Editor's note: this submission contains scenes of gay male sexual content.


Lilliana lay on her back, naked.

Her small breasts falling to the sides a little; her legs spread as wide as they could while John munched on her semi shaved delicious pussy.

He moaned intensely as he licked her cunt with his big tongue, knowing full well that Lilliana would come multiply times. As per usual.

He knew exactly how to lick her, like a cat licking up milk. It drove her crazy.

His rigid eight inches of manhood was brushing against the bedding. Leaking precum, he moaned with ecstasy with the combination of his tongue giving so much pleasure and his cock being stimulated against the expensive cotton bedding.

Again and again he would bury his face into her private parts. Running his tongue all over her labia with the occasional flicking of her clitoris.

Hearing her scream with pleasure made him more intent on making her cum once more, then again. His greatest pleasure was when she squirted into his face and his long tongue would try desperately to lick all the juice away from his mouth.

His second greatest pleasure was when he fingered her cunt with his thick fingers, which always found their way to her G-spot. She would writhe with exquisite orgasm. Her body writhing as it cum time and time again. Until finally the words escaped her soft full lips, "Fuck me now."

On this command John would lift himself off the sheets and thrust his thick eight inches deep into her cunt. She loved it and screamed on each thrust. Laughing as she cum again and again.

He liked it when Lilliana's pussy spasmed around his thickness and milked him until he blew a huge load of cum deep into her love canal.

"Give it all to me John. I want all that hot John juice in me," screaming even louder, if that was at all possible.

His cock shooting load after load into her made him even more hot and crazy. His petite wife laying under him as he pounded her with a fierceness that worried him some times. He could feel his big man balls slapping the bottom of her labia as his eight inches pumped its fluid into her. Her body still quivering from the many orgasms she had just had.


His third greatest pleasure was then to pull out and lick his cum out of her pussy and then go and kiss her passionately.

John and Lilliana were both successful professionals in Zürich and despite being nearly seventy years of age, their sex life was the same as it was when they first met at the university during their early twenties. Night after night Lilliana took Johns cock into her vagina and accepted the pleasure of being fucked hard. The pleasure of taking cum into her body and the pleasure of having multiply orgasms each time.

Over the ears they had never strayed. There were some that tried to get them together or separately into their own beds but John and Lilliana refused. They knew they had a good relationship in more ways than just raw sex. But that all changed over breakfast one sunny morning.

"Darling I have something I need to share with you," said John with a slight nervousness in his voice.

"John, what is wrong, you sound horrible! Tell me darling. You can tell me anything you want and you know that!" begged Lilliana.

With a stammering voice he admitted to his beautiful sexy wife and mother of his five children, that he had a secret desire to watch her being fucked by a man that had a bigger cock than his.

Lilliana's mouth dropped. She sat there for an eternity without saying anything.

"I am sorry darling. I shouldn't have said anything," said John with a pleading voice.

Lilliana stammered.

John's heart stopped in his chest. He realised that he could have just wrecked the most perfect marriage ever.

"Please, forgive me Lilliana. It isn't that I am unhappy but I've had such a desire for such a long time," blurted out John.

Lilliana started to speak, "I am shocked John, really, really shocked."

"Please don't say anymore. I take it all back," with more pleading in his voice.

"No, no... you cannot have it back. John. I am shocked, not because of what you have told me but because I have also wanted to be fucked by another man but bigger than you!

It is not because I am unhappy with you either, my darling! Goodness knows that our sex life and our ordinary day lives are wonderful and I couldn't wish for more but sometimes I've had the desire to be fucked by a big black man with ten inches of thick cock!" explained Lilliana in a forgiving but emotional voice.

John sat there. Voiceless. He started to smile.

"I cannot believe this. Typical of us Lilliana. Somehow in-tune with each other despite holding back for a long time."

They both sat there looking at each other, with love in their eyes, for some time; lost in their fantasies of what this might bring next.

John stuttered again, "Darling when did your desire start?"

"You know how I love being a psychotherapist, but one time a client was telling me about having sex with a rather well-endowed black man. She would visit me week after week and tell me how big his penis was, how tall he was, how gorgeous he was and despite being the ultimate gentlemen he fucked her with a vengeance and she delighted in every moment that they had together.

I would sit there and listen. Sometimes commenting on something, but goodness knows why she needed therapy anyway! But, it struck me, that despite you and I having such a wonderful sex life, that I slowly found myself wondering what it would be like to be fucked by such a man. It sounds strange I know but I couldn't help myself.

The other thing was, she would only orgasm once and she was over the moon with it all. I then wondered if it was at all possible for me to cum more than I did with you!"

They stared at each other again.

"Lilliana I have also wondered if you would cum as often with another man and hence my desire has been growing as was yours," said John sensitively.

As the months went past, John and Lilliana organised to find themselves a well-endowed black man that they both felt comfortable with. It wasn't easy but finally they managed to meet a man that was a pilot for a well-known European airline. It meant that Joshua would visit Zürich at least twice per month and that became the time they indulged in their separate fantasies with him.

Joshua would come and stay at John and Lilliana's apartment whenever he was in Zürich. They usually started with a dinner before going back to the apartment and having sex. Sometimes they might go to a bar afterwards and run into friends. Their friends accepted Joshua and enjoyed his status as an Airline pilot.

Back at the apartment, John would prepare Lilliana for Joshua's monster cock. He would lick her pussy out and bring her to multiply orgasms in readiness to take the doubly thick twelve inched uncut cock that Joshua was blessed with.

When it was the right time, Lilliana would tap John on the shoulder and he would remove his mouth from her pussy and Joshua would start to insert his big knob into her wet cunt.

Moaning with absolute pleasure, Lilliana usually came before he even was deep inside her love canal. This turned both men on immensely.

Joshua would go wild and just fuck her. He gave her no breathing space. She would scream and shout for him to stop sometimes, but he never did.

He lifted her legs up over his shoulders and buried himself deep within her pussy.

At first Lilliana couldn't come so often and this worried her.

"John, I think he has damaged me!" said Lilliana with a worrying voice.

"Darling, from what I can observe you need to relax more. His cock is enormous but your pussy spasms all the time while he is thrusting into you and I think you are so worried about his size that you don't let yourself go!"

The first time that Lilliana was able to let go was incredible.

Joshua fucked her like a mad man, as per usual and she relaxed and came multiple times. Her voice shouting and screaming. Laughing like she had never laughed before. Her body writhing more than it ever had with John.

The pussy juice flowing from her cunt surrounded Joshua's monster that he started to laugh too.

John was watching all this. He was amazed at the extraordinary resilience of her vagina. Joshua's cock was buried deep inside Lilliana's hole. His big balls slapping against the bottom of her pussy. John got on the bed and watched as this monster ploughed its way into his wife's cunt. His own cock rigid with desire. He watched as the balls banged against her skin and her giggling of delight made him leak pre-cum like he'd never had before.

Joshua blew huge amounts of cum and John would watch as the shaft pulsated on each shot of cum into her pussy. It reminded him of how a calf suckled on its mothers teet. Something about the cock as it unloaded always made John blow a bigger load than when he was with his wife.

It was during these visits that John did not get to fuck his wife. He only prepared her pussy with lots of cunnilingus so that Joshua could plunge into her with the roughness that later became a total sensuous experience for her.

John and Lilliana talked about everything. It was the only way that they could deal with this absolute pleasure in their lives. Lilliana knew enough from clients what can wreck a marriage and she had heard enough from people who had, had a threesome and that the dynamics can wreck everything. The worst case scenario being that one of the couples falls in love with the invited third party.

John and Lilliana were secure, in the end, that this would not happen as they loved each other to much, despite the orgasmic pleasure they both enjoyed from Joshua's visits.

It was Christmas time and Joshua was in Zürich.

Lilliana had actually delayed the children from visiting so that her and John could enjoy Joshua. The children were not happy and asked many times what was wrong. John would flick the questions off.

It was two days before Christmas Eve and John was busy licking out Lilliana's pussy. His tongue was hot tonight. Licking her all over as her labia got larger ready to orgasm. He felt the pussy juice squirt out of her cunt as he fingered her whilst licking her clitoris. Stroking her G-spot made her cum twice as many times and more intensely.

Lilliana had cum seven times and John could keep going but he was at the point, when they were alone, that he would then fuck her with his eight inches and she would cum again.

John was about to lift off her pussy and hand over to Joshua but he felt Joshua's thick cock push against his arse.

Shocked, John moaned but stopped licking Lilliana.

"John, what is wrong? Don't stop please," moaned Lilliana.

John was caught.

What should he do?

He hadn't told Lilliana how he secretly had wondered what it would be like to be fucked by Joshua!

Here was his chance.

He kept his face buried into Lilliana's pussy. She kept writhing and cum again but this time John heard her say, "Take it John, it is delicious and I am sure you will enjoy Joshua."

Joshua growled, "Man, just fucking give it to me!"

John felt the pain of his hole being stretched as the thick black cock penetrated into his virgin arse.

Lilliana screamed with pleasure as she watched Joshua hunched over John's body inserting his thickness.

John could hardly breath as the pain was excruciating; he screamed into Lilliana's pussy.

"Keep licking John, relax. Remember! Relax!" shouted Lilliana.

John did relax and then he felt the thick twelve inches hit the end of his man-hole. Then the pleasure took over. His body started to move with Joshua's and Lilliana's. He felt Joshua's big hand start to stroke his cock.

Joshua was now pounding John's very wet virgin hole. He started to slam fuck John. Deep as he could go.

John cum and screamed as each shot from his cock landed either on the sheets or on Lilliana's pussy.

Joshua grunted, "You are both mine!"

John felt Joshua's cock unload into his arse. His body writhing like Lilliana's. He then felt his arse gripping around the thickness of the big black cock. He couldn't believe what he was experiencing. He had never experienced anything like this in his life.

Finished with John's man-cunt, he pushed John out of the way and started to fuck Lilliana until he blew into her orgasming pussy as if he had not cum for days.

Lilliana moaned and writhed on the bed like she had never done before. She enjoyed seeing her hot husband being fucked by Joshua and now he was fucking her. She came again as her pussy squeezed around Joshua's big cock. He blew even again.

The three of them were now exhausted and collapsed onto the bed together.

Lilliana loved being between her two lovers as she felt the cum drip out of her pussy.

"John, there is something you have not done today!" whispered Lilliana.

John looked at her strangely as he didn't understand what she meant.

Then John got it.

He moved away from Lilliana's side and made his way down to her dripping pussy and licked out Joshua's load that was oozing out of her love hole. Moving back up to Lilliana with his mouth full of juices he kissed her deeply but suddenly he felt Joshua's tongue wanting some of the juices too. The two men kiss passionately before going back to Lilliana.