Bree flopped down in her seat at her workstation. Between oversleeping and what seemed like catching every light red, she was amazed she got to work on time. Working customer service at an insurance company wasn't exactly her dream job, but it paid the bills and she found she was pretty good at it. She brushed her blonde hair to the side and adjusted her headset and turned on her computer. Within just a few minutes, she was already taking her first call of the day.

The morning was pretty uneventful. Bree helped a few customers out with various problems, nothing major. She took a sip of coffee she brought with her from home, and transferred another call in which the customer accidently dialed into the wrong department. She listened in as she overheard a coworker complain about their supervisor, and another coworker bragging about how wasted they got over the weekend. Bree shook her head gently and simply rolled her hazel eyes.

"Good morning Bree."

Bree turned around in her chair and saw her supervisor standing on the other side of her cubicle wall.

"Good morning Carol. How are things?"

Carol had been Bree's supervisor for four years and was the one who hired her right after she got out of high school. She was a kind, older woman who always pushed her employees in positive ways. Bree had seen other supervisors on the floor and was glad Carol was one of the better ones.

"I need a favor from you. I'm expected to be on a conference call any minute, but I need to have these forms for the sales department turned into the supervisor down there, Mark. Do you think you could run these down and hand them off?"

Carol knew she could count on Bree. Ever since she hired her, Bree seemed to be one of the few employees she could rely on. Bree took her job seriously, sometimes a little too much, which caused some friction between her and some of the other girls in the department. While Bree at first just considered working there a simple job, she really blossomed into the model employee, and stopped thinking of working there as just another job, and started treating it like a career.

Of course, with Bree taking her job so seriously all the time, Carol had to constantly remind Bree to take some time off every now and then. Bree lived alone in a two bedroom house and didn't have any close family and never spoke of a boyfriend from what Carol could remember. Bree mostly filled her time with working, but Carol couldn't deny her drive and determination and always awarded her with some of the top raises, which helped Bree afford her own place.

"Sure thing." said Bree

"Thanks." Carol said as she handed off the paperwork to Bree.

Just then, Carol's phone started ringing and she left. Bree took off her headset and headed down to the sales department on the third floor. While most of the employees took one of the elevators, Bree always took the steps. She liked to stay in shape as much as she could and tried hit the gym a few times a week. She constantly repeated to herself sitting at a desk for eight hours a day was unhealthy, not to mention all of the sugary snacks and soda vending machines found on every floor.

Bree walked into the sales department and was greeted by a sea of chaos. People rushing back and forth across the department and overlapping phone conversations rang through the air. While she always pushed herself to the limits with helping people in her department, it was nothing like sales. While her position was regulated to helping people with various problems, the people in this department was there to do only one task and had a tight quota each one had to fill. If there was one department which always had open positions, it was sales.

Making her way through the department, Bree had to stop and ask twice where she could find the supervisor named Mark. She eventually found her way and Mark spotted her and the young man waved her over.

"Hey there. Thanks. Carol just messaged me saying you'd be down." Mark said in a rushed tone.

"No problem. Glad I could help."

Bree smiled and turned to leave, but stopped as her eyes caught someone. She pointed out from Mark to a young girl with black pixie cut hair sitting at a computer.

"Is that Madison?" she asked Mark.

"Yeah, her name's Madison. New girl. Started last Monday. You know her?"

"Oh yeah, we went to high school together. Do you think it's okay to stop and say hi?"

"Sure, but not too long. She's still in training."

Bree walked over to Madison's cubicle just in time to hear Madison cry out in disgust and take off her headset and slam it down on the desk and put her face down into her hands.

"Better watch out." Bree said jokingly. "I hear they make you become a sign spinner on a corner if you break one of those."

Madison looked up from her hands and her frustrations left her.

"Bree? Oh my God!"

"How it going?" Bree smiled.

"It's...going." Madison looked Bree over. "Wow, you look fantastic. How've you been? It's been, what, like five years?"

Bree laughed. "Yeah, something like that. I heard you moved away after you graduated?"

"Yeah, left with my parents, but I missed it back here, so I moved back a few months ago."

"That's awesome! I don't want to hold you up though. When's your lunchbreak?"

"I go at noon. I've got an hour."

"Me too. Hey, I usually eat in my car, but let's catch up. I'll meet you down in the cafeteria."

"Okay, see you then."

Bree left Madison's cubicle and headed back to her own department. Madison was a year older than her, but they had a class together in high school. Bree and Madison weren't really friends, but knew each other and got along whenever they saw each other in the hallways. Madison always seemed to hang out with the more popular girls, but Bree always seemed to be a loner, which never bothered her that much. She did have a few friends, but no one she was ever close with. She didn't come out of her shell until she started working and had to actively talk to customers over the phone.

Bree sat back down at her desk and placed her headset back on. Her first call back was helping a gentleman navigate through their website and add his seventeen year old daughter to his policy. The rest of the morning seemed to drag on as she couldn't stop starring at the clock, watching the minutes slowly tick by. She really looked forward to having lunch with Madison and catching up on what she's been up to. The more she thought about lunch, the hungrier she started to get, and decided to grab a protein bar she had in her desk to munch on.

Once noon arrived, Bree logged out of her computer and headed down to the cafeteria. She always hated eating there because it was just a sea of people. She had tried to get her lunch moved to either an hour before or after, but because of the volume of phone calls in her department, it was set in stone by corporate. She glanced around the room, about a hundred people gathered together at all the various tables throughout the area. She mentally kicked herself for not telling Madison to actually meet her at a specific location.

"Hey there Bree."

Bree turned around and Mark from sales was standing behind her. He was holding a container of food he had picked up from the cafeteria, heading back up to his department to eat at his desk or probably outside.

"Hey, have you seen Madison?"

"I saw her log out of her computer." he said.

Mark and Bree scanned out over the sea of people in the large room. Bree was hoping Madison didn't forget about meeting up or get tied up doing something else. Mark turned his head and pointed out to a girl sitting alone with her back towards them at a table on the far side of the room.

"There she is."

"Thanks Mark, appreciate it."

Bree hurried over to the table and plopped down at the seat across from Madison. Bree finally got a good look at her friend. Madison was just a little taller than Bree, maybe standing at around 5'6. Her slim figure was highlighted by the mute colors of the office attire she had chosen to wear. Madison's department required their employees to dress up a little more professional than the other departments. The thinking behind it was if you looked more presentable, you acted more presentable, which is what Bree figured. Madison was more developed than Bree, her 36D breasts fitting snuggly within her shirt. Madison's brown eyes looked up towards her friend and she smiled.

"Hey Maddie. So how are you liking the job so far? Mark said you started last week?"

The two girls started getting out their lunches. Bree had brought a tuna sandwich, some healthy chips, an apple, and a bottle of water from home. Madison had bought a chicken Caesar salad and a bottle of water from the cafeteria.

"Hey Bree. Yeah, I started last Monday. I didn't think it would be this hard. I haven't made a sale yet. Everybody else in my training class seems to be getting the hang of it. I feel like a fish out of water right now."

"Don't worry, you'll get it. You were always one of the top of the class in high school."

"Yeah, I know." Madison said while poking at the salad with her fork. "It's just so jarring. My very first call out of training, the guy hit on me and kept on trying all the way to the end when he hung up on me."

"Oh wow, yeah, I've had a few calls like that before. Just keep calm, breathe, and remind the creeps that the call might be monitored and recorded. I haven't had anybody get too graphic, but yeah, sometimes it happens."

"How long have you been here? I haven't seen you around sales."

"I work in customer service on the fourth floor. Been here for four years. I started a couple weeks after graduating. I hated it at first, but now it's okay. I got employee of the month last August. Got me a framed award and a front place parking space for the next month."

The two girls sat together, eating lunch and trading various stories of what their lives have been up to since both graduating. Madison told Bree all about moving halfway across the country because her father had taken a job with another company, and how much she had missed living in the area. Bree told Madison about being hired at the company, and all the crazy calls and requests she's gotten.

"So you own your own house?" Madison asked while finishing up with her lunch. Bree was just about done with hers.

"Yeah. I saved and saved for the first couple of years here. I kept on pushing myself because the top performers always get the biggest raises. Living at home didn't hurt either. What about you?"

"I live in the Meadowbrook Apartments on Lockwood Drive. I got a roommate, but hardly see her. She mostly stays in her room. As long as she pays her half of everything, I really don't care."

Bree agreed and nodded her head in silence. She took out her phone and checked the time.

"Oh well, lunch is over with. Gotta get back. It was nice hanging out with you Maddie."

"You too. It's nice to see a familiar face. Now I know I'm not so alone here. Thanks for having lunch with me. I had been eating outside alone."

Madison pointed over to the outdoor picnic benches where all of the smokers gathered together.

"Yeah, no. Don't eat out there. It always smells so bad. If you want to eat outside, there's a few benches at the far end of the building. Just head out the side door where the gym is located. Nobody hardly ever goes out there because it's so far, but it's quiet during lunch and it's in the shade."

The two girls walked over to the elevators and already there was a large group of people waiting.

"Also the steps are faster if you don't want to wait for a crowded elevator."

Bree motioned to the side door next to the elevator and walked through. Madison followed her and noted how much nicer and less cramped it was. The two arrived to the third story door and Madison thanked her again for having lunch with her.

"If you ever need anything, just message me." said Bree.

The two girls hugged and Madison walked into the chaos which was the sales department. It was nice seeing Madison again, Bree thought to herself. She also liked how she smelled. Whatever perfume she was wearing, it smelled fantastic. Bree finished climbing up the final flight of stairs to her department and resumed working.

The next morning, Bree arrived more chipper than she usually was. She thought on the drive in this morning if Madison would like to have lunch with her again. Once she got settled at her desk and took a few pending calls, she pulled up her company email and found Madison's name in the directory. She sent just a short message, telling Madison she hopes she was having a better day and asked her to meet for lunch again. A few minutes later, Bree's computer pinged with an email from Madison thanking her for checking in and said she was having a much better day, and said she'd like to have lunch. Bree found herself smiling and started counting down the minutes until then.

Over the course of the next month, Bree and Madison had lunch every day and talked about every range of subject they could find. Life, hopes, dreams, and whatever gossip they could get away with. Bree helped Madison with the ins and outs of the company, and worked with her to start making sales. They exchanged phone numbers so they could keep in touch with each other and texted each other all the time. Soon after, they started hanging out away from work. Shopping at the mall, going to the movie theater, even meeting up early one morning to have breakfast. Bree and Madison became almost inseparable.

One Friday afternoon while sitting at her desk at work, Bree's cell phone chirped. She glanced around the room to make sure no supervisor was looking, and pulled her phone out. Company policy stated she wasn't allowed to have her private phone out, but she took the risk. She smiled as she saw a message from Madison.

"Wanna go out tomorrow night???" read the message.

Bree glanced around once more to make sure nobody was looking or walking around.

"Sure. Whatcha wanna do?" she texted back.

"Let's go to Club Château." Madison quickly messaged back.

Bree thought for a moment. Club Château was a newer nightclub in the area. She had never even driven by it before, but had overheard several coworkers talk about it. Apparently they had good drinks and a lot of room to dance. She had actually never been to a nightclub before, but thought if Madison was with her, it could be pretty fun.

"Pick you up at 9. Wear something slutty." Madison texted again followed by a winking smiling emoji.

The next day, Bree got dressed and headed out. She knew Madison was probably kidding about dressing up and wearing something slutty, but she decided to have some fun with her friend and find a pretty revealing outfit. She drove over to the mall and headed into several stores, but just couldn't find something to shock Madison with. She was about to give up and buy just a simple little black dress, but headed into one more store. She was glad she waited. She found the perfect outfit. A very low cut tight pink mini-dress. She was sure this would definitely turn some heads.

Later that evening, Bree got ready for the club. She slipped on her new dress and stood in front of her bedroom mirror. She was a little shocked at how tight it hugged her body. She had never worn a dress that short before also. She fixed her hair into a ponytail, did her makeup, and put on a pair of hoop earrings. She pulled out a pair of off white heels which she thought brought her outfit together nicely.

Bree's cell phone chirped as Madison was pulling up in her car. Bree walked to the front door and met Madison there. Bree took one look at her friend and her jaw dropped. Madison was wearing a long sleeve studded mesh body dress and black heels. Madison swayed her hips back and forth, the dress glimmering as the light bounced off all the studs.

"So, what you think?" asked Madison.

"You look amazing." The words almost seemed lost in Bree's voice.

"Are you kidding? You look so sexy! Turn around."

Bree did so, showing off her new dress to Madison.

"Be still my heart." Madison said as she bit her lower lip.

Both girls giggled. Bree got into Madison's car and they headed on out to the club. It wasn't too far of a drive. One of the best parts of living in town was how close Bree was to everything. They found a pretty good parking space, maybe about a block away, and headed over to the front door. The music from the club could be heard all over the area. Bree grimaced as she saw there was a line of about thirty people ahead waiting to get in. They didn't have to wait long though, as the bouncer motioned for the two of them to come forward. As soon as they got to the front, the bouncer unhooked the rope, and let them in. Bree was shocked.

"Slutty dresses. Works every time." Madison whispered in her ear.

The club was completely packed inside. People hanging out, drinking, and having a good time. The club's main stage had a DJ working the music, with several dance floors scattered around the club. The fully stocked bar was off to the side with a large crowd around it and several bartenders working the area. Booths and tables lined up around the walls. Madison grabbed Bree by the hand and the two girls made their way to the bar. Madison immediately ordered a couple of shots for the two of them and down they went. They then ordered some proper drinks and made their way through the club and found an empty bar table. Bree found herself having a great time. She started dancing in place to the music while sipping on her drink.

"I can't get over how sexy you look." Madison yelled over the music. "So hot!"

Bree laughed.

"I thought it might get your attention."

"It did the trick."

About that time the girls had finished their drinks and a waitress had brought another. The two girls danced in place, pointing out other girls and guys, laughing and gossiping for a while.

Madison grabbed Bree by the hand.

"Come on, I want to see your dance moves."

"Oh no, no." Bree said. "I can't dance that good."

Madison pulled Bree by the hand to one of the crowded dance floors and they both started dancing back and forth while laughing. The strobe lights hit Madison's dress and a cascade of light bounced everywhere. Bree thought she looked so sexy while dancing. Madison turned around and backed up on Bree, slowly grinding her ass against her. Bree in turn grabbed Madison's hips and pulled her even closer. Bree's heart jumped in her chest and found herself a little turned on, but dismissed it immediately as the alcohol. The DJ ended the song and started playing a slow song. Madison turned back around and put her hands on Bree's shoulders while Bree held Madison's hips and they started slow dancing together.

"Thanks for everything Bree. I don't know what I could've done without you. I was so frustrated at work and thought things weren't gonna work out. I really appreciate your friendship."

Bree felt her face blush, but she didn't say anything. The two girls silently danced together, and simply stared into each other's eyes. It was Madison who broke the silence and cleared her throat.

"Hey, let's go get another drink."

The two left the dance floor and returned to the table they had, but found it had already been taken over by another couple. The two looked around the room and Madison spotted a booth in the corner. They walked over and took a seat and looked around for a waitress to order a drink. When one walked up to them, she immediately sat two drinks down in front of them and pointed to two men standing at the bar.

"Compliments of the two gentlemen."

Madison and Bree raised their glasses and thanked them. The two men left the bar and started heading over to the two of them.

"Uh oh. Not interested." Bree said quietly to Madison as she looked the two men over.