LifeSource (Part 1) [apocalypse/fiction] [freeuse] [breeding]

It should be obvious that this is a work of fiction.

[Trigger] This story contains apocalyptic scenarios, breeding, CNC, cuckolding, feminine and male domination.

John is awoken by a light tapping on his glass door. He rubs his eyes groggily and stumbles over to the door, peering through to the woman standing on the other side of the door. She reaches down and opens a small 3 inch diameter hatch in the door that is directly at waist height. John, already nude, inserts his half erect penis into the hole. The woman reaches down and begins to stroke his cock as John closes his eyes and leans against the door, pushing his hips into the door. He bites his lip as he feels her pre-lubes hand grab his shaft and begin stroking it. In no time he is already fully erect, his glistening cock being pleasured as he moans. The young woman fondles his balls with one hand and as her other one works his shaft up and down. In no time John is thrusting into the door, his cock thrust into the woman's soft hands as she watches in delight. Finally she stops and takes her fingers in an OK sign from the base of his cock and strokes it up to the tip. She notices a large amount of glistening precum sliding from his cock and she looks at John, stating, "Looks like you're good to go for the day!" She smiles and stands up, wiping off her hand and walking down the hall. John sits back down on his bed and grabs a towel to wipe off his cock, he still can't believe this is his wakeup call every morning.

No one could have predicted this outcome of another global pandemic. After Covid-19, the world thought they were ready and prepared to fight any battle, but this virus tore through the globe. With even higher rates of transmission and an even worse death rate, the world is in shambles. The world population dropped by 60% in some areas and to make matters worse, the side effects have been devastating to the human population. Scientists have discovered that on top of the already alarming death rates, exposure to the virus has caused men to become sterile. This has left the world's populations at an alarmingly low rate, only about 5% of the world's men are now capable of producing children; now more than ever humans need to rebuild their population.

Society's views on sex have now completely changed as a result. Women and men throughout the world can no longer create families themselves so those men that are viable fathers have now become the world's most prized possessions. Brothels have popped up around the globe and gathered these men that are viable fathers in order to rebuild the human population. These men are known now known as Bulls. Just like their cattle counter part, these men serve one purpose; to breed. Brothels have popped up around the world ranging from seedy small town bar back rooms to high end luxury hotels. The Bulls have been gathered and are on a full time breeding schedule. For middle to upper class Bulls, they are hired for their semen. The men are kept in a "stable" of sorts. Each man has his own small living area complete with a personal sleeping area, studying area, gym, and bed. Their diet is strictly regulated and they are strictly forbidden to masturbate as their contract states, their semen is company property.

John has been working for LifeSource for about 3 months now. He is a tall (at 6'2"), athletic, 190 lbs. and overall fairly attractive. Prior to the pandemic he was pretty average but now he's nearly a Greek god with his ability to procreate and his looks. After the pandemic he lost most of his family and job so he was searching for a new career. He had heard that he may have become sterile so he went to get tested and found out he was one of the lucky ones. LifeSource hired him and he is now living his dream. His meals are provided daily and he is told to study, workout, and hangout with other Bulls. He is currently going back for his Masters while he works with them. He is kept on a strict diet and workout regimen, all of which are to produce the highest levels of testosterone and ultimately, semen. The stables are kept at a warm temp for all of the men to stay fully nude, no clothing for the Bulls is allowed at LifeSource for they want to keep full control of their property. The only real rule is that the Bulls are not allowed to masturbate, under any circumstances. Every morning, the Bulls are woken up to a handjob, this handjob is to ensure their bodies are actively producing as much cum as possible to rebuild the population.

John started off as a mail-in Bull. LifeSource has an online catalog of all their men where they show their bodies, health issues, ancestry, and other life achievements. When an order was placed, a young female (or male if the employee requests) assistant comes into the room. For this order, a young brunette named Kat entered John's room, which he has worked with before. Dressed in a summer floral dress, she had a gorgeous figure, curvy hips and full chest with gorgeous thighs that lead to a full ass. She was hot. John knew the drill. Kat knew the drill. John immediately stopped his studying and walked up to Kat, she handed him a condom and asked if he needed anything before they begin. John shook is head no and proceeded to lead Kat to the bed. Kat is known as a Collector, these employees have one purpose at LifeSource, they are sent in to collect semen from the Bulls, by any means necessary. The Collectors sign a contract that they are willing to do whatever it takes in order to collect the sample from the Bull. It's a noble job, truly, rebuilding the human species.

John lays down on his bed and asks Kat to get him hard. He watches as she pulls her sundress over her head to expose her small body covered by a set of cute lacy bra and panties. He smiles as she sits between his legs, grabbing his cock with her hand. She gently caresses his cock, peering at it with delight as she begins to stroke it. The Collectors are told to always protect company property. She leans forward and takes his cock into her eager mount. John reaches forward and slides her wavy dark brown hair out of the way so he can watch her work. She smiles as she takes his cock deep into her mouth. John moans, he's had dozens of blowjobs since starting here but he still loves every single one, especially when he can tell the Collector is into it.

He tells Kat that he wants her to sit on his face for him. Kat stands up on the bed and removes her lacy panties letting them drop to the floor. She straddles his head and squats down to her hands and knees. She continues to suck his cock, even deeper now as his cock slides into her throat. She moans as John's tongue explores her pussy. He can taste her juices as he slides his tongue from her clit to her vagina. John grabs her ass cheeks and forces her pussy into his mouth as his tongue grinds her clit. She moans and tries to squirm but John has her locked in. She takes his cock deep into her throat then comes up for air, she begins to shake and moan as she feels her orgasm building. John teases her asshole as he eats her, finally he feels her contract and cum. Her juices flow from her pussy as she leaks her cum into his mouth which he eagerly laps up.

"Oh my god," Kat exclaims as she rolls off of him, collapsing onto the bed. She knows this is far from over but her orgasm was incredible. John grabs the condom and slides it over his cock. If there's one thing he knows, it's that he can't waste his cum. He stands up and walks over behind Kat's head. He grabs her face on either side and lifts up her chin so he can access her mouth. He aligns his cock and inserts it into her mouth. Slowly, he begins to face fuck her, holding onto her face as he thrusts into her. Slowly speeding up and going deeper and deeper into her throat. Finally he's balls deep, his balls resting on Kat's nose as his cock throbs inside her throat. She taps his leg and he pulls out, "You okay?" he asks gently.

"Cum for me, cum for humanity" she replies. John wastes no time to grip her throat and violently fucks her face. He grabs her bra and pulls it down, watching her tits away with every thrust into her throat. She moans as she can barely breath but she's loving every second. John can feel her throat contracting on his cock, getting him closer and closer to cumming. He thrusts hard, bottoming out his cock into Kat's mouth. He moans hard, Kat can feel his hard cock throbbing inside of her throat. Filling the condom up with humanities precious seed. He spasms as he cums deep inside of Kat's throat.

John finally pulls out and smiles, stating, "That was amazing."

"I agree," recalls Kat as she collects the condom off of John, placing into a specimen jar and inserting into small door in the rear of the room for semen collection. She grabs her panties and dress puts them on, thanking John again as she walks out of the room. John smirks, still not believe if this is his life as he gets into the shower to clean up.