Happy 2021 to everyone at Literotica!

To celebrate the new year, we've released a BETA version of one of the most requested features in Lit history.

The feature is accessed via the Customization Tab in the Story Info Block on the first page of each story on Literotica. It looks like this:

If you do not have BETA turned on, you can activate BETA by going to any Story Page and clicking the "Click Here to Preview" button.

You can enable and disable Dark Mode at any time. Once Dark Mode is enabled, it will apply to all New Literotica pages, including the Tags Portal and Search. We will be adding more New Lit pages in 2021, so eventually the entire site will have the Dark Mode option.

We'd like to hear from you about any of the following:

  1. Any problems, bugs, or issues that you have while using the new Dark Mode or Gray Mode. The more information you can send us, the more quickly we can track down bugs.

  2. Any suggestions you have to improve Dark Mode.

  3. Any general feedback letting us know what you think of Dark Mode.

You can contact us in any of the following ways:

• Dark Mode BETA Feedback Literotica Forum Thread

• The Literotica Feedback Form

• The "Report A Problem" link in the footer of the new story page

• Email to support[at]literotica.com

• Leave your comment below!

We appreciate all of the user input that has helped us to develop Dark Mode. We're looking forward to improving it in the coming weeks with your further help.

Thank you in advance for any and all feedback, and for being part of Literotica!