It was the first proper vacation since the beginning of their relationship. A cozy hotel in the Austrian Alps, kilometers of ski slopes, excellent food, relaxation in the sauna, whirlpool and swimming pool, wonderful sex... The only flaw was the fact that this was their last day. He enjoyed it all, but because he wasn't at all used to so much physical exercise as was the week of intense skiing, he was almost looking forward to some convalescence time. Though he wouldn't admit it. She on the other hand was perhaps born with ski boots on her feet. She had a lot of surplus energy and never wanted this vacation to be over. It was her endless optimism that kept them both in a very good mood.

"Come on! Last ride! There is almost no one up there, we have the slope all for ourselves, and when will we come here again? Don't be lazy!" She stuck her tongue out at him like a cheeky teenager.

"Look, I'm starting to get really cold, I can't feel my legs and the knee injury is letting me know that I am not so young anymore... Didn't we already enjoyed enough?" He was obviously tired, and he still had to drive them safely home afterwards.

"Please! For the last time! You will like it! And you won't suffer from the cold, I will take care of that..." He knew the mischievous smile on her face and the sparks in those beautiful eyes. He knew there was something special to look forward to.

"Okay. One last time. But then you invite me for a coffee, I'll need at least a liter of it."

She kissed him on the cheek, turned, and strode to the ski lift cabin. Where does she get that energy, he wondered as he followed her.

There was only a couple of hardcore fans of skiing left in the entire ski resort, so they got into the cabin without waiting and, moreover, they had it all for themselves.

"How do you always achieve whatever you want?" He asked as he sat comfortably opposite of her.

"I just know what's best for you." She leaned over and kissed him, not very innocently. "You're really cold, your lips are completely frozen."

"I didn't just make it up."

She kissed him again. A bit more passionate. She warmed his cold cheeks in her warm palms and enjoyed the playful interaction of their lips and tongues. She tried to get up and straddle him, but at that moment the cabin passed by a pillar and swayed. He grabbed her hips so she wouldn't fall.

"How long does it take to get to the mid-station?" She asked.

"Less than ten minutes. Do you think about what I think you think? "

She just smiled. Then she took off her jacket, placed it on the seat next to her, and began undoing his. He just watched her, liked to be caressed, and knew she did it gladly and with satisfying feeling. It was a matter of seconds for her to unzip his pants, she had practice. She freed his hardening cock from the thermal underwear, stroked it with a warm hand, and kissed its tip.

He spread his legs and allowed her to kneel between them. The wet cabin floor was of no concern at the time. Because he was really cold, the touch of her hot lips on his cold member was electrifying. He watched her enjoying the sucking and caressing of his cock for the moment. He looked out of the cabin window at the valley deep below him and saw a few skiers - multicolored dots in a flood of white snow - and allowed himself to smile for a moment before he was completely engulfed by the most beautiful feeling under the sun, amplified by the tens of meters separating them from the ground.

With each pillar the cabin passed as it moved slowly upward, with each sway she swallowed his cock a little deeper, gripped him a little tighter, and sucked a little more passionately. He got into ecstasy. He wanted to be in her. He wanted to feel her dampness. He wanted to fuck her. Everything else was meaningless at that moment. He grabbed her head, lifted her to him and kissed her. Still with his brittle fingers, he pulled her pants and thermal underwear to her knees, turned her uncompromisingly, and forced her to lean forward.

It was a bit of a challenge to keep her balance, but the moment the cold cock slipped smoothly into her, she just grabbed the seat and the railings around her and devoted herself to the feeling. She just let herself to be fucked. Each thrust pushed her into another world, bit by bit. She didn't want anything else, just to get carried away by the feeling...

Then the cabin passed a larger pillar and shook mightily. He fell out of her, and the loss of balance sent him back on the seat with the cock sticking out in the air. She slammed her forehead into the plexiglass of the cabin, bending in her knees and regaining control when she knelt on the seat. They looked at each other and laughed out loud. Not for long though, his mind was busy with a single thought - to fuck. He returned to it immediately. She only wanted one thing - to be fucked. She gripped the seat tightly, clasped her hand against the glass, and with her knees on the seat, she stuck her ass and lustful wet pussy as high as she could. The last thing she noticed before closing her eyes in a sweet intoxication was the warning sticker on the window: "Please, do not rock the gondola!". He slipped in again. For greater stability, he gripped the door handle and the seat. Then he just fucked. And the cabin shook with his thrusts. They both indulged in the delightful feeling, both had their eyes closed and enjoyed the wonderful sensation of each others bodies. They were so immersed in it that they completely ignored the approaching mid-station....

The Miller family was one of the kind. They saved all year so that they could afford a week in a small apartment in the Alps and let their two kids enjoy some proper skiing. And they were trying to milk it for what it was worth. They were on the slope almost half an hour earlier then everyone else in the morning to be the first to enjoy the freshly made snow; Mr. Miller carried lunch for the whole family in his backpack so they wouldn't waste time and spend money in restaurants; in the afternoon the Millers were the last ones to leave the slopes.

Unfortunately, a while ago Mr. Miller made a mistake at a turn on one of the slopes, and the family lost valuable time, during which they would still be able to reach the bottom station and catch the last complete ride up. Mrs. Miller was angry. They only had to settle for the middle station, which meant that they only managed to catch half of what they originally wanted to do. And they still had to hurry!

"... and it's just your fault! If you could read the map better or remember it, we could have already be down! But like this..." Mrs. Miller looked like a little angry dog, constantly barking at the big apathetic bear, which her husband reminded so strongly of. Little Sandra and George didn't care about their mother's grumbling, they were used to it. They only wanted to be in the cabin first, because they wanted the best places with the best view.

The whole family was finally assembled at the mid-station ready to enter the cabin. Unfortunately, the last empty one went off before they could enter, so they waited impatiently for the next one. It looked like someone was in it. So maybe they'll wait for the next one....

Because they were both in a trance and used to the swaying of the cabin by the pillars by now, they did not notice that they were approaching the middle station. They did not notice the massive sway or the sudden darkening in the cabin as they entered the station. It was only the opening of the door that brought him out of his dream and vigorously returned to reality. And what a reality it was. He stood in the middle of the cabin, his cock deep in his girlfriend's pussy, unable to speak or move, staring through the open door at a family with two children who were about to board. She, with a beautiful white ass sticking into the space, was not taken aback by the sound of the door opening or the sudden gust of freezing air caressing her buttocks. Her "Come on! Fuck me!" and the sound of a wet pussy slamming on his suddenly slowly withering cock were the only sounds made during the longest 12 seconds of his life.

When the cabin finally arrived and its door opened, Mrs. Miller's endless muttering was cut off. Mr. Miller's instincts reacted automatically, and his eyes immediately fixed on the beautifully shaped alabaster white ass and the ravine between the halves, which after a second offered a beautiful view of a freshly fucked young pussy. The erection came right away. When the apparition said "Come on! Fuck me!" Mr. Miller absentmindedly took a step forward, as if to join. Mrs. Miller's hand reacted spontaneously when she uncompromisingly sent her husband two steps back. Then there was a maternal instinct, and the sight of the kids was suddenly obscured, so they didn't see the cabin moving away, the door closing, and the end of the scene.

"Did... Did you see that?! This is not possible! Was it what I...! They normally... Normally fucked like some animals! In front of the children! Did you see that? Like animals!" Mrs. Miller was slowly coping with the loss of her mental balance.

"Ahm." Mr. Miller nodded dreamily. "Like animals." His brain was suddenly completely filled with white beauty, and the idea of him standing in place of the man and ploughing that young beautiful-

"What do you mean! Wake up! We're going home! Kids, get together! It's over today!"

"Haha, come on! Fuck me!" little George announced before his mother's slap almost sent him to the ground.

When the cabin door closed, he completely lost his erection, just sitting on a seat with a withered cock peeking comically out of the pants and tossing in a fit of laughter. She woke up just before the cabin left the station, slowly gathering thoughts to make sense. Then she started laughing too. The rest of their way up was filled with bursts of laughter whenever they looked at each other and getting dressed quickly before they reached the final station. This was definitely an unforgettable end to their vacation.