Lisa's husband surprised her by suggesting she join him on a business trip to Miami Beach the following month and saying they could stay for the weekend after his meetings ended. It would be the first time that just the two of them would be away together since Lisa gave birth nearly two years before. Lisa was a little hesitant, but her husband teased about wanting to see her in a sexy bikini and offered her an unlimited budget for new bathing suits. So, Lisa arranged for the grandparents to stay with the baby and began to look forward to the trip.

Lisa immediately found herself watching what she ate and working out just a little harder at the gym and in spin class. The stress of pregnancy and being a new mom had made Lisa feel less sexy, but her husband's invitation ignited some old fires. In the weeks before the trip, Lisa spent time each day in front of a mirror, feeling sexier and posing in ways that accentuated her still perky boobs and her firm ass. Examining herself brought up a long-time fantasy of being a model in an X-rated photo shoot, and more than once Lisa ended up masturbating to powerful orgasms.

Within 15 minutes of checking into the hotel, Lisa had her husband in bed and afterward he teased that "his Florida wife was fucking hot." In between two full days of her husband's meetings, Lisa was in heat, even insisting on a "good luck blow job" each morning before he did any business. On the second afternoon, Lisa realized she hadn't yet bought a new swimsuit, and she and her husband would be at the beach the next few days. So, a quick internet search turned up a nearby boutique that seemed to have sexy swimwear, so she threw on jean shorts, a bra, and a loose fitting print top and hurried out before her husband got back to the hotel (probably expecting to get laid by his "Florida wife"). When she found the funky shop, she was in awe of the sexy suits in the window; but she was also intimidated.

Suddenly, her newfound confidence was shaken and she wondered if she could still pull off something like the tiny suits in the window. Hoping to find some more conservative, but still sexy, suits Lisa went inside and was greeted by "Skye," a young and very attractive sales girl. Skye told Lisa she had made it just in time because the store was closing early to do inventory later that evening. With a sexy smile, Skye said, "So, I'm so happy that the universe chose you to be my last customer of the day." Skye then locked the door, flipped the "We're Open/We're Closed" sign, turned and said "What can I do for you sweetie?" Lisa took a second to take in how adorable Skye was before explaining her situation: a suburban mom on vacation looking for something special to wear on the beach for her husband. Skye smiled and said, "Ooooh, I love it. This will be fun."

Skye stepped toward Lisa and looked over her body. She grabbed Lisa's waist pulling the flowing top more tightly. "So, 34B or C?" Skye asked.

"Ha! Maybe five years ago. 36C," Lisa responded.

"Perfect," Skye said, smiling at Lisa. "Give me a sec."

Skye quickly handed Lisa three suits with very cheeky bottoms to try on. Seeing Lisa's reaction, Skye assured her, "Don't judge until we see how sexy you look."

"Again, maybe five years ago...or ten," Lisa said, but she headed to the small dressing room in the back of the store. On the first suit, the top was revealing but sexy. The bottom was skimpy and didn't even cover Lisa's panties, which she left on. So it was hard to get the full effect.

"So, let's see, sexy," Skye said from just beyond the curtain. Lisa stepped out tentatively and Skye immediately said, "Wow, that top is magnificent." Lisa got goosebumps hearing Skye compliment her boobs. "On the beach, I'd skip the panties though," Skye teased.

"You think?" Lisa said, blushing.

"Over here," Skye said, grabbing Lisa's hand and leading her to a group of full-length mirrors that allowed a 360-degree view. The views made Lisa shiver and immediately conjured up her nude photo fantasy. Skye began tucking Lisa's panty under the bikini bottom, and Lisa enjoyed feeling Skye's hands against her butt cheeks. Skye even ran her fingers inside the front of Lisa's suit though her panties didn't really show there. "There, much better," Skye said. "And you better use some sunscreen here," Skye added, casually running her fingers over Lisa's white cheeks that were uncovered by the sexy suit. "Your husband will definitely approve. But some others are even sexier, I think" Skye said to Lisa.

Lisa went back into the dressing stall, unhooked the top and pulled down the bottom. Before Lisa pulled on the second suit bottom, Skye poked her head inside the curtain, surprising Lisa who was topless in her panties. Lisa saw Skye look over her full body, but Lisa didn't cover up. After a few seconds, Skye said, "I'll be back, love. There are two other suits I'd like to see on you."

Having Skye see her in just her panties aroused Lisa and her hand ran over her panties, and her thumb pressed against her clit. On the other side of the curtain, Skye's voice snapped Lisa back to reality as Skye poked her head in again. Lisa was flushed and flustered, still in her panties, but aware that her nipples were erect. Skye just smiled and said, "Let's see number two." Lisa finished putting on the second suit, a sexy lime green number, that was more revealing both on top and bottom. Looking in the mirror, Lisa wished she had the confidence to wear the suit, but wasn't sure she could. She started to tuck her panty under the suit bottom, but decided to let Skye do that, so she stepped out of the dressing room.

Again, Skye gazed at Lisa's breasts and visible nipples and said, "Well, Lisa, at least I know there is no way I can suggest a suit that doesn't make your magnificent boobs look great." Lisa blushed again and she felt a twinge of pleasure between her legs. "So, we need to find you a bottom that shows you off that sexy rear," Skye added. Again, Skye led Lisa over to the mirrors, and everywhere Lisa looked she saw her body covered only by a few patches of lime green material. Skye stepped back, leaving Lisa to take in all of the views of herself. Lisa's pulse quickened and she turned her body slightly changing the views of herself. After a minute, Skye approached from behind, and Lisa watched in the mirror as Skye tucked her panties inside the bottom, again brushing her hands over Lisa's ass.

Skye stepped back again and seemed to study Lisa's body, making Lisa's stomach churn. Lisa felt exposed, a feeling that had always been a powerful turn-on for Lisa. Seeing herself in the mirrors and seeing Skye ogle her body excited Lisa and she wished desperately she could satisfy herself right then and there. Skye seemed to let Lisa's tension build before she moved toward Lisa again and said, "I like the way this one shows off your sexy butt, but it's not as flattering in front." Lisa gasped as Skye's hand reached around her and ran down her tummy over the triangle front of the bottom. "Actually, that's better, it's hard to tell with the damn panties," Skye said looking in the mirror at her fingers under the side of the triangle bottom. Lisa's eyes were glued to the same sight.

Skye stepped back again as Lisa's body trembled. "Try this one," Skye said, handing Lisa a thong bottom they both knew Lisa would not get up the nerve to wear on the beach. But Lisa was in no place to protest, and she took the bottom from Skye and turned toward the dressing stall. "There's no one here Lisa, just change here. I'll turn away," Skye said assuringly. Lisa's heart skipped at the thought of what Skye suggested, and it took a few seconds for Lisa to peel off the second suit and pull on the thong that barely covered anything below her waist. She noticed that Skye didn't turn away. "Well, that's a possible winner in my book," Skye said as she gently ran her hands over Lisa's ass and her fingers inside the waist of the bottoms; and she gathered Lisa's panties until Lisa's entire bottom was visible and the bottom barely covered her pussy lips.

"Oh god," was all Lisa could muster. In the mirrors, Lisa noticed her nipples about to poke through the thin top. Lisa was breathing heavier and her arms and legs had goosebumps. She fought to resist the desire to rub herself to an orgasm.

"Your husband will love it," Skye teased. "In fact, if you lose the panties, I'd pay to see that sexy rear," Skye teased. Lisa nodded, wondering if Skye knew how much she was arousing Lisa. Again, Skye stepped back and said nothing for a minute, letting Lisa take in the sight of herself. Lisa looked nervously at herself in the four mirrors, closed her eyes, and imagined herself completely naked in front of a group of strangers. Lisa had to force herself to take a few deep breaths to regains some semblance of composure.

"OK, last one," Lisa heard Skye say. She opened her eyes and Skye handed Lisa another thong, explaining that it was a high waisted t-back that would accentuate Lisa's figure by "showing off your amazing skin." Lisa loved the color and the style but knew it was way too revealing to ever wear in public; but having Skye look at her body and touch her ass was so incredibly erotic that Lisa was willing to try on anything. When Lisa peeled down the thong she was wearing, she caught her breath when Skye said "You really should try this one on without panties. You can't ever get the full effect otherwise."

"But I can't do that, can I? I ... I've never tried on a bathing suit like that," Lisa stuttered.

"Well, technically, no, but store management is OK with it," Skye said smiling. Lisa was trembling and she felt herself dripping wet. She looked in the mirrors at herself in her panties and the second bikini top. Her mind imagined a camera clicking, taking photos of her.

"Well, I guess," Lisa said, and when she turned toward the mirrors and peeled down her panties, she couldn't resist rubbing herself gently before stepping out of them, leaving her naked except for the bikini top. The view in the mirrors was overpowering and Lisa's breathing and heartbeat got faster. When she reached for the new bottom, she noticed Skye had it, leaving Lisa standing bottomless.

"You really need to see this bottom with the matching top. They complement each other. Take off that top and I'll be right back," Skye said. Skye headed toward the front of the store leaving Lisa standing bottomless. When Skye came back with the matching top and bottom, Lisa was still wearing the bikini top. "Well? You can't hide those amazing boobs behind two tops," Skye deadpanned. Lisa gulped, shaken by the thought of being totally naked in front of Skye and four full-length mirrors, but also knowing that she wanted that badly.

Lisa turned to the mirrors and reached back to untie the top, first at her back and then behind her neck. As it fell away, Lisa held it in place with one hand, but she was light-headed with arousal. She could see Skye behind her in the mirror and Lisa tossed the top on to a nearby chair. Lisa felt and could see that her nipples were fully erect and she knew her pussy was soaked. Skye watched without a sound as Lisa posed and moved provocatively in front of the mirrors. When they made eye contact in the mirror, Skye's face was approving and almost adoring.

Totally lost in the moment, Lisa's resistance broke and she began to caress her breasts and massage her nipples. Her knees literally got weak and, with a whimper, Lisa fell to her knees. She continued to fondle her breasts with one hand as she tried to gather her thoughts. Lisa's mind was racing as she gave in to her most basic needs and her other hand reached down to cup and rub her pussy and massage her clit. Lisa closed her eyes and focused on the electric shocks caused by her twisting and pinching her nipples, and the ecstasy between her legs. She imagined herself being photographed as she pleased herself. The scene was every photo session Lisa could ever fantasize about rolled into one. She felt the tension in her midsection that signaled an orgasm and then she was startled by the feeling of a hand gently caressing her back and her ass.

"That's it babe, let go. You are so sexy, Lisa," she heard someone say, knowing it must be Skye. Lisa moaned and pinched and twisted her nipples more urgently and she rolled her clit between her thumb and forefinger. She looked up and saw herself in the mirrors on all fours, fondling her own tits and pussy and Skye on her knees supportively caressing Lisa's back. Her eyes got wide as she watched Skye lean over to tenderly bite Lisa's butt cheek.

That visual and that sensation put Lisa over the top. Her orgasm started in her toes, but it quickly washed over her. "Oh god, oh good...aaaagghhhh" Lisa moaned. It felt like the wave might never end. When Lisa came back to earth, she was still naked on her knees with her face on the floor, and she was damp with sweat. Skye appeared with a glass of cold water, and Lisa felt self-conscious. Skye knelt next to Lisa and stroked her back as Lisa drank.

"Relax, Lisa, that was incredibly beautiful. Thank you for letting me share it with you," Skye said quietly. "By the way, I wrapped up the second one that you liked most. And management decided it's a 2-for-1 sale, so you can have the last one for free. You will look amazing in it," Skye added.

Lisa was stunned and suddenly comfortable in her nakedness. "How did you know I like that one the most?" Lisa asked.

"Your face is tells a lot about your wants and needs," Skye said smiling.

Lisa eventually gathered her wits, got dressed, paid for the one suit and slipped a $50 bill into Skye's back pocket with her cell phone number on it. "I should get back to the hotel. Thank you so, so much, Skye" Lisa said.

"Totally my pleasure," Skye whispered and leaned in for a soft kiss on Lisa's lips. As Lisa stepped out of the store, Skye looked into Lisa's eyes and said, "By the way, I had a feeling you liked seeing yourself in the mirror. So, to remember me, you can just look at your phone." The door closed and Skye was gone before Lisa could even ask how Skye knew that too.

As Lisa floated down the street, she looked at her phone and saw eight photos of a post-orgasmic Lisa naked on her knees and head resting on her arms on the floor. They were perfectly composed, capturing the moment, the effect of the mirrors, and Lisa's total sexual satisfaction. Lisa's hand shook as she looked at the photos, she found everyone mesmerizing and erotic.

Lisa's phone signaled that she received a text. It was from Skye: "I promise those are the only photos I took. Thank you again for letting me share that amazing experience. You're welcome to send me pix of you in those sexy suits though. XOXOXO Skye".