Two more crew become submissive slaves, though not to Joshua. This chapter contains, oral, anal, lesbian, and interracial sex. It also contains bondage and discipline, public sex, group sex, and a train. COVID and STD's don't exist in this fantasy world. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for is editorial help. Any mistakes remain mine alone.

My Voyage of Discovery, Ch 8 - Two New Slaves

At 0500, my alarm went off and I took her into Master's bathroom. She was rubbing her eyes sleepily, still wondering why she had to get up so early.

"Because it takes about an hour or more to cleanse your ass of everything which has accumulated in your rectum over the years. Perhaps longer for you if you've never done it before."

I mixed up the mild soap mixture with hot water and inserted the tube into her bottom, opening the valve allowing it all to flow inside of her.

"You need to hold it inside of you as long as you can," I said. "When your bowels really start grumbling, sit on the can and let it all out. It will be completely disgusting. Then, we do it again. It will be less disgusting, and again, even less disgusting. When nothing but the water we put in comes out, your ass has been cleansed, though we'll still do a fresh water rinse to make sure we don't leave any soap inside."

I mixed up a second batch for me, and filled up my own bottom. I was used to doing this in the past, so I was able to hold everything much longer than she was. Finally, the pressure became too much to bear and she squatted on the toilet and let loose with a great rushing of gas and liquid, embarrassing herself no end. I ignored her discomfort. I had my own to worry about. When she'd flushed, I followed up and did the same thing, though mine wasn't as bad as I'd done it a couple months ago and hadn't had time to accumulate the mess which came out of her. We did it again; and a third time. I just needed the rinse after that. I did one more soapy water mixture on Miranda before the water rinse.

"Why are we doing this anyway? Are we getting a colonoscopy?"

We were showering off at the completion. I was soaping her up good, not enough to make her orgasm. We didn't have permission to cum.

"Not today, no. After you are fucked this morning, you're going to clean the cocks that fuck you regardless of whether they've fucked your cunt or your ass."

"You're joking!"

"I'm deadly serious. After you dug your tongue in my ass to prepare it for the Prime Minister, I felt this was something you were ready to do."

Miranda blushed at the reminder of how she'd licked my asshole, even thrusting her tongue deep in my bung.

"My tongue didn't go very deep. Not as deep as a cock will go."

"It didn't, which is why we've cleaned everything out of us, plus taking this shower. There's nothing inside you to get on a cock as you're clean as a whistle, as they used to say. Bend over."

Miranda nervously bent over and I inserted my middle finger as deep as it would go up her tail pipe, wriggling it around from side to side. I pulled it out, showed it to her, then stuck it in my mouth, licking and sucking on it.

"Now do the same to me."

Miranda stuck a finger inside me, an index finger by how it felt and pulled it out. "Now, without a single clue of what might be in my ass, you wiggled your tongue around as deep as it would go, lubricating me up. This is better, cleaner than that was. If you look at your finger, you will notice it looks clean. No brown spots on your finger as there's nothing inside me now. Suck on it and prove to yourself it doesn't taste bad."

She tentatively tasted the finger pad, then stuck the whole finger inside her mouth and licked it.

"Obviously, a cock which is removed from your ass after climaxing, will be coated with cum. You've tasted cum covered cocks before, so there's nothing new to this process but getting past the idea of the cock coming from your bum. You've just proven a finger is okay, so a cock won't be any different except for the cum."

"Oh, God! I can't believe this. What's become of me? A US Congresswoman who'll be sucking cocks which have fucked my ass." Tears were rolling down her cheek.

I wiped her tears and kissed her, holding her close. "I felt the same way when I realized all I was willing to do for a Master or Mistress. You don't even know all the things I did. In addition to being a Legislator, you are now a cum hungry, three hole slut slave. You're owned by a man who will use you in any way he desires for his pleasure and delight. The only way to end it is with your safe word. You may always use it and go back to your prior existence, which you'd started hating, or surrender yourself to the idea your cunt and every other part of you belongs to your Master. That choice is always yours, but knowing how submissive you are, you should resign yourself to a future of unbridled sexuality."

She continued to sniff tearily as we got out of the shower squeaky clean.

Master came in as I finished drying Miranda off. "Are you two ready? My cock isn't going to suck itself and you need to be spanked and eat before your punishments."

"Yes, Master, we're done. Who would you like to suck your cock?"

"Both of you. Share my cum."

We both knelt in front of him and took turns licking and sucking his fine prick. Miranda's tears had stopped and she sucked as eagerly as I did. He started cumming in my mouth, but I let him finish in Miranda, then we kissed and swapped spit and cum. I was so ready for this morning.

Master's normal ten swat spanking seemed lighter than usual. Perhaps he was saving our asses for our punishment later. Miranda was getting ten and I was getting fifteen, both for cumming without permission; me twice, though mine was being reduced by Manuel's five. We went to breakfast afterwards. Being pressed for time, Master allowed us to feed ourselves. I was already getting anxious about the morning. I expected this to be a day of many nice orgasms and I hoped everyone else was pleasantly delighted by the surprises I had planned.

Being led to the sundeck on our leashes, two beautiful slaves, walking proudly nude to our fate. I was pleased to see our pillories were close together, side by side. Jìngyi would have no trouble reaching both of our cunts at the same time. Edgar saw to it we were both placed in the stocks, our asses pointed at the waiting crowd. Roberta, Kelly and Jìngyi were watching eagerly as they were the only three who knew what I planned. Both Sherry and Manuel were there, dressed in their white medical uniforms, Manuel because he was being punished as we were going to be; Sherry, his fiancé, to watch.

Lynn was holding the paddle. I'd made frequent acquaintance with this paddle. Our punishment would be painful, but not leave any bruising behind. In an hour, I'd not even feel it anymore.

Master made his usual pre-punishment briefing, standing between us. "Miranda, punished today for cumming without permission, ten strokes. Lynn carrying out the punishment. Slave, count out your strokes and thank your Mistress for each one."

"Yes, Master," Miranda replied.

Lynn began the spanking and Miranda counted and thanked her with each swat on her lovely ass. I heard the smack of each one and knew it would be a lovely shade of red when Lynn finished. One thing Lynn knew how to use was the paddle. After ten, it was my turn.

"My lovely slave, Beth, is being punished for cumming twice without permission, twenty total strokes. However, since the second time she climaxed was because Manuel did not pull out of her when she said she needed to cum, Manuel has agreed to take half of the second ten. Lynn will also administer this spanking. Beth, you need to count and thank your Mistress for each one."

"Yes, sir."

Most of the people didn't know what happened. It was in sick bay after all, with only Jìngyi and Sherry as witnesses. Neither of them had said anything. Jìngyi hadn't even mentioned it to Master until I brought it up. There was a small buzz in the crowd, most of them wondering why Manuel, nice young Physician's Assistant, had disobeyed my Master and made me cum.

Lynn lined up behind me and swatted me a good one, my ass on fire after only one. However, not only did my ass burn, so did my cunt, aroused by what I knew would be happening this morning.

"One. Thank you, Mistress."


"Two. Thank you, Mistress." And so on for ten more strokes.

On the twelfth, I realized I was ready to cum. I was on the precipice of a wonderful orgasm, ready to spring to life and flower from my needy pussy.

"Twelve. Thank you, Mistress. Permission to cum, please."

"Permission granted, Beth," Master said.

It wasn't the next one which sent me over, but the one after that. Exquisite, glorious release, spinning out of control, my cunt spasming for all to see. I couldn't speak, couldn't count, couldn't thank my punisher, lost in delirium. If someone had thrust a cock in my cunt, it might have gone on for minutes. Lynn patiently waited for me to catch up, gasp out fourteen and to thank her before she proceeded with the last one. I couldn't see it, because they were behind me, but Master later told me Sherry was clinging to Manuel's arm, a look of pure arousal on her face, which prompted him to do what he did next. After Manuel was suspended in front of us, still dressed, for his punishment, Master made his usual announcement.

"Manuel, agreeing to taking five strokes for Beth for making her cum without permission. Keep count and thank Lynn for each one."

But he still wasn't bare assed, which is when the rest of it happened.

"Sherry, get up here," Master ordered, in a voice not to be disobeyed.

She stepped forward to where Master was currently standing, in front of me, so I could see her.

"Manuel needs to be bare assed for his punishment. Since you're his fiancé, perhaps you should remove his pants for him."

Sherry unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly, lowering his pants to the deck.

"His underwear too, Sherry. If my slaves take their punishment bare assed, so will Manuel."

She lowered his boxers, exposing his manhood, his hairy ass now aimed at the crew.

"Sherry, slaves are frequently given orgasms prior to punishment as the endorphins released by the body in response help to alleviate the pain they might otherwise feel. Would you like to give Manuel an orgasm so his punishment doesn't hurt as much as it might."

"No," Manuel said. "It's only five. I can take it."

"I don't want your punishment to hurt you, honey. Please let me."

Sherry started stroking his cock, which, as most cocks do when they're stroked, got larger.

"Please, Sherry, stop. I don't want you doing this," Manuel said. It was more of a whining plea instead of an order.

Instead of stopping, Sherry knelt down and began sucking his cock, and caressing his balls, and everything else a loving fiancé would do for her beloved.

"Please stop, Sherry," Manuel pleaded, though also starting to thrust forward each time Sherry bobbed over his prick, now hard and smooth.

She didn't stop and four minutes later, he was shooting his cum down her throat with a strangled gasp. She continued sucking until he was clean, then stood proudly, having sucked him off in front of most the crew.

"Sherry," Master asked, "what are you wearing under your skirt?"

Sherry looked around desperately, first at Manuel, then everyone else, watching, listening, a look of humiliation and despair on her face, pinned in place, by Master's question. Master waited patiently.

"Nothing," she whispered.

"Louder. I want everyone to hear you. What are you wearing under your skirt?"

"Nothing," she cried, tears falling.

"Jake, Chaney, Thomas, all you standing in the back; did you hear what Sherry said?"

"Not a word." "Nada." "Did she even speak?"

"Louder, Sherry, so everyone can hear you, even in the back. What are you wearing under your skirt?"

"Nothing," she said, sobbing, loud enough everyone could hear.

"Nothing," Master said. "Lift up your skirt so everyone can see what you're wearing."

Manuel started struggling, but he wasn't going anywhere. Sherry tearfully lifted her skirt as Manuel flailed helplessly and showed everyone her bare cunt. She didn't drop it after showing everyone, but stood there, skirt lifted to her waist, tears rolling down her cheeks, yet somehow proud? Excited?

"Why is one of my valued employees wearing nothing under her skirt? Proper attire in sick bay requires underwear."

"Because I'm a sex slave," she whispered.

"Louder," someone in the back shouted. "We can't hear you."

"I'm a sex slave," she yelled. That definitely sounded loud and proud.

"Edgar, what is the rule about sex slaves and their attire on my ship?"

"They strip when they come aboard unless they have the permission of their Master and go naked unless directed otherwise."

"What are you waiting for, Sherry. You're overdressed," Master said. "What's the punishment for slaves who don't strip when they come aboard, Hannah?"

Sherry removed her clothes. There wasn't much. Manuel had stopped struggling and watched as his fiancé stripped in front of everyone. Soon, she was as naked as the other slaves on board.

"Twenty strokes with a paddle, Joshua."

"Hannah, check this so called slave's cunt and tell me if she's a horny little slut, ready to be fucked."

Manuel again struggled briefly, but quickly realized his struggles were pointless and useless, so he watched helplessly as Hannah went up to Sherry and slipped a couple fingers in her twat. Sherry moaned. Hannah's fingers glistened when she pulled them out.

"She's definitely a randy slut, Joshua."

"Who is your Master or Mistress, Sherry?" Master asked.

"Manuel," she said, hopefully.

Master stood in front of Manuel, confined by the wrists, his cock shiny and wet, waiting to be punished.

"Are you Sherry's Master?" he asked. "Before you answer, I want you to consider this. If you are Sherry's Master, you're going to punish her today. Twenty hard strokes with the paddle, like the other slaves just got. Furthermore, if you fail to keep your slave in line, I will be compelled to take her myself to keep her under control; otherwise horny little sluts like her will be fucking everything in sight. If I take control, she'll be like every one of my other slaves, available for the entertainment and enjoyment of the crew. So I ask you again, are you Sherry's Master? Will you be punishing her today?"

Manuel slumped. "No, I'm not her Master."

"What are you Manuel?" Master asked.

"Her fiancé, a regular guy. I'm no Master. I can't punish her with twenty swats with the paddle."

"Hannah, show Manuel how horny this slave is," Master called out.

Hannah started stroking Sherry's cunt while squeezing her breasts. Within ten seconds, Sherry was climaxing. Hannah pulled her fingers out and licked them. Manuel was staring at the two of them, knowing his fiancée was now a slave.

"Well, Sherry is definitely a slave, and if she needs to be controlled, who should do it. I'm giving you a choice because you are her fiancé and should have some choice in the matter. I don't think Sherry cares who it is. She'll orgasm for anyone, won't you, Sherry?"

"Yes, Master," Sherry replied.

"Kneel, Sherry." She dropped to the deck, not knowing how, but wanting to and hastening to obey. "The word, 'Master', comes very easily to her, Manuel. Sherry has no problem knowing she's a slave. She's on her knees, waiting to be commanded. Who do you want to command her? Remember, fiancée or not, she will have to obey her Dominant in all things agreed upon, including having sex. You will no longer have any say in who she has sex with, including you."

There was a total hush in the crowd. Except for the deep throated hum of the diesels and the ship breaking waves, it was silent. Manuel thought desperately. There weren't a lot of true Dominants on the ship to our knowledge. Only Hannah, Lynn and Master. There might be others, but they'd likely be in the male ranks if they existed at all. I knew the thought of a man Mastering his fiancé was beyond his comprehension currently. Master had already assured him he would treat Sherry the way he did all of his slaves. That left Hannah and Lynn. I'd suggested Lynn to him for some obvious reasons. Manuel knew Hannah best, and neither Hannah nor Angelique much cared about sex with men, which might be appealing if he wasn't going to claim slavery for himself, but what if he wanted to eventually. He'd be the odd man out. Who would Manuel choose for Sherry?

"Do you want me to choose for you?" Master asked. "She looks like she'll be a delicious fuck."

"Lynn," he cried out. "I choose Lynn."

"Sherry, go lick the cunt of your new Mistress," Master said. "On your hands and knees, until she orgasms."

Sherry crawled across the deck to her Mistress, lifted Lynn's dress and lowered her panties, eagerly attacking her cunt. She had no skill that I could discern, but she was enthusiastic. It still took her nearly ten minutes to make Lynn cum, but she sighed and leaned back, a satisfied smile on her cum covered face after her Mistress gasped in pleasure.

Lynn took charge, saying, "Edgar, please fasten the new slave up face to face with her fiancee to be punished."

Edgar put cuffs around her wrists and hung her against Manuel. He further put a strap around both, securing them plastered against one another. Lynn started with her new slave.

"I want you to count out each one and thank your Mistress each time I strike you," Lynn said. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Lynn started her punishment. Every time Sherry squirmed as the paddle fell, she squirmed against Manuel. Who wouldn't love a naked slave girl squirming against your sex. Manuel got hard again. His cock, which had been dangling down between Sherry's legs, popped up and started rubbing against her slit. I thought Lynn was going easier on her than she did Miranda or me. She was new, after all. Perhaps she did. Sherry spasmed in an obvious orgasm about sixteen strokes in.

"Did you just cum, slave?" Lynn demanded.

"Yes, Mistress," Sherry moaned.

"Your orgasms belong to me now. That will be another ten strokes with the paddle. You must ask for permission to cum and receive it before you may orgasm."

"Yes, Mistress," she moaned, still squirming in the throes of her climax.

Manuel's cock was purple, it looked so hard and shiny, still riding/sliding between Sherry's thighs. Sherry received the remainder of her swats, now increased by ten. She asked for permission to cum a second time, squirming delightfully when she climaxed.

Sherry's punishment over, it was time for Manuel's five.

"Count and thank me, Manuel," Lynn said. "I'm not your Mistress, so just say 'thank you, Lynn'."

Lynn whacked him and Manuel jolted forward. "One. Thank you, Lynn."

He was getting the full deal. His swat sounded much louder than Sherry's. Just as with Sherry's paddling, Manuel was wriggling and squirming against his naked fiancé each time he was struck. On the fourth stroke, he climaxed, shooting his cum between her legs, five feet in front of him. Six hot spurts shot out of his cock as he groaned, gradually ebbing as Lynn waited for him to finish.

"Four. Thank you, Mistress."

Master stopped Lynn from continuing immediately. "Manuel, do you have something to tell me?"

Manuel blinked a few times, looking around, seeing all the faces of his crewmates. "About what?" His cock was still twitching from his powerful orgasm.

"You just called Lynn, Mistress."

"I did?"

"Yes. You said, 'Four. Thank you, Mistress'."

He looked down at Sherry. "I must be a slave, too."

"Rip off his shirt, Edgar," Master ordered. "Slaves are stripped and must remain naked unless permission is granted by their Dominant. Twenty more swats with the paddle." Master waited until he was naked before asking, "Do you also want Lynn as your Mistress?"