Kira is unhappy with her relationship. The sex is far from exciting and she fears that this will go on so boringly until the end of her life. Although she has to admit that Kurt really cares for her - and she for him - she has come to the conclusion that there should be definitely more to it than just doing it somewhere in the apartment either missionary- or for a change doggy-style. What Kira doesn't know is that Kurt thinks alike. Both have been together since ninth grade. They both found each other, it was romantic, they had their first sexual experiences with each other. But sexually they didn't evolve, didn't talk about what they could try out, what they fantasized about. But both want more. Feel other people, in and on oneself. Explore new things. Break new ground in sex. Break down inhibitions and live out fantasies. But no one has dared to reveal their wishes and longings to the other. Maybe they were embarrassed, maybe they were afraid of offending the other with their wishes, maybe even losing the partner. But this weekend will bring the turning point. Kira senses this instinctively.

She and Kurt have arranged to meet some friends to camp at a forest lake. Kira knows these friends have some sexual permissiveness, and she's pretty sure Kurt knows it too. But she and Kurt had never roamed around with them or been camping with them. Therefore, Kira doesn't know what to expect. But it is her firm will that her sex life will completely change this weekend. The weather also plays a role. It promises to be an extremely hot weekend that in itself favours physical appetites and joys, and Kira speculates that all can still be lightly dressed at night. The place where they want to camp is in a quite remote spot so that they will be among themselves.

'They' are - besides Kira and Kurt - Tom and Mila and Bert and Max. Bert always has someone else accompanying him. Max, although solo, has already announced that he will not come alone. Kira thinks he's sexy and she can certainly imagine starting her sexual adventure journey with him. Kurt can comfort Max's company for so long. Kira has no doubt that the promised summer heat and alcohol will mean that she will finally feel something else between her legs this weekend than Kurt's admittedly fat cock. Or maybe something completely different or somewhere completely different. She is ready to try everything that will come up. In addition to heat and alcohol, she relies on Mila. Kira has always envied her sex life, but she has also envied her of her brother Bert and her boyfriend Tom, whom she would both eat immediately.

Mila is a horny little bunny who loves to fuck. Where and in what constellation she likes to be dictated by her lust and the circumstances. Mila only knows three criteria for her sex partners: well equipped, well built, good stamina. The main thing is that her stallion does it properly and creatively to her and floods her cunt or throat with sperm for the sparkling finale. Her lover Tom is just as open as she is. Bert is also completely sex-driven. Like his sister Mila, he has no inhibitions when it comes to choosing his partners and places for his pleasures. If it would come to happen - in an orgy, for example - he would also shove his mighty shaft into his sister. To be precise, he would do that anytime. Mila is more reserved. The thought that Bert is her brother makes her shrink from thinking about more. He has exactly her preferred equipment - when she can believe her friends - and he is a tender and persistent fucker. And Max? Max likes to have sex, but no one has yet led him to new horizons.

The group meets in the afternoon to lie in the sun and swim a little. Bert is accompanied by Nina and Lisa, two sisters, and Max by Zoe, a pretty hot black-haired woman who doesn't wear very much so that one can admire her tattoos, piercings and her big breasts. Even before the tents, the fire or the barbecue area are set up, everyone has their clothes off. Nobody is in a big hurry, which is why everyone puts on swimwear or keeps their lingerie on. They want to arrive first, warm up, chat to each other before it's all about bare animalism. From the beginning there is sizzling eroticism in the air, to which the tight bikinis and bathing trunks play their part. Tom is wearing a narrow white thong that hugs his genitals and presents them instead of hiding them. Mila, who loves to aggressively flaunt her sexuality, wears a matching white string bikini from Wicked Weasel. Its material just covers her nipples and slit and it's clear that once wet it will stick to her as transparent as cling film.

Kira's bikini has a lot more fabric. But that doesn't mean that she looks less sexy in it than the others. The pants and the top fit snugly against her body. By tracing their lines, they highlight the round, full shapes of her breasts and buttocks. This emphasizes her flat stomach and straight, broad shoulders. The sensual eroticism of her charisma that this creates does not remain hidden from anyone in the group. Especially it arouses Max and Mila's interest. Kurt has put on fashionable swim shorts that are neither larger nor smaller than necessary. They emphasize his athletic body, but do not reveal anything about his package. The two sisters just continue to wear their small daisy dukes, from which their tight buttocks look out below and which are cut so low at the top that you think you can see their pubes flashing out. They only take off their T-shirts under which they wear bikini tops with tiny triangles that present their firm breasts in a tasty way. Zoe has taken off her mesh shirt and shorts. Underneath, she wears a black ensemble made of fine, transparent black material through which everything can be seen, especially her nipple and labia piercings. Max is there in his underpants too. But they differ from swimming trunks only in their tight cut. Bert is wearing classically cut orange-coloured swimming trunks, the fabric of which lies slightly over his diagonally lying package and thus gives an idea of his potential.

The group admires each other's equipment and packaging, which only high-lightens the for now hidden equipment and therefore make it even more interesting. Kira and Kurt are a little tense on the edge. They don't really know how to deal with each other. Kira grabs a heart: "Listen, it's not a good opportunity to say it right now, but there won't be another one: I'd love to be part of this. I want to try new things. Experience and feel new things. Having sex with others. What we have was great, is great. It gave me a lot, but we also reached kind of a dead end."

Kurt looks at Kira in amazement. "Does that mean you're breaking up with me?" he asks.

"Not necessarily," she says. "I don't want a new relationship. I want to be with you. But I want to... ." She presses and then takes a heart, "... well: fuck around. With whom I want, with as many as I want, when I want. And I would like to take this journey with you." She smiles at him, bends over to him, grabs him between the legs and adds quietly, "After all, I like to feel your fat cock inside me and I can well imagine that others will immensely enjoy it to get fucked by it. That would make our sex life so much richer and more exciting. Just think of all the new fun we can have with others and with ourselves!"

Kurt takes Kira's head in his hands and looks at her seriously: "I'm so glad you said that. I want that too."

They smile happily at each other and kiss hard. Both suddenly become horny for each other. Kurt's cock grows in his swim pants. He pulls Kira at her bum and presses his swelling genitals against her lap.

She returns the pressure and whispers, "Push your thick shaft in me and dump your sperm in me. The thought of being filled by Max, Tom and Bert with your sperm in my lap makes me feel really wet."

"You haven't talked so dirty before. Your suggestion is already bearing fruit." Kurt pulls Kira into the woods.

Before they disappear into the bushes, Kira catches Mila's eyes. Mila looks directly at her, licks her lips and then a forefinger. Then she demonstratively pulls back her narrow bikini panties from her slit and pushes the finger she just licked inside her pussy. Kira smiles back in agreement, but is confused what Mila could possibly mean by the gesture.

Kurt and Kira find a fallen tree just a few meters into the forest. Kurt quickly takes off his pants, puts them on the tree as a mat and sits on it. His cock stands thick and plump from him. Kira slips out of her bikini and swings onto the tree trunk. She stands over Kurt with her legs apart and presents him with her cunt. If she sat down, she would be impaled right by Kurt's shaft.

Kira's labia is freshly shaved. She only left a small, short clipped remnant of hair on the pubic bone. "You shaved," Kurt is surprised. "It's just too hot. Why didn't you do that before?"

"Do you want to chat or finally taste my shaved pussy," Kira laughs. "Our new, great time together can only begin when you finally start licking my bare cunt. It needs this now. Just look how wet I am." With that she grabs his head and pushes it between her legs so that he can finally begin to give her the satisfaction she longs for.

Mila has sneaked after them and watches them from a distance. From her position she has a great view. Just the sight of Kurt's fat device sticking out of his loins makes her cunt itch with pleasure. The horny acrobatics of the two give her even more pleasure. Kira pushes her cunt in Kurt's face. For this she has turned her hips forward so that Kurt can work her clit well with his tongue. Her back describes an arch so that she can keep her balance on the tree trunk. In order to better hold herself and control Kurt's licking skills, she holds his head tight. At the same time she presses and rubs her cunt on him. Mila has put two fingers in her wet twat that screams for satisfaction. She rubs her clit with her thumb, while using her free arm to support herself on the tree behind which she is hiding.

Kira's senses are slowly fading. She has to focus on not letting go or sliding off the tree trunk. When it comes to her, she twists her lap against Kurt. She moans and tries to be in control not to fall off. For this she straightens her upper body, which folds her hips down and instead of her cunt, her stomach is now pressed against Kurt's face. He holds her by her bottom and kisses her stomach while she continues to clasp his head. She slowly crouches while Kurt directs her to his cock, which she slowly slides down until it is completely inside her. Their faces are now very close to each other. Their noses touch.

"You are such a good lover. The other girls will tear themselves apart over you." Kira huskily says.

"But my cock doesn't want to be in anybody better than in you."

"You are so cute when you're lying." Slowly Kira begins to ride Kurt's shlong.

Mila can hardly take it anymore. Her fingers are no longer enough. She wants to be fucked. Preferably from Kurt's thick dick, but he is just about to please Kira's pussy. So one of the other guys has to do it. She's a little annoyed that Tom didn't want to come with her for peeping. She also knew why. The two sisters were totally enthusiastic about his posing string and also made it clear that they wanted to take a closer look at what's inside. Tom is probably being nibbled by the two sisters right now.

A short, violent groan rips Mila from her contemplation. Kira can no longer contain herself, but doesn't want to be too loud either. She grips Kurt and drives her cunt with short violent thrusts over his cock. Now Kurt begins to moan too. Kira kisses him and Mila can hear them breathing heavily through their noses so as not to have to moan loudly. Mila feels the urgent need to be filled with sperm herself. She cannot bear the emptiness in her cunt that her fingers cannot fill for much longer. But neither can she part with the sight of the two bodies fucking. The sight of two lovers has never brought so much merciless lust to her as it does now. On the one hand, at this moment, she is hungry to have Kurt's shaft in her, to feel how his juice shoots into her lower body and a violent orgasm finally relieves her of her cravings. On the other hand, she would also like to feel Kira's warmth on her, her soft skin and her firm, medium-sized breasts with hard, cherry stone-sized nipples. And she wants to ride on her tongue to orgasm.

From Kurt's twitching movements, Kira recognizes that his locks are about to open inside her. "Fuck me my love," she moans into his mouth. "Flood me with your juice."

She thrusts harder and when the first hard jet hits the inner walls of her cunt, there is no stopping her either. Their orgasms break out. Panting heavily, they cling to each other and give in to their convulsions. When they can breathe normally again, Kira says: "Thank you for preparing me so well for our group sex weekend."

"Thank you for being the first to milk me for everyone who licks you now has to taste my semen."

They kiss and Mila sneaks away to let Tom hammer her lust out of her body.