Driving along she thought about the scenario, she wanted to go through with it but was nervous and anxious. She questioned herself repeatedly but her desire and excitement made her keeping going.

She thought about the scenario, as she did she could feel wetness between her legs; she tingled, smiled to herself and licked her lips. Keeping firm hold of the steering wheel, she traced her fingers across her tits - her nipples were firm and felt nice to touch.

She left the motorway and drove along the quiet roads, all was silent and only the moonlight and her car headlights lit up her small world. She checked her phone -- a voice message -- she played it but couldn't hear a thing.

The road was so narrow and dark. Calling him, she was relieved when he answered.

Lost in the middle of nowhere, not a soul or house about -- he soon reassured her and explained his location. Pulling over, she listened to his updates -- he was close by -- he kept her informed as he continued to drive.

Pulling out on to the dark, isolated road she drove slowly, soon came to a crossroad, as she turned he gleefully announced he'd found somewhere for the scenario.

He was delighted. He had been looking forward to the scenario so much. She knew what she had to do -- he was the master and he knew she would do everything he asked.

They parked up. She floated round to the rear of her car, in her long flowing dress. Her nipples stood out firm, her silhouette complimented her shapely figure, so slim with amazing bazookas. She opened the car boot.

Talking via the phone, he asked her turn around and give him time to admire her. Show me those beauties!

She turned and slowly slipped down the straps of her top. Her ample breasts looked bigger and better, than on the pics he had seen, even with her bra on. He waited as she slipped her hands behind her back, pushing her tits forward and shoulders back. He felt himself stir. He had to stay focused, he had to make the most of this. He rubbed himself, to assure himself he had the stamina and will-power to control his cock.

Releasing her bra, he groaned out loud in anticipation, as it slip down. He immediately, imagined touching her, touching her breasts, and caressing them in his hands, he would love to warm up her nipples in his mouth. Instead, he stayed seated in his car, and suckled the tip of his thumb, as he remembered the last time he had felt a lady's nipple in his mouth.

She could sense his tension and desires for her, it made her so hot, despite the coldness of the night air. Graciously, she placed her hands at the top of her breasts, and moved her hands down over her exposed tits, and kinked her head back as she took in the feel of her hands, on her titties.

Suddenly, she felt alone. Wrapped in the coldness and darkness as she admired her own body, her horniness made her feel free and on fire. He could admire her, but he couldn't touch -- he could admire her, tingle and shiver as his dick came to life, and ached to cum.

Hot and horny, this was her show....her show for her to enjoy, his pleasure just made her wet sooner and quicker. She loved to turn him on and feel his eyes over her body.

She clasped both breast hard, squeezing them tight as she moved her hands towards the cold, stiff, hard nipples. Grasping at herself, she jerked and moved her hips in rhythm to her movements. Her nipples were hard, painfully cold and amazing to touch -- she lit her own fire and passion. Stopping, she lifted one tit up, moved her head forward and aaaaawwwwww.......fuck that was good. Her tongue playing with her own nipple, the wetness in her panties spurned her on. God, I love it!

The wetness in her panties, made her drop her tit. She stepped back, sat on the edge of the car boot, lifted one leg up, hitched up her skirt, her pussy exposed for him to see, then she stuck her fingers inside herself. She was very wet.

She looked across at him sitting watching from his car. The breeze touched her. He admired her from his pole position as he rubbed his throbbing penis. Tension high, pulse racing. He needed to stay in control. What a sight! He was fucking delighted! It was really happening!

She sat fingering herself with her tits exposed, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do beneath the light of the moon and his car headlights.

Moaning out loud, she moaned louder as the electric waves shot through her body, she felt herself gushing, and wanted to taste herself as she came. She slipped her fingers into her mouth, and moaned more as she relished and savoured the taste of herself.

He had to do it! He realised his hard dick and rubbed it as he watched her cum and then feast on her own taste. He could feel his own pre-cum on the tip of his dick, mmmmmmmmmmmm...... he needed to get closer.

She lowered her leg, stood up. Stared at him before lifted out a dildo and blindfold. She turned her back towards him and held one arm out, holding the blindfold. He stepped out of the car, his hard, stiff cock exposed to the cold night air. He stepped towards her, touched her with his dick first, tracing it across her backside....she arched back towards him. He was hard enough to touch her with his cocks, no hands. He locked his hands on her waist, held her tight, and then moved his hands up her body. The silence of the darkness was cut by his panting as he moved his hands closer to her bazookas.

He could feel her body tense in excitement, as he touched her breasts, her groans and moans echoed out loudly. The intensity of the moment sent electrical passionate waves through both their bodies.

Holding her tight, he took in her scent, she was so sweet and the pureness of her pussy juice reminded him of her innocence and how he had managed to sway her into having a go at something different.

He clung onto her tight, he couldn't let her see him, she would be, so disappointed with the way he looked now. The years hadn't been kind to him.

He took the blindfold from her, and slipped it round her eyes, securing it soundly, before he escorted to her to the back door of her car. Climbing in, she lay down in the back seat, before she licked and rubbed her big toy, then passed it to him. Within seconds she had the vibrator turned on, she had left it on the passenger seat. Moments later she was jerking her hips, the vibrations pulsating through her body. She was moaning too loudly.

She was enjoying herself; the vibrations on her clit aroused her in seconds. She moaned to herself, feeling empowered knowing he was watching, she could feel his eyes upon her.

"Fuck it. Fuck it!" the master commanded. She thrust the vibrator deep into herself, harder and harder. Faster and faster.

"Fuck it -- harder -- faster. Yes -- that looks fucking awesome. Good, girl!" he ordered as he felt and rubbed himself: faster and faster. They were both moving in rhythm with each other.

"I fucking love it!" she moaned aloud. As she moved one hand to her tits, feeling her breasts and tweaking her nipples. He passed her the big toy, dropping the vibrator next to her, she took the 10 inch silicon cock. Her hands took control of it, as she forced it hard into herself, she pushed it in, deep into herself as she moaned out loud.

As she fucked herself hard, she could hear his hand entertaining himself, a moment later his hand touched her bazookas. They felt even better than they looked. He cud feel himself cuming as she cried out in delight as he felt her nipples between his fingers. His tension heightened. It felt so good.

She moved her head back.

"Good girl," he murmured as her head tilted back. He had a final feel of her tits, before he focused on himself. Her mouth was open as she panted and moaned aloud. He wanked himself and he came in seconds. His cum going over her face and into her mouth.

She felt the warm cum trickle into her mouth...warm salty, and creamy. She licked her lips as she felt more on her face. Licking her lips, she thrust her hips up as she felt herself cum. Her body jerked and jerked and the tingling shot through her.

"Mmmmmm, what a treat! Thank you, Master!" she whimpered.

She wiped his cum from her face and licked her fingers.