Authors Note: What impacted me most, after reading GeorgeAnderson's bestselling story "February Sucks" is the real-life conversation between George and his associates at a work conference. George recalled the Happy Hour discussion from many decades earlier and it is the basis for "February Sucks" and the many follow-on stories from other authors.

In order to fully understand this story's connection to "February Sucks," I have received GeorgeAnderson's permission to include "The Conversation" as a lead-in to my story.

"The Conversation" as remembered by GeorgeAnderson:

Many years ago, I was out of town at a conference. About 20 of us, half men and half women, almost all married, went out to a watering hole one evening to decompress. The local fauna were hitting pretty heavily on the women at our table. We guys were wincing at the crudity of the locals' attempts, while the women laughed and rejected them. One particularly bad approach drew the comment, "He's lucky I like this beer, otherwise he'd be wearing it."

"So what if it had been [famous football player: call him Jocko] saying that to you? Would he have scored?" another woman asked with a flirty little smirk in her voice.

"Hell, yes!" "Absolutely!" It was clearly unanimous.

"What if it meant, you know..."

"Especially if it meant that!" The women's laughter was genuine; the guys' was a little forced.

Understand, these women weren't dogs who couldn't get a date: they ranged from pretty to downright hot. They were in their late twenties and early thirties, and dressed for a night out.

"Um, what would you tell your husband?" one of the guys asked hesitantly.

"Um, why would I tell my husband?" The reply was instantaneous, and greeted with laughter and head-nodding from the women.

"What if your husband was here?" the guy persisted. We could all hear the anxiety in his voice.

One of the women leaned forward with her elbows on the table and looked him dead in the eye. I remembered her from lunch; she'd been showing off pictures of her husband and their perfectly adorable five-year-old girl. "I would tell him that he knows how much I love him, and he knows I'll always come back to him, but I'm not going to pass up this opportunity, and I'll see him sometime tomorrow." She spoke calmly and kindly but with determination. None of us could doubt that she meant exactly what she said.

Several guys' jaws dropped considerably; I know mine was one.

"No, you wouldn't," the guy next to me muttered. The woman looked at him pityingly.

"Yes, I would, and I think every woman here would do the same."

"You might leave with him tonight, but if I was your husband, you sure as hell wouldn't see me tomorrow." He was as serious as she was.

Another woman tried to fix things. "Listen, I love my husband, I wouldn't trade him for anything. Jocko doesn't mean anything to me and never will, and he probably wouldn't even remember my name the next morning. But spending a night with him, just one night out of our whole marriage, would be something I could remember for the rest of my life. An event, you know, with a capital E? It would have nothing to do with the way I feel about my husband. Afterward, I would go home to the man I love, and everything would be like it was before."

A tense silence fell on the table. "Well, that shows us married guys where we stand, doesn't it?" one guy muttered.

"Come on, guys, don't be that way. It's not that big a deal."

The party broke up pretty quickly after that, as people left by ones and twos to wander quietly back to the conference hotel. I have no idea whether the women at that table were typical. I meant to ask my wife about it when I got home, but didn't get up the nerve. I still haven't. I'm not sure I want to know the answer, anyway.

Thank you to GeorgeAnderson for letting me use his real-life recollection and run in a much different and very dark direction.


An Event - with a Capital E

One big event leads to another.

Dawn's life changing event

June 2018

Dawn slid into the driver's seat of her Honda Accord. She ached from head to toe after a nearly three hour non-stop sexual workout that she had just experienced. Over the years she had heard the expression "my jaw hurt" after a long cock sucking session. She was surprised that she'd never experienced it before, as her husband Chris was very well endowed. She had spent long periods of time with his cock wedged between her puffy red lips. With a little effort, she was thrilled to brag to her girlfriends during girl-talk time that she could take his seven plus thick inches, balls deep.

But today, she hadn't spent the workday afternoon with her husband. He had flown out that morning for a three day two night business trip. She had shacked up in a smelly, by-the-hour motel room with Lori's (her work associates) older brother, Lyle. Lyle left her jaw and throat (along with the rest of her body) throbbing and well used.

Lyle was a thirty eight year old salesman who visited his sister and her family once a year. Apparently Lyle held "Favorite Uncle" status throughout his entire family and was known for his exciting adventures that he enthusiastically shared with his nieces and nephews. They looked forward to his annual visits.

Among Lori's female work associates, Lyle was known for other things. He certainly was tall, well built and good looking. His arrogant personality bothered many, but his ten inch monster thick cock along with his incredible stamina and proficiency made up for his character flaws.

Lyle's kink was fucking nice, sweet, mature married women and turning them into his sluts for a day. While visiting his siblings and their families around the country, Lyle encouraged them to fix him up with at least one married woman per visit. After the first couple of years, the legend of Lyle Harris had morphed into a sexual super hero tale. Many married co-workers of Lori spent twelve months wondering if they should risk being his date on the next visit.

It was the fifth year, since Lori joined their company and Lyle was coming to visit the following month. It had also been four years since Dawn started hearing about her associates incredibly erotic afternoon's spent with Lyle pumping in and out of one of their eager holes. Two had bragged about taking him up their ass.

With Chris scheduled to be on the road and with a few days to recuperate, Dawn decided to do something she'd never dreamed about...cheat.

Dawn had started to consider a fling with Lyle, after her close friend raved about her sexual adventure the previous year. Jo had tried to recount the number of orgasms she had, but couldn't commit to an exact number. All she knew is it was by far the best sexual experience of her life.

After her date, Jo had recommitted herself to her loving and faithful husband and their family. She swore that it was a "one-off" and would never be repeated and best of all; she would have this secret memory to think about forever. Nearly a year later, Jo's incredible experience had not affected her marriage or family. She boosted that the sex she shared with her husband was better than ever.

Dawn reasoned, if she was careful and if Chris was out of town, she'd like to experience what several of her friends had tried. What were the odds that someone as careful as she was would ever get caught?

After agreeing with Lori that she would have a play date with Lyle, she surreptitiously blocked the afternoon off in her calendar with the word "event". Lori giggled and her pussy lips got damp as she changed the designation to "Event" with a capital E. If Lyle was even half as good as his reputation, it would be an afternoon she'd always remember.

Later, Dawn would admit to herself, the sex wasn't half as good as she imagined. It was ten times better.

As their office came to life that Monday morning, Dawn received a text from someone not in her contact list. The text said, [I've been looking forward to our afternoon together. Lori has assured me that we'll have fun. Get a room at the Rainbow Motel on the Queen Street in Southington. Text me the room number. I'll be there at exactly noon.]

On one hand, Dawn was doubly put-off at the demanding nature of the text, along with the fact that Lyle expected her to pay for the room. On the other hand, her pussy was starting to send a river of juice into her panties. She smiled, as she thought to herself, 'I'm glad I saved the sexy thong to put on just before I leave.'

Dawn arrived at the motel, paid cash for a six hour stay and had to endure the smirk and stare of the smelly cigar chomping man who checked her in. This certainly wasn't the Marriott hotel that she was used to, when traveling with her husband Chris.

A half hour before Lyle's arrival, Dawn had changed into a sexy, short cotton summer dress, a white panty that was too small to be called a thong and heels...high, sexy, potentially ankle breaking heels. She paced slowly around the room. One minute she was worrying about her planned infidelity and the next, she was sliding a finger through the folds of her hot wet, ready to explode vagina. 'No,' she silently screamed to herself, "today it's a cunt."

Her apprehension was sky high when Lyle was five minutes late and she was furious ten minutes later. When her phone buzzed at 12:22 PM, Dawn read, [Confirmed room 24. I'm ten minutes out. Be 100% naked when I arrive or I'll leave.]

"Fuming" would be the best way to describe Dawn nearly twenty minutes later, when she heard a knock on the door. She was naked when she cracked it open. She'd seen pictures of Lyle, but didn't realize how large he was.

"Lyle?" She asked.

"Who the fuck else would it be? Open the damn door Dawn."

After releasing the safety chain, Dawn pulled open the door and stepped to the side. Lyle certainly was good looking, but he also looked demanding...almost menacing. His stare reminded her of the pervert who had checked her into the motel.

'He's looking at me like I'm a piece of meat,' she thought for a moment before she realized, 'I guess I'm looking at him the same way.'

"Turn around. Do it slowly," was Lyle's command.

Dawn was on firm ground, as she slowly gave Lyle a look at all sides of her forty-four year old body. She knew she looked a decade younger. At five foot and five inches with a firm one hundred and thirty pounds, Dawn was hot. Blonde hair and blue eyes highlighted an all-American face. Despite breastfeeding her son eighteen years earlier, her C-size breasts remained high and her nipples pink and erect.

She made sure Lyle got a look at her flat tummy and bald wet pussy before turning and showing off her best features, her tight round bottom and athletic legs.

When she finished her turn, her pussy gushed. Lyle had pulled off his golf shirt and kicked off his Top-Sider loafers, while her back was turned. He was only wearing a tight pair of jeans. His height fit well with his wide shoulders, small waist and firm, flat stomach.

He closed the distance between them, firmly took her chin in his hand and looked deeply into her eyes. Dawn's heart was beating and her pussy was leaking. This man had an incredible effect on her.

She was stunned when he told her, "I'm surprised that my sister fixed us up. You're a good deal older than most of my sluts."

It was like a switch going off in her brain. She'd show him and would be the best married slut he ever fucked. Lori launched herself into Lyle's arms, pressed her lips against his mouth and drove her tongue between his lips.

A few minutes later, as Dawn's tongue finally left his mouth, Lyle praised her, "Not bad."

He moved his right hand from Dawn's ass. He had been palming her left globe and his fingers had been dancing between her cheeks and probing her tight asshole. His hands moved up along the side of her body. He took her nipple between his thumb and first finger and squeezed.

'What the fuck am I letting him do?' Dawn thought. 'If Chris had pinched my nipple that hard, I'd kick him out of our bedroom for a week.' But in this case, Lyle's pinch sent a jolt of energy to her smoldering clit. Her knees were weak and with a slight push on her shoulders, Dawn sank to the ground. She grabbed the waist of his pants before her knees touched the floor. The button of his jeans opened easily, the zipper came down and with a tug the denim fell from his waist.

"Holy fuck," Dawn gasped as a wrist thick ten inch cock bobbed in front of her.

When Dawn reached for the monster, Lyle pushed her hand away and told her, "Just use your mouth. Let's see what you can do."

Dawn smirked at the obvious challenge, opened her mouth as wide as possible and went hunting for Lyle's slowly swinging cock head. 'Hunting?' She thought, 'This is big game hunting at its best,' seconds before trapping his egg size cock head between her lust filled lips

Just a short few minutes later, Dawn felt a steady stream of drool leaking from her filled mouth and falling onto her bare tits. She had been gagging and choking and when Lyle hurtfully commented, "I've had eighteen year old virgin's suck me better," Dawn used both hands, grabbed each of his rock hard ass cheeks and jammed his cock in, until her throat erupted and gagged it out.

Lyle was secretly pleased with Dawn's efforts and knew from experience that she would let him use her body as he pleased for the rest of the afternoon. He reached down, grabbed her hand and walked the few steps to the kind size bed. After throwing back the covers, he had Dawn sit on the edge. He pushed her back as he sank to his knees between her spread thighs. Dawn's dripping pussy was at eye level as he leaned in and tasted from her pink anus, through her pussy lips and to her clit.

Dawn's first orgasm happened after only a half dozen laps of his tongue. The second happened a minute later and was followed by a series of small cums. When Lyle pressed a long thick finger into her pussy and easily found her g-spot, she bucked and groaned through the best orgasm yet, as his tongue circled her clit. After adding a second finger Dawn's body trembled. Her ass and back rose off the bed enough that Lyle had to stand in order to keep his mouth glued to Dawn's clit. This cum went on and on and on, until Lyle dropped her back to the mattress.

Dawn was exhausted and in desperate need of a short rest, when Lyle stepped between Dawn's thighs, held them apart and pressed his cock into her very sensitive hole. The ten minute power fuck that followed nearly caused Dawn to pass out. When Lyle thrust in, it was like he was dragging her clit into her pussy. When he pulled out, he was pulling her clit along with his cock. There was constant friction on her sensitive bud, without any let-up.

When Lyle finally grunted and popped his nut in her cunt, Dawn was relived. She didn't know how much more she could take. Lyle pulled his mostly hard rod from her slit, spread Dawn's legs and admired her stretched out, very well used pussy.

Dawn flinched as Lyle slowly pushed two fingers deep in her hole. When he pulled them out a moment later, three or four strings of Lyle's cum were hanging from his fingers.

On one hand, being made to suck their combined juices from Lyle's hand was the most humiliating sexual experience of Dawn's life. On the other hand, the throbbing from deep in her pussy told her that she was going to need his cock again and soon. It took seven scoops of cum, before Dawn's cunt was clean.

They rested together for fifteen minutes, each lost in their own thoughts. When Lyle said, "Climb on top," Dawn swung a leg over Lyle's body and guided his cock back into her needy wet hole.

The next ninety minutes were a blur. They fucked non-stop in five or six positions that Dawn was well familiar with, during her marriage with Chris. They also fucked in several positions that she had never tried.

Depending on the position, while Lyle was pounding her pussy, we was also slapping and mauling her tits, pinching her nipples, spanking her butt cheeks or fingering her asshole. Lyle was a one man sexual tornado.

They ended the second session with Dawn kneeling unsteadily on her knees as Lyle face fucked her. She could barely swallow fast enough, as he came down her throat.

Dawn woke up after a very short twenty minute nap. She heard the shower running and knew that Lyle was cleaning up. She had to pee and since he had already destroyed every inhibition she ever had, Dawn pushed open the door, walked to the toilet, sat and let it flow.

As Dawn was wiping herself, Lyle stepped from the shower. She was dumbstruck when she saw that his cock was three quarters erect. While still dripping from the shower, he walked up to Dawn and pushed his cock into her mouth.

It didn't take long to get rock hard. Lyle took Dawn's hand and led her to the bathroom vanity. Dawn followed his instructions and bent over, resting her arms along the cabinet top. When he nudged her right leg, she spread both feet wide apart.

Dawn was watching Lyle's reflection in the mirror, when he nodded to the corner of the vanity and said, "Hand me the lube."

Her response was a quick, "My pussy is soaked. I don't need any lube."

A smirk was Lyle's answer. He told Dawn, "I'm not planning on fucking your pussy."

Lyle's legs were pinning Dawn's leg in a wide open position and his hands and body weight held her against the top of the vanity, as she pleaded, "You can't fuck my ass. I've never done it before."

"Look at me," Lyle growled. When Dawn looked into the mirror, he continued, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Which do you prefer?"

Dawn was scared shitless and couldn't answer, until Lyle's hand cracked against her ass cheek. "I'm waiting for an answer," he demanded.

"Easy. Easy. Please make it easy."

After decades of experience getting a large cock into a tight ass, Lyle knew what to do. He was patient and took his time stretching and lubricating Dawn's asshole with his fingers. He also generously slathered his cock with the slippery gel.

It took a few minutes of Dawn crying, grunting and groaning, before Lyle asked, "Where's my cock?"

Dawn had to control her heavy breathing before she could answer, "In my butt."

With a sinister laugh, Lyle told her, "Look at me."

Looking back through the bathroom mirror, it was easy to see that Dawn was terrified.

He continued, "Reach down between your legs and tell me if your pussy is wet?"

Dawn slid her hand across the vanity top and it disappeared between her spread thighs.

"I'm soaked," Dawn admitted.

Lyle was nodding as he spread Dawn's cheeks. He told her, "I've got three inches of cock buried in your ass. Do you want more?"

Dawn's answer was a franticly shaking head.

"Listen up. I want you to use your fingers and make yourself cum," Lyle explained. "I don't care if it takes thirty minutes, four hours or two days. As long as you are playing with your pussy and clit and trying to make yourself cum, I won't move. But if you stop, if you give up, I'm going to power fuck your tight little ass. Got it?"

As Dawn nodded again, Lyle could feel her fingers slipping and sliding along the dripping folds of her cunt.

It didn't take hours. In fact, less than ten minutes after she started her quest, Dawn's breathing changed, her body relaxed and her asshole started to twitch around his cock. Moments later her body started to gyrate and Lyle could feel his cock moving in and out of her ass. Dawn was doing all of the work.