Dominica Kolslova was under the warm shower, savoring the feel of the trickles of water. She had just reached the pinnacle of her tennis career, having beaten out the world's best player and shocking the crowd at Wimbledon as she had rolled to victory. It had been so sweet, and her defeated foe had quickly packed and left the locker area, unwilling to linger at the area of her humbling defeat. That was fine with Dominica, she loved having the shower all to herself. Her mind drifted, she knew that Larson would be coming to her flat tonight, and they were going to have a private celebration. She purred as she thought about his cock driving into her, pumping away at her inner silk, until he grunted, growled, and unleashed a torrent of thick cream deep inside her. She ran her hands in a sensuous caress over her nipples, her pink, eager buds rising up, her pussy was tingling, she forced herself not to stroke one off, she wanted to save up her sexual lust for Larson.

Just outside the shower, unnoticed by her, alien eyes watched her, ah yes, the perfect subject. The creature watching her had slipped in to the locker room unseen, the quantum displacement generator the creature wore around its body, like a belt, created a very small time adjustment. The creature could tune it to be just slightly out of phase with normal time, it was only a few milliseconds difference, but it rendered the creature invisible. With the locker room now deserted, the creature had closed the quantum field, and was back in normal time. It studied the subject, what the humans called a female, taking in the orange sized breasts, the shape of her well toned body, the long, sleek legs, committing every detail to memory. It also gently read the subject's mind, recording the thoughts, and the fact that the subject had an active sex life, perfect. Then, the creature concentrated, and it could feel its skin rippling, melting and remolding itself. The creature opened its eyes, and stepped quickly towards the showers. The creature held a small pod in its right hand.

Dominica sensed the presence behind her, and spun around. Her eyes flew open, she stood gaping, rooted to the spot, she was looking at herself. Whoever, whatever this was, it was an exact duplicate of her, smiling at her. She was spellbound, a carbon copy, right down to the perky, cherry red nipples, the freshly waxed pussy, the long, sleek legs that her dedication to tennis had given her, not even a tiny bit of difference on the body that was standing before her. The only difference was the duplicate of her was wearing a fancy looking belt. Dreaming, I must be asleep and dreaming ran through her mind. She watched the hands come up, gripping her shoulders, and the pod in the alien's right hand fired a needle into her skin. The sting broke Dominica's trance, but before she could even tell her legs to run, she felt a great lassitude sweep over her. The world wavered, and as her vision grayed over, fading to black, she slid down to the floor unconscious.

The creature picked her up and carried her out to the locker room area. It set her down on a bench, and with the stack of towels nearby, the creature dried off her new body, and Dominica. As she did so, she looked forward to her assignment. She had been given the task of studying these humans, and in particular how they reproduced. Where the creature lived, there was no such thing as gender. Reproduction was by simple cloning, churning out sexless copies very quickly. Discovery of the planet Earth had given them a look at an entirely new civilization, with a very different way of reproduction. The creature had drawn the assignment of finding a suitable human female, who had an active sex life, and becoming the female, to experience sexual intercourse first hand. The creature was swamped with sensations, what they called the vagina seemed to be very wet and hot, and strange prickles of sensation coursed through her. Drawing her arm back, it brushed against her breast, and she felt another sizzle of sensation zip through her, creating more pleasurable prickles down in her pubic region. Forcing herself back to the task at hand, the creature quickly donned Dominica's clothes. She left the subject nude, she'd be using the quantum displacement generator when she left, so no one would see a clothed Dominica carrying a naked Dominica. She set the field, and once again invisible, she made her way to the subject's personal transportation vehicle, what humans called a car. She opened the trunk, and gently placed Dominica's unconscious form inside. She closed the trunk, and closed the quantum field to bring herself back into normal time. Now that she had Dominica's body hiding it, the creature would be able to move freely, and especially, to experience sexual intercourse.

She slid behind the wheel, and scanned the memories that she had absorbed, ah yes, there it was, how to drive this vehicle. Ten minutes later, and she turned into the car park for Dominica's flat, and easily found the space that was marked with the 1202 number. She parked it, slid out of the seat, and just as she opened the trunk, she activated her quantum displacement field, and it was an easy matter to carry Dominica's body into her flat, unobserved. The communication device, what they call a telephone, began to make that ringing sound as she closed the door, and shut down the field. She picked it up.

"Hey baby, I just heard, you won Wimbledon, congratulations!" Larson's voice sounded through the earpiece.

Ah yes, this was her boyfriend. The creature's quickly had Dominica's thoughts and responses lined up, and she bantered through the conversation.

"I just got into Heathrow, my airline switched me to an earlier flight. How about I come over right now, and we can get our post victory celebration going early?"

Even as the creature was hit with the unexpected change, and it ran the problem over in its mind, she cooed into the receiver, "Sounds great sweetheart."

Larson voice, thick with passion, replied, "Ok baby, I'll see you in 30 minutes, get yourself ready!"

She heard the click of the telephone receiver, and the creature had a major problem. Her scout vessel was in orbit, but on the other side of the planet, and would be not be directly overhead for another 45 minutes of Earth time. The ship's material transmission unit could not be activated until it was directly overhead. She had planned to store Dominica aboard her ship, while she had sexual intercourse with her boyfriend. She searched through Dominica's memories, and found something that looked like it would solve her problem.

She went into Dominica's bedroom, and found the handcuffs, the chain, the pink ball gag and the roll of surgical tape. Moving faster, she went back into the living room, and she soon had Dominica's nude form cuffed up, the pink ball gag in her mouth with a square of the sticky surgical tape plastered across it. She activated her pod, and switched the control to revive. The tiny needle fired into Dominica's skin, and in less than a minute, she wavered up to consciousness. Her eyes flew open, her vocal protest went unheard , the ball gag was stuffed between her lips, the sticky grip of the tape plastered firmly across her mouth. Her arms were cuffed up behind her back, and a chain ran around them, and down to her legs which were also cuffed up. She glared around, then remembered the sight of her doppelganger, as it stepped into her line of sight again.

"Hello Dominica. Your boyfriend is coming over, and I'm going to fuck him."

Dominica was stunned, hearing her voice coming out of the exact duplicate, and the bold declaration had her startled like never before.

"I imagine you must have many questions, let me answer them for you. First, in my natural form, I look nothing like you. I am what you would call a student, my field of study is the human race. My assignment is to entice one of your kind into a sexual intercourse session. On our planet, we have no gender or sexual contact, we are reproduced by cloning. We discovered that it is a simple matter for our race to gently read your minds, store your thoughts into our brains, then we concentrate, and become an exact replica of our subject. Not just on the superficial outward appearance, with your thoughts, we can do everything you would do. Larson will think he is fucking you, and he will have no clue that anything is out of place, because, for all intents and purposes, I am you. I was going to store you aboard my ship, but with Larson arriving early, well, I have to as you say, improvise. I read all about your enjoyment with being cuffed, chained and gagged while Larson has sex with you, so it was an easy matter to find the implements you use in your bedroom."

Dominica blushed, the idea that an alien creature had read her innermost thoughts, her kinky sexual desires, made her face burn hotly.

The alien had also read another one of her secret desires, to watch Larson engage in sex with another female while she watched. Ah, perfect, she could set that up nicely.

"Dominica, your fantasy of watching your boyfriend fucking another female is about to come true. You can watch him fucking me, the exact copy of you."

Dominica was hit by a wave of revulsion, the idea of watching her boyfriend sink his hard cock into god knows what alien creature, that sounded beyond nasty. But right behind it, she could feel a tickle of lust teasing at her inner pink seam.

The creature grinned, she could read Dominica's thoughts easily, and she lifted up the trussed woman as easily as if she were a small child. She carried her into the bedroom, and set her down. The closet had sliding mirrored doors, and the creature stepped into the closet. She searched around inside the small space, that would give Dominica the view of her bed, so she could watch all the fun and games. Ah, this would be perfect, and she carried Dominica into the closet. She sat her up, and the chain that attached her wrists to her ankles was threaded through a pipe that ran the length of the back wall. She made sure that Dominica was secured, then she adjusted the doors. Excellent, now Dominica's dream of watching her boyfriend engaged with another woman could be played out, right before her eyes.

Dominica, hidden in the shadows at the back of the closet, watched as the creature stripped down. Yes, the creature knew everything, as she watched her perfect duplicate don her "welcoming Larson home" outfit, the flame red demi-cup bra, matching red crotchless silk panties, flame red garter belt and red stockings. Damn, even my favorite outfit for greeting Larson, she knew how hot and bothered it made him, how his cock would harden up like granite. The last time she'd greeted him like that, she teased him until neither of them could stand it a second longer, in the bedroom, he pounced on top of her, and they fucked wildly. They went at it like rutting animals, grunting and growling like sex crazed beasts, until his cock erupted, the feel of his hot creamy load squirting deep inside had made her body light up like a Christmas tree, shrieking in orgasmic pleasure as her spasming pussy milked at the throbbing shaft, demanding every drop of his load. Dominica could feel her juices gush, the remembrance brought back all the lust, and she was heating up quickly.

The creature sensed Dominica's sexual lust, the need for relief. She smiled, she could do something about that, she reached into the dresser, and grabbed Dominica's dildo, and she stepped into the closet, and knelt down right in front of her. Dominica was too horny to think about it what the creature looked like in real life, as she felt one of the hands reach down, and cup gently at her swollen, soaking lips. Knowing how much Dominica liked having her tits sucked, she fastened her mouth around one of her stiff nipples, sucking and gently nibbling at it. That sent a rush of lust right into Dominica's sizzling pussy, as the creature's fingers started to masturbate her in the exact way that Dominica liked best. Dominica was too overcome with lust to care anymore, she felt the mouth lift away, the cool air gliding over her wet, saliva coated nipple, then the sizzles as she felt the mouth reapplied to her other eager nipple, oh god, it felt perfect. She felt the exact copy of her fingers stroking gently at her wet, shiny, pale pink inner lips, the fingers spreading her lips open, and her 8 inch dildo slid smoothly in, stuffing her churning tunnel. Dominica found out that the creature knew every last one of her favorite masturbatory tricks, as she then felt a long finger tickle at her asshole, then sliding up her back door. The creature used the fingers of her right hand to strum up and down over her stuff, straining clit, her right thumb was keeping the dildo stuffed up Dominica's fiery tunnel, as the middle finger of her left hand finger fucked the tightness of her ass hole.

Ambidextrous, Dominica thought, and she almost felt like giggling, but then she felt the wave of bliss racing at her, and 10 seconds later Dominica could feel the throbbing, shooting pulses, her screech of pleasure was totally muffled as her pussy wrenched crazily, the clamping of her smooth ass walls around the long finger sliding in and out, her orgasm powering into her, she felt the spasms of pleasure racing up and down the length of her pussy walls, clamping tightly around the dildo, milking at it the way her pussy would milk Larson's cock.

As the pleasure started to ebb, she felt the dildo sliding out of her, and she opened her eyes to see the creature smiling at her, as it stood up, and stepped out of the closet. The creature put on her sheer red robe, and prepared to greet Larson.

Dominica realized that there was nothing she could do to prevent it, she was going to see Larson fuck another woman... or creature. She was confused, it was not human, but with it looking exactly like her, and knowing everything she knew, including her favorite way to get herself off, there was no way to know it was not even human. Larson was going to be fucking another woman/creature, and he wouldn't even be able to enjoy the knowledge...or be repelled by it.