I back my car in and hop out. I just pulled in to pick up one of my oldest friends so we could celebrate my birthday together like we usually do. Well...maybe not exactly how we usually do if everything goes well.

Going up the stairs I knock on the door and she calls out that it's unlocked and to come on in. She comes over looking stunning in a form fitting pair of leggings, and a snug sweater that I could clearly see she was not wearing a bra under. So far looks like it will be a typical night for the two of us.

She comes over to me, big beautiful smile on her face, "Hey Birthday Boy!" wrapping her arms around my neck and giving me a quick peck on the lips. Pressing up against me I wrap my hands around her waist and give her perfect ass a playful squeeze.

She and I had always been more than just friends, never dated, but we have gotten to know each other quite intimately over the years.

She playfully swats my hands away, "hey, hands off the merchandise. Save it for later daddy." One more kiss and she headed off to the bathroom to finish getting ready calling behind her wiggling her ass just to tease me, "you'll have to wait til later to unwrap your present."

"Actually," I call from the living room, "Oddly enough, I've got a present for you to open up before we go to dinner."

She pops her head out of the bathroom, "a present for me? It's your birthday, why are you getting me presents." She pretends to protest, but she loves the gifts I usually give her.

"Finish getting ready and then you can open it up."

About 15 minutes later she comes out of the bathroom, and even though I've known her for so I find myself still taken aback sometimes with how beautiful she is. She is wearing a low cut leopard print top tucked into her leggings, and an open front sweater. Perfect make up, red, red lipstick. She does a little twirl waiting for my approval. I check out her perfect ass as her leggings are already starting to ride up a little giving it an extra perky look.

"Damn Jen, you sure you want to go to dinner? Or do you just want me to ravage you now?"

She plops onto the couch next to me, adding some extra bounce to her perky tits, and slides right up next to me placing her hand on my growing cock, giving me an evil grin.

"Hmmm... tempting, but we can save that for later. Is this the present you were talking about?" she teases stroking my ever hardening cock.

"Well that is part of, but," and I remove her hand, "that's for later too."

She gives me a sexy pout, as I reach into my pocket and pull out a small wrapped box and hand it to her.

"Ooo, it's heavy, what is it?!"

"Open it and find out, it's something for you, but also for me to enjoy on my birthday."

She looks at me, and I can tell she is already getting turned on. She unwraps the box, and opens it, and immediately blushes to her ears as she takes the metallic and jeweled looking butt plug out of the box.

She smacks me playfully but I can see her breathing is getting a little heavier. I watch her chest rise and fall more rapidly than before.

"And what am I supposed to do with this?" she asks dangling the plug between her fingers with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"You're going to be a good girl and wear it to dinner."

She feigned offense, but sensually turned around propping herself up on her knees and leaning over the arm of the couch.

"Just, be gentle."

I slowly roll her leggings down over her perfect ass. Turns out the leopard print top is actually a leopard print body suit. I run my fingers down over her ass, she bends down a little more pushing her ass against my touch. I slide my finger along the edge of the thong body suit and down between her cheeks. I hear a sharp intake of breath as my finger passes lightly over her tight ass hole, and continues to the delicate snap.

I flick a finger against the snap and the strap pops up and she makes an excited squeak as the cool air hits her already very wet pussy.

"Naughty girl," I say and ::thwack:: I spank her ass, "someone forgot their panties tonight."

"yessss," she whispers, "I'm sorry Daddy, you're right, I've been very naughty, you should probably spank me again."

I chuckle to myself as I caress her ass. I've never understood why she likes to call me that when she is in the mood, but who am I to complain. ::Thwack:: ::Thwack:: A few more spankings and she drops her shoulders to the couch pushing her ass up and back towards me as her cheeks start to redden slightly.

I lean in and delicately kiss my way across her ass. She wiggles trying to catch my tongue as it goes across from one cheek to the other, passing over her pussy as it's almost dripping wet now.

I reach up and take the plug from her, and an excited shiver runs through her body. I use the plug to gently tease her clit and her pussy. I hear another small moan come from her as she tries to push back on the plug as it teases her pussy. I pull it away, denying her briefly before sliding it into her pussy.

"Fuuuckkkk! OOooo, it's kind of cold" she hisses as a shudder wracks her body from head to toe.

I just leave it there with its little jewel covering her pussy.

"Better get it well lubricated," and I start to draw gentle circles around her clit with my finger and I lean in to kiss her ass hole, before sliding my tongue around the edge and start slowly working it into her ass.

She moans, and pushes back on my tongue and fingers as I can hear her gripping the couch. I start sliding the plug in and out of her pussy. She pushes back more and more desperately as she creeps closer and closer to cumming.

I eat her ass until it's very well lubricated and then just before she cums, slide the plug out of her pussy.

"Nooooo," she moans, "I was so clo-o-se!"

She stutters as she feels the warm butt plug against her ass hole as I slowly work it deeper and deeper in until it pops in and into place, forcing another satisfying gasp from her.

I sit back on my heels and admire my handwork. Her pussy is soaked and the gem of the butt plug sparkles where it sits on display. I grab my phone and snap a pick, then I gently snap her body suit back where it belongs, and snap one more pic. Sending both pics to her ::ding:: ::ding::

I help her get her leggings back in place, and she turns around flush in the face and breathing heavy. She grabs her phone, panting.

"Pretty hot right"" I ask her as she looks at the pics.

"You have no idea, god I feel so full. How am I supposed to focus on dinner with this thing inside me?" she asks playfully.

"I'm sure you'll figure it out.," I say with an evil grin, " come on let's go or we'll be late for our reservation."

I take her hand and help her up from the couch, she sways on the spot briefly as she gets to her feet. She takes a few tentative paces up and down the hall of her house getting used to the butt plug being held inside her by her body suit.

We called an uber, both of us knowing we were going to be drinking too much to drive, and then fucking eachother's brains out when we got back. I open the door for her and she hops in, sitting a little awkwardly until she found a comfortable position to sit in. I slide in next to her and pick up the faintest scent of her still being quite turned on as we ride off to our reservation.

We have a lovely dinner her jumping every now and then when she moved in a way that she could feel the plug filling her up again, she has a constant blush for the entire meal because of it. We spent the meal playfully touching each other and teasing one another. It was fun being with someone you felt so comfortable around.

After our 4th or 5th drink after finishing dinner. She presses up against me and whispers in my ear, nibbling it a little as she spoke, I could feel her tongue gently caressing my ear driving me wild.

"I'm so fucking wet from this thing right now."

She reaches over and takes my hand, looks around quickly, and presses it between her legs. I could feel the dampness through her leggings, and considering I knew she also had a body suit on in addition, she must be absolutely soaked down there.

I lean over to her (without removing my hand) "Don't worry, I'm going to fuck the ever loving shit out of this pussy," (I gently stroke her pussy through her leggings) "as soon as we get back."

She leans back, and grabs her phone, sending the request for our uber. She grabbed her drink, and slammed the last of it.

"Let's go, I need you to fuck me NOW."

When our uber arrived we got in and she slid in right up next to me. She raised her ass up just a little to get at her seatbelt and I slipped my hand under it so when she sat back down my finger was pressing against the head of the plug. She gasped, then pushed down against my hand and finger harder as I slowly moved it wiggling the plug in her ass. As her breathing picked up a little again she ground her ass against my hand insistently.

Once the Uber pulled away we latched onto each other, making out, feeling each other up all the way up the stairs to her apartment. She jumped and moaned every time I played with the plug still snug up in her perfect ass. We make our way towards the couch she turns me around and pushes me back onto it. Reaching up and tangling her fingers in her hair giving her a freshly fucked look. I just stared up at her.

"Now it's time for me to start giving you your gift."

She goes over and starts some sexy dance music. I can't remember what song it was, I was a bit distracted as she slowly started to strip out of her outfit. The sweater was long gone so she slowly started working on her leggings, swinging her hips around and pealing herself out of them in by inch. Once at her knees, she twirled around and bend full over at her hips and I could see a wet patch in her body suit and the jewel of the plug just barely peeking out from around the snap strap. Slipping out of her leggings she reached back, and looking back at me undid her body suit with a ::snap:

She pealed it up and over her head turning around just in time for me to see her tits bounce as they were freed from the suit. She let me look at her, jaw open, cock hard as fuck; and she tossed her body suit at me. The scent of her arousal permeating every inch of it.

"Come on, I've got a treat for you in the shower."

She took my hand and I followed her into a steamy hot shower. It was very sexy, she lathered me up, keeping me hard, but just enough to keep me on edge. I returned the favor caressing her from head to toe, spending extra time cleaning between her legs and all over her tits.

She pushes her body against me forcing my cock down between her legs and under her pussy.

"Can you take this thing out of me now? It's driving me wild, and it's blocking you from claiming your birthday present," she whispered in my ear as she ground her pussy along my cock.

She turned around and bent over spreading her ass cheeks for me. The lips of her pussy were spread and looking desperately inviting, but they would have to wait for now. I reached down and slowly started to work the plug out of her ass hole. She moaned, and wiggled her hips as it slipped out and I placed it on the shelf.

Reaching back she said, "Fuck me in the ass, James..."

I quickly obliged slowly working my cock against her ass hole pressing it in more and more, until she let out a sigh and my cock popped right in. I slowly began to fuck her as she pushed her ass back against my cock. It was so incredibly hot and tight. I thought I would bust right then and there, but I knew I had to hold off for as long as possible.

Once we were in a good rythym I feel her body shake and shiver, and her ass clamp down on my cock as she let out a wild moan. A warm wetness soaked my leg as she squirt all over me when she came. She started riding my cock harder up her ass, slapping he cheeks against my hips.

Looking back she said, with an urgency I don't think I'd seen from her before, "Cum inside me, cum inside me, Cum in my ass!"

It took me by surprise, and I almost came right on command, but I had other plans. One last gift in mind for her, maybe for both of us.

I reach up and grab her shoulders pulling her back onto my cock, pounding into her ass. One, two, Three more times, and she came squirting all over us again, and then I pulled out.

"Wha- wait, why are you stopping? You didn't cum yet."

She looked disappointed, "not quite yet, I still need to fuck you proper."

The gleam of excitement washed over her and we cleaned up and dried off. No reason to bother with clothes, there was no way we were done with each other yet.

I walk her into her bedroom, and push her gently back onto her bed spreading her legs for me, admiring her pussy still dripping wet.

"Time for my favorite dessert," I saw as I dive between her legs and start eating her pussy.

I swirl my tongue around her lips and dip it inside licking up what was left of her cum from the shower. Moving on up to her clip and sucking, nibbling, and swirling my tongue around it she came once. I slipped my fingers in her pussy and curled my fingers up to her g-spot that I knew would get her to squirt in no time and fingered her hard and fast.

"Fuck, fuck, Fuck, FUck, FUCk...FUUUUUCK MEEEE!" she screamed out as she erupted into my mouth.

"You ready?"

She just nods at me unable to form words after the last orgasm. I reach over and grab a condom, I could see the visible, but understanding disappointment in her eyes, but she also didn't know what I really had in mind for tonight.

Slipping the condom on I slid my cock into the furnace that was her pussy after all I had put it through. We slowly started fucking, getting into a rhythm we were both familiar with.

I started off slowly feeding her pussy every inch of my cock while she came down from her last eruption. Then when I felt her start to push back a little harder I picked up the pace eventually slamming my cock into her, watching her tits bounce each time I slammed into her.

I leaned down and took one of her nipples into her mouth. This was her favorite thing having me nurse on her tits as if I could never get enough. I feel her hand tangle in my hair as she pulls me to her did.

"Yes, suck on my tits, suck on them, nibble them, I'll give you all the milk you could ever want."

I sucked harder and I felt a shudder and a rush of cum from her pussy. I was getting close now, not much longer...

I buried myself in her to the hilt, and whispered in her ear "Jen, I have one more present for you, something you always wanted."

The look on her face is confused by the chemicals from our fucking so far. Slowly it dawned on her, that excitement started to come back, I felt her pussy get wetter all of a sudden around me.

I reached down, lifted my hips, and pulled my cock reluctantly from her pussy. Grabbing the condom tightly I began to slide it off, but stopped.

"only if you want me to."


"Are you sure?"

"Yes, definitely yes" I could see the excitement growing.

I lean in and whisper as we both her the snap of the condom being pulled off, "Tell me what you want again?"

"Cum inside me."


"Cum inside me please" she begs.

"Sorry say that again"

"For the love of god cum inside me and get me pregnant!! YESSSSS" She moaned out as my cock buried itself back in her pussy.

The feeling was incredible, the head was overwhelming. I could feel my head (both of them) reeling from the intensity of the sensation.

I just pounded away, as she gripped my neck, and wrapped her heels around my ass pulling me into her with each thrust.

"Almost there Jenni, almost."

"Cum inside me, cum inside me! Get me pregnant, and suck all the milk out of my tits. Keep me pregnant forever!"

That was all I could take, and I exploded! Rope after rope of cum pumping deep inside her pussy, again and again, and again. I could feel a rush of wetness as she squirt all over my balls again as I filled her up.

Both of us exhausted, and spent to the last drop, we collapsed right there, for the remainder of the night.

"There's...no way...that didn't get you pregnant." I said as I kissed her nose.

"Well if not, you can always try again in the morning" she said happily as she rolled over pressing her perfect ass up against my spent cock desperately trying to get himself up again.

I smiled to myself, and we went to sleep.