My dad's best friend just gave me my first orgasm in the front seat of his car. He teased my overly sensitive clit with his fingertips while he stared down at me, his half-wicked grin ever-present. The sensation was extraordinary, but not satisfying, it was too good, I needed more or less, my body trembled each time his fingers rolled over my slippery clit.

I gripped his arm and pleaded, "Stop, please stop, it's too much Damian," my voice shook as his thumb took one last hard swipe between my swollen lips.

"Okay, I'll stop, for now. I could not resist your deliciously wet pussy, Georgia. I am going to have to take you in the house and eat you like a peach." He said in a low voice, his smile was gone, all that was left was the wickedness.

I wanted him to eat me out, and fuck me, but at this moment, what I wanted most was to gag on his cock. I wanted to show him how good I was with my mouth, I wanted to please him.

I could see his huge dick straining against the material of his pant leg, and I slowly ran my palm up his shaft, pressing down slightly. I could feel his heat, his heartbeat as I worked my hand down. I wrapped my fingers around the fat head of his cock, and felt a moist spot at the tip. It made my pussy even wetter and throb, I squeezed a little harder, running my grip up and down his shaft, then rubbing my fingers over the wet tip again.

He was breathing heavier now, his jacket and vest unbuttoned, it was all so inviting. I tugged at his belt buckle, and started pulling the end through, it was time to show Damian what a good little cock sucker I was. Mid-tug his hands clamped down on mine.

"Tell me what you want," Damian demanded.

"I want you in my mouth," I responded shyly, glancing up at him.

"You will have to be specific, tell me what you want to do."

I looked up at him again, my heart was pounding, I wanted to say it but didn't want to sound inexperienced or dumb so I went simple, "I want to suck your dick."

Damian assisted me with his belt, my hand reached into his pants grabbing a hold of his bare, rock hard cock. I stroked his dick while pulling it out of his pants, using his pre-cum to help my hand slide up and down easier. He wrapped his hand in my hair and started pushing my head down. Suddenly, headlights flooded the dashboard and illuminated the interior of his car for a few seconds before the car passed us and parked in front of his house. My head snapped up and we both froze for a moment.

Damian groaned as though he were in pain, and looked at my face, "Fuck, Georgia, you smell and feel so good, I want to make you do things," he was cut off by the slamming car door behind us.

He was clearly unhappy and grumbled, "I am sorry that's Kat, I will need to talk to her. Go home for now and I will come over later."

I was disappointed but I got it; damage control. Damian put himself together, checked the mirror, and glanced over at me. Those dark eyes were shining at me in the dark, he wrapped his hand around my thigh tightly before growling and pushing the netting of my skirt down. He got out of the car quickly and started up the hill of his driveway. I watched him walk away and could see Kat waiting for him with her thin arms crossed in front of her looking extremely angry.

I climbed out of the car, and heard Kat say, "and in an evening gown."

Damian's response was, "Kat, she's just a kid,'' he went on but that was all I needed to hear.

I stormed home and fell asleep knowing that he would not be coming like he said he would.

I only joined my family a few more times on vacation before I went off to college in fall. During those few times I avoided Damian. With some new found confidence I met Justin, he was my age, let me boss him around, and liked my brooding, voluptuous weirdness. He quickly became my vacation, Damian distraction, fuck and suck, buddy.

Fast forward a little less than a year, spring break of my freshman year and my cool status hadn't changed from high school to college. Needless to say, I was not going to be spring breaking. My parents wanted me to join them, and the brats at the timeshare, I agreed but mostly because I could see Justin. I would finally get laid after a super dry semester and a half.

I decided to go straight to Justin's when I arrived in town. We watched a horror movie while drinking beers and groping each other over our clothes. We'd had too many beers, but I needed relief so badly so my time to act was now.

I pressed my palm down between his legs and pushed my way up the zipper of his jeans.

"Unbutton and unzip these," I demanded, staring up at him,

He quickly obeyed and I pushed my hand down his pants. My fingers found his stiff hardon, I gripped it tightly, and pulled it up so the thick purple head was sticking out of the waistband of his boxer briefs. I looked in his eyes and stroked his cock head with my thumb and index finger spreading the precum that was already oozing out. He closed his eyes, moaned and pushed his hips against my hand.

I leaned over to him, pushed my forehead against his, and whispered harshly against his lips,

"Push my head down while I suck your dick or I will stop."

I dropped my head down forcing the tip of his cock through my tightly pursed lips. I licked a thick trail of spit under the ridge of his dick head when it entered my mouth, his hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed down. His dick pushed against the back of my mouth, as I gagged my pussy gushed, soaking my panties and I moaned loudly, humming on his cock.

Justin pushed my head down further, I sucked hard as I came back up, pulling him out of my mouth with a popping sound. I spit saliva on to his swollen dick head, wrapped my hand around it, making a fist, stroking over the tip, down to the base of his shaft and up again before I dove back down to take him all the way into my throat. He was pushing my head down and pumping his hips up against my face, fucking my mouth that was dripping with saliva from gagging.

He pulled a handful of my hair, "Fuuuuuuuck, Georgia, it's too good.."

He couldn't stop, his body tensed up, he shook, and cum shot in my mouth, I sucked hard and swallowed.

"Stop, stop, please, Georgia," Justin was pleading while pulling my head up from his lap.

I stood up, glancing down at Justin, still recovering with his eyes closed, reclined on the sofa.

"I will be right back so that you can service me," I bumped my thigh against him, to emphasize my point.

He opened an eye, glanced at me, "Roger," and flashed me a thumbs up.

I returned from the bathroom, and could hear him snoring before I got to the room. I was already over him but I was horny as hell and needed his fingers, tongue or dick to get me off. I stalked over to him and shook his arm.

"Justin, you are not allowed to be passed out."

Nothing, he didn't even stir so I shook him a little harder.

"Excuse me sir, I forbid this dismissive behavior."

This time he pulled his feet on to the sofa, crossed his arms over his chest and snuggled in. I was done, I just wanted to get to my bed or somewhere to get some relief because i clearly wouldn't get it here.

My drive to the condo was all plans on how I would make an old tourist lick my pussy just so I could get off, or Damian, oh my god, if he would eat me out. I couldn't keep him out of my head, he was almost all of my masturbation fodder. Then the fact that he's a lawyer would pop into my head, that I've had too much to drink and I am driving, how disappointed he would be, how I should have just stayed at Justin's. Then I would go back to Damian punishing me for being naughty.

When I pulled up I did not see my parent's car but I was so distracted and tired that I didn't take notice. I went straight to my room to get undressed and take care of business. I pulled my jeans, t-shirt and bra off and climbed into bed.

I reached down and pressed two fingers lightly between my pussy lips, over my wet panties. I ran a finger from the top of my slit to the bottom where my undies were soaked. I stopped there and pushed one finger hard against the wetness, spreading my legs wider.

There was a light knock on my door. It swung open, and fucking Damian said my name.

"Georgia, I heard you come in, are you awake?"

I responded, "I am now."

He was still standing in the open doorway trying to adjust his eyes to the darkness in my room. I knew he couldn't see so I continued to apply pressure to my pussy hole with my fingertip. My panties bunched between my pussy lips, giving me more to press down on and grind against my clit.

"Sorry to wake you, I thought since you just got in you'd still be up. Your parents had to head home to take care of some issue happening at your house. Everything is fine, they will be back tonight. They asked me to watch the twins until you got in. They are sleeping now, see you tomorrow. "

Damian's eyes must have adjusted to the dark just as I realized that my roaming hand had pulled the blanket in a way so that the majority of my torso and crotch were uncovered.

At that moment our eyes met and he tapped the door so that it swung slowly closed. He moved to the edge of the bed and sat down. I couldn't break his stare, I watched him stalk me like prey, I felt like I didn't dare move, unless he told me to.

His voice was low but not a whisper, "Georgia, I can see your fingers between your puffy little pussy lips. Pull your panties off and rub those fingertips around the outside of your juicy clit. I will watch and instruct you until you cum but I will not touch you. I will be leaving when you are done."

Damian was always very charming, he was always flattering to get what he wanted, but right now he was stern and demanding. It made me want to please him even more.

I slid my undies down my legs, and kicked them off. I spread my legs wide for him, sucked on two fingertips and pushed them between my pussy lips. My fingers slipped easily around my clit, after only a few circles with my soaking wet finger I felt like I was going to cum. I was whimpering, and grinding my hips against my hand in the air on the verge of my orgasm when Damian stopped me.

"Stop. Get on your knees, spread your legs more, and continue. I will watch from the end of the bed," He commanded.

I obeyed. I got on my elbow and knees, facing my headboard, as though I was waiting for him to fuck me from behind. I shoved a hand down between my legs, reaching all the way back to just below my asshole. I dipped two fingers in the wetness pooling there and drew them down and forward, over my pussy hole and up to my clit. Down again, all the way to my asshole, and then sliding back down. The room was quiet, except for the sound of my fingers sliding through my dripping pussy lips and my soft moans.

I looked back at Damian, he was at the foot of my bed between my legs, watching me, making my pussy clench without even touching me. We locked eyes, I let my pelvis fall, grinding my pussy against all of my fingers, pressing them between my lips and humping them. I moaned loudly as the orgasm hit, my body jerked and I arched my back, my fingers still working between my lips.

It kept feeling good and I wanted to put on a proper show so I rubbed two fingers down and into my pussy slowly, I rocked my hips up and down slowly finger fucking myself harder and harder. I pulled my fingers out to the bottom edge of my clit slowly, and circled it. My thighs clenched around my hand, and I felt my pussy throb and twitch with my second orgasm.

I collapsed out of breath, and turned over looking down at his dark profile.

"Thank you Georgia, that was excellent. Wear a short skirt for the family get together tomorrow. Also, be prepared for swimming. This is not a request."

He closed the bedroom door behind him, my mind was racing and I couldn't wait for tomorrow.