It had been twelve days since Lex had seen Andy in person. Twelve long days since she'd seen her boyfriend of eight years. This was the longest they'd gone without seeing each other in a few years, and Lex's heart was aching to see him again, to kiss him, feel his muscular arms wrapped around her, smell his woodsy and sometimes sweaty scent.

Two and a half weeks ago, Lex left their small town in Upstate New York for a three-week long business trip to London. She was excited for the adventure, but was sad she wouldn't be able to see Andy for three long weeks. After two weeks in London, her boss asked her to return home to take care of some important business at home. She decided to surprise Andy, and found the first flight home - an overnight, which gave her the perfect excuse to disappear for 8 hours.

She finally got home after a 5 hour drive home from the airport in the city. It was almost dinnertime when Lex pulled into their long driveway, rounding the corner to see the small farmhouse they bought last year. Oddly, the lights were out but Andy's car was in the driveway.

Where could he be, she thought. It was a Thursday night - he had work the next morning, and rarely went out on a weeknight. Assuming he had spontaneously decided to go out with his friends or coworkers, Lex decided to drive through town down the main strip of restaurants.

As she was driving, she spotted him walking into a restaurant with someone she didn't recognize, another woman. He had mentioned a new coworker - Alex - the other day, but Lex assumed it was a guy, since they worked for a small construction and maintenance company. Maybe he was just showing her around? Maybe she was new to town and he didn't want her to be alone?

Lex pulled into an empty parking spot across the street from the restaurant, Bella's, an upscale Spanish and Italian cuisine. Something didn't feel right. Should she call him? Text him? Or should she march right up to him and see what his reaction is?

She sat in the car, watching him and this mysterious woman through the window. Her stomach felt odd when a large bottle of red wine arrived at their table. This woman was pretty. Long red hair, slightly wavy, a tight but classy dress, simple heels that I'm sure accentuate her calf muscles when she walks. She looked like she was fit - something that Lex knew attracted Andy.

Then Andy pulled a small box from his jacket. Lex quickly pulled out her phone and started to record a video. He opened the box, and it looked like an engagement ring. The woman gasped and took the box. Lex couldn't watch anymore. She started to sob, shaking with anger and heartbreak. How could Andy have hidden this woman from her for long enough to propose to her, even though he hadn't proposed to Lex yet?

Lex drove home, and decided to wait for Andy to return before saying anything.

Finally, around 7:30, Lex saw headlights swing through the trees that surrounded their house, concealing it from the street. She heard the car door slam a few minutes later, the door open...

"Lex? Are you home?" Rang out Andy's voice. He sounded out of breath.

"I'm upstairs," Lex replied. She somehow managed to keep her voice steady, but she was shaking. She had packed a bag with essentials for him to take. She was getting ready to kick him out.

She heard Andy run up the stairs, heard him coming down the hall, and then he opened the door. He looked excited, so happy to see her. But his face fell as soon as he took a look at her, and noticed the suitcase with his clothing sitting on the bed.

"What...Lex, babe, what's wrong?" Lex started to cry, she couldn't help it. Andy walked towards her, looking genuinely concerned. "Babe, what happened? Why is the suitcase full of my stuff? Are you okay?" His hands were on her shoulders, his fingers rubbing gently. Lex shrugged her shoulders to make his hands fall away.

"How dare you come in here, acting like everything is okay?" She said, unable to look at him, but trying so hard to keep her voice steady. "I am such an idiot. I didn't even notice any signs.'re cheating on me? And with someone that you love more than me? So you proposed to her? And you act like nothing's wrong...I just...I can't do this. You need to get out of my house right now."

Andy's face was in complete shock. "Get...Out...NOW!" Lex yelled. She slammed his suitcase shut and shoved it in his chest. "GO. You fucking asshole, you cheated on me."

"No wait, Lex, it's not what you think at all, baby, please--" but Lex wouldn't let him finish.

"I saw you! I have proof! I saw you buy red wine at Bella's, I saw you pulling out a ring for that redhead." Lex pulled out her phone to show him the video. He was shocked.

"Babe, please let me explain. I'm not cheating, that was a photographer. That ring was not for her..." he paused, starting to cry. "Oh my god, Lex. That ring...that ring is for you. I'm proposing to you and she's the photographer I hired to surprise you."

Lex was stunned.

"I scheduled a meeting with her this week because you were supposed to be in London, and I knew it'd be the easiest time for me to secretly plan this for you." He put the suitcase down, and walked back to Lex, who was standing at the end of their bed.

She couldn't even look at him, she was so embarrassed. She started to cry again. "Babe, please don't cry - it was a stupid misunderstanding," Andy said, wrapping his arms around her. She sank into his chest, relieved that it was all a misunderstanding, relieved to finally be home with him. She took a deep breath, inhaling his aroma that she'd missed so much, and wrapped her arms around him. She looked up at him, and he wiped the hair from her face, gently wiping tears away from her cheek at the same time. He kissed her.

"You're proposing to me?" She asked quietly. He smiled, laughing a little, and didn't say a word - he just pressed his lips against hers. Their tongues intertwined, and he pushed Lex back onto the bed.

Lex could feel sparks running all through her body. Her hands explored his body for a minute before focusing on the buttons on his shirt. Andy kept kissing her lips, moving to her ears for a little nibble, then moving to her neck before coming back to her lips. She pushed his shirt off, and tugged at his undershirt, desperate to see and feel his bare skin.

Andy stopped kissing her momentarily to pull his shirts off, before flipping onto his back and pulling Lex on top of him. She straddled him and started sucking at his neck - not too hard to give him a hickey, but hard enough to send a shiver through his body and make his already hard dick get even harder. His hands pulled off Lex's baggy travel shirt, and worked their way to her bralette. Before taking it off, he stroked the lace around her nipples, causing them to get hard with pleasure. She moaned softly, grinding herself against his growing dick, kissing his neck and nibbling at his ears. His other hand reached down to her ass, where he could tell she was either in a thong or commando under her leggings.

He stuck his fingers down the back of her pants, feeling for underwear that was nowhere to be found. That is so fucking hot, he thought, his dick grew even harder under his jeans. He felt her fingers reach down to his groin, and she started to unbutton and unzip his pants. She started kissing below his neck, slowly making her way down his chest to his stomach, and right to the edge of his pants and underwear. She pulled his jeans down, then reached her hands down his underwear. Her soft hands gripped his hard dick. She smiled at him as she began to give him a handjob.

Andy pulled Lex closer so she could still play with his dick while he could play with her boobs. He pulled the bralette down so her breasts bounced out. With one hand alternating between squeezing and twisting at her nipples, he brought the other down to her ass before lightly moving around front. He slipped his hands down her pants, still amazed that she was commando, and began to feel her wet, hot lips. She gasped when she felt his fingers slowly part her lips and start to play with her clit. His fingers slipped down further, and he slowly slipped one, then two fingers inside of her, letting his palm rub against her clit while he moved back and forth, causing her to moan and drip.

"Oh, babe," she said. "I want you inside of me..." she moaned. He grabbed her strongly, and turned her onto her stomach. He pulled her hips towards him and teased her wet lips with the tip of his dick a couple of times. Each time he went in slightly more before pulling all the way out - Lex moaned with pleasure each time. He finally went all the way in, thrusting his body against hers. He reached around and grabbed her breast with both hands, enjoying how they bounced everytime he moved his dick inside of her.

Lex reached down and started to finger herself, her body already shaking from the pleasure of his dick deep inside her and her breasts being massaged by his hands. She was close to orgasm, but he pulled out before she could finish, teasing her. She groaned, he bent over her so his body weight pushed her down, pinning her down on her stomach.

"Keep fingering yourself," he whispered in her ear. Her arm was pinned under her body, but she moved her fingers back to her throbbing lips. He spread her legs slightly, and started licking her juices up. She moaned again, burying her face into the sheets. He started kissing her, thrusting his tongue into her to lick her up, occasionally coming up for air to kiss and bite her ass. She felt herself starting to finish, and sped up her fingering. He kept licking her, then shoved his fingers into her. She felt like fireworks were exploding between her legs. She shook, enjoying the full climax of her orgasm, his fingers still working inside of her.

He finally pulled out, his fingers dripping. He wiped them on a towel that was conveniently next to the bed, wiped Lex a little, then turned her over. She grabbed him, pushing him onto his back. She climbed on top before he could say anything, grabbed his dick in her hands and guided it in between her still hot lips. He moaned as she started moving her hips around. He pulled her close to him and kissed her a few times before grabbing her breasts and burying his face in them. She moaned as his teeth grazed her nipples and his hands squeezed at her ass. She started to move faster, getting ready to finish again. He started to finger her with one hand, still grabbing her ass, still loving her breasts with his mouth. He felt her juices come flowing again as she orgasmed for a second time.

Without pulling out, he flipped Lex onto her back so he had control again. She kept moving her hips in perfect sync with his thrusting so he could get deeper into her. Lex gripped the sheets as he got deeper and closer to the spot. He leaned over her, kissing her passionately as he started to climax. He slowed down before he came, and started to finger her so she could orgasm at the same time. He went back inside of her before she got too close, and they both came at the same time. Her fingers dug into his back, his head was buried in her hair. They were both shaking.

"Shit," said Andy. "I didn't pull out. Fuck, babe - I always pull out. I was just so in the moment, that was...that was the best sex we've ever had." He pulled out and lay beside Lex, stroking her hair and face.

Lex leaned over, and said "I'm not mad you didn't pull out. You're proposing, which means we can finally make babies." She winked, grinning, and kissed him.