It was pizza night again, but Robert had changed the plans on her. Instead of doing pizza night on Wednesday like normal, he had moved pizza night to Saturday for that week. Heather had thought it odd but complied with his request. She was still in the bathroom changing when she heard the doorbell bring. She hurried the last few steps of her routine and got to the front door just as Robert closed it, Andrew was nowhere to be seen. She shot Robert a questioning look, and he smiled at her. "He'll be back around 9:30pm tonight after his shift if over." And with that, they went to eat pizza in the kitchen.

It was just after 9:30pm that night when the doorbell rang again. Robert answered the door again and greeted Andrew warmly and motioned him into the house. Andrew stepped in a little uneasily. Robert rarely met him at the door, and today it had happened twice. While Robert had been nice to him, he'd also never really interacted with him other than to exchange grins and winks. As they stepped into the living room, Robert turned and asked a question to Andrew that he had never expected to hear in all his life.

"Before Heather joins us, would you be interested in a threesome with her and I?" Robert asked the question calmly enough but Andrew noticed the upturned quirk to his mouth while he waited for Andrews response. Andrew paused, and thought about the question. He was inclined to say yes, but the idea made him pause. He'd heard friends talk about this adventure, with two men and one woman instead of two women and him, he'd never given it much thought. He loved screwing Heather, but sharing that experience with her husband, that was a stomach flipping thought. He heard footwalls coming towards them and knew time was running out to answer Robert. He simply nodded and Robert winked, as Heather entered the room.

She knew something was going on when she entered. The two men never spoke, let alone spent time in the same room together for more than a few seconds. But here they were, standing like they had been talking to each other. Heather came and stood at their side facing both of them, one eyebrow raised in question. Robert smiled at his wife and placed a hand on her elbow, moving her stand in-between him and Andrew. Robert shifted her aside and kissed the back of her neck gently.

"Tonight Heather is going to be a change from the normal." He gently ran his nose along her ear placing a light kiss on it. "Tonight we will be fulfilling a wish you have mentioned in the past for an experience." Heather turned around to Robert and raised an eyebrow.

"Which request will be fulfilled tonight?" She asked, placing her hands on his neck and tilting his head down for a proper kiss. The question caught Andrew off guard. The revelation that Heather and a more kinky side was news to him.

"Tonight darling you will get both Andrew and I, at the same time." Robert leaned in and kissed Heather's startled lips. Her expression of joy had been priceless. Heather broke from the kiss and turned to face Andrew. She stepped into his body and looked up from her once her nipples were pressed against his body.

"Are you truly okay with this Andrew, I don't want you to do this if you aren't 100% okay with it." Heather's look of concern was enduring but Andrew leaned down and kissed her and said yes against her lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his body, deepening the kiss with a flick of his tongue against her lips. When they broke from the kiss, he let Heather take a step back and looked up to measure Robert's reaction. Robert just smiled and ran his hands down Heather's arms.

"Let us take this action to another room. Heather, which room would you like to start in tonight?" he asked his wife, gently placing his hands on her hips. Heather rocked back against him thinking. He had played with the idea in her head of two men and her but never really put much thought and dreaming into it. Reaching out Heather grabbed Andrew's hand and held it, interlocking her fingers with his.

"Let's start in the living room." She finally answered and moving away from Robert, she grabbed his hand and led both men to the living room. Once there she positioned them in front of the sofa and pushed on their chests, to get them to sit down. Once seated she stood in front of both men and wondered if this was really going to happen. She locked eyes with her husband and Robert saw the questioning concern in them.

"Heather, I will not stop this from happening. You've wanted this and we both trust and enjoy Andrew in our lives." Robert firmly addressed the concern in her eyes and squeezed her hand. Heather nodded in and slid down to straddle Andrew's lap. It was a weird feeling to straddle another man's lap while her husband looked on. Even Andrew seemed at little tense and unsure of the situation at first. Heather leaned in and kissed Andrew, pressing her body firmly against his and thrusting her hips into his lap. At first Andrew was hesitant to react, her husband was watching after all. But then again, Heather's husband had started tonight's adventures. Slowly Andrew relaxed and pulled Heather's hips into his body. She broke from the kiss with Andrew and leaned back, sinking her hips harder into Andrew's body. She felt Robert shift next to them, and saw his hand come up to cradle a breast through the thin material of her night gown. She had one man's erection growing under her hips, and another man's hand caressing her breast, it thrilled her! She moaned in pleasure and leaned towards Robert who shifted to meet her lips and received a passionate kiss from her, all while she had one hand bracing herself on Andrew's shoulder. She returned to Andrew's body and pulled his shirt up and off his body to reveal to Robert the nicely toned and shaped torso of her lover.

She felt the sofa shift as Robert stood up and for a moment she feared that he would end this experience. Instead he came up behind her and brought both hands to her breasts and gently rubbed her nipples through the material, making them stand erect. Andrew removed his hands from her hips and started to untie the few lacy ties that held her gown closed over her naked body. Robert saw and removed his hands from Heather to allow Andrew to remove the material from his wife's body. Now Heather was naked, sitting on her half clothed lover's lap with her husband behind her cradling her now naked breasts, a shiver of excitement ran through her body.

Robert gently caressed his wife's now naked and breasts and cradled them, the nipples pointed out towards Andrew. Andrew looked up at Robert, and Robert raised an eyebrow at him, asking what the hesitation was. Andrew leaned forward and sucked on Heather's nipples that were held out for him by her husband. Heather groaned in pleasure as the feeling of her husband holding her breasts and Andrew sucking on her nipples, this was heavenly! Andrew returned his hands to Heather's hips and made a slow circle with his thumbs on the crease of her hips and torso. Heather shifted and leaned back against Robert, and enticed Andrew's hands to travel inwards to her center. She looked up and caught Robert watching Andrew's movements on her body. Her attention was brought back to Andrew when his thumb grazed across her folds. She rocked her hips once against his hand wanting more from him.

Robert watched as Andrew first suckled his wife's nipples and then undressed her to reveal her perfectly naked body. His wife's body had always been a turn on for him, but he was surprised that watching Andrew suckle then caress his wifes's body turned him on even more. He gently fondled her breasts as Andrew paid teasing attention to the center of her body. Robert also noticed how fit and handsome Andrew was without a shirt on; no wonder Heather was so attracted to him.

As Heather relaxed back into Robert, her face turned upwards lips apart just slightly, she met his eyes. Her eyes were a little unfocused as Andrew slowly caressed her. She could feel Robert's growing bulge against her back and it made her smile and gave her a little thrill of excitement that he too was finding pleasure in tonight. She gently moved her hips in time with Andrew's touch and heard him suck in air, as she made contact with his own bulge. She couldn't take anymore teasing! She straightened up and with a gentle push against his hip, Robert stepped aside so she could rise up off of Andrew's lap. Once she was up Andrew looked a little sad to have lost contact with her body but she just smiled and motioned for him to stand. Looking between her half naked lover and her fully clothed husband she couldn't help but smile. Taking two small steps brought her naked body up against her husband. With one hand she coaxed his head down so she could kiss him and tease his tongue with her own. With her other hand she undid the snap on his jeans and slid her hand down into his pants to fondle his hard erection. Removing her hand and lips she broke contact with Robert, and caught Andrew watching them with interest. "Shall we stay here in the living room or move to the guest bedroom for the main course?" Heather asked running her finger tips down Andrews chest to the top of his pants. Neither man answered, unsure of who should make that call. Turning and placing her back against Andrew, she drew one hand back to her breasts and then placed the other on her thigh. Andrew instictivly rubbed and pinched at her nipple, but left his other hand on her thigh.

"My husband, where would you like the main course to occur tonight?" Heather asked in a soft husky voice as Andrew rolled her nipple between his fingers, nipping at her neck. It took Robert a heart beat or two to pull his attention from Andrew's actions and to his wifes question.

"Guest bedroom." He finally said in a husky voice, and walked slowly towards that room. Heather followed with Andrew in hand. Andrew had been to the guest room before, but it had been a while for him and Heather to have done it on a bed. Once in the room, Heather dropped Andrew's hand and went to finish undressing Robert, who already had his shirt unbuttoned. She slid it down his arms and kissed his bare shoulder, letting the shirt drop to the ground. Next she knelt down in front of him and unzipped his pants. With teasing slowness she pulled his briefs and pants down over his erection and legs. Once they were down around his ankles, his erection was free from it's confines. Heather took it in her mouth and slowly ran her lips up and down it a few times, ending with a gentle suck on it's tip. Bringing forth a groan of pleasure from Robert. She left him to finish getting his pants off and turned to Andrew to find him undressed and watching her. Heather moved the few feet on her knees and sucked at Andrew's erection tasting his precum against her tongue. Heather stood and slid onto the bed relaxing back on her elbows, her legs open for both men to see her wet and excited pussy. She arched an eyebrow and waited for one of them to join her, but who would come to her first? The heartbeats went by as both men gazed at her body. Andrew didn't want to upset Robert by being first that night, unless invited to be. Robert was watching Andrew from the corner of his eye, waiting to see what the younger man would do. When satisfied that Andrew understood his place in this threesome, he spoke.

"Andrew," nodding towards his wife, "please have the pleasure of being first tonight." Andrew nodded with a quick bow of the head and got on the bed with Heather.

He gently licked her folds and was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure, as he moved up her body and settled between her legs. Heather wanted him and was done playing, as she pressed her hips up into his erection. He smiled down at her, and obliged her demand, sliding his erection in. He was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure and Heather wrapping her legs around his waist to hold him in place. With slow even strokes, eyes locked on her face, he drove himself in and out of her body. She gasped and squirmed under him as he pushed her body to the edge of enjoyment. He picked up the speed of his thrusts and within a few strokes he sent her body over the edge and was rewarded with spasms around his deeply buried erection, that sent him over the edge. As he wound back down from his release into her body, he remembered that Heather's husband was in the room, and had just witnessed this very intimate act and saw another man come in his wife's body.

Heather felt Andrew tense, and knew what he was thinking. Raising herself on her elbows, she kissed his lips and reassured him with soft mumbles. He pulled out of her body, and slid off the bed, a little more space between him and Robert then when he had slid onto the bed. Only then did he glance toward Robert, to measure his reaction. He found Robert gently stroking his now very hard erection, and watching Heather as she rested there the blush on her body fading slowly. Robert met Andrew's eyes and a quick smile passed between them. It told Andrew that he was on solid footing with Robert and that they would have no issues.

Robert motioned for Heather to roll on to her hands and knees and she obliged. Once on her hands and knees Robert took to the bed and licked at the semen dripping from her body. Andrew had never watched another man, or woman for that matter, lick anothers juices from the body they were about to enjoy and it turned him on, to his surprise. After a few licks and a gentle suck, Robert positioned himself and drove his erection into his wife's body, hard and demanding. Heather wasn't expecting the demanding thrusts and gasped in response. Andrew shifted his position so he could see better, and watched as Robert moved with demanding force in and out of his wife.

Robert softened his forceful strokes and gently fondled Heather's breast with one hand as the other rested on her ass. After a few more strokes he removed his hand from her breast and brought both hands to her ass and slowly parted her cheeks revealing her anus. With steady thrusts of his hips he kept Heather in position as his hand slowly creased the surface of her anus. At the new sensation Heather shifted her hips back putting a halt to Robert's thrusts for a few heart beats, but after a few murmured words she relaxed back forwards and Robert thrusts resumed. With his thumb he applied pressure to her anus, but his other hand wrapped back around her body to play with Heather's clit. With a few more strokes and heart beats, Heather was given her second orgasm for the night. Andrew could tell from both her soft cries of pleasure and how her body softened that Robert had pushed her over the edge. A few strokes later Robert found his own release, and pulled Heather's hips hard into his body, burying his pulsing erection as far as her body would take it. Only then did Andrew realize that he had begun to stroke his renewed erection. Robert glanced at Andrew right then and they shared a smirk and a nod. Robert pulled out of Heather, and helped her gently collapse onto the bed. He then crawled off the bed to stand next to Andrew.

After several heartbeats Heather opened her eyes and looked at both of her men, standing side by side. One happily satisfied and the other with a renewed erection. She'd never gotten Andrew twice in one evening, perhaps that was due to the limited time together they had she now wondered. The silence was getting tense between the two men, mostly driven by Andrew's nervousness, as Heather watched them. Andrew wanted relief from his renewed erection, but didn't want to be greedy either. He knew his hand was wrapped around it watching Hether survey them, he also felt Robert's gaze on him and his erection. Heather locked eyes with Robert and raised an eyebrow in question. Robert nodded his agreement to her. With a smile to her husband, she held out her hand to Andrew, to draw him back onto the bed. Andrew paused for a moment surviving Heather's body and thinking of what position to enjoy her body in. A gentle tap on his elbow drew him out of his contemplation. Robert had misunderstood his pause and was trying to reassure him that he stood in no objection. Andrew nodded and slid onto the bed with Heather. Heather went to roll off her side, but Andrew stopped her, and instead lifted her top leg up to his hip and positioned himself between her legs. She lay giving Robert the best view of her body as Andrew positioned his erection as her dripping vagina. Heather locked eyes with Andrew, and gently ran the tip of his erection across her clit and back down to her entrance. He was close enough that without much effort, she slipped the head of his erection into her body and gyrated her hips, bringing a sharp inhalation from Andrew. With a hand on her hip, he stopped Heather's movements and took over, thrusting in and out of her at a rapid pace. Suddenly a hand on his ass made him pause.

"keep going." Robert said huskily leaning in from the side to nibble at Heather's nipples, his hand still on Adrew's ass. Andrew didn't think twice, before resuming his actions. Heather was in heaven! Andrew's hard cock buried in her vagina, and her husband's mouth on her hipples. It was long before her third orgasm of the night started. He dug her fingers into Andrews arm and pressed her breasts upwards into Robert's mouth as the waves of pleasure hit her body. The hand on his ass tightened as Heather's orgasm started, and between all the sensations it sent Andrew over the edge and he spent himself in Heather again for the second time that night. As her orgasm ended Heather relaxed into the bed, and Robert withdrew himself from her and Andrew's bodies. Andrew waited a few heartbeats before removing himself from Heather and leaning down to kiss her lips. He was rewarded with a happy mumble and a leg across his hips, trying to keep him from moving away. But she was spent and Andrew had no problems drawing away from her.

Rising from the bed, Andrew started searching from his pants. Finding them he straightened to find Robert watching him, his briefs already back on and his pants in hand. Andrew finally took a good look at Robert and was impressed with the fitness of this older man. He really was good looking and handsome for an older man. He hadn't gone to waste as he aged, like his own uncles had done. Robert caught Andrew appraising his form and smiled at the younger man. He took a step and closed the distance between them by half. Andrew was unsure of his feelings at that moment. He found himself both attracted to Robert, but uneasy of his new attraction. It was a night for firsts and maybe lasts he thought. So he closed the distance between them, and leaned in for a quick kiss from Robert. Heather watched the exchange from the bed, and was surprised by both men and the kiss that took place. She wasn't displeased in it, but it was a confirmation of what she had always suspected about her husband. She smiled sleepily at Andrew when he looked her way after kissing her husband. She lay on her side, one leg crooked but very relaxed and satisfied in her evening. Andrew walked up to the bed and gave Heather a kiss goodbye and quickly ran his finger up her folds and was rewarded with a sigh and nip at his lips.

Robert walked Andrew back to the living room to retrieve his shirt, and saw him out. They exchanged few words of farewell but neither talked of the kiss. Once the house was locked up for the evening Robert found Heather curled in their master bed, almost asleep. As Robert slipped naked between the sheets, Heather cuddled back into his body.

"That was an enjoyable evening. Shall we do it again some time?" Robert whispered into Heather's ear. He was rewarded with nods and happy noises.