Her advert mentioned the possibility of a Mr Grey scenario, fifty shades in real life, too good a chance to pass up, so a phone call and photo exchange led to an arrangement to meet at her house, she felt safer on home ground apparently.

The door was answered promptly and the first impression was all good, the reality matched the photo, although the leather look mini dress, stockings and heels were a great improvement on T-shirt and leggings. She invited me to follow her through to the spare room which was set up for her "meetings", a single bed, armchair and dressing table with a large mirror, lighting dimmed but a couple of freestanding spotlights angled up to ceiling. We talked about expectations, limits and safe words and then came the moment of truth, would she follow the instructions I'd mapped out in my mind or refuse at the first opportunity.

I told her to stand at the foot of the bed, remove her stockings and hand them to me. She took her place and slowly unclipped her suspender belt, rolled down her stockings and removed her heels to enable her to peel them off and pass them to me. I told her to put her heels back on then turn to face the bed and spread her legs so her feet were next to the bed legs, kneeling down I used a stocking on each ankle to tie her to the bed frame and stood back to admire the view. Until now I'd remained fully dressed but my cock was straining for room and I stripped off quickly while she stood expectantly, glancing over her shoulder to see what was coming next. I stepped in close and wrapped my arms around her, getting a feel of her tits through her dress, nipples hard and cleavage moist with perspiration, as I gave her a gentle push in the back she had no choice but to fall forward over the end board of the bed, luckily right at waist height thanks to the heels.

As I lifted up the hem of her dress the tops of her legs emerged and I grabbed one of the spotlights and angled it to illuminate her hairless pussy, labia engorged and glistening with dew. The tan lines on her cheeks showed how small the thong she sunned in was, but I knew the stripes I planned on putting across her would show up well enough. As I stepped away to pull my belt from the loops on my trousers she squirmed unconsciously, knowing what was next. I stepped out of her sightline to increase the anticipation then let the doubled over belt kiss her cheeks. As she tried to stand up I put my hand on her back to hold her down and repeated the dose, careful to put the stripe parallel to the first one.

As I worked my down her thighs, enlarging the pattern she relaxed and I was able to use my hand to feel her pussy, sliding a finger between her lips and agitating her clit which had swollen like a mini cock after the thrashing I'd given her. Juice was oozing from her and I couldn't wait any longer to ram my cock into her, bottoming out with the first thrust she was so wet and spread so wide. Reaching round I flicked her clit repeatedly as I remained buried inside her and her pussy walls started to contract as her first orgasm approached. The mirror showed the performance like a movie scene, her thighs trembling as the first wave of pleasure shot through her, my balls soaked with her juices. I withdrew and used my fingers to prolong the peak, rubbing her clit and pumping two fingers deep inside her, had she not been draped over the bed end I think she'd have collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Her face was buried in the bedlinen, breaths coming short and shallow so the swish of the belt as it came down on her puffed up lips escaped her, but the impact certainly didn't and I had to force her back down as I swung again, hitting the same spot and drawing a howl of pain. Dropping the belt I used my thumbs to spread her labia as I gripped her arse cheeks then drove my cock back home, holding it at full immersion as I gaped her pussy with my thumbs juices bubbled up around my cock as I massaged her pussy. As I withdrew again I was shiny with pussy juice down my whole length and I moved round to sit on the bed in front of her and pulled her head down to force my cock into her mouth, she choked as I bottomed out again between her other lips, the ultimate sacrifice a woman can make.

I reached over her back and spread her pussy wide, seeing in the mirror the sheen of juice over her enlarged clit as I pumped my load down her throat. As she swallowed my cream I sipped a finger into her flooded pussy and she convulsed as her second orgasm hit the nerve endings, even stronger than the first, my hand was awash with juice and the wet hand print across her bum as I slapped her cheeks alternately bought my cock back to fully hard. As I returned to stand behind her and fed the bell end through the muscle ring of her pussy opening the wave of pleasure built and repeated working in the lips of her labia excited my cock so much the orgasm was more intense than the first as I drove deep and pumped a full load in her gaping pussy.

Now awash with my creamy load and her juices she was ready for the next level. I searched through the drawers on the dresser, finally revealing her remote love egg and the hand set that she'd mentioned when we were only online searchers It disappeared into the pink folds of her pussy with no resistance and I sat back to work the controls and admire the view.

Level 1 elicited a soft moan and a wriggle of the hips which suggested it was hitting the spot, so I dialled up 2 and was rewarded with more agitation in her hips and a leaking dribble of fluid. I reached out to tease her clit as I ramped up to 3, she was certainly enjoying the loss of control now, pushing back on my thumb as I teased her and begging for the final level on the scale. I obliged her desire and the resultant earthquake left her breathless and overflowing, juices running in little rivulets down her illuminated thighs, the magic bauble reappeared explosively and I just managed to catch it and quickly offer it to her mouth, she took it in instantly and soon cleaned it up, relishing the taste as her trembling abated and she collapsed over the bed end.

Obviously this widespread abuse was going to be a regular feature of our future relationship.