Per my usual Loving Wives stories, there is basically no sex in this one. Be warned, this is a BTB. Actually, it is a Nuke the Family story. There is ZERO incest in this story. Not a singe family member engages in any sexual situation with each other. Yes, I did my normal in including a bit of lesbian and some BDSM in the revenge aspect, but I just can't help myself on that. If that offends you, swipe left now. While there is coercion towards the end, the bitch does consent.

My apologies to Soul for any similarities to the beginning of his story Betrayed. That is an awesome story, BTW, and I strongly recommend reading it. It's one of my favorites, and he is one of my favorite authors. In my defense, there are several other stories out there where one brother comes home to find his wife boffing his brother in the marital bed.

OK, Fiction, not real, product of my warped imagination, not really realistic, legally probably inaccurate, Self-edit, characters react stupidly, I'm a horrible author and should delete everything and just stick to reading. There are probably a lot of other inane criticisms that will be thrown my way. I write what interests me at the time. I do not try to please everyone. Don't like this one? Try another one of my stories. I have several different types. Don't like any of them? Skip them and read someone else's work.

The Middle Child

It was brutally cold that November day. It didn't help that Sam was suffering from a bad cold. He was absolutely miserable. Compounding the issue was that he had to work outside in the cold. Sure, he could have stayed home and called in sick like so many others, but that had never been his way. It was his family's company, and he had always given everything he had in everything that he did. He had heard one time someone say, 'If it is worth doing, it is worth doing 100%'. He never called in sick unless he physically could not get there. That only happened twice. Both times it was because he had been in the hospital. Sucking it up, he went back to managing the crew he was with.

At 10 o'clock, he felt his body beginning to give out. He realized that he simply could no longer go on. Arturo, his foreman took one look and practically forced him into his truck. "Go home, Samuel. You are no good to us right now, and you will end up getting the whole crew sick."

That is how Sam found himself sitting in his truck parked in the street in front of his house 20-minutes later. He had parked on the street, because he had come home to find his brother's truck in his driveway. That was odd for three reasons. First off, his brother was supposed to be at work. Second, Jimmy had no real business being at Sam's house without Sam being there. Third, the reason that Sam was out with the crew in the first place was because he was covering for Jimmy who supposedly was in the next town over meeting with a prospective client. Of all the possible reasons for Jimmy's truck to be in his driveway at that time, Sam couldn't think of a single on that would be acceptable.

"OH, God yes, Jimmy! Fuck my ass!" Came Camile's voice through the open bedroom door. Thus, Sam's suspicion was confirmed.

'Fucking bitch! Never let me have her ass.' Sam thought as he moved his phone on video mode to the open doorway. 'Jimmy has me covering for his ass so he can tap my wife's ass? Let's see how he likes it when I kick his ass!'

Neither of the prone copulators noticed the figure silently moving into the room to stand at the foot of the bed. Waiting through three strokes to get the timing down perfectly, Sam struck. Jimmy's universe changed in an instant. From utter pleasure as his dick plowed his brother's wife's ass to unimaginable agony as his testicles were crushed by an unknown force. Camile noticed the sudden forceful entry of Jimmy's dick as he involuntarily thrust forward with superhuman force as he attempted to retreat from the agonizing pain, he instantly felt himself in.

The next surprise for Camile was feeling her lover rapidly and forcefully disengage from her body. Turning to where she felt her lover moving to, she was surprised to see the anguish in his eyes as he disappeared over the side of the bed. Looking back, terror gripped her as she saw the mask of rage in her husband's face.

Sam managed to get control of himself as he rounded the bed to see his older brother curled up on the floor in agony. He realized that any further retribution at that point might land him in jail. For Jimmy's part, he was terrified. He knew that he had a less than zero chance against his younger brother. Even if it had been fair and straight up, Sam would tear him apart. He remembered back to Thanksgiving two years ago. Jimmy, being the older brother, had always been able to handle Sam. Unfortunately, Jimmy had gone a bit soft with working mainly at a desk. Sam, however, preferred being outside with the crews and helping with the construction. Thus, Sam had gained a lot of strength, while Jimmy had lost some. Jimmy had always loved ribbing Sam about how being older, Jimmy would always be able to handle his little brother. That day, Sam had issued a challenge to his older brother -- right in front of Jimmy's wife. An arm-wrestling challenge. Jimmy, thinking it was funny that Sam had actually challenged his older brother, let his overconfidence guide him. "OK, Time to show my little brother who is boss again." Jimmy smirked to his wife. Jimmy and Sam moved to the table and set themselves.

"Oh, shit." Jimmy muttered at the 'GO'. Try as he might, Jimmy could not budge Sam off center. Sam just sat there and smirked. Biceps bulged, but Jimmy knew that Sam was not giving his all. He looked at Sam's face and saw that Sam was simply playing with him. Jimmy saw that he was about to be thoroughly humiliated in front of his wife and the entire family. He saw in Sam's eyes all the humiliation and bullying that he had done to his younger brother. He saw that Sam enjoying this little payback. Sam even went so far as to push Jimmy's arm down halfway and check his watch before bringing it back to neutral position. The humiliation was complete when Sam yawned in boredom as he took Jimmy's hand to the table with little effort.

Jimmy swore revenge after that. True, Jimmy had deserved what he got. He had picked on his little brother all his life, but Jimmy was basically a bully. No slight could go unpunished. Jimmy was divorced before the next Thanksgiving. His wife had hired a PI and caught Jimmy in an affair. Six months later, Camile and Sam were married.

OK, so I should probably give some info on my family. My father, Jacob, started his own construction company when I was 3-years old. He set it up as a corporation, but all the shares were held by family members. My mom, Evelyn, started out as the bookkeeper. I had one older brother, Jimmy, who I introduced earlier, and a younger sister, Stephanie, or Steph as she preferred. We were happy, for the most part. My parents loved us, and we loved each other. Jimmy was kind of a bully and rarely failed to take the opportunity to lord his position as the older brother over me. Steph was the baby of the family. She was not only the youngest, but a girl as well. Of course, my parents spoiled her. To me, she was a bitch.

So, my older brother was the heir apparent, and my sister was the spoiled brat. I was the middle child. Sure, my parents loved me, and I loved them. They really didn't have a favorite. At least, I'm sure that they didn't think so, but my older brother was still the heir apparent, and my younger sister was the baby of the family. I was -- the middle child. Sibling wise, my brother was the older brother, and always made sure that I knew that. My younger sister seemed to view me as sightly more than an inherited useful servant. I'm sure that my parents didn't realize what they were doing when they demanded that I give her rides after I got my driver's license. Never mind that I didn't get the same benefits when my older brother got his drivers license.

So, I understand that the above paragraph will seem that I am whining or feeling sorry for myself. That is not the case. It is simple facts. I knew who I was, and what the situation was. Don't go getting mad at my parents -- yet. This is just the way things worked. Everyone has a place in the family. I was the middle child. I grew to understand that. My older brother would take over the business. That's the way things work. My baby sister would be taken care of. That was the way things worked. I was the middle child. I would have to make my own way.

So, here I was. Married for almost a year and a half. Finding my older, divorced, cheating brother fucking my wife in my home in my bed. The cheating slut had always refused her ass to me, but she had no problem giving it up to my brother. Maybe it had to do with the Fact that my cock was significantly bigger than his. From the brief glance I got at it as he was going over the edge of the bed, I was about two inches longer and an inch thicker than he was.

No need to go through the specifics here. Jimmy grabbed his clothes and ran out the door. Camile took 20-minutes to pack and left as well. The house was mine before we met, so it was not part of any community property. We had a prenup, so I just signed a Power of Attorney with my lawyer, told him my terms, and left town. My lawyer sent me the final divorce decree 6-months later.

OK. So that all sounds like everything went smoothly. It didn't. Sure, I left town, but I didn't go very far. I went to talk to my parents. I showed them the evidence. They told me that I needed to suck it up. Jimmy was going to take over the company, and I needed to let it go for the harmony of the family. My sister joined in as well. Sure, Jimmy was an asshole, but this was just a minor blip on the greater good. If I pushed it, I would lose. Let it go and be happy for Jimmy and Camile. To make things worse, Camile moved in with Jimmy that night. I was told to not make waves. Jimmy was the chosen one. It was blatantly obvious that I was alone in my fight. I vowed to never return unless I had my vengeance.

"Look. Jimmy will be taking over the company in a few years. Yes, we are disappointed in what he did, but we are not about to disown him. You've got a good thing here. Get over it and fall in line. Don't go trying to make us pick between you two. He's the heir. Suck it up." My parents said to me.

My sister, ever the bitch, chimed in. "Oh, boo hoo. So she fucked your brother. So what! She just decided to trade up. Can't blame her actually. Just get over yourself and make sure you have that Ramsey report on my desk by Monday morning."

When I finally confronted Camile, things just got worse. "It started about a month after our wedding." She admitted. She also said that most of the times that I was covering for Jimmy, it was so he could come over and fuck her. To make matters worse, she told me she was pregnant, and the baby was Jimmy's.

I was the innocent victim here, but my whole family took the side of the cheaters. I watched as Jimmy and Camile were welcomed with open arms by my family. I watched as everyone pretended that I had never had any sort of relationship with my own wife. I listened as my family fawned over Camile and congratulated Jimmy on becoming a father and giving my parents a grandchild. All of this as I was subtly pushed to the side. My divorce was barely mentioned, and it was only spoken about in general terms as it pertained to the timeline of Jimmy and Camile's marriage. Invitations for dinner and parties were extended to me, but it became blatantly obvious that it was done more out of a sense of obligation rather than actually wanting me around. As long as I showed up to work and did my job, that was all they seemed to really care about as far as I was concerned.

The last time I saw my family for the next 10-years lasted exactly three minutes and 30-seconds. It was for Thanksgiving Dinner. I arrived late in the afternoon, walked in, and began my greetings. "Happy Thanksgiving, Sperm-Donor, Incubator, Bitch, Slut, and Asswipe!" I called out as I entered the dining room. "Wow, Slut! I hardly recognize you without cum all over your skanky face and no cock up your diseased ass. And you, Asswipe. You look totally different with your micro-penis covered by pants. I guess having such a small little pee-pee makes it easy for that whore to take it in her ass. She must do that because her cavernous cunt can't feel it in there."

And just that quick I was shown the door.

I vowed two things. First, I would leave and never consider these people as family again. Second, I would return one day and destroy them for what they did. This had been my family. These people were supposed to have loved and respected me. I had done everything that I could possibly do to be a good son and brother to them, yet they turned their backs on me when they should have embraced and comforted me. Somehow, I would return and burn their world down around them. I would show them the same mercy they showed me -- NONE!

Two weeks later:

"GODDAMNIT! WHERE THE FUCK IS SAMUEL?" Was bellowed from Jacob's office.

"What's wrong?" Evelyn asked worriedly as she rushed in. True, she hadn't seen her middle child in a while, but she had just assumed that he was still sulking about what had happened. She did feel a bit of sadness for him, but she just couldn't go against her oldest son. He was the chosen one to take over the company, after all.

"The Geraldson Project has fallen a month behind, and the inspector for the Mandelson Building is demanding that we rip out the last week's work and completely redo it. That's going to cost us at least $50,000 and another two weeks to fix. Why the fuck did Samuel let that happen?" Jacob screamed.

"First off," Stephanie stated as she walked into the office. "the Geraldson Project is Jimmy's, not Sam's, so I'm not sure why you are blaming him for that. Second, I haven't seen or heard from Sam in the last two weeks. He isn't answering his phone, and the site supervisor just told me that he hasn't seen or heard from him in the last couple weeks either."

"Sam knows damn good and well that he is supposed to be covering for Jimmy on that project. Hell, he's been working on it for the last six months, so he should be used to it. Find him and tell him I expect him in my office for a full-on ass-chewing first thing in the morning. It's long past time for him to get over this whining ass shit and get with the program!"

The next morning, a nervous Stephanie was in her father's office. She has sent over 20 text messages and left several voice messages to Sam's phone. She had even gone over to Sam's house to see if she could talk to him. Now, she needed to explain to her irate father and the rest of the family what she had found.

"Where the hell is Samuel? I told you that you needed to have him here first thing this morning, yet I don't see him." Jacob scowled as he looked around the room at his wife, oldest son, Camile, and daughter.

"Well, um, he's, umm, gone." She stammered.

"Gone? What do you mean, gone?" Her mother asked.

"I mean GONE! I don't know where, but he is gone. He doesn't answer text messages or phone calls. He doesn't respond to voice messages. I even went over to his house yesterday and found that he had moved out. There was a cleaning crew there when I stopped by, and they told me that they were preparing it for the new tenants to move in. It seems that he is renting it out now." She explained.

"Are you trying to tell me that he abandoned his family." Jacob practically screamed.

Stephanie had a rather restless night after her discoveries. Not being able to sleep had left her mind to go over quite a lot of things that had happened and been said over the last several years. Sleep became even more difficult as her brain began to move in the only logical direction as each memory of how everyone had treated her brother played out in vivid color and surround sound.

"No." She uttered in a soft voice. "I believe that he believes that his family abandoned him."

10-years later:

I had joined the Army Corp of Engineers when I left home. I had gone to college and worked part time at the company until I graduated. My degree was Civil Engineering, and I also got an MBA. Sure, Jimmy was going to be the one to take over the company, but I would be part of the executive team as well. That was the plan anyway. Now, I began developing other plans. My plans changed from when I first left home. My new plan was all the better, and today they were going to play out. I couldn't help but grin as I watched my younger sister stalk into the building across the street. She looked at me, but it was obvious that she didn't recognize me. I had changed a lot over the last 10-years. I had a bit of time, so I thought back over the last several years.

As I mentioned, I joined the military. With my education and background, I was welcomed with open arms. I ended up in the sandpit rebuilding the infrastructure. I had lots of spare time, so I used it to work out, weapons practice, and I even got a couple of the special forces guys to teach me some hand-to-hand fighting. It wasn't that I would be needing it, but I wanted to improve my strength and be able to protect myself if needed.

It was 6-months before my enlistment was up. I had been promoted to Captain by this point, and my CO was making noises about re-enlisting. To be honest, I was actually considering it. We were convoying over to a new site when it happened. An IED blew up as we passed. Our Hummer was destroyed but managed to take most of the blast and shrapnel. I was hit, but I didn't think that it was really bad. Still, it hurt like a bitch. I could hear gunfire erupt all around as I was trying to extricate myself from the ruined vehicle. That's when I noticed that one of the MPs was really badly wounded. Her leg had been hit pretty badly, and she was losing a lot of blood. I was just grabbing the first aid kit to begin trying to slow her blood loss when someone yelled that the vehicle was on fire. Tucking the kit into my arm, I released her seat belt and managed to drag her out of the vehicle and away to an area where we had some cover. I managed to slow the bleeding as the firefight raged around us. Once I did what I could for her, I picked up a rifle and joined the fight, doing all I could to keep the enemy away from our position. I wasn't paying attention to how much blood I was losing as I knelt beside her firing at anyone that looked like they were trying to get to where we were.

20-minutes later, I was exhausted as I heard the thwapping sounds of attach choppers overhead. My body finally gave out just as I saw the corpsmen running towards us.

"Sonofabitch. GET THESE TWO ON THE EVAC CHOPPER NOW!" I heard one of them yell as everything went black.

My eyes opened to a pair of green pools surrounded by the face of an angel with lustrous red hair.

"Well, Damn." I muttered.

The angel's eyebrows knitted, and her face turned into a frown. "What's the matter?" She asked in a sweet melodic voice.

"I was sure that I would survive, but apparently, I died."

"Why do you think that you are dead?"

"Well, not ever having died before, so I can't be sure, but I would think that when someone wakes to find an angel looking at them, that would be a clear indication that they have died."

Her face changed to mirth as she began laughing. "Sorry to disappoint you, but I am far from an angel. In fact, I'm a lawyer."

I smiled. "All that means is that I ended up at the other place, but I don't really mind as long as I can continue to see you here."

"Well, if it's up to me, you will be seeing a lot of me. Fortunately for both of us, it won't be in Hell. You, my brave hero soldier, are still alive. Currently, you are in a hospital in Germany. You were treated back on base, then medevacked here."