By Design Ch. 05

Previous chapters should be read first for context. Introverted young man works with shy, quiet, but horny older woman. He settles in as her lodger, and their relationship reaches new heights. She becomes more adventurous but has some issues with the age difference.

I am not one for repetitive multiple chapters. By Design is something that has been in my head for years, and honestly, I did not expect the favour with which you great readers bestowed upon it.

Thank you for all your comments, you are all too kind! My apologies for the delay in getting this done, but like so many of you out there, life in all its fickle ways, stepped in to distract me. All the feedback is very much appreciated, as I venture down the path of paying back all the years of enjoyment Lit authors have provided me. As suspected, this is loosely based on real life events.

All characters over 18 years of age.

Life goes on

I opened my eyes, and found myself looking into her brown, smiling eyes. She closed the gap and kissed me deeply.

"Well, Ben," she asked, "how do you feel now that you have savoured all I have to offer my young lover, mouth, pussy and arse?"

I tried to clear my throat, and get the wheels turning to come up with a coherent response. I reached over and pulled her over top of me, her little breasts crushed to my chest and her pussy rubbing against my cock.

"I have to be one of the luckiest guys in the world, Maureen, someone so warm, tender and loving, not to mention one of the sexiest, open minded lovers there has to be out there."

"You are truly a sweet talker, no wonder I lost my knickers and spinster reputation to you so quickly." she teased.

"But, I have been thinking, and yes, I have some questions for you, just to settle my mind, so to speak," she said, rolling off to my side and sliding her hand down to grip my shaft, and on down to cradle my balls.

"Now that I have you by the balls, I expect the truth!" she grinned and squeezed gently.

"Always." I groaned.

"OK, no interruptions or I will do some serious damage to the twins I am holding in my delicate palm,' she grinned.

"Now that you have been here for over six months, you have done everything and more that I could expect. You have, if I may be so bold, been a wonderful lover, always gentle, always caring and making sure I am comfortable, satisfied, warm, cuddled and yes, you always clean me up after you have filled me. Here's my conundrum. I am fast approaching sixty years. I am short and my thighs may not be able to kick start a Boeing (as I once heard an obnoxious intern once refer to a co-worker's legs) but may be able to do that for a Cessna. I have a big bum, small tits, and more hair in places where no woman would want fur."

"My nipples are thick and long, sensitive, and can be an embarrassment if I wear the wrong bra, when they look like push buttons on an elevator panel. I know my clit is big and looks like a mini penis in the middle of a hairy forest, make that a manicured lawn now that Emma has slaved away to groom it."

"I took advantage of your innocence at the office, rubbing my pussy on your hand to bring myself off, never giving you a chance to do anything, until you ran into me that evening. You know now that I am constantly sexually charged, and why my libido has me on the edge of nymphomania. I love having your cock in me, when I take you in my mouth, my pussy and now my arse."

"But, I am no fashion model, not even getting half a, let alone a second, glance from the entire male population. You on the other hand, are a smart, well mannered, good looking young man with a good job; someone who has some of the ladies at work licking their lips for a chance to bed you -- I know I am an old maid, but my hearing is good enough to hear the whispers from some of those tarts."

"So, young man, why do you not want to be out there cruising the clubs and bars looking for some maiden who is more your age, looks like a film star, and is hungry to find the right man? Someone you can bed, wed and breed to your heart's content. Why me?" she finished.

I thought for a moment before licking my parched lips and responding.

"You have answered part of the question yourself, my gorgeous woman. I may be introverted and shy, but I can see, think, and understand the motives of those salivating vultures at the office. They think more of what they can get out of me, than what they can do for me in a long term relationship. They play the field and I would just be one more plaything for them, none of them have taken the time to even begin to get to know me or understand what makes me tick."

"They use their charm and good looks like bait, and yes, they cruise the bars and clubs looking for their next catch. I won't play that game. I value the mature outlook you bring, the way you think and act, for the benefit of both of us, and not selfishly looking out for yourself."

"You bring that worldly perspective into our relationship and I learn from your steady approach, your way of thinking, your life experiences. It's not that I just love your body, it's your mind and your heart that I love as well."

"Now when it comes to your body, you may think I am weird. I don't want or need a Barbie doll on my arm or in my bed. I am not attracted to big breasted beauties strutting their stuff for their male admirers. I love your champagne glass breasts with their eminently suckable pushbutton nipples," I told her as I lifted her breast to my lips and drew one of those beautiful nipples into my mouth and nibbled and sucked on her nub.

Maureen sucked in a breath and squeezed my sac, "Continue, you weird man," she grinned as she pulled back.

"I know I am weird, Maureen, because for some reason, I love your big bum, your lovely freshly fucked arse, your meaty thighs, and for sure that forest of curls above your pussy. But without a doubt, the two features which get me going are first that prickly upper lip of yours, your moustache so to speak, which gives me chills every time you kiss me, and, yes, that wonderful penis like clit that stands proud between your lips. When I suck on it, lick it, and play with it, it is the gateway to giving you those wonderful, tummy trembling, rippling orgasms. I love watching you and feeling you cum all over my tongue or my cock, knowing that I am giving you the same pleasure you give me."

"I know you are concerned about the age gap. I am not. Let's cross that bridge when we need to," I said.

Thankfully, Maureen set my balls free, and lifted her hand to caress my cheek as she kissed me.

"You are off the hook at this moment, boyo," she teased, "but we shall be talking about your future in the days to come, and making sure that you keep an open mind about your love life."

She rolled on top of me, leaning over as she straddled me.

"Suck on my teat, while I ride this lovely hard cock and make it shoot your hot cum deep inside me," she commanded, and lowered her dripping pussy onto my shaft and began to fuck me.

I gave as good as I got, biting down on her nub as she came, loudly, and gripped my cock tightly as she felt the hot seed jet deep into her pussy.

Maureen collapsed on my chest, breathing heavily. "Dear lord, you make me cum so hard I just about black out. Please don't stop doing what you do, how you do it, and when you do it, if not more."


Over time, we fell into a comfortable routine, and more and more we were able to instinctively get a sense of each other's needs, foibles, and patterns. I was really happy with the way things were turning out, although I know there was a (small) elephant in the room, and it had everything to do with Maureen's concern over the age difference and for my future. As for me, I wasn't at all concerned. I was working hard on some interesting projects, getting a tsunami of experience at the plant, dealing with issues as they arose and brainstorming new approaches to increase throughput without impacting product quality.

Whenever she had a tough day at the office, it would trigger another round of discussion, as I am sure she was getting to the point of throwing in the towel and retiring, and that prospect set off all her insecurities about me, and whether I would stay if she did that. After a couple of long discussions, I decided I had to find a way to put her mind at ease, or at least distract her enough that she wasn't constantly dwelling on this issue.

It happened one Friday, when we got home, and I could see she was fretting, and knew we would be in for another long evening of to and fro on the future scenarios. On the way home, I stopped at out local fish and chips restaurant and bought a takeout. When we arrived home, I sent her off to change while I set out the meal, cracking a bottle of wine to go with dinner. She came into the kitchen in her robe, and I could tell she had taken off her bra, girdle and stockings. We finished the meal and I sent her to the sitting room with the wine while I cleaned up.

When I joined her, she was relaxed on the couch, eyes closed, listening to music, and sipping her wine. I knelt in front of her and spread her knees. Her eyes popped open and she put the wine glass down on the side table.

"Ben, what are you up to?" she asked.

"I know we are going to be talking about me, you and the future, and it's going to be a long chat, so I want to get the preliminaries out the way." I teased her.

"Ben," she began "We really need to talk about..." and groaned as I kissed and nibbled my way up her thighs to the edge of her manicured slit. I ran my tongue up and around her labia, dipping in and out of her moist slit, and then down her thigh again, nibbling at her flesh.

"Ben, I'm serious, I really want to..."she began, "Nohhhh, uhhh," was all she managed to get out as I sucked her large, glistening clit into my mouth and began licking all around the large nub, not giving her a chance. She lifted her butt as I slid her panties down and off.

By now she had separated the top of her robe and was pinching and stretching her nipples, gasping as I worked on her clit and pussy.

"Ben, I ahh, gnhhaaa," she groaned.

I didn't want to give her a chance to gather steam, and sucked on her engorged clit, and slid two fingers into her pussy, searching for her g-spot.

"Ahhhh, fugg, cumming," she screeched, stretching her taut nipples even further as a flood of her juices erupted from her slit, which I lapped up as fast as I could. Her stomach muscles rippled, and hips jerked as the intense orgasm washer over her. Her groans softened as the peak of her climax faded slowly.

I eased up on her clit, as she dropped her nipples and began to push my head away from her groin, needing a break. Her breath was coming in large gasps, eyes closed and body limp on the couch.

I slid up and sat next to her, lifting her onto my lap. She was still breathing heavily as I wrapped my arm about her.

"Maureen, you have to believe me," I spoke softly, "I meant what I said. I am not going anywhere anytime soon. I love the way you are, the way you take life in its stride. I love your body for all the faults that you think you see, I love your breasts with their bullet sized nipples, I love your face, with the little bristles on your upper lip, I love your red hair, both the mop on the top of your head as well as the gorgeous triangle shaping your groin. I love your clit that stands proudly between your legs. I love how sexy you are, your legs, particularly encased in nylon, and most of all I love your intensity about sex, the way you have opened up and explored your limits, with good humour and a lot of lust. I love living here, and in short, I know I love you, and your kind, gentle approach to life."

I began to stroke her face, and her eyes opened up, and she looked at me and smiled.

"Well, I am not going to marry you, you little pervert. You keep taking advantage of me and my weaknesses, but you have to understand that I want what's best for you. But thank you for being honest. It does give me a warm feeling knowing that."

I grinned, stood up and took her hand.

"OK, now that I have those objections out the way, I am going to take you to bed and seal the deal by, umm, fucking you senseless!" I declared and pulled her to her feet.

"Heathen," she muttered with a smile, and led me to her bed, where she shed her robe, turned and kissed me hard, "So you love my nipples, huh? Show them how much!"

I took off her glasses, and put them on the bedside table, then edged her back until she fell backwards onto the bed, with me following and laying by her side cradling her head in the crook of my arm. I lifted each of her breasts in turn and sucked hard on the erect nipples as she hissed and pressed my head harder into each breast.

I raised a leg over her knee and spread her thighs apart. Still sucking on her tits, I slid my hand down her quivering tummy, and probed her dripping slit.

"Mmmmm," she murmured, "get up here Ben and let me suck you, I want to suck my lover's cock before he fucks me silly!"

I rose up and knelt by the side of her head. She reached out and took my hardening cock in her hand and leant forward to take it all in. She stroked and sucked my shaft with enthusiasm, breaking off to smile up at me.

"Have to get it nice and hard to fuck me "senseless" as you promised!" and dove right back to carry on with her oral attack. Maureen was becoming very adept at finding just the right buttons to push. It didn't take very long before she pulled back with a grin, laying back and spreading her thighs. I kissed her softly and caressed her dripping slit.

"Take me Ben," she gasped, "fuck me hard!"

I moved between her legs and ran my cockhead over her enormous clit and down her lips. Edging forward, I slid my shaft easily into her pussy, as she raised her knees up to get deeper penetration. I began slowly, my cock sliding deep into her sheath, and soon she began to thrust her hips up to meet me.

"Harder, Ben, faster, fuck me hard," she gasped.

Looking into her eyes, I rammed my hips forward and drove deep into her womb.

She cried our loudly and her hands flew to her nipples, pinching and stretching them up and out. I began to give her the pounding I had promised, driving deep into her as her sheath gripped my shaft. Her moans grew louder, and I could feel her pussy tightening around my shaft. I could feel the pressure building in my balls, and knew that I was close. I rammed home again.

"I'm close, Maureen!" I groaned, as she thrust her hips up at me.

"Gnnaaah, yesss, cumming," she yelled and humped up hard as her pussy clamped around my cock. It was all too much for me, and with a lusty groan, I came hard, my cum jetting into her depths, matching her heat for heat.

Her legs collapsed on the bed beside me; I slumped over top of her, and she wrapped her arms around me, still breathing hard.

"Lord, that was unbelievably great, Ben, "she whispered, "just stay there a while and let me enjoy the feeling."

I rolled to one side, taking her with me, still tucked inside her warm slit. Kissed her softly and stroked her back.

"Feeling better about things, now? I asked.

"Mhmm," she responded, "but to seal the deal there's one more assurance I need."

"Oh, really?" I asked, "and what might that be? Planning to raise my rent?"

"No, that will stay to the same, but to really settle my mind and remove all doubt that you mean what you say and aren't planning a departure anytime soon, you are going to have to fuck my arse with the same enthusiasm and vigour that you just displayed, " she grinned and kissed me. "That will finally assure me that you mean it, and you are not just using this delectable, fat, hairy body for your selfish pleasure!"

I groaned, "Maureen, you're going to have to give a little bit of recovery time!"

"What, I've worn my 20 something toy out?" she teased, "It's ok, perve, I have to clean out and spend some time with my friend the plug to make sure the cute little Irish arse is ready to welcome your boy bit, when it finally recovers," as she slid from me and dashed to the bathroom to clean up the mess we had made.

She spent some time there, and when she returned, she slid into bed and cuddled up close.

"Ben, I really do love having you here, and I am not looking to get rid of you. I do, however, want you to keep your future in mind. You have so much potential, I don't want to see you throw it away for the likes of this crabby old maid."

She kissed me hard and tucked herself in, breasts crushed to my chest and one leg hooked possessively across mine. Her breathing softened as she began to fall asleep, and once she had relaxed completely, I stroked her ass, and felt the jewelled end of her plug nestled deep between her cheeks.

"She's so ready for a wake up booty banging," I thought to myself as I drifted off.

We slept in the next morning, but as soon as she woke, she scampered off to the bathroom and was there for a while. When she returned, she was smiling, and hopped on to the bed.

"Your turn, lover," she grinned.

After freshening up, I stepped into the bedroom. Maureen was on her hands and knees, ass high, with the green jewelled plug sparkling between her cheeks. My cock hardened at the sight of her wonderful globes, and the jewel embedded within. Her ass was glistening from what appeared to be a liberal amount of lube. She peered at me over her shoulder.

"Fuck my arse, Ben, hard," she ordered.

Who was I to refuse? I stepped up behind her, and rubbed my shaft up and down her slit, getting it moist, and rubbing her clit at the same time. She groaned and wiggled her bum. I gripped the end of her plug and slowly began to draw it out. As the widest point breached her rectum, her head came up and she sucked in a breath, and once the plug was out, her glistening gape was revealed, ready for me. I stepped up and pressed my cockhead to her rosebud and pushed forward.

"Ahhh, yes, "she groaned as I worked my way deeper into her ass.

We had enjoyed the backdoor sessions so many times that she was well used to the initial discomfort. I soon bottomed out deep in her, my pubes crushed against her crack.

"Sooo good" she whimpered, "fuck me Ben, fuck me hard!"

I did just that, gripping her hips as I began to work out a rhythm. She ducked her shoulder into the bed as her hand flew to her clit and she began stroking it with a vengeance.

Soon my balls were slapping up against her slit and fingers as I worked up the pace. Her ass gripped my shaft, but the lube made the passage a smooth slide. Her ass pulsed around my cock as she gripped and relaxed. Her fingers were desperately pinching and stroking her clit.

"Nearly there, Ben, do me harder," she cried, then her head reared back and with mouth agape, "Aaargh, cumming, cumming, fill me, Ben!"

It was all too much for me, and I fired a huge load deep into her bowels, thrusting hard up against her cheeks.

"Yesss," she hissed and slumped forward.

I stayed locked in deep until my shaft softened and slowly withdrew. The milky white cum and lube mix coated her bud and dribbled from her gape. I went and warmed a washcloth and came back to see her collapsed, lying on her side, knees up in an almost foetal position. I gently cleaned her up and spooned up behind her, holding her tight.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"Mhmm," she murmured, "a little tender, but truly, wonderfully fucked," and with that drifted off into a light sleep.


We had settled in to a comfortable routine, and with me working out at the plant, it seemed the pressure was off her a little back at the office, not that she gave one whit to any of the gossips and rumour mongers.

That peace was upended one afternoon, when I got a call from one of the engineers back in the design team, telling me that Maureen had received some bad news, was absolutely disconsolate, and was asking for me to come and take her home. I quickly checked with my plant manager, then clocked off and headed to the office to pick her up.