Dizzy, Ellie heard the chime of their lift as they stopped at their level. She couldn't see the floor number, thrown over his shoulder as she was. The lieutenant stepped out of the car towards the podding rooms, carrying her past a long row of paralyzed girls hanging by their chained wrists from a rail in the corridor's ceiling, arms over their heads.

The colorful row of hanging gowns made Ellie think of a coat rack—only these magnificent dresses still had their gorgeous little occupants inside. A soldier was slowly moving up the long line, the smooth round business end of his black stun rod gently exploring the soft curves of the dazed beauties he passed, preventing the suspended young ladies from regaining their faculties.

Ellie would shiver if she wasn't still stunned. Her friends were utterly defenseless.

Gone was the luxury of plush carpets and expensive wall materials. She was backstage now. This section of the ship was decidedly more utilitarian. Ellie could hear noises from the podding rooms they passed echoing on the bare concrete surfaces—helpless grunts and moans from the poor females inside responding to whatever was being done to them.

What would the soldiers do to her once she was in one of those rooms? Ellie didn't know what being podded actually incurred. She'd only ever seen the finished product. And even that, just the one girl! Ellie couldn't move her head to try to see inside; she could only listen as she was carried through the corridor, and the feeble, submissive sounds were profoundly scaring her.

The domineering lieutenant that she'd found so attractive carried her to the front of the queue of dangling, female batteries-to-be. He cuffed her and hung her onto the railing outside the room, then slid her along the rail with him as he moved inside. Like she was a piece of meat in a meat-packing factory.

"I have a special one for you!" the lieutenant called to the man inside the room.

"Good! Just got done with the last one! Bring her over here," the technician responded. "Wait, is that—"

"The Princess, yes!" the officer said proudly as he shoved her along the rail. Ellie slid by momentum into the technician's waiting arms.

"Wow, this will be one high-class battery!" the tech said as he steadied the corseted Princess's swinging form with hands closed tightly around her diminutive waist. Then, holding her against him with one hand's fingers gripping the small of her back, he reached out and pressed a button on a cabled remote hanging from the ceiling just behind her. The rail segment locked so she couldn't slide anymore.

Putting both his arms around her, he quickly pulled up the skirts over her rear and felt under them until he got his fingers under her thong, then yanked the minimal panties down her legs. The lace dropped to the floor under her before Ellie could even whimper at how efficiently he'd peeled her. "How did you get her?" the tech asked as he picked the stolen intimates off the floor and threw them to the officer.

"She volunteered after the tour, believe it or not," the officer said as he nimbly snatched the tiny undies out of the air and happily pocketed them. "After showing her how much delight females garner from being battery cores, it wasn't hard to talk her into it at all!" He looked at the helpless Princess's corseted form as she hung from her arms. "Since the moment they told me she was coming on board, I was wondering if I could get her podded somehow. Didn't expect I'd actually manage it! Do you mind if I stay and watch?" he asked as his eyes roamed over her. "This will be a conversion to remember! Something to tell the grandchildren one day."

"Feel free, though all poddings are the same." the technician said. "Once you've seen one, you've seen them all. But yes... Never thought I'd get to pod royalty!" He pressed another button to lower the rail slightly, so the tips of Ellie's toes just barely touched the wet cement floor. With her limbs still nonfunctional, the minimal floor-contact didn't help to make her any more comfortable.

The tech started cutting her clothes off her. Ellie tried to struggle as he destroyed her dress, but she was still too weak. She settled for feeble whimpering. The curved tool, going under her gown, felt cold against her skin as it sliced her clothes, the technician easily peeling her garments off her like layers on an onion. She couldn't do anything.

"I didn't figure her for the type," the technician said as he was working. "She always looked so... pure. Not the sort of girl you'd think was into serving as an appliance." He ignored the Princess's unintelligible sounds and efficiently shredded her clothes, had her out of her exquisite pink silk dress and in just her corset within a few moments. Then he cut the laces on that too, and she spilled out of the constricting garment, naked and unprotected.

The lieutenant hummed, took a step forward and put his palm on her bust, squeezing and feeling its weight in his hand. He assessed her like he would a horse on the market. "For these royal types, it's all about duty and doing your part for the Empire. Stuff like that. Or maybe she's just a filthy bondage slut, deep, deep down. I mean, look at her," he said, massaging her breast with his hand, drawing a befuddled, aroused moan from Ellie in her stunned state. The lieutenant's skilled handling of her body made it impossible to think.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's that," the technician said. "No one would do anything like this if they weren't truly into it for real. I doubt even a warp mage harem slut would sign up for podding, had she a choice." He picked up a water hose, indicating for the officer to step back. He quickly hosed the Princess down, the high-pressure, cold water drenching her.

Ellie sputtered under the freezing water, her skin forming goosebumps, nipples hardening.

"Oh, look at that. Definitely slut," the technician said. He turned the hose off, used a bottle to pour some sort of liquid over her head. Ellie could see him switching to a big, yellow sponge attached to the end of a long pole before she had to close her eyes when the soap ran down her head and started to get into them. She whimpered as she hung from her arms, the technician rubbing her with the sponge to clean her, roughly buffeting it against her sensitive skin, making her swing from the chain.

Suddenly she was hit by the cold water again, and she mewled as he carefully washed off all the soap, getting it out of her long hair and off her skin.

She heard the noise of some sort of spray and felt an oily substance hit her face. She kept her eyes closed as he sprayed the lubricant over her visage.

Ellie opened her eyes as he moved down and sprayed her neck and front. He had gloves on, and after a few more sprays, he massaged the oil into her skin with his hands. She moaned softly, getting butterflies in her belly as he squeezed her boobs with his hand, smearing the oil into her skin. "Look at this slut squirming! Royal Princess, hah! You'd think she was a whore we'd picked up off the street."

He pulled her head back by her hair, drawing another moan from her. He poured oil onto her scalp, the glistening liquid soaking into her hair, running down into the length of her tresses at her back. The copious amount slickened the skin, and he massaged the oil into her hide. Using a brush, he pulled her hair into a long waterfall behind her back, working the oil through it. Then he sprayed her butt and around her legs, all the way down. Ellie mewled as he used his gloved hands to smear up the inside of her thighs.

Once he was done with the oil, having covered all of her to glistening perfection, he took a step back, admiring his work. "Lovely," he said. "This is one pretty filly. Such a waste to trap her in a battery! She should be in a high-class brothel! I would pay for her."

Mortified, Ellie whimpered in weak protest. But with how she was feeling after getting the oil massaged into her skin, she thought maybe it was true.

The tech ignored her whimpers. The girls always made sounds like that when hung from the rail.

"Mmm, me too," the officer agreed. "Only after she'd been sufficiently trained, of course."

"Of course. For actual coin, it can't just be appealing packaging. It needs some content, too." He picked up a gun-like device, nodding to the officer. "Okay, hit her with the stunner again to shut her up. Time for the piercings."

Ellie felt the stun rod caress up the inside of her thigh for just a moment, and the sensations of her body faded away again. She floated in a mellow daze, didn't resist as the technician used his glove-covered fingers to pull her chin down, opening her mouth. Pulling her tongue out with a pincer, he held it stable so he could use the piercing gun with the other hand. There was a thunk, and her tongue had been pierced with a stud. Under the stun rod's effects, she hardly even felt it, just a dull thudding in her tongue and the new taste of iron. She'd heard the metal crunching sound after the pole had shot through her tongue and figured the piercing had been clamped down permanently like a rivet, impossible to remove without cutting the metal in two. The piercing squeezed her tongue, flattening it.

The technician reloaded the gun and had soon put a ring in her nose, right through the septum.

Then before she knew it, he'd done both her nipples, the two ends of the vertical piercings of the studs clamped down tight together to compress her aroused nubs into flat, horizontal, angrily red pillows. She whined. Even desensitized from the stun rod, she could feel it.

"See here?" the technician said, sadistically flicking her nipples with his finger. "All her erogenous zones are clamped down by the rivets, looped by rings, or will be plugged, so her energies can't leak out that way. We want the only exit to be via her cunt, so it can be led along the wire."

There was another thud from the piercing gun, with the corresponding mewl from the dangling girl, and a large metal hoop was hanging from her clit.

Ellie whimpered. Her clit! She had a pierced clit now? Oh Goddess, what would her friends say? Then she woozily realized they would soon be matching her.

The stun effect letting up slightly, she writhed in her bondage, feeling the subtle ache in her pierced bodyparts increase, a soft pulsing in rhythm with her heartbeat.

The man replaced her dangling diamond earrings with crimped rivets and stepped back, inspecting the result, his eyes roaming over her body. "Okay, that's the magic's focal points in place," he said.

He spun her about so he was behind her and started pulling her hair, braiding it into the tight style of ponytail that Ellie had seen on the podded girl. She heard the rasp of rope being pulled over the edge of cardboard every time he tightened her hair, and she realized he was looping neon rope from a box on the floor into the ponytail for some reason.

"Don't forget her panties," the officer reminded and handed them to the tech behind her.

"Thanks," the tech said and then continued, and Ellie's face started burning in a deep humiliation as she realized that he was braiding her used panties into her ponytail along with the rope!

"That's one tradition I hope continues," the officer chuckled as he saw Ellie's flushed face. "It's been done to all the girls, so far?"

"They respond so nicely to it, so I doubt that will ever stop! It's a fitting hair-decoration for sluts like these, so it's the one personal flair we allow them to keep when going into the bottle." Rolling a little table up next to her, he clicked on the remote to lower her. "Help me get her onto the table!"

Ellie was uncuffed, and the two of them maneuvered her stunned, light little body over the table. She ended up bent over it, her nipple piercings making soft "clack" sounds against the metal surface as she was tilted forwards, her nipples and boobs pressed into the cold countertop. The technician wrenched her arms behind her back and pulled them up through the rope loops dangling from her ponytail until her palms were pressed together behind her shoulder blades. He yanked her head back by a strong pull of her braided ponytail, then tugged repeatedly at the end of the rope. It slid through the weaved strands, tightening the loops around her wrists and arms, tying her forearms to the thick braid hanging down her back.

Her arms were now pressed against each other by the rope, from her palms behind her neck, down to her elbows at the small of the back. She was utterly unable to move them. She couldn't even move her shoulders, so tightly were they pulled back by her bound arms.

The technician tied off the rope, not cutting it off, the neon line dangling from the end of her braid through the valley of her buttocks and down into the box on the floor, where much more rope was available.

On the table in front of her was a long, 18-inch steel dildo with a red ballgag on one end, and a massive metal anal plug. Distracted by the ropes, Ellie had managed to not look at the plugs, but now the technician moved to the other side of the table and positioned himself right in her field of view as he sprayed the two toys with the oil, smearing them down with his glove-covered fingers until they were dripping. Ellie shivered at the size of them. She knew they were going in, and she had no say about it. She would stretch out around those bulks, whether she wanted to or not.

She could see the same symbol adorning the very tips of both toys. More occult focal points, she realized. Focal points that were going to be deep inside her. Magic to dominate her from within.

He pushed the tip of the dildo to her lips, making her kiss it. The stun rod's effect having somewhat passed, she was so very close to being able to talk again. "I—" she started to say, but he just used her opening her mouth as an opportunity to get the symbol-stamped tip past her lips and into her mouth. He pressed at the other end, and the oiled dildo soon slid into the back of her throat and bulged her neck with its girth as it went down.

"Mmm—glpmmphh," she protested as she swallowed the steel.

Inch after demanding inch, the metal length of the dildo went down her throat. The other end of the 18-incher had a big red ball on it with a leather band attached, and the technician soon forced the ball into her mouth, clicked the two ends of the band together behind her head, under her hair. For all of the world, she looked as if she was just ball gagged now, unless someone paid close attention and noticed how the thick steel down her throat bulged her long neck. She had missed it herself when inspecting that podded girl previously. Oh, if she'd known!

She made gagging noises around the thick dildo, squirming and trying to protest.

"Hit her with the stunner again," the technician said. Ellie felt the touch to her back and then slumped. She could do nothing as the technician walked to behind her and pressed the huge anal plug into her ass, her muscles obediently relaxed and yielding. Incredibly, the cold, huge mass slid into her, and her sphincter closed down around it, holding it in. She could feel herself bulging slightly, the belly bump made from the hard plug inside her pressing her normally so flat corset-trained stomach into the cold table under her.

The technician flipped her over onto her back, then pressed her legs up, so her knees were against her chest. Supernaturally relaxed and flexible like a ballerina from the stun, Ellie was easily folded on the table with her feet over her head. She could again feel the bulge from the hardness in her belly as her thigh gap squeezed it. Using the end of the rope from her arms, he carefully started tying down her legs with precise, exact knots, her knees flattening her breasts as he pulled the cords tight around her. Then he bent her knees and tied her shins and ankles to her thighs.

She'd been folded and folded again and tied down into as tiny a package as they could make her. Knees to her chest, heels to her buttocks, arms tied tightly behind her back. It was remarkably efficient, and more disabling than she'd ever dreamed! She tried moving as she lay there on her back on the metal table, her weight uncomfortably on her bent arms behind her—but she could only wiggle. Incapable of turning her tied-back head, she was forced to look out passively from her increasing bondage, eyes wide and frightened as the tech worked on her.

Soon, he was done with her ankles. He did a couple of loops around her big toes, tying them together, and then tied down the rope in a definitive knot, ending with a little bow, and cut the string.

"Okay, the royal little rope bunny is ready for service," he said as he flipped her over so she was face down and ass up on the table. "Let's plug her in and add her to the circuit." He rolled the small table she was on towards the wall rack that held the glass barrels.

"I can't be going into one of those!" Ellie thought, trying to glance at the containers right next to her. From this perspective, their cramped size looked even more oppressive. "They're too small!" Outwards she just whimpered around the ballgag.

Next to the cylinder was the end cap. The rest of the container was just pure crystal glass, but the lid was made of two parts. Piercing through the center of it was the battery's connector. And from a short silver wire attached to the inside of that connector, dangled the thick metal dildo.

The technician lifted the end cap and moved it to the Princess's feet, putting it down on the table with a heavy clunk. He picked up the dildo and sprinkled it with the oil, lubricating it. "Okay, last chance to back out, Princess," he said. "If you don't want this, all you have to do is not enjoy it. But once you give the magic your orgasm, it's forever."

Ellie's eyes opened wide. Forever?!

"I might have neglected to mention that during the tour," the lieutenant interjected. "The girl may be under the impression that her submission is only until we safely reach the destination."

"She thinks she can be let out? That's silly! The procedure is designed to be irrevocable once the female is enveloped by the glass." The tech paused for a moment in thought. Then he nodded. "Well, it's her decision. The plugs can't be charged without her cooperation. If she doesn't want it, all she has to do is control herself," he said and aimed the enchanted dildo at the Princess's sex.

Ellie mewled weakly through her nose, tried to look back with her pleading eyes at the tech behind her, but the steel down her throat made it impossible to bend her neck. This was permanent!? What had she done? She'd gotten all her friends to submit themselves to perpetual bondage? Then she felt the tip of the dildo sliding against her wet netherlips, and the pitch of her noises increased.

The tech pushed the enchanted dildo through her clit hoop into her sex.

Ellie grunted around the gag as he pressed the rod inside her, her slick sex easily spread by the girthy oiled steel cock. In her stunned state, there was no denying it. Its entire cold length schlupped into her, and her lips slowly closed behind it as her wet box eagerly swallowed it. The magical steel immediately started to vibrate inside her, and she shook from the sensation, powerless to resist the forceful spells as they co-opted her sensitive core. The occult dominator had slipped past her defenses into her most susceptible spot, and now it let the magic manipulate her from the inside out.

She writhed in the ropes as the devastatingly inflaming vibrations thrummed from her wet center to the rest of her body, her new piercings picking it up and gleefully buzzing along with the enchanted dildo. It was too much! Ellie breathed hard and fast through flared nostrils, unable to control her body's reaction to the persuasive occult fuck over she was abruptly receiving.