It was dark when Sophie awoke. The first thing she noticed was that she had been cleaned and moisturised whilst asleep. Everywhere. Her body felt abused but also flushed with energy and vitality. It had always been a fantasy of hers to be gangbanged without her consent, the more depraved the better. She had confessed these fantasies to George, heart pounding as she awaited his outraged response. But, to her surprise and delight, not only did he not judge her for them, he enthusiastically encouraged them. It was clear to see from how quickly his cock thickened that he was as turned on as she was by the idea of her being used in the worst way. This was such a release for her - she felt she could explore and develop these fantasies without being disloyal to George.

It was another thing entirely to have them come true, yet she knew with absolute confidence that George would not be mad at her, only keen to hear the details and wildly jealous that he was not a participant in the gangbang. But then, through the fog of her brain, she recalled the WhatsApp message that she had sent with the picture of herself smiling contentedly, covered in 11 men's cum. That message was sent to a phone in this room. Surely, it couldn't be...

The second thing Sophie noticed, an instant after the first, was what had awoken her. An insistent, delicious buzzing in her pussy and on her clit. The pace of the initiation earlier hadn't allowed her to give a second thought to the vibrator that Marie had inserted. Curious, and with the familiar horniness rising in her as the buzz did its work, her hand crept down to her pussy and felt the metallic end of the vibrator resting on her clit. Continuing down, she felt a flexible piece of silicon bend into the folds of her pussy, and as she slipped a finger inside her pussy she could feel another piece of metal on the other end of the silicon, buzzing against the front wall of her pussy.

The vibrator had remained in place despite the ravaging her pussy had experienced earlier. This was a sophisticated piece of kit, and her mind drifted as to whether she and George would be allowed to keep it. With a lurch, though, she realised that they could only make use of it midweek; she was to be sold as a slut for every weekend for the next year. George control over the vibratory during Thursday date nights would be a great way to sign off on George's lovemaking before she handed herself over to her new owner on a Friday evening.

Sophie's wandering mind was brought back to the room with a jolt. If the vibrator was running, she needed to find the auctioneer to do his bidding. Urgently. With a panic, she realised that this was her first real test, and that she needed to impress in order to have any hope of being sold for a high enough price. Without thinking beyond this, Sophie leapt out of bed, wrenched open the door of the office and ran out into the main part of the warehouse. As the door banged closed behind her, she froze in shock. Whereas when she had entered the warehouse a few hours ago it had been deserted, it was now full of people lifting several large cages from a waiting truck into the loading bay. All of whom had turned and looked directly at her. And whereas she had entered the office fully clothed, she left the office completely naked, save for an insistently vibrating pussy adornment...and an unfamiliar wristband. Dimly she remembered that, in her freshly fucked state a few hours ago, Marie had slipped this on her wrist. Burning with curiosity, she momentarily forgot how exposed she was in the warehouse, and studied the wristband. A digital wraparound display simply said 25500. Confused, Sophie stared at it to see if it was some sort of countdown, but the figures stared unblinkingly back at her.

A wolf whistle abruptly brought her back to the situation around her. The men and women unloading the cages had stopped their work and were turning to stare at her. Some of the bolder ones were walking towards her, or beckoning her to them. Much as Sophie's pussy was calling out for new and fresh cum, she retained enough control to recognise that she needed to find the auctioneer if she was to do the best thing by George. With a jolt of nervous anticipation she saw him striding purposefully from one door to another on the other side of the warehouse, gruffly instructing a smaller man by his side.

With a lurch, Sophie realised that the only way to reach the man was to walk directly across the warehouse, through the group of people who had been unloading the cages just a moment ago. Marie's parting comment: "You did well" rang in her ears, and the pride she still felt from Marie's approval emboldened her to step out from the office doorway and to walk directly towards the people on the warehouse floor.

Although Sophie's only purpose at this moment was to reach the auctioneer, the staff on the warehouse floor took her walk towards them as an invitation, or an acceptance of their repeated vocal requests for her to suck or fuck them. As she kept her eyes on the door the auctioneer had stepped into, she could feel hands touching, stroking and grabbing her all over her body. She had recently admitted to George that she found him irresistible when he stroked her bum or her breasts, and George had recounted in turn that he knew he needed only three strokes of her pussy before any resistance to him melted and she would happily fuck him whenever, and wherever, they found themselves.

Here, her resolve was far more sorely tested. Hands were stroking her breasts, bum, back and pussy, and she felt fingers pinch and tweak her nipples. The insistent and delicious vibrations, and the attention of the crowd she was walking through, caused her pussy juices to flow and coat her thighs once again. She felt fingers slither over her clit, slip inside her pussy and, freshly lubricated in her pussy juices, probe her bumhole. It took every shred of her determination to keep walking, rather than to get on her hands and knees and direct a cock to each of her holes, but soon enough she found herself at the door she had seen the auctioneer disappear into. She fumbled the door handle for a moment and by the time she managed to turn the handle and tumble into the room, she had at least five fingers inside her, three in her pussy and two in her ass, and she was ready to fuck anything that moved.

"You're late" said the auctioneer with a dark, forbidding glance as he pressed a button in his palm and the delicious vibrations ceased. "Marie speaks highly of you, but all I saw in the office earlier was an enthusiastic slut. Those sorts of auction items are common and therefore don't fetch a high price; you'd be surprised by how many young women are desperately eager to be enslaved. As far as I can see, you should be paying us for the privilege of being sold at Pietre et Savou, not the other way around. Or am I wrong?" He glanced at her with a sneer. She worked as hard as she could to keep the contempt from her face. She knew she was more than that. She knew she was good enough to break auction records. If he didn't believe that, she would just prove him wrong.

With anger coursing through her body, she advanced and, with as much confidence as she could muster, she said, "You're wrong. And I can prove it to you."

"Oh you can, can you? Fine, I'll give you half an hour to prove that I am not wasting my time making you the centrepiece of Saturday's auction. You can start with this." The auctioneer had unzipped his trousers as he was speaking, and released the most beautiful cock Sophie had ever laid eyes on. About the same size and girth as George's, it was rock hard and Sophie could see the blood pumping through the veins on either side. The head was a deep purple and significantly larger than the rest of his cock, and she could already anticipate the satisfying pop she would feel as the head penetrated her.

The time limit played perfectly into Sophie's competitive streak, and despite her contempt for the auctioneer she wasted no time, immediately dropping to her knees, pushing the man's trousers fully off, spreading his legs and licking the full length of his cock. It even tasted delicious. She knew what her objective was for the next half an hour - for the auctioneer to beg her to let him cum. For several minutes she lavished attention on his head with her mouth, swirling her tongue over the sensitive underside that George often pointed her to, and taking the whole shaft deep in her throat so that her nose was nestled at the base of his cock. Pumping her lips up and down, she could sense the auctioneer was close to orgasm, so she slowed the pace and looked up at him with all the confidence and smoulder she could muster. She was thrilled when he locked eyes with her, no trace of a sneer left, just lust for her mouth and pussy.

She knew this was the moment to win him over, so she pushed him down onto the plush rug in front of his desk, and removed the rest of his clothes. Then she raised herself above his gorgeous cock and lowered her pussy until her lips were just parted around his head. Gently swaying forwards and backwards, she could feel the bulbous head spreading her pussy lips and rubbing against her clit, and she knew that this must be driving him wild. The frown on his face was out of kilter with the grunts of desire that were coming from deep inside his chest, and the upward thrusts that he was making, that she expertly countered with her own body so that he couldn't push his cock deeper into her pussy. She was determined to gain the upper hand. She lowered herself just enough that the head slipped inside her, and was delighted by the "Yessss" that escaped the auctioneer's lips. "Ha! No more sneering now" she thought. But this wasn't enough for her, and she raised herself up again so that his cock, glistening with her juices and his pre-cum, was exposed once more.

"What are you doing?" the auctioneer asked. She noted with satisfaction the concerned tone in his voice.

"Just checking whether you still view me as just an enthusiastic slut?"

"I'll...admit," (Sophie was thrilled to hear that the auctioneer was trying to hide some very heavy breathing with his steely tone) "you have skills... that not the office earlier. I'm intrigued... to see what else... you can do to... prove your... worth to me."

"Intrigued?" Sophie almost spat the word, so strong was her contempt. "You're lusting after my pussy. Don't pretend you're indifferent. Tell me how much you want your luscious cock inside me."

"This isn't...professional, Sophie. I' to conduct...a desires are...irrelevant."

It took every ounce of Sophie's willpower not to give in and sink down onto the glistening shaft inches from her lips. She waited, and her heart hammered as she raised her eyebrows at the auctioneer.

"Fuck you, Sophie", the auctioneer groaned after about 10 seconds. "You win. I want your pussy. I want you to impale yourself on my cock. I want to fuck you until I cum deep inside you. Happy now?" he ended with a snarl.

"Very." Sophie said with a wicked grin, as she dropped her hips and sank his cock deep inside her. The auctioneer closed his eyes and exhaled deeply, all trace of superciliousness gone for a moment. Sophie did a better job of hiding her delight at being full of cock once again, and looked down with an imperious glance as she started to rock her hips backwards and forwards. In this position she could subtly direct the auctioneer's cock just where she wanted it for head to rub the parts of her pussy that drove her wild.

Under normal circumstances, Sophie preferred not to be on top. She loved being dominated by George, and this worked best when he was behind her, with full control over the speed and direction of his thrusts. She could request a change in pace or position and George would often do as she asked, but ultimately he was in control, which turned her on hugely.

Yet, this evening, her pleasure wasn't the immediate goal. Her goal was for the auctioneer to beg to cum deep inside her pussy. Glancing at the clock, she saw that 12 minutes had passed. As she continued her rhythmic rocking of her hips, she lifted herself up and felt the delicious sensation of his cock gliding through her pussy walls. His bulbous head stretched her in a way that added an intensity to their fucking that belied the slow speed. As she gradually increased the pace of her movements, she held eye contact with the auctioneer, watching his breathing become more laboured and feeling his body tense.

She rose and fell, each time driving this new cock deep into the pussy that until so recently had been George's alone. As she watched the auctioneer's movements she could tell he was getting closer to emptying his cum into her, and she slowed, once again lifting her body so that the full length of his shaft was exposed, and her pussy was claiming only his delicious head. She then sank down even more slowly, coming to rest with him buried deep inside her.

"What do you think you're doing?" the auctioneer spat at her.

"Just ensuring you are able to fully recognise the value of the centrepiece of your auction. I want you to sell me as if your life depends on it on Saturday. For that, I want you to know exactly what you are offering to the winning bidder. Filing this pussy with cum every weekend for a year. What would you give for that?"

"OK. I get it. You're worth more than the average slut we auction. Happy? Now let me finish what we have started."

Sophie started rocking on his cock once more, more turned on by the auctioneer's reluctant admission of desire than she could ever admit to herself. But she wanted more, and knew how to get it. She maintained a slow pace of rocking on his cock, allowing it to press against the front and back walls of her pussy as she rocked her hips. She knew that the delicious sensations she could feel in her pussy would be matched by the sensitivity of the beautiful head deep inside her. But she also knew that this pace wasn't enough for him to cum.

"Faster", the auctioneer grunted.

"Beg", Sophie replied.

The auctioneer gave her a murderous look. "What?!", he spat. "That isn't how this works."

"That isn't how what works?" Sophie replied. "You have no idea how this works, as you have never auctioned me before. I am going to break records, and you're going to help me do it. Now beg."

As Sophie finished speaking, she gently increased the pace of her rocking, lifting her hips to feel the auctioneer's cock once again rub so delightfully along the depths of her pussy. She was delighted to hear a deep groan of lust from the auctioneer. "Let me fuck you", he burst out. "I'll make you cum so hard you'll forget the auction and become my slut for free."

Sophie could feel her willpower slipping; her toying with the auctioneer's cock had left her overwhelmed with lust for more cum inside her. She mustered all her self control to demand once more, "Beg."

"Damn you. You win. I'm begging you. Let me flip you over and pound your pussy until you scream. Let me fill you with my cum. Please."

Just the auctioneer's words, and the unspoken knowledge that Sophie's body had made him break all his own rules caused her pussy to explode in a colossal orgasm. Scream she did, and she didn't care who could hear. "Oh yes, pound my pussy. Fill me with your cum", she moaned.

The auctioneer flipped Sophie over effortlessly, and laid her with surprising gentleness face first onto the plush rug. "How does he know how much I love it from behind?" she thought fleetingly, before all thoughts were obliterated by the force of his cock driving deep into her pussy once more. As he pounded her, three or four orgasms wracked her body in quick succession, before she felt his cock pulse in a familiar way and another new source of cum filled her. The feeling was as delicious as ever, and as she came back to her senses she recounted delightedly how many different men's cum had filled her pussy in the past 24 hours. Once again she only wished George was here so she could show him the cum flowing out of her onto the rug.

As Sophie lay contentedly, she heard the auctioneer pick up the phone. "Double the marketing budget for Saturday's auction" he gruffly commanded. "We will want to maximise attendance for this." Glowing with pride, Sophie noticed the auctioneer then punched some numbers into his phone, and her wristband beeped. As the numbers ticked up from 25500 to 29750, she looked questioningly at him. "Your guide price", he answered, more gently and warmly than she had heard from him all evening. "We are famously accurate at predicting each auction lot's final price. I have never increased a guide price by more than £2000 before, so you should take this as a compliment."

Glowing with pride, Sophie nevertheless realised with a lurch that she was still over £5000 short of the price she needed to fetch. What more could she possibly do to increase her value? She had a feeling she was soon going to find out.