetrate her cervix. He felt his climax coming on, and knew she wouldn't be on the pill. He shoved it in, and held it. Listening to her moan, then he pulled all the way out listening to her whimper and beg. He slammed it back in as he tensed up. He quickly pulled out and right back in as his cock's girth expanded further allowing the semen to explode out of his head into her young eager fertile cunt.

Ariel let out a satisfied sigh as the semen filled her pussy. "Oh god baby it's so warm, and soothing. Fuck, fill me up." She didn't care that she wasn't on the pill or that he didn't use protection, only the soothing feeling of his semen scratching and relieving her itch.

Jermaine pumped his cock empty inside of the good white slut. He rolled off of her, and she collapsed on the bed. Jermaine grabbed her hair and pushed her head down to his cock. "Good sluts don't forget to clean."

Ariel licked his cock from the head to the base and back up. Cleaning her juices and his semen off the long black cock. She then sucked each ball in her mouth cleaning her wet juices off of his large ball sack.

Jermaine loved a girl who didn't fight back, one whose libido controlled her thoughts. Ariel was close to being that obedient slut, a few more fucks, and she'd do whatever he told her. He reached over to his drug bag. Taking out the spoon, needle, and H again. He prepared the needle as she finished cleaning.

"Ariel, you were such a good girl I think you deserve a reward."

Ariel looked up at him and smiled at seeing the needle. She loved the euphoria of the high as much as his black cock. She laid down next to him giving her arm to him. He prepared her and then shoved the needle in.

He watched as her face changed as the drug ran through her body again. He squeezed her tit, "whenever you're ready for round 2 just make the first move baby."

Ariel sat their floating away with the drug. She lost track of time as her body started to respond, and she slid her hands down to her messy pussy. She was so horny she couldn't control it.

Jermaine was almost asleep when he felt Ariel run her hands over his enlarging cock. Looks like the sluts ready for round 2. He crawled on top of her and pressed his cock into her listening to her gasp, his cock still too big for her.

Vivian and Jason walked up the stairs to their bedroom. Jason was so drunk he didn't notice the black figure in Ariel's room rutting into his pale white daughter. Vivian did, and it made her horny thinking how her young goody two shoes step-daughter was being turned out by her stud nephew.