Or, how one Mom threw her life away.

Molly Jacobs was your ordinary 15-year-old teen girl. That is, she was hormonal, perpetually rebellious, and always mad at her mother. Her mother, Linda, kept trying to control her and tell her what she did wrong, what she should be doing; didn't like her friends; didn't like the way she dressed; in short, a real control freak.

Image was very important to Linda and she tried to ensure that her family was thought of as being a class above the normal people in Northfield, MN, where they lived. Her mother wasn't very popular in high school and wanted Molly to be one of the "In" people. Linda didn't listen to Molly, never asked her what was important to her. Never wondered about her goals or ambitions. Never seemed to ask how things were at school. Didn't even know who her best friends were, but tried to control who she should hang around with and make friends with.

These traits had really strained their relationship and although Molly realized that her mom only wanted the best for her, Linda's "best" was not ever going to be Molly's "best". Molly loved sports and the outdoors. Linda wanted her in orchestra and debate. Molly loved to be rebellious, had pierced her left ear in as many places as she could fit and was contemplating a nose ring. Linda wouldn't hear of it and wouldn't sign the parental permission required to get one. Molly wanted to dye her hair blue and shave it on one side and Linda told her absolutely no and if she did so she would be grounded for weeks.

Molly's Dad, Jim or Jimmy as everyone called him, on the other hand, was totally mellow and had learned at a young age that you don't sweat the small stuff. He had witnessed his best friend Van go through struggles with his dad when they were growing up. His dad was a born-again Christian, which seemed to make him as hypocritical as a person could be. Maybe it was just his dad and not the Christians, but Jimmy was reserving his judgement on that.

Van wasn't allowed to wear his hair longer and a bit wilder as was the high school style. His dad gave him his haircuts and always gave him a crewcut that looked like the landing deck of an aircraft carrier on top and was shaved to ΒΌ" on the sides. After his haircuts Van would have to go to school and deal with the putdowns and crass comments that the school assholes would throw his way and this got Van into a huge number of fights. Jimmy too, as Jimmy always had his back and Van always had Jimmy's back.

So, Jimmy had seen the effect on Van that little things that would be of no consequence in the future (like hairstyle) weren't worth arguing about and fighting over. In fact, Jimmy encouraged Molly to live her life as individually as she could as long as she wasn't hurting herself or others. (no drugs, no sex, no bullying, no lying, no cheating etc.) If she wanted blue hair Jimmy would say go for it. If she wanted to pierce her nose, Jimmy would sign the permission slip.

Jimmy was mellow but the two hard and fast rules that he had was no lying and always show loyalty. He would tell Molly you have to communicate your feelings; you have to speak up, you can't keep secrets. He would say, "Molly, secrets have a way of burning a hole in your personality and your life. Secrets eventually get out and if they fester too long, they do more and more damage by the time the secret comes out." His other rule, loyalty, was stated as being loyal and honest with your family, your friends and yourself.

You have to be loyal to your morals and ethics. You have to be loyal to your friends, coaching them to make the best decisions they can and supporting them. Because of these traits Jimmy had a lot of friends, and that had helped him also earn a good reputation as a copyright lawyer. He was a partner in a high-tech copyright law firm which kept him quite busy, but he always made time to see Molly's soccer and softball games, and any school activities that she would be in.

He always made time to hike, bike, fish, kayak, and camp with her because he knew she was growing up fast and one of these days soon she wouldn't be available to do those things with Jimmy. His wife, Linda, sometimes came along but usually would pass on these outings, so Molly and her Dad had formed an incredibly tight bond together and Linda was somewhat jealous of it, but also didn't value the things they did as being the things that Molly should strive to do.

Every Wednesday Linda had the day off, and she would tell Jimmy and Molly that she would use that day to make and freeze meals for busy days, or catch up on the housework, or go shopping and maybe go visit her mother and father.

Many times, when Molly came home, she would see Jimmy's older brother Dan driving his pickup down the street like he had just been at the house. When she asked Linda if Uncle Dan was over, sometimes she would say no which seemed strange cause why else would his truck be on her block. Sometimes she would say yes, that Dan had come by to ask her about a landscaping project he was going to help them on, or to borrow some of Jimmy's tools, or to see if Jimmy was home to talk to him. It all seemed a bit strange to her, but her extended family was strange, if nothing else

Usually, Linda was home before Molly got off school at 5:30 after sports practice, and always home before Jimmy which could be 6 at the earliest and up to 9pm at the latest. This particular day at school, it was just after lunch, at about 12:30 when Molly started to get some bad cramps from her menstrual cycle. She asked the teacher if she could see the nurse and convinced the nurse to let her leave for the afternoon.

She took out her cellphone and called her mother Linda, but the phone rolled right to voicemail. She tried it once more and got the same result, so she left her a quick message, "Mom I am not feeling great so I am leaving school. It's only 10 blocks, so I'm going to walk, but if you get this message can you pick me up. I'll take the Maple street route home. Thanks."

Molly walked home and never did get a return call from Linda. Guess she is working out, or shopping or busy with something she thought. Figures, she gets mad if I don't immediately respond to her calls or texts, but when I call her, nothing. When she came around the bend of the street on her block, she saw Uncle Dan's truck parked in the driveway. Guess he needs some more tools or something she thought.

So, Molly came up the front walk and the door was locked, which seemed a bit strange, but instead of ringing the bell she took out her keys and opened the door. The first floor was dark, quiet and when she walked back to the kitchen no one was there. She dropped her backpack and looked out in the garage to see if Uncle Dan was raiding the workbench for tools, but it too was empty.

When she came back in, she heard some moaning and panting coming from upstairs. She was intrigued and quietly walked up the steps and down the hall way to her parent's master bedroom. She peeked around the door jam and was stunned to see her mom, Linda, on her knees with Uncle Dan's cock in her mouth. Both of them were moaning. She quickly backed out, in shock, and tears. She didn't know what to do, but as the anger at the betrayal of her uncle and her mom to her father Jimmy and to herself sunk into her brain, she got mad; very mad.

She peeked around again, this time with her phone and her video camera on. Linda still had Dan's cock in her mouth, but she got up from her knees and took it out of her mouth and pushed him back on the bed. "Fuck me you dirty boy you and don't stop until I cum all over your cock!" she screamed. Dan replied "I love to fuck you and I'll fuck you better than little Jimmy ever could!" They both laughed and this made her exploding mad.

Molly walked into the room and shouted "YOU CHEATING FUCKING WHORE! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO OUR FAMILY. AND YOU UNCLE DAN, YOU FUCKED YOUR OWN BROTHER'S WIFE! I HATE YOU BOTH YOU WRETCHED PIECES OF SHIT!" Both Dan and Linda looked over, confused that someone was there and then recoiled in horror when they saw Molly filming them and screaming at them. Molly turned and ran down the stairs. Linda screamed "Oh my God No. Molly NO. Please come back. It isn't what you think. Please Molly come here and talk to me."

She disentangled herself from Dan's cock and ran down the hallway after Molly but Molly was fast and out the front door before Linda was even off the landing at the top of the stairs. Linda came running back and screamed at Dan, "get dressed and get your truck started, we have to catch her. We have to convince her not to tell Jimmy. It will destroy him and he will kill us both. Hurry! Oh God, what have I done. She broke into sobs and tears and Dan yelled, "okay you can cry and have your guilt attack later but get dressed and let's go!"

Molly ran down to the end of their block across the street and through the back yards of the next 3 blocks. She didn't know what to do. Her cell was ringing and she looked down to see Linda calling her. She let it go until it stopped and a minute later it rang again. She didn't answer it and it went to voicemail. She decided to run the 1 mile over to the nine-mile creek nature trails.

Her dad and she would hike and jog on these trails and they had a favorite resting place that sat on a rise by the bank of the creek. It was a spot in between 5 massive Cottonwood trees, that formed a little grassy spot naturally "fenced off" from the trail behind the trees. Her dad and her called it "our trees" and sometimes they would race each other down the trail to see who could get there first. Molly got behind the trees, sat down and put her head on her knees and started to cry.

How could her mom do this to her Dad and her? How could Uncle Dan cheat on Jimmy, his brother, with his wife? She wailed as the tears flowed in streams down her cheeks. She kept ignoring the calls from her mother, she didn't want to talk to her, not now and probably not ever again. She was in distress and when that happened, she always reached for her Dad.

By this time Linda had been calling Molly several times, with no response. She did see and picked up Molly's voice mail about not feeling well and leaving school and looking for a ride. Linda had been kissing and fondling Dan on the coach when those calls came in and she ignored them figuring they were likely Jimmy just calling to check in and the last thing she wanted to be interrupted by was a call from her Husband.

She was already feeling the mixture of guilt that rode heavily along with the feeling of lust and the excitement of doing something wrong and secret that added a thrill to her life that she really couldn't seem to say no to. She had been fucking Dan, behind Jimmy's back and on Wednesdays for about 10 weeks now. She knew it had to end. Knew it was getting in the way of her relationship with her family. Knew that it would be a total disaster for her marriage if she was ever found out. But she just hadn't worked up the strength to cut Dan off and give up her secret guilty and risky danger.

She would rationalize that no one really needed her anymore and that this was something just for her that would never hurt Jimmy. She wouldn't let it get in the way of her marriage, although she didn't seem to realize that it had been putting up an emotional barrier in bonding with her family; likely due to the guilt or what she was doing. If she had only made herself think through the likely outcome. How could she be so stupid to jeopardize everything that actually meant anything to her.

Now she hated herself for what she had done. Or maybe she only hated the fact that she had been caught. She didn't have time to analyze all of that now but dreaded that she would have to dig deep to figure out why the hell she had taken such risks. Now with her daughter calling her a whore and running off it really started to sink in on how so many people could be hurt by her actions, including herself.

She never did understand how she let this happen. She loved Jimmy and Molly more than anyone else in the world and she realized that she was letting her end of the marriage deteriorate with this affair, but she just couldn't seem to control the lust and excitement she got by indulging in this, her secret vice just for herself. But now she couldn't bear to think about what would likely happen to her family and how she might have just destroyed the man and daughter she loved, and thereby destroyed herself.

She kept frantically calling Molly's phone and trying to leave messages to convince her to talk to her and not to let Jimmy know what she saw as it would destroy him. Molly continued to ignore Linda's call and decided she had to call her Dad. She rang him and he picked up on the second ring.

"Hey little rebel woman, what's going on. Aren't you in school? Are you okay?" Jimmy heard the sobbing and sniffles of his daughter who was clearly in distress on the other end of the line. "Molly, what's wrong? What happened? Are you hurt? Where are you? Where is your mother?"

"Dad, please come quickly. I need you. I am at the trees. Don't tell Mom and don't take any calls from her before you get to me. Please."

"Molly why? Did you and Linda have a big fight? Are you okay? What's going on?"

"Just do it Dad. Just come quick. No calls to or from Mom. Please, please just do it. I'm okay but I need you now."

"Okay, you keep safe and don't move. I'll be there is 20 minutes." Jimmy flew out of his office, and not wanting to take the time to explain anything to his executive administrator Beth, he just told her, "I'm gone for the day. Got a client having a meltdown, so got to run. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow."

He ran out of the building to his Porsche SUV (partners enjoy some luxuries to compensate for all the hours and the stress). His cell phone started ringing again and he saw it was Linda. He didn't answer as he had promised Molly he wouldn't. It stopped and then instantly started again. He let it go to voicemail as he fired up the Porsche and tore out of the parking lot in his rush across town to the Nature center.

He pulled into the parking lot, jumped out of the car and in his suit, tie and dress clothes he ran down the path until he saw the trees. He ran up the bank and into the little tree enclosure and there was Molly, curled up into a ball and crying.

"Molly, Molly please what is wrong?" She threw herself into his arms and hugged him and cried louder and her body trembled as she sobbed. He stroked her hair and her back and after 3 or 4 minutes she settled down.

"Molly, did someone hurt you? What is wrong? Did you and Mom fight?" As he said this her phone, lying on the ground, had another call and he saw it was from Linda. He also noticed when he picked it up that there were 10 missed calls from Linda. Shortly after her phone stopped ringing, his started and it was Linda. He was going to answer it and Molly said, "no Dad. Don't answer that. We need to talk."

"Dad, I don't know what to do. You always told me to tell the truth. To be loyal to family. Not to hold secrets as they eat you up from the inside. But what if the truth is worse? What if the truth destroys people? What happens then Dad?"

"Molly, I can see you are clearly distraught and in pain. It's better to get the ugly truths and pain into the open where your family and friends can help you, can support you, and can deal with it."

"Okay Dad. Oh Dad, I'm so sorry. Has Mom been calling you? If so, did she leave a voice mail? Please play it back."

Jimmy looked at her strangely, but opened up his phone and played the voice mail from Linda. "Jimmy, I need to talk to you. Molly and I got into a fight and she ran away. She is clearly upset and I don't think she is clear on what she saw that got her so upset. I am looking for her. Can you call me and give me some ideas on where she might be, or can you call her and tell her to call me? Jimmy, please know that I love only you and Molly and I always will." That seemed like a really odd way to end the message but Jimmy put that aside and looked at Molly.

Molly let out a sarcastic growl when she heard the message. She said to Jimmy, "now let me play mine." She played the first voicemail from Linda and in it you could hear Linda sobbing as she said, "Molly, it's not what you think. It isn't anything, just a harmless and meaningless act. Please call me and talk to me about it before you do anything stupid! Please talk to me before you talk to your Dad!" Again, Molly said "yeah right. Just a harmless act."

Jimmy looked at her confused and said "what's going on Molly?" Molly said, "Dad, just bear with me. Let's play this next voicemail from Mom." She hit the play button and Linda sounded like she was pleading and begging as she said, "Molly please talk to me. Don't tell anyone, especially your Dad. It will destroy him and our family."

At that Molly jumped up and spit out her anger saying "Yeah, fuck you Mom. You're putting this on me that I'm destroying the family? What a crock. Boy that takes some nerve to lay this on me!" Now Jimmy was really confused and said "Molly, you've got to tell me what's going on. Out with it!"

Molly said, "Dad, are you sure? You heard her, it's going to destroy our family, although I think Mom already did that anyway."

Jimmy looked at her and said "Molly, you can't come this far and not tell me. Out with it. What's going on for God's sake."

"I'm so sorry Dad. I didn't feel well at school so decided to go home and called Mom a few times for a ride but her phone was turned off. I walked home and Uncle Dan's truck was in the driveway. The front door was locked, so I unlocked it and went in and no one was on the first floor and then I heard noise coming from your bedroom so I quietly walked upstairs. I'm so sorry for you, and me, and our family Dad. Here, you better watch this video I guess." She handed her Dad the phone and put her head down on her knees and started to softly cry again.

Jimmy pushed play on the video and the whole shocking, disgusting scene that Molly had witnessed played out in full color and sound. It was short and ended with Molly's cry of anguish, and her verbal shaming of Linda and Dan that broke them out of their carnal bliss. The look on both their faces as they saw Molly standing in the doorway was very hard to look at. It was a mixture of pleasure, quickly dissipating; then of shock, fear, shame, guilt, anger. It all mixed into a study of human emotion in less than 5 seconds of screen time.

Jimmy turned the phone off, and now his head bent over to his knees and the tears started to fall. "WHY? God Why. How could she do this to us. And with my brother. How could they betray me like that and disrespect me like that?" He couldn't bring himself to say more. Molly slide over close to him and put her arm around his shoulder and said, "I'm so sorry Dad. I feel that same betrayal and shock. I never want to see either of them again. I hate them for doing this to us, to you and ripping the family apart."

By this time Linda hadn't been able to get any return calls from Molly or her husband. She called his office directly and his admin could only tell her that he ran out quickly to see a client and said he wouldn't be back today. She said she would take a message and offered to call him and make sure he knew his wife was desperately wanted to talk with him. Linda mumbled no thanks and hung up.

Dan and Linda gave up with the idea they would find her by driving around in his truck, so he returned to the house and stopped in the driveway. The house was dark, Jimmy's car was not there and it was doubtful Molly had returned. Dan looked at her and said, "well Linda, I am hoping that Molly doesn't do anything rash and foolish. I hope she doesn't talk to Jimmy; you know that he will never forgive us for this. I guess I need to get home before Amanda wonders where I am and I guess I'll just keep my head down and see what happens. God damn it why were we so foolish?"