Shireen Moves On -- Akbar's Perspective

This story continues on Shireen's adventures since she was introduced first in Shireen's Story and Shireen's Side of the Story. Shireen's sexual horizons had expanded till she had a bad experience at an orgy, drifting apart from her husband as a result. The second part Winning Shireen Back and Winning Me Back concerned attempts to successfully fix their relationship. In the course of the stories, Shireen had become quite sexually progressive, experiencing swinging, threesomes, near rapes and more. The story, from Akbar's perspective, picks up some time after she attended a wedding for her friends and lover, following her rescue from ransom seeking kidnappers.


In the past few months since our daughter Zara had arrived, Lily and Shireen had become great friends. Lily was often effusive in her admiration for what Shireen had been through, even though much of the real sexual detail regarding the "kidnapping" in Ecuador had been edited in the storytelling by my wife. Lily was a young nurse, who had helped her through the period from the birth of our daughter, Zara, and had quickly become a close friend.

Dropping in to see the baby and Shireen, Lily had often been chatting about experiences, given that I had gained some notoriety as the handsome saviour of his beautiful wife. Thankfully, no one in the media or otherwise delved too deep. I had received an out of turn raise at the office and I had been interviewed a few times by local TV and news channels. The fact that the kidnapping was faked by Hernan and company would not ever be worth sharing with anyone.

Lily would have fit in very well into the type of persons that we had been intimate with, good looking and open minded adults in their 20s and 30s. She was after all a nicely built young lady of twenty-five with a pretty face and a friendly demeanour.

Anniversaries had carried a special meaning for us for some years now. Years ago, I had encouraged, or rather begged, Shireen to fuck Hernan on an anniversary. One year later she had sent Hernan's girlfriend Kerri to be my present while I was on a business trip. In return Hernan had enjoyed Shireen every which way for three whole days. Another anniversary fell just prior to her Ecuador trip when things between us were not on the level. We sort of celebrated in a belated manner immediately following her contrived rescue, resulting in Zara's conception. Now one more anniversary was nigh but she had not yet fully recovered from Zara's birth and was under directions not to engage in active sexual congress. Knowing the importance that anniversaries had taken in our life in past years, I wondered what she could be up to. My options, as far as sexually involving her, were limited due to orders from her doctor. Shireen, on the other hand, had generally been resourceful and I wondered what may be up her sleeve.

Shireen's eyes popped as I held her hand and placed a beautiful platinum and gold bracelet on her wrist. All around us people at the fancy Italian restaurant took in the scene as she gushed with excitement and thanks at the present. I did not feel out of place when she pulled me forward across the table and sent her tongue down my throat. Rapturous applause broke out, as those at the place appreciated and encouraged our public display of affection.

"Its gorgeous darling," Shireen was effusive, "you shouldn't have!" Of course I should have since it was our anniversary and I was glad that he did. I am sure that she wouldn't have minded a pair!

"Oh not at all," I responded with a big smile, cognizant of how jealous most of the men in the place were. After all, Shireen had worn a dress that attracted much attention. While covering much of her body from the bustline to knees, the dress bared her shoulders and some of her legs. She had worked double overtime since Zara's birth to regain her figure but still needed to cover up the midsection and hips as the flab there was more persistent. Many of the men were definitely drooling at her visage and even an old grandpa type was taking more than a passing interest in her. Maybe he could get a few drops out of his dick later that evening I mused.

"Well, I do have something for you," she replied, "but I couldn't bring it over to the restaurant since what you receive is eyes only for you."

"Didn't Dr. Remington ask you to avoid sexual contact for some more time?" I inquired surprised at her boldness and wondering if I would finally get to fuck her in earnest that night.

"Sure he did, but I am certain there may be other ways to pique your attention," she responded while pushing her tongue against her cheek from inside and suggesting a blow job.

I was ready to leave in a jiffy, but she wanted to tantalize me a bit more, "I would really love to have my first mojito in months," she cooed.

"Let me check on Zara," Shireen left me downstairs when we finally made it home some time later, "and be up for your present in 15 minutes!"

I rushed up to the main bedroom with a spring in his step at the appointed time, hesitating at the door as the room was dark with the curtains completely drawn. As I stepped in, Shireen turned on the small lamp in one corner. It looked like my dreams were coming true and I headed towards her with intent.

"So you want your present lover boy?" Shireen dropped her top, showing me that her breasts were braless and perked up.

"Okay let's see it all," I was already rising to the occasion but game to whatever came next.

Imagine my surprise when the bedside lamps came on, even though Shireen was on the other side of the room. On the bed was Lily, one leg over the other, her blonde hair cascading down in front of her chest, and totally nude. She extended a finger to me, on which a small bow was wrapped.

"Wouldn't you like to unwrap and play with your real present?" She suggested, while lying back onto a pillow, lewdly spreading her legs wide open, and revealing another bow affixed just over her pussy!

This was beyond my expectations. I was dumbstruck, speechless and out of my depth. Sure I had fantasized about fucking Lily, and had even dropped a few hints to Shireen, but to see the young lady in her state of undress left me at a loss for words. I furtively looked at Shireen as to question what was going on.

"Take her, she's yours for tonight," she pointed towards Lily, "surely I can't let you go unfucked on our anniversary!"

I remained still glued to the spot, so Shireen came over and slowly removed my tie, undid my shirt, pushed me into a chair to discard my shoes and socks, then raised me up and pulled down my pants and boxers. I sprang to attention without any further ministration. She took my hand and pulled me over to the bed. Lily sat up and took my cock in her hand, while Shireen brought her mouth up to kiss me, just as Lily put hers around my member. They pushed and pulled me onto the bed, where Lily continued her tonguing while Shireen kept up with the kiss.

I was ready to explode, but Lily slowed things down, handing my cock to Shireen and bringing her lips into contact with mine. I soon was busy twisting tongues with Lily. Meanwhile, Shireen was slowly getting me close to release by running her tongue and fingers up and down my cock and occasionally sucking the whole appendage into her mouth. I could hold on no longer and tensed as she pulled my cock out, releasing his pent up cum onto her face and breasts.

Lily was up in a flash cleaning my cock of with a cloth towel and a sanitizing sheet. She pulled Shireen close and started a kiss that I appreciated for the best part of five minutes before. The girl-on-girl action had me regenerated and ready for action again very soon.

"No big boy, that's all you get from mommie dearest for tonight," Lily told me in a partially officious manner as I looked at Shireen with lust, "your present today is not her but me!"

Lily straddled my midsection, pulling out a condom from our bedside drawer and unrolling it onto my raring to go penis. My hands found their way to her more than ample breasts. She lifted herself up a bit, placed the tip at the opening of her cunt and pressed downwards. I was engulfed in a flash and began to experience my first real fuck for many months. Zara had not been an easy delivery and Shireen had first been asked to refrain from sex hardly into month four of pregnancy, and then again as the birth had been bloodier than normal and she needed to heal from inside. Given how we had nearly come to separate just months earlier, I had been a good boy and kept away from all temptations. Now with Lily on my cock, and with Shireen's express permission and presence, I was ready to go full throttle. Lily moved up and down my shaft with intent, wanting me to rise to the occasion but not go overboard too quickly. As she fucked me, Shireen played with Lily's boobs, kissed me, rubbed Lily's back, and even stuck a couple of fingers that were greased with Vaseline into her asshole. Lily bucked and had a shattering orgasm. I let go moments later. Just about then, Zara's crying diverted our attention. After all, she needed mom's boobs a great deal more than Lily or me.

"I hope I was not too disappointing as a present!" Lily remarked while lightly stroking my cock, "I understand from Shireen that you guys have had some history with swinging in the past few years."

"Well we have had our share of partners," I was honest, "but we love each other intensely and use these interludes to spice up our relationship."

"So I am yours for tonight," Lily offered, "take and use me as you feel!"

Lily did not object when I turned her around and placed her face down to elevate her rear. She figured I was going to take her doggie style. I had often mentioned how pert her backside was to Shireen and was going to discover it on my own. Generously greasing my cock, I lined up behind her and bent over to take small love bites off her neck and back. Lily relaxed in anticipation of my entry.

When my cock did penetrate her body, she let out a scream, since I had sent a good three inches up her rectum. She bucked and cursed but I was in no mood to let go and slid further in till my balls came up against her skin. After a while the fight went out of her, though I could see that tears were dropping onto the pillow. Slowly I pulled half my cock out and she let out a sigh of relief. The relief was only temporary as I pushed forward again with gusto and began to pump in and out of her.

Shireen walked in just as Lily was beginning to feel the sexual arousal from her anal nerves getting tickled. The scene that greeted her was very unusual. Lily was face downwards on all fours, a pained yet sensual look on her face. As I had already come twice in near succession my very erect penis was not giving up any more sperm without a great deal of exercise. I probed and Lily yelped but pushed back. Tears fell from her eyes but the way she willed him to accelerate our fucking meant that it was turning into an enjoyable experience for her. Finally I let out a low yell and fell forward onto her. It took a little while for my cock to shrink and retract, a few drops of semen leaving her asshole and staining the bedsheets.

"Sorry about that honey," Lily winked at Shireen, "he just wanted to know if I was a better anal fuck than you. I don't think so since this was my very first time to be ass banged!"

I looked sheepishly at Shireen and went off to the bathroom to clean up. Lily just threw on her clothes, walked down the stairs and put her arms around Shireen's neck. Their lips touched and remained connected for an extended moment.

"You're welcome," Lily said as she stepped out the doorway, reminding that Shireen owed her for the favour just done, "I am sure you will be there one day to help out little old me or perhaps a friend or two some way or the other!"

Lying in bed with Shireen, once Lily had departed, we kissed and played around till the first rays of sunlight came through the windows.

"Wow, that was some anniversary present darling," I expressed my thanks, "so how do I ever return the favour?"

"Oh I am sure you will think of something," Shireen replied, which to me implied a nice new piece of jewelry or other lucre at the least, and varied pleasures of flesh at the other extreme.

My mind, however, was being bombarded by all kinds of thoughts in every direction and involving countless possibilities. After all, I did have another 364 days to repay the kindness Shireen had just shown me!


"I want you to take me to that fancy new Pakistani restaurant in town," Shireen announced as soon as I returned somewhat late on Friday evening. I loved going to restaurants and spending time outside of the house with her. Not that she was a slouch in the kitchen or anything. It just gave me the opportunity to see her in the best element and to appreciate my great good luck at having her as my wife. While I had no further news from the doctor regarding resuming sexual congress with Shireen, I was almost certain that the night would end with a bang and more.

Lily, meanwhile, had been by a few times since our threesome. Now a couple of months on, she was no longer an object of exotica for me and I probably was just someone she had fucked. There would be a kiss or two and some petting but no full on sex between us. Since I had not been able to bed Shireen either, there was a definite need to put my cock somewhere soon.

Shireen turned heads at the upscale Pakistani restaurant that we went to. The place did not have a liquor licence so the evening was to be dry, but she appeared to want me fully conscious. Shireen had opted for a fantastic Bollywood style outfit, with a short blouse and smart petticoat. Not only was much skin around her midriff on show, every time she bent a bit, her boobs would peek out above the blouse. The associated dupatta scarf hardly covered anything. I was delighted when she slipped one foot out of the sexy sandals she was wearing and brought it up against my crotch. The stiffness there was extremely obvious given that I had not savoured her goodies in months. I was anticipating that Lily was going to make an appearance but wondered why Shireen was being so kind on an average Friday, which was not my birthday, our anniversary, or other such day of celebration.

Unlike at the Italian restaurant, there was a decided hush when she pulled me forward and planted a kiss on my mouth without my giving her any gift. The Pakistani and Indian matrons, who were in the large majority, were shocked that we would be so brazen. Without exception every guy in the place had a pang of jealousy that Shireen was with me. I figured some of their wives would get laid later that night while the men fantasized about Shireen.

"Something special today," I asked, having come back late from work and then being rushed into the shower, the car and then the restaurant by her.

"Why, can't I just enjoy a nice evening with my husband and absentee lover?" she poked me.

"I do hope those are not two separate people," I quipped back, "and how I wish the absence would end!"

Shireen excused herself to visit the powder room as I took my dessert of gulab jamun. It seemed to take a while before she returned to the table, walked around to me and dropped something in my lap. I nearly choked on my food when I realized it was her blouse. The gauzy scarf barely covered her back and boobs. Thankfully due to the low light the other patrons could not see that she was topless. Shireen slid open the two ends of the scarf to give me an unfettered view. As I sat there with his mouth open, she quickly grabbed the blouse off my lap, picked up her heels with the other hand, and skipped out of the dining area and the restaurant door. I am sure that some of the staff got a pretty decent view of her assets as she exited the restaurant.

I made a beeline for the cashier before a scene of some sort developed. Having paid the bill and left a decent tip, I rushed out into the parking lot a few moments later. Shireen simply stood next to the passenger door, having tied the scarf around the waist to fully bare her boobs. There were just a few bulbs around the place or she could really have attracted a great deal of attention more than just from me. I bundled her into .the vehicle as quickly as possible

"I want to visit a park and enjoy the weather," Shireen ordered and I decided to not argue with the odd request.

Since we lived in the vicinity of Atlanta Hartsfield Airport, and parks were aplenty, we were soon at one that looked safe, accessible at night, clean and not very occupied. We walked about a half mile from the parking area till we were at a gazebo that was a bit of the beaten path but had a few chairs and benches inside. Shireen stepped inside and, as I stood spellbound, dropped every piece of clothing on her body and lasciviously sat on the floor.

"Well do you want what you have waited for all these months, now that Dr. Remington has given the all clear," she said point blank, "or are you just going to stare?"

That command brought me out of my funk. The moment I had waited for was finally at hand. Pushing her backwards I brought my mouth into contact with hers. As our tongues twisted around, she worked on removing my jacket, shirt, tie and pants. It was not long before he was I was as naked as Shireen. Working my way down her body, I bit her nipples and reached her cunt. My tongue flicked in and out as I enjoyed the first intrusion into her lady parts in months. Shireen definitely felt tickling that was intense but took all her concentration not to yelp too loudly and attract unwanted attention. It was one thing to be one with nature. It was another to be spending a night in lockup for indecent exposure.

After giving her a good licking, I pulled her legs apart and brought my engorged cock in line with her pussy. She had the quickest foresight to point to her handbag from where I withdrew a sheath of condoms. Understanding that she was not keen on a second pregnancy so quickly, I complied. A moment later I pressed my advantage home. She seemed amazingly tight, which was surprising as Zara had been a big baby and would have enlarged her insides. However, months of refraining from such activity had helped restore much of her tightness. In any case, my cock had grown to proportions rarely ever seen before. While we both wrestled with each other, we also wanted to prolong the contact. I tensed and came mightily just as she had her third or fourth orgasm. We lay there exhausted for a while.

"Should we head home and plan for a long night and weekend," I suggested while removing the full condom and tossing it into a nearby garbage receptacle.

Neither of us cared that our clothing was in our hands and both were stark naked as we walked back to our car. But it was our special day and luckily no one accosted us as we reached our vehicle, drove home and entered via the front door.

"Did you leave any for me or did you hog it all yourself?" Lily awaited us in the doorway smiling, wearing very short clothes, and let us in while still buck naked.

Shireen and I looked at each other in a questioning manner. We had just had one of the best fucks of our life, yet Lily was someone who had helped out in the recent past.

"Akbar's all mine today sweetie," she sort of poured cold water on things, but then added, "but you are also all mine for tonight!"