Compulsive Connie

The Transformation of Connie had gone in a completely different direction than I had ever dreamed it would. Connie had stubbornly chosen to be my enemy. Here was this amazingly beautiful woman who literally seethed at me when I was with her mom (Vi) and had made it blatantly obvious that she disliked me. Before her transformation, she avoided me, argued with me, questioned my motives with her mother, and was basically at war with me. Then, an amazing sexual tryst happened between us as part of a bargaining agreement to end my relationship with her mother and ever since that wonderful evening, Connie had come around full-circle and all I can say is WOW! What a transformation it was! This cold-blooded woman dropped her attitude, raised the white flag, and totally surrendered her luscious body to me and then she became...well let's just say, a little compulsive.

The story continues...

Previously, Vi had won a weekend getaway at Windlake's Resort and Casino and came with some excellent fringe benefits. She quickly made the reservations and then we planned and packed for this reclusive weekend all to ourselves. There were so many things at the resort to do...hiking, kayaking, dining, gambling...and of course, and a lake side view from our cottage where I had planned to wear out Ms. Vi all weekend. As we rolled into the rolled, the first unexpected compulsive act of Connie was about to transpire. After driving nearly 45 minutes to get here, Vi received a phone call from Connie that she had "mistakenly" locked her keys in the house. So, I let Vi get things arranged at the resort while I took the long drive back to remedy the situation. In the back of my mind, I had wondered if Connie was up to something.

I soon found my answer when I returned from taking a wicked piss after several Cokes and a long round-trip drive. As I turned the corner in the house to head back out the door to the Jeep, I found Connie, splayed out on the kitchen table, in only her bra and panties...

She asked me with a devilish little grin on her face. "Are you sure, you don't want something to eat?

I was going to say no...but the look she gave me and seeing her nearly naked body being offered to me changed my mind. Then she proceeded to give me multiple screwings and we finished up in the shower before I was headed out on the road again and speeding back to Vi, uh, for some more screwing. I was certainly relieved to have some of those special blue pills that would take my overused and nearly limp cock and turn it into a hammer. (FYI, go back and read The Transformation of Connie for all the steamy details that I only summarized here)

I walked out of the house like a new man, got in the car, and quickly sped back to the Resort. I had satisfied Connie and I planned to satisfy another woman and have a very happy weekend. As I drove back to the resort, visions and thoughts about my last hour kept running through my head and I wondered what kind of surprise Connie would dream up next...

Fast-forward to my Weekend with Vi.

I got back to the resort a little later than I expected and felt a little drained from the drive and the other activities of that afternoon. I wasn't complaining, but Vi could almost see it in me when I stepped out of the car. With a quick change of plans, I got cleaned up, took another shower to get refreshed and then we went to eat at the lodge and we were not disappointed. We split a bottle of sweet red wine as we enjoyed our meal. I had a nice New York strip with all the sides while Vi had blackened grouper. We both offered each other samples as we took in the music and wonderful atmosphere of this quaint and charming resort. After some amazing food, we decided to head back to the cabin, but I excused myself and slipped into the bathroom and quickly downed one of my little blue pills cause Vi was the next thing on the menu and I wanted to be ready.

We slowly walked our meal off as we sauntered hand-in-hand back to the cottage. As we approached the cottage steps, I reached down and grabbed Vi and picked her up like she was my bride and then I carried her up to the door. She fumbled with the keys for a second and then I carried her through the doorway and set her down on the couch. I pushed her into the corner as I pawed at her and kissed her and pressed my body close to hers. I loved the amazing smell of her hair and her light touch of perfume was intoxicating. After a few minutes of some serious petting and some passionate kissing, Vi, looked at me and her looks just told me "let's get a little more comfortable, how about it cowboy?"

She wandered into the bedroom while I struggled to take off my boots. I walked in a minute later in just my boxers and socks and I nearly fell over. There was Vi, splayed out on the bed in a red lace teddy that screamed...TAKE ME!!!! And I did just that...I laid down next to her and began exploring her fine body. I started with my hands on her neck and just gave her long passionate French kisses...then I meandered down her sensuous body and began kissing and licking every square inch of her succulent and incredible MILF body. Her teddy did little to hold back her wonderful tits and I groped them and sucked on them like a sex-starved high-schooler...and I didn't stop for an hour. When she gently nudged my head, I knew her temperature was rising fast and from her little push, I knew she wanted some immediate attention in other I moved on...stopping briefly to lick and tease her cute little belly button and then I slowly worked my way down towards her intimate flower.

She shifted her body and opened her legs and allowed me unrestricted access to her garden. Then, with one quick flick of her wrist, the two little snaps holding the lacy fabric popped open and there in front of me was her exquisite pussy. I dove into her sex like a madman. I parted her labia and licked her feminine nectar and drove her close to the edge of an orgasm. She reached down and pushed my head into her loins as I breathed in her womanly aroma. With my hands under her ass cheeks, I forced her hips higher so I could probe, lick, taste, savor, and nibble on her clit while I fingered her sweet and sopping wet little cunny. She started bouncing her hips and her shallow breathing became heavy and then it soon turned to moans as I licked her into first orgasm of the night.

As she lay there in all of her glory, I moved up and got ready to mount her as she recovered from a little bit of excitement. My dick was rock hard now as I placed it on her slippery pink lips and then I pushed and made it disappear in an instant. I sank deep into her well lubed pussy and she felt her inner walls extend as I explored her. And just like that...we were teens again and we began to fuck each other like it was the first time. We were kissing and breathing hard and even sweating a bit as we made crazy and intense love. I was pushing deep into her and yet, I was going fast and then slow...and repeating so I could also suck on her lovely nipples and nibble on her neck. I felt that sudden urge growing in my balls and I knew what was coming. I shot my load deep inside of her at least five or six times and then I felt totally spent. But she wasn't done with me yet, nor was Vi ready to call it a night.

As I lay there recovering, Vi moved down and took my flaccid cock into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and her crazy tongue was doing amazing things to my cockhead and it didn't take long until she had my cock standing like an 18 year-old soldier ready for battle. She kept my attention by holding on to me and stroking me as she mounted me. I looked up at her, with her eyes closed, I watched her glide up and down on my pole and I was mesmerized by her swaying tits. I loved having her ride me like a cowgirl because the feeling I was getting as I pressed upward and touched deep inside of her womb felt simply amazing and no words could describe the sensations I was experiencing. Vi rode me hard, then slowed down and moved from side to side and then she started doing circles on me. She was giving me the ride of my life and my dick was in paradise. I saw the look on her face and she was close again so I pushed up as hard as I could as she was pushing down and the way she impaled herself on my ramrod took her over the edge and she fucked me till the last bit of energy trailed out of her and then she collapsed on me and was done for the night. We fell asleep just like that...her leg over my leg and my hand groping her breast and we felt so close...

The rest of that weekend was the same way...we found so many new ways to make love. In the shower, on the floor, even standing in front of the refrigerator... Of course, my favorite was watching her do her morning exercises and seeing her do those toe touches... Seeing her trying to stay in shape, well it motivated me to exercise too. So, I went behind her...slid her panties to the side as she touched her toes over and over and then I placed my cock in her and started doing endless reps of pelvic thrusts. As she placed her palms on the floor and arched her ass into the air...I began fingering her ass. She resisted at first by shaking her ass so I would stop it...but I persisted. Then I began sliding a finger in and out of her butt. She became more receptive to my probing, so I grabbed some lube and slipped two fingers in. I could see that she had never done this before as her legs began quivering...I eased her to the floor and then I mounted her and entered her back door.

She was tight and as my cocked moved further into her little unexplored brown hole, I felt it begin to grow...and did it ever get hard. After slowing easing and out of her for five or so minutes, I then started making deeper and quicker thrusts. She was losing it and was breathing heavy, moaning, and the squeeze she was applying with her taut glute muscles was going to make me shoot my load deep into her nether region. I grabbed at her hips and pulled her back to me as I plunged my cock into her and then it happened again...I swelled up inside of her and filled her ass with baby seed.

After a few minutes of laying on the floor, she looked at me....

"That was dirty...lover."

"How so...?" I asked

"I have never had anything like that up in my ass except perhaps my gynecologists little finger...but eyes have been opened to new possibilities..."

" liked it?"

"Well, it is a little different, but I don't think I will be keeping you out of that hole anymore..."

We both laughed and rolled around on the floor.

How about a shower?

Vi smiled...she knew a shower might not mean just a shower...

She got up and ran like she was getting there I let her...because I loved watching that tight little ass move and gyrate and it made me want it even more.

We lathered each other up really good in the shower as the hot water cascaded down our bodies.

With her constantly pulling at my cock and massaging it and caressing it with her leg and ass...while I had my finger buried deep up inside of her and was exploring the ultrasoft and delicate inner skin that made up her pussy walls. Well, it didn't take long until we both had each other hot and then she moved into place to allow me to slide up into her soapy cunt again.

We had our fill of sex that weekend. It had to be one of the most amazing weekends I had ever had. We had made love about a dozen times, even in a little john boat one evening and I certainly didn't want the weekend to end, but like all good things, it has to eventually end...but wow...what a weekend it was.

As we drove back to her place that Sunday afternoon, I reminisced about the sex-filled weekend while she slept in the passenger seat. Vi looked like an angel as she was curled up next to me...sleeping the miles away. I had to admit, thanks to that little blue pill and a daily regimen in the gym, she was more spent than me. As I drove down the road and took in the woodsy scenery, all I could think about was the time we had together, but somewhere in the back of my mind, the pre-weekend festivities with Connie kept popping up and I wondered where this sinful tryst would go from here and what surprise Connie had in store next. It wouldn't take long for me to find out.

We pulled into the Vi's drive and she woke up as I turned the car off. She looked perplexed as I explained that we were home. She couldn't believe that she had slept the entire way home. I helped her gather her stuff together and then I brought into the house for her.

Vi apologized multiple times to me for sleeping all the way home and she just couldn't believe how tired she felt. I handed her the car keys and kissed her farewell and I prompted to go grab some more sleep.

I then grabbed my bag next to the car and headed back over to my house. I don't think I was in the house five minutes when I got a text from Connie.

"Hey, you back yet from your little getaway?"

"Yeah, just got back, what's up"

I have a blocked pipe and I could use some help, if you don't mind.

"Yeah, give me a few minutes and I will swing by."

"Ok...and a winkie face icon followed..."

Nah...couldn't be I thought.

Twenty minutes later, I had my toolbox and was headed to Connie's place and just in case, I had taken another one of those magic blue pills too..."

I got to her house and she was waiting for me on the front porch in a very beachy black halter top and a sheer white dress. That was kind of unusual I thought...but then again. It was Connie.

I walked up to the porch with my tools in hand and asked her where the problem was.

" the bathroom." And then I walked into her house.

She coyly locked the door, smiled and then whispered "you can never be too safe."

It made me wonder what the hell she was up to...again.

As we walked up the stairs and headed to her bathroom, I followed her, and it seemed to me like she had nothing on under her beach dress. We turned the corner and she told me I could set the tools down by the door.

"So, where is the problem?" I inquired. I walked to the toilet, it appeared ok...and neither the sink or tub looked suspicious.

"Right here she said...and she slowly and confidently lifted the front of her dress and revealed her uncovered and shaven pussy to me. Then she stood before me and started to explain her dilemma.

"Ummm...ah...well it is my love pipe that is actually blocked...cause there has been no signs of wetness in the last few days and I need you to get me wet...I mean fix it, and get my juices flowing again..."

"Do you think you can help me Ryan?"

She moved towards me and her hand instinctively reached for my manhood.

Then she repeated herself "Do you think you could fix it now?" She sighed and fluttered her sexy eyes as she waited for my response.

I figured, if she wanted to play...I was going to play along.

"Well, Connie, sometimes these things take take, you just can't tweak it and fix it, it might take a little while to get everything fixed...again."

She smiled widely as she knew she was going to get some immediate attention.

I knelt down right in front of her, lifted her dress, and then I took my tongue and I ran it all the way up her baby smooth slit.

"DAMN!" I thought to myself as I once again savored the taste of her delicious pussy

"Ooh, I think you just got something going it again...please"

"So, I licked her a few more times and probed her cunny and licked the "dry" pussy back to life. Then I roughly pulled her toward me by grabbing her hot ass and I began to eat her right there as she was standing next to the bathroom closet. It didn't take long until her pipe was unblocked and her pussy juices were flowing freely and I was savoring every drop."

She reached down and with her middle finger, felt the moisture that was now flowing from within her."

"Wow!, You sure are a pro! It didn't you long to work your magic!"

I nodded to her as best as I could with a mouthful of pussy.

Her next question came at me...

"...aah so are you going to charge me for the full hour since it only took twenty minutes? she pretended I was a plumber?

Then she whispered to me quietly..."cause if I am paying for the whole hour of your time, perhaps you can clean my pipe too as a...preventative keep it from getting it blocked up again."

And with that...I smiled. "Sure..., I think I can do just that..."

Then she reached down and grabbed my pipe which had long been extended and like a dog on a leash, she walked my cock back to her bedroom and proceeded to use her other hand to quickly disrobe herself along the way.

When we got to the master bedroom, she was totally in the buff and she lay down on the bed...still holding my stiff pecker and seductively whispered "Ryan, now come her and service my pipes please.

I quickly tore off my clothes so I could begin working on her irresistible service order immediately.

I got to the edge of the king-sized bed and with my cock still in her hand, she quickly directed me and then she popped my stiff cock in her very wet and warm mouth. She curled her tongue around it like a snake climbing a tree. I swear I felt my dick grown another inch as she gave me an unforgettable tongue massage. I felt the tip of her tongue trace up and down my veiny shaft and she drove me crazy when she nearly popped it out of her mouth and stuck the tip of her tongue into my piss hole. She moved her hand to my balls and began to slowly massage me and show her love and appreciation. She repositioned so that we could sixty-nine and I was excited to be in my "Happy" place once again.

She began sucking me hard and while I probed her pussy with my tongue and used my hands to explore her ass and then up and onto her soft, tanned, and firm melon sized tits.

"I missed you this weekend."

"I missed you as well."

Then I felt my cock go into volcano mode as she continued to lick and suck and slurp at it and drive me crazy. I felt the surge of fluids building pressure from my balls and with what she was doing, I couldn't stop it. I was going to blow soon. Connie sensed it coming too and sucked even harder. She didn't let a drop of my cum hit the bed or even dribble out of her mouth. She gobbled up every freaking drop of me as I continued to eat her soft bald pussy...but now, she was the one getting ready to blow as she moved her hips up and down my face while I kept licking and nibbling at her lips and swollen pink clit.

She was about to orgasm all over my face as she erratically rubbed her pussy up and down my face. I could taste and smell every amazing aspect of her incredible womanly nectars. Her pussy was moving with a quickened tempo now and I sensed she was close. I let her run with it and I licked her and poked her as best as I could, and then she squirted all over my face. At first, I was kind of in shock, as I didn't expect it, but now I was savoring it as the juices flowed and allowed to taste it and smell it and practically bath in it. It had to one of the most erotic and amazing perfumes I have ever experienced.

We laid there for a few minutes, each of us recovering from being spent, and then she rose up, straddled me, lined up my cock and her pussy, and then she slowly guided my eleven-inch snake into her body to clean her pipe.

She was so wet and sloppy from her intense orgasm and I was an absolute gooey messy from her hot mouth giving me so much oral attention, that when she impaled herself on my cock, I slid right in and she cooed with sheer delight as my cock drove deep into her pussy like submarine on a mission.

"Oh Ryan!, That feels so fuckin' good...don't stop...OMG, I feel you touching my stomach with that monster..."