By the time I pulled into our apartment complex, I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach. I wasn't sure if it was because I was nervous about seeing Don, getting fucked well by a huge cock, or simply the result of having a full-body orgasm that refused to subside.

I looked in my review mirror to make sure I was still the same girl I was before the events of this crazy day. A car pulled in next to me. It was Ronnie and Kris, the two guys who lived at the end of the complex. We all got out of our cars at the same time. "Hi Kim." Hi Kim!" They said.

They had a third guy with them I'd never seen before. "Kim, this is my cousin, Bradley. He'll be staying with us for a few days. He's a painter," Ronnie said.

"Hi," I said as I tried to shake his hand. He lifted my hand to his lips and softly kissed it. "enchanté," he said. Like Ronnie and Kris, Bradley was hot. Not Midwestern boy, hot. More like big city, European hot.

We all parted ways and I nervously walked to my door. What was I going to tell Don? Would he be able to tell I'd been completely and thoroughly fucked? As soon as I walked through the door I ran into him.

"Hey Kim! I'm running late, but as soon as I get back, I want to hear all about your day. Bye Babe!" He gave me a kiss and quickly went out the door. For a split second I was afraid he'd notice that my lips had been around another man's cock, but he didn't. whew! I lucked out. I'd have time to compose myself before having to face Don again.

I felt considerable wetness between my legs. My paranoia was telling me it was Terrance's cum. I reached my hand down my pants to check. I was shockingly wet. I put my fingers to my tongue and took a taste. Nope, this was all me. I needed to take care of this.

I went up to my bedroom and quickly removed my clothes. I jumped into bed and reached my hand down to my sopping wet pussy. I started replaying in my mind the events of my day. Did I really get impaled by an exquisite huge black cock? Did I really get to suck that beautiful cock and let it cum in my tight pussy? These thoughts were sending me to a near instant orgasm. I slowed down. I wanted this one to last.

I removed my hand from my pussy and reached both hands up to pinch my nipples. The harder I pinched them, the harder I needed them to be pinched. I pulled hard at them. I loved the pain and desperately wanted more. AAHHH I relaxed my head against the pillow, soaking up this sexual bliss. I felt transformed as I pulled and squeezed my nipples.

Suddenly, there was a knock at my door. Oh shit!

I quickly threw on an old tee shirt and my pajama shorts and hurried downstairs. I opened the door to find Bradley standing there.

"Hello Kim. Sorry to pop over unannounced. I hope this is a good time."

I invited him in and he continued. "So, like they told you, I'm a painter. Kris said you're a model. I actually love your look and I'd really love to utilize your modeling services. I've got a spot in a gallery in Chicago next month and I feel I'm still one or two works away from being where I want to be."

"You want to paint me?" I asked. I was flattered.

"Yeah. I know you don't know me, but I'm a serious painter. I brought over my portfolio so you can see my work." He handed me a big black book. I opened it to find page after page of reprints of his beautiful paintings. They truly were amazing. All nudes.

"Bradley, these are gorgeous! But umm, all nudes?"

"Yeah, haha. I specialize in nudes. Is that a problem for you?" He said, looking me up and down.

Still riding my sexual high, I said coyly, " No Bradley. Nudes are not a problem for me. When and where do you need me?"

"Great!" He said. "I'd like to start as soon as possible. The boys let me set up a studio in their living room, so it's basically a 15 second walk for you. We can start right now if you're free."

"Give me thirty minutes. I'll meet you there."

"Perfect!" He said and headed out the door.

Once again, my mind was spinning. I didn't even know Bradley, so being naked in front of him didn't stress me out. The question that kept going through my mind was; where were Ronnie and Kris going to be the whole time? Surely I wasn't expected to be naked in front of them!

I went back to my bedroom to finish what I'd started. The thought of posing nude for Bradley was turning me on almost as much as getting fucked by Terrance. I took off my clothes, got into bed and resumed my slippery pussy massage. It only took me about a minute to reach a massive orgasm. I was free to be as vocal as I wanted since Don was gone, and let me tell you, I let it all out. Who was I becoming?

I did my hair and makeup and threw on the same tee shirt and shorts outfit I'd pu on for Bradley. I wrote Don a note: DON, WENT TO ANOTHER MODELING GIG. I'LL BE BACK TONIGHT.

I had loads of butterflies in my stomach taking that short walk over to Kris and Ronnie's. He's a pro, I thought. And I'm a pro. Kim, you're a pro...

Kris met me at the door and led me to the makeshift studio in their living room where Bradley was preparing his tools. His easel was set up a few feet in front of the couch. "OK, Kim, this will be really easy for you. You'll be facing me with your fingers laced through your hair behind your head. I'd like your back slightly arched and your head leaning back. Anytime you need a break, just say the word. Ready when you are."

"Oh, OK..." I said. I took a deep breath, walked to the middle of the room, took off my shirt and shorts, and tossed them onto the couch. I tilted my head back, laced my fingers behind my head and arched my back.

"Perfect, Kim!" Said, Bradley. "Just like an early morning stretch. Just be natural." He dipped his brush in some paint and went to work on the canvas.

Off in the distance I heard a voice. "Hey Bradley, you need a beer?" Ronnie yelled.

"Please!" Bradley answered.

Oh my God! He wasn't seriously coming into this room!

I heard voices coming closer. Sure enough, Ronnie and Kris walked in, handed Bradley a beer and plopped down on the couch to watch the show. "We'll be quiet." Kris said to Bradley.

I was facing my two neighbors while completely naked. They drank their beers alternating looks between my breasts and my pussy. Inside I was dying but outside I was the picture of a calm professional. I couldn't believe the balls on these two, sitting there comfortably staring at me in this state. I was getting aroused from my two voyeurs and could tell moisture was building in my pussy. I hoped it wasn't too obvious.

Ronnie stood up, adjusted his obvious erection and disappeared down the hallway. He returned a moment later holding a bottle of whiskey and four shot glasses. "Shots!" He announced. "Bradley, let Kim take a break so she can join us." Bradley motioned for me to join the boys on the couch.

So, stark naked, I sat down between them and was immediately handed a shot of whiskey. As soon as I threw it back, they filled my glass again. As soon as I threw the second one back, they filled it a third time. I was a lightweight, so three shots was about my limit.

"OK, last one!" I said, throwing back number three. The whiskey was hitting me pretty fast. Thank God, because I was completely naked in a living room with three young men.

It wasn't nearly as awkward as it would have been had I been stone sober. In fact, thanks to my increasing buzz, I was becoming more and more aroused. I wasn't the only one. All three guys were making frequent adjustments to their pants.

Full of liquid courage and arousal, I said, "You know, this whole situation is unfair. A gentleman would never permit a lady to be the only naked person in the room." I looked at Ronnie and Kris, totally naked with with raised eyebrows.

"Done!" Ronnie answered. He stood up, removed his tee shirt, socks, and unbuckled his jeans. He pulled them down, stepped out of them and quickly remove his boxer briefs, leaving him completely nude. Ronnie had a beautiful athletic body. His semi erect cock was of average length but veiny and quite girthy.

Then all eyes were on Kris. He threw up his arms saying, "OK, ok..." He disrobed revealing an average body, sporting an unremarkable, average penis.

I don't know if it was just the whiskey, but having these two boys join me in my nudity definitely relaxed the atmosphere.

"OK Bradley, you're turn,"said Ronnie, surprising everyone.

"I'm the painter!" Bradley answered.

"Don't be a pussy. We all did it," said Ronnie.

"You guys are assholes," Said Bradley, as he started removing his clothes. When he got down to his briefs, it was clear why he was hesitant. Bradley was trying and failing badly at hiding a massive erection.

He pulled down his briefs, revealing a beautiful hard-as-a rock cock. It wasn't as magnificent as Terrance's, but it was flawless. Longer, thicker, and harder than most, it was as perfect as I'd ever seen. I just stood there posing for the painting, unable to avert my gaze from Bradley's extraordinary cock.

I started to imagine it inside of me. I started to imagine getting gang banged by all three men. Then I felt it. Ever so slightly at first, but unmistakeable. My soaking wet pussy started drip. First, down one leg, then soon after down the other. Could they see it? Did they know? Stop staring at his dick, you idiot!

I glanced over at the boys. They were still standing there watching, but now their penises were totally erect. Three rock hard cocks stood before me as I posed drunk and nude for the painting. I kept catching myself staring at their dicks.

Kris announced he had someplace to be and left the room. Ronnie only hung around a few more minutes before doing the same, leaving only Bradley and I in the room. Bradley was very focused on his work, but still very, very erect. "Kim, I'm really sorry about this. It's really unprofessional and seriously, the first time I've ever gotten turned on while painting a nude."

"Sure Bradley," I teased. "Don't worry about it. You're not the only one turned on."

Bradley continued painting me until well past dinner. Even though I'd been given several breaks, I was definitely ready to call it quits.

"OK Kim, that's enough for today. If you're available tomorrow, I'd love to continue this."

I got dressed and headed home. Don was waiting for me. "Hey Babe! I'm sorry I had to leave before hearing about your day. Tell me everything!" He grabbed a bottle of wine and led me to the sofa.

I started replaying my day for him. The more I talked, the more he seemed to get turned on. I told him nearly everything, leaving out only the unintentional penetration and the amazing fucking. He sensed my hesitation as I told him about being naked at Kris and Ronnie's.

"Kim, understand something. You can do whatever you want with your gorgeous body. I don't care if every guy in town sees it. It's yours and I'll always support you. In fact, I only consider it cheating if you have feelings. Anything else is just masturbation, using another person as a sex toy."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I personally don't have any interest in anyone but you, but Babe, you're my person and as long as we're together I want to to experience everything in life there is to experience. That include sexual experiences. As long as I feel like I'm your guy and you're my girl, I'm cool.

" You're an interesting guy, Donald. So you're saying that if Terrance called me right now and asked me to come over for sex, you'd be ok with it?"

"Do you have feelings for him?"

"No!" I answered.

"Have fun," he laughed.

I was so turned on, I shoved my tongue down his throat as I ripped his clothes off of his body. Once he was naked, I grabbed his cock and devoured it like a starving animal. Except it wasn't his cock I was sucking. It was the cock of every guy I'd ever wanted to fuck.

I brought Don up to our bedroom and fucked him harder than he'd ever been fucked, as I imagined fucking about a dozen different guys. As hard as he tried, I just couldn't get enough. It wasn't his fault; I was insatiable. The next morning I awoke with thoughts of fucking every hot guy in town. Don left for the day and I walked over to Kris and Ronnie's place. Ronnie answered and invited me in.

"So what did Don think of you hanging out with us yesterday?" He asked as we sat on the sofa.

"He was fine with it." I said. "In fact... No, never mind."

"In fact, what??? Tell me!" He pleaded

"In fact, Don is fine with me being naked in front of anybody I want," I said.

"And casual sex with guys I don't have feelings for. All good."

"Bull. Shit!" He said with a big smile.

"I know!" I smiled back. "Crazy, right?"

"And how would a young man like myself get on your list of casual partners?" He asked.

"I don't know Ronnie," I flirted back. "Just play your cards right." I winked.

"KRIS!" He yelled. "BRADLEY!"

"What are you doing, Ronnie!?" I asked.

"Relax, Kim. We're all friends." He answered. My arousal was now mixed with high anxiety.

Bradley and Kris arrived in the living room together. "What's up?" "Oh, hi Kim!"

"Kim here, was just telling me some VERY interesting things." Said Ronnie. "Apparently, she has a free pass to have as much casual sex as she wants. And the three of us are on her list!"

"I DIDN'T SAY THAT! I exclaimed. "Oh my God, Ronnie! Jerk!" I said, as I punched his arm. I could feel myself blushing and looked down.

Kris took my hand and brought it to his lips. "Well, whether it's true or not, we'll always be her for you, Kim."

"Thanks Kris," I said, rolling my eyes.

Ronnie stood up and gently took my hand. "How rude of me, Kim. I've never given you the upstairs tour."

I sheepishly stood up and let him lead me out of the room, avoiding eye contact with the other boys. I climbed the stairs behind Ronnie with a healthy mix of shame and anticipation. I wanted this. My God, how I wanted this. The previous day's events left me so horny, I simply needed to be fucked.

Ronnie led me to his bedroom, then turned toward me and started kissing me and pulling his shirt off. I reached down to feel his already erect, fat cock. I got on my knees and softly bit the bulge of his cock through his jeans.

He unbuttoned them and in one quick motion, pulled them down with his underwear. I aggressively grabbed his beautiful fat cock and brought it to my mouth. I started sucking furiously. I wanted to taste and swallow his cum, but more than that, I needed his cock in my pussy. I released it, stood up and finished removing my clothes.

Once I was completely naked, I said nervously, "Ronnie, I need you to fuck me as hard as you can, and don't hold back." I couldn't believe what was coming out of my mouth. I fell into the bed and opened my legs, while pulling him to me. He placed his tip at my sopping opening and one hard thrust, slid balls deep inside of me.

"Yes, Ronnie!" Fuck me!"

Ronnie started slamming into me for all he was worth.

"Harder, Goddamn it!" I yelled.

"Do I need a condom?" He asked.

"No!" I yelled. "I'm on the pill. Fill me with your cum!"

He picked up the pace and started fucking me harder. Harder and faster, but I wanted more!

"Ahh! I'm cumming!" He yelled. And I felt rope after rope of cum fill my pussy. Ronnie collapsed on top of me with his cock still inside of me.

I whispered in his ear. "Thanks Ronnie. Go get Kris. It's his turn."

He seemed disappointed when he pulled out of me. He put on his briefs and pants, and headed downstairs. Meanwhile, I just laid there naked, legs open, slowly leaking cum.

Kris walked into the room. I didn't bother to cover up. What was the point? I needed him. "Come here, Kris." I said. "I need to suck a dick."

I slid off of the bed and from my knees, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I yanked them down with his briefs, grabbed his semi erect cock, shoved it into my mouth and started going to town. Sucking an average sized cock is a hell of a lot easier than sucking a big one. I eagerly took every inch of him in my mouth.

I generally enjoyed sucking cock, and even though I always swallowed, I was usually lukewarm about it. I'd have to be super turned on to actually desire cum. But in that moment, I was SO turned on that I couldn't see straight. I desperately wanted him to fill my mouth with his cum. I wanted to guzzle it by the gallon. I moaned and whimpered as I sucked. I grabbed his balls with my free hand and started to squeeze and pull.

"Oh my God, Kim! You're amazing!" He moaned. Sucking, stroking, squeezing, and pulling, I gave Kris a world class blowjob. I could tell he was getting close. I squeezed and pulled harder and harder. It HAD to hurt. I wanted it to hurt. "OH GOD! OH GOD! YES! AAAHHHH!!"

I was not disappointed. The size of his load more than made up for the size of his cock. He filled my mouth and I enthusiastically drank down every drop. I continued to suck and milk his cock long after he was done. I looked up at him from my knees and said, "Can you please send up Bradley?"

"Sure," he said, pulling up his pants and walking out of the room. I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length mirror on Ronnie's bedroom wall. Look at me. On my knees, naked and freshly fucked by casual partners. Who was this girl looking back at me? I didn't know and at that moment, didn't care. All I knew is I was about to get fucked by a gorgeous guy named Bradley.

"Sounds like you're having a good time, Kim." Said Bradley as he walked into the room.

"Mm-hmm," I said, motioning him to come to me. "Bradley, I'm dying to suck your dick. Are you OK with that?"

"Umm, is that a trick question?" He said with a laugh, walking over to me. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Still on my knees, I reached up with Both hands and slid down his pants and underwear. When I did this, his impressive cock popped out and hit me in the face.

"Oops!" I said, popping it quickly into my mouth. I love the feel of a cock getting rock hard in my hand or mouth. He was thicker than I'd remembered from the day before. My fingers couldn't meet my thumb as I stroked him. It was also surprisingly long. I stroked him with both hands as I sucked the head. Once I had him fully hard, I let go of his dick and got down on all fours.

"Fuck me from behind, Bradley." I said with just the slightest hint of shame. He got on his knees behind me and brought the head of his cock to my pussy. He slid the tip up and down my wet slit. He pushed in the tip, then grabbed hold of my hips with both hands. He pushed in a couple more inches, stretching my opening. He withdrew to the tip, then pushed again, getting about half way in. He withdrew again. He felt amazing, but I needed more!

"Give it to me, Bradley!" I shouted.

I felt the strength in his hands as he powerfully pulled me to him while burying his cock as deep as it could go. He filled me up, but the pain once again, ripped through my body. He'd bottomed out into my cervix.

"OH! Fuck!" I yelled.

"Oh my God!" Said, Bradley. "I'm sorry, Kim! Do you need me to stop?"

"No," I said, trying to gracefully manage the excruciating pain. "Just do what I say." I need you to bottom out with soft thrusts at first, then medium, and then hard. But I'll let you know when to pick up the pace."

He did as I instructed, and started with soft thrusts. It hurt like hell, but I'd learned from Terrance the pain would soon subside. After a minute or so, the sharp pain subsided and was replaced my a dull ache and warm tingling that started deep in my belly and gently radiated outwards.

"OK, Good! Now medium thrusts." I ordered.

Again, he did as I instructed and knocked against my cervix with medium thrusts. The pain was gone now and the tingling grew stronger.

"Yes! Just like that!" I could feel something big building inside me.