Rox felt an insane amount of pleasure shock her entire body as all of her tattoos lit up all at once. She had no idea they were lighting up the room, but she had her suspicions. The cock inside of her asshole was now inching its way out of her. She felt a warm touch on her clitoris. Was it a tongue? Was it a mouth? Suddenly, a buzzing sound started as a warm gel-like appliance was laid on her clit and just sat there.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my God! What the fuck is that? It feeeeeeeeels incredible! You are fucking teasing me so badly." The cock head reentered her anus, stretching it out again, as she moaned loudly. Someone bit her nipples as the cock thrust into her asshole. She could feel the balls banging against her juicy ass cheeks. "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss! Oh, God, yes! Fuck my ass! I need it sooooo badly! The pounding began as the thick veiny shaft moved in and out at a very nice rhythm. "Ohhh, you feel so good inside of me. Oh, I love being ass fucked! Yesssssss, please fuck me, yesssssssssssssssss!"

Her feet were receiving a drooling licking as her nipples were still being bitten. Rox was flailing around, trying to get as much cock up her ass as she could. Suddenly everything stopped. Someone lowered her feet to the ground, and the incredible fucking she was receiving stopped as the cock pulled out of her ass.

"Turn over on all fours," Shari told her. She thought the female voice came from the other side of the room.

Rox did as she was told. Her arms were now on the back of the couch, and her beautiful ass was high in the air, waiting.

"Do you like watching and hearing about gang bangs?" A female voice asked her. She had never heard this voice before.

"Yes, very much. The most I have done is four sexy people," Rox said, unsure what to say next. She felt something, maybe a finger run its course from her clit, very slowly to her asshole. "Ohhhhh, that's incredible."

"Do you want to be in a real gang bang with a lot of hot horny cock?" The female voice asked.

"Ohhh, my God, yes, please!"

"Do you like to swallow and snowball cum from different beautiful hot cocks and strange women's lips?" Again, this time two fingers ran from her wet asshole all the way up to her clit, where it was slapped several times.

"That feels so good--Fuck, yes! I love cum soooo much. I love the look in a man's eyes when he is about to explode in my mouth. I love the feeling of hot cum up ass or my pussy. I love to kiss sticky lips full of white-hot cum. Just ask Shari. God, I am so horny, and I need cock now!"

"You are a Robokopia, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am."

"Do you have VESVA function?"

"You bet I do! Men love my throat and my pussy."

"I am sure these men will love them very much."

"Men, as in more than one?" Rox asked, surprised.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," The female voice instructed, "stick out your hands and cup them together. Your BFF Shari has set this up for you. We are terrific friends, and I want us to be friends as well. The female's lips engulfed Rox's tongue, and the two of them intertwined lips and wet tongues. "You are a great kisser," the female voice told her.

"So are you, baby," Rox told her, smiling as she wiggled her ass. Rox's juices ran down her leg from her horny hole. Once again, she did as she was instructed and stuck her tongue out. She felt something very warm and soft touch the palms of her hands.

"Lick what is in your hands."

Rox pulled her hands and mouth together, sticking out her tongue. She sniffed at the warmth in her hands. "Damn, that smells like warm manhood to me." She licked at the hairy testicles in her hands as if she had not eaten in years. Sucking and savoring the ball sac, she moaned. Whoever was attached to these balls was loving her testicle licking as well, as he began a soft moan. Taking a chance, Rox licked upward, hoping to taste the shaft of this beautiful smelling set of balls.

SMACK! A hand came across Rox's ass cheeks startling her. She jumped in the air.

"Lick and suck on only what I tell you to do, you understand?" The female voice told her firmly.

"Yes, ma'am," Rox replied, "that smack on the ass felt wonderful. Can I have another?"

"NO! Now, keep licking those balls until I tell you to stop. Take each one in your mouth and suckle on them. Make him rock hard and ready to fuck your holes."

"Yes, ma'am," Rox said as she brought the balls up to her mouth and sucked each ball for minutes at a time, drooling all over them, licking, and caressing them.

The man standing there was growing hornier as his desires became apparent with louder moans, and, "oh yeah, that's it, baby," repeated in ever-increasing octaves. This male voice was also unrecognizable. "Ohhh yeah, that feels so good, baby."

"Don't move," the female voice said.

The balls disappeared from Rox's palms and were replaced with another set of more massive balls.

"Begin sucking," the voice told her.

Rox slurped, lapped, and sucked on the new set of balls, inhaling their manly scent. "Oh God, yum," she said as she took each ball in her mouth and gently massaged them with her tongue. "You taste so fucking good."

"Oh, fuck me, that feels great!" Another unknown male voice said. "Don't stop sucking my balls!"

Rox could feel his strokes as he jacked-off slowly while she was sucking on his sac.

"Holy shit!" Rox exclaimed as she felt the hot head of a cock at her puckered entrance.

"Do you allow this cock to fuck your asshole deep and fast?" The female voice asked.

"Yes---OH----God, yes, please!" Rox said while kissing the set of large hairy balls in the palms of her hands.

Without any foreplay or rimming, the cock jabbed her hole until she felt him hit his hilt.

"OHHHH, my God! That is soooooooo incredible. Oh, he is filling up my entire asshole to the hilt! I love it so much. If you keep doing that, I am going to cum!"

The jacking-off in front of her slowly turned faster and more groaning and moaning was heard coming from above Rox's head. This guy was going to shoot a huge load! The balls in her hand slapped faster in her palm as she rubbed the sweaty sac with her fingertips.

The unknown female voice was softer and raspier as she whispered into Rox's ear. "Do you want him to shoot his load onto your tongue?"

"Yes, please, I need his cumshot so bad!" Rox exclaimed, tickling his balls at a faster rate now.

"Tell him how bad you need his yummy man gravy down your throat. Tell him what a cumwhore you are, my princess," the voice once again whispering in her ear.

"Please, you gorgeous, sweaty stud, I need your hot cum inside of my mouth. I will jack you off with my VESVA throat while you shoot your cream into my stomach! I ache for your cum! Please, I can smell how sweet your hot and sweaty cock is, and I need it so bad. I love how that cock feels pounding my asshole, and I want you to feel just as good cumming for your cumslut. Call me a fucking cumwhore baby and shoot into my mouth!" Rox unhinged her lower jaw from her skull and waited for her ultimate present as the man put one hand on top of her head and jacked off faster with the other hand.

"You are so hot, baby! I want to shoot my hot cum down your throat! You are such a fucking cumslut!" He moaned aloud as Rox began tickling his asshole while tugging on his balls.

"Yes, baby! That's it, baby, shoot your wonderful hot cum down my velvet throat and let me stroke your huge fucking cock!"

"Ohhh, fuck!" he screamed as he shoved the head of his cock inside of Rox's warm, waiting mouth.

"Oh, yes, baby, shove it all the way inside of me!" Rox said, muffled by his enormous cockhead leaking precum onto her tongue. "Keep pumping my asshole with that huge piece of manhood! Oh my God, that feels sooooooo good! I am such a whore, and I love it!" Rox screamed as well as she could as the cock in her mouth was being jacked off quickly and shoved down her throat just as fast. Her VESVA function took over as her throat wrapped around his shaft, pulling on it, tugging it, and stroking him off at a rhythmic pace. Her esophagus heated up as it clamped onto his cockhead and, like a thousand tiny fingers, began massaging the tip of his head.

"OH my God! The man screamed as he began shooting wave upon wave of hot silky cum down Rox's throat. Her velvet-lined orifice never stopped stroking him as he continued to yell and scream at the top of his lungs. Rox giggled, knowing he was having the best orgasm of his life. "I am cumming again!" he shouted as Rox's throat eased up on his rock hard cock and repositioned itself for the mother of all loads.

"Yes, baby, cum again for me!" Rox mumbled as the cock invading her ass was slowing down. The man fucking her anus was about to blow a massive load into her ass. "Please cum inside my ass back there! Give me your creampie, baby! She begged as she felt the cock in her throat go still and unload spray after spray of hot goodness into her throat. "Yummy!" Rox told him as she swallowed all of his cum, making sure to lick all around his shaft and clean him up. She heard him pull out of her mouth and fall over backward onto the floor. "I have that effect on men," she told him, giggling.

"Holy fuck, I am cumming, baby!" the male voice said behind her as she clinched onto his shaft with her rectum and stroked him off from inside of her ass. "Oh my fucking God!" the man screamed as ropes of cum were milked out of his huge cock by Rox's asshole.

"Oh my God, your cum is so hot and sticky! That feels soooo good, baby! Don't stop, baby, please keep cumming for me!" Rox told him as her asshole heated up and began stroking his cock at a faster speed.

"I am going to cum again. That feels so fucking good in your ass, baby!" he yelled as waves of pleasure came over him as he unloaded another shot of sweet cum into her asshole. He grasped onto both of her tight ass cheeks, sweat pouring out of him all over her spine. "Holy fuck, I am spent!"

"I am so happy for you, baby," Rox told him, smiling as she felt the kiss of an unknown woman on her lips. The woman shot her tongue down Rox's throat, licking off the excess cum from around her lips and cheeks. "Oh, that is very nice," Rox told her.

"Yes, it is, and it is my turn now, baby," the unknown woman told Rox pinching her nipples, moaning and cooing.

Part 15 "Cumming" soon!