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It was a few days after the wedding, Tyler and Austin were laying out on the beach, when Austin asked a particularly important question.

"Tyler, can I ask you something that has been on my mind?"

"Of course, you can." He replied with a smile.

"I know this is going to sound like every cliché line from the movies but what is going to happen when we get back home?" Austin turned on his side and faced Tyler.

Tyler let out a little laugh, "I am not going to treat you any different than I am now. If you are not comfortable with me showing you affection around other people, I won't do it."

Austin paused for a moment, "I just don't want there to be any trouble. Not to sound selfish but I have had enough issues as it is."

"I agreed to take things slow and I meant that." Tyler thought for a moment, "I have an idea, we will act as if things are just the way they were before coming out here."

"Are you sure that isn't going to be a problem?" Remembering how Eric had first agreed to this.

"I promise you it won't be." Tyler leaned in and gave Austin a soft kiss.

Austin returned the kiss and soon the two of them were in a passionate make out session. The California sun wasn't the only thing making them sweat that day. Tyler's juices were flowing like a storm swollen river, he needed to some release. He broke the kiss and took Austin by the hand leading him over to a small changing outbuilding. No sooner had the door closed, Tyler was pulling down his bathing suit releasing the beast between his legs. The temperature rose inside the little building as their two sweaty bodies pressed together. As soon as Austin had removed his own bathing suit, Tyler's mouth closed around his rock-hard member causing Austin to let out a moan. When Tyler could feel he had Austin at his hardest, he released him and stood up.

"Austin, I want you inside me." Tyler's eyes burned deep with lust.

"Right now?" Austin choked out.

"Yes, please. I have been wanting that for a long time now. I want to know what it feels like to have all of you inside me." Tyler was almost begging.

"Have you ever done that before? I don't want to hurt you."

"No, I haven't but I want this so bad."

"Okay, but we'll have to go slow."

Tyler kissed Austin then turned around and placed his hand on the wall. Austin took his position behind Tyler and placed his cock at the entrance to Tyler's ass.

"Take a deep breath and try to relax."

As Tyler did, Austin started to push. With another deep breath Austin broke through the tight ring. Tyler let out a massive moan.

"You want to stop?" Austin asked as he paused.

"No, just give me a second. Your dick is a lot bigger than you think." Tyler grinned.

After a few moments, the pain subsided, and Tyler started to push back. To his surprise he really enjoyed that feeling of being full. Soon he was thrusting back and telling Austin to push harder. Austin was really starting to get into it when suddenly, Tyler told him to lay down on the floor. Austin did just that, then Tyler positioned himself over Austin and slowly let himself down, completely impaling himself. He now felt every inch of Austin pulsing inside.

"Oh my god Austin, this feels so good." Tyler leaned down and kissed Austin, "Fuck me hard, make me cum please."

Austin did as Tyler asked. He started fucking him as hard as he possibly could. The two of them got into perfect rhythm. As Austin would push up, Tyler would come down. With every downward drop Tyler's cock would stiffen and bounce up. The sight Austin was seeing was driving him closer to the edge, he didn't know how much longer he was going to last.

"Tyler, I can't hold out much longer." Austin said between breaths.

"Oh fuck, Austin, I think I am about to cum."

No sooner did he finish that sentence, his cock erupted all over Austin's chest coating it with hot ropes of seamen. Seeing Tyler shoot without touching his cock, was more than Austin could handle and his own member filled Tyler up. After a couple deeper thrusts, Tyler collapsed onto Austin's chest. The two of them laid there, breathing heavy, in the afterglow. Tyler kissed all over Austin's neck before ending at his mouth.

"That was amazing." Tyler smiled as he slowly let Austin slip out from inside him.

"I have never done it like that before." Austin smiled as he stood up and started to put on his bathing suit.

"Hope you will want to fuck me like that again." Tyler grinned as he grabbed Austin's softening cock.

"You can count on that!" Austin pulled him in for another kiss.

Once they had gotten dressed, they headed down to the water to cool off. For the remaining time they spent in California, Tyler made sure Austin had the time of his life. When the day came for them to head back home, Tyler could see Austin's wasn't as chipper as he had been.

"What's wrong?" Tyler asked as he zipped up his suitcase.

"I've had such a great time here I don't want to go back."

"Well, no one says we can't come back here on a weekend." Tyler grinned.

"Isn't this kind of far for a weekend trip?"

"Not when you have a private jet." Tyler chuckled, "We don't have to come this far, we can always go to Florida or the Caribbean."

"I'm sorry, I'm just not used to being able to travel like this."

"Don't worry, after a while you'll get used to it, trust me."

"Okay." Austin smiled as he kissed Tyler.

The limo arrived promptly at eleven that morning to take them to the airport. Austin was a mix of emotions, sad to be leaving the fun and warmth of the west coast but excited to see his parents. Once the plane reached cruising altitude, Tyler brought out his laptop, plugged in his camera and started going through all the photos that had been taken.

"What are you doing?" Austin asked as he leaned over.

"Looking at the photos so I can upload some of them to Myspace." Tyler turned the laptop for Austin to see. "Don't worry, I won't say anything about us being together."

Austin felt a moment of guilt set over him, "You can if you want too."

"We are taking things slow. Everyone is not ready to see all the pictures of the hottest couple around." Tyler smiled.

A huge grin came across Austin's face when Tyler said that. "I think it would be okay if a few pictures made it out there."

"Okay, help me pick out the best ones."

Austin moved closer and helped Tyler pick out some of the better pictures. In the end there were a lot more photos of the two of them than anything else. They talked about upcoming events and some weekend plans. Tyler told Austin that he wanted to take him to see the Bahamas and experience the island life.

Deep down, Austin was a little conflicted with how much Tyler wanted to do with him. He didn't want Tyler to ever think that he was with him for his lifestyle but, not wanting to ruin the trip, he kept his feelings to himself.

After the plane touched down and everyone disembarked, they all said their goodbyes and Tyler drove Austin back home. When they arrived, Austin's parents were anxiously waiting. Tyler stayed and talked with them about the trip and shared some of the pictures. Austin's parents looked at each other and smiled knowing that their son was starting to have feelings for Tyler. Once Tyler left, Austin went up to his room to unpack his suitcase.

Austin had no idea how many people had seen the photos from the trip. By the time he returned to school he and Tyler were all the talk. Even though it was not stated that he and Tyler were in a relationship, everyone knew they were and some people did not have nice things to say about it either.

"My god, wasn't it only a few months ago he was dating Eric? It looks like the slut boy has moved onto his next target." Jennifer said loudly enough for the entire class to hear. "Girls you better watch your men. You never know who he is going to seduce next!"

Austin's face flashed red as he walked past her and slumped down in his seat.

Becka spun around and snapped at her. "Girl, shut the fuck up before I come over there and they have to wire your jaw shut!"

"Girls, that is enough! The both of you have just earned a seat in Saturday detention." Mr. Lowery said as he stood up from his desk. "Now I don't want to hear a word from anyone else.

Austin leaned forward, "I'm sorry you got detention Becka."

"Hell, I'm not. That little Trollip is just lucky Mr. Lowery is here; otherwise, she'd have gotten a good old fashioned Texas butt whoopin'!" She whispered as she smiled at him.

"Mr. Montgomery looks like you will be joining them this Saturday. Anyone else? There are plenty of seats available."

Austin was upset. This was the first time in his life he had gotten detention.

"What the fuck for?" Tyler asked as he shut his locker door.

"I was talking in class."

"He's a jerk anyways, no one likes him. You want me to find a way to get in detention too?" Tyler cocked a smile.

"No, that is sweet of you to offer but there's no reason to." Austin half smiled back.

"You going to be okay?" Tyler asked, genuinely concerned.

"Yeah, I will be. I better get going before I'm late to gym."

Austin hated gym with a passion. He was shy and despised having to change in front of other guys so, he would always try and wait until everyone else was done. Once the locker room was empty, he quickly got changed and joined the rest of the class. It was unusually warm, so Coach Davis took the class outside. Austin rolled his eyes when he heard they were going to play dodge ball again. Isn't there any other game they could have played, he thought as got ready. Soon the familiar sound of those rubber balls whizzing through the air could be heard.

Towards the end of the game Austin was trying to dodge out of the way when he suddenly tripped on something and fell into a huge puddle of thick mud. As Austin picked himself off the ground, he could see David snickering off to the side. Coach Davis blew the whistle and told everyone to get cleaned up. Austin was covered from head to toe. He tried his best to clean himself off but there was no avoiding the inevitable, he was going to have to shower to get it all. Austin delayed going in for as long as he could. When he felt that it was safe, he quickly went in and stripped out of his dirty gym clothes and rushed into the showers. Relief washed over him when he saw it was empty. He walked over to the corner shower, turned it on and let the hot water run down his body. He was just about to wash the shampoo from his hair when he thought he heard someone moving around. When he turned around to look, David was standing behind him. Startled Austin jumped back almost slipping on the soap.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was in here." Austin replied as he tried to cover himself up.

"So, is it true?" David asked as he moved closer, reaching around Austin and turning the water off.

Austin swallowed hard, "Is what true?"

"You and Tyler! It's all-around school that you two are dating." David said gruffly as he moved in even closer.

"We are not dating. I don't know why people think that." Austin tried to move away but David shoved Austin against the wall and held him there.

"All the fucking pictures of the two of you in California! You already ruined Eric's life and I will be damned if I let that happen to Tyler!" David pressed harder.

Austin knew he was in trouble and tried to scream but David quickly covered his mouth with his free hand. Austin instinctively reached up to try and pull David's hand away. David pressed even more of his weight onto Austin.

"I don't care how you do it but you will break up with Tyler because, if you don't, I will finish the job that was started in the summer!"

Austin's eyes grew wide as he realized David was one of the assailants, his body began to tremble and shake.

"Don't even think about saying a word of this to anyone because I will go to the principal and tell him that you have been looking at me when I change for gym." David looked away then looked back at Austin with a distraught look, "Mr. Ward, I don't want to get anyone in trouble. If you could just ask Austin to not look at me when I get changed, I would appreciate it, it makes me extremely uncomfortable." Then his face flashed back to normal with an evil grin. "Do I make myself clear?"

Austin nodded the best he could.

David was about to notice Austin's little secret. He looked down and saw that Austin was at full salute, "You are fucking sick. You really get turned on when someone is treating you this way?" David laughed, "Wow, you really are a slut."

And with that he pulled Austin away from the wall, shoved him hard again and released his grip. As he started walking away, he stopped and turned around. David gave him an even more menacing look before punching Austin squarely in the face knocking him flat on the shower floor.

"Remember what I said, do not breath a word of this to anyone!" He reached up and turned the water back on, "Clean yourself up you dirty whore."

Austin was left alone holding the side of his face as the water washed the blood away. He sat there until the bleeding stopped. Finally, he reached up, turned the water off and picked himself up. Barely drying off, he changed back into his clothes and left the locker room. His hair was still wet as he walked into his last period English class. Tyler's eyes locked onto his as he walked past and took his seat. As soon as the class ended Tyler got up and darted over to Austin.

"What happened to your face?" Tyler asked, noticing the red welt on Austin's left cheek.

"I slipped in the shower. Stupid me I didn't see the soap on the ground." Austin replied, not making eye contact.

"You should go to the nurse and have it checked out." Tyler insisted as he followed Austin into the hall.

"School is already over and I just want to go home. Besides, I have to tell my parents I have detention tomorrow." Austin responded, still avoiding Tyler's gaze.

"Okay, I understand. I will call you tonight when I get home from basketball practice." Tyler reached over and gave him a squeeze on the shoulder.

Tyler couldn't help but notice Austin's sharp flinch and looked at him quizzically.

When Austin got home, he sat at the dining room table and started on his homework. He knew that his parents would be getting home in a few hours and he would have to break the news to them about detention. Around six o'clock they called saying that they were working a double and would not be home. When they heard that Austin was having to stay at school Saturday, they were not pleased and said that they would talk about it once he got home. He neglected to tell them what went on in the locker room, which would have ended up being a big mistake.

Austin's mind was racing, and he couldn't focus on his homework, so he decided to go for a walk in the field hoping to clear his head. He wanted to give his tired eyes a rest, so he went into the bathroom, removed his contacts and put on his glasses. He hardly wore them since he never liked the way they looked. Even though the day had been warm, the evening was chilly. He put on his jacket and gloves, turned on the outside light and headed out the back door. The night was silent, almost to the point of being deafening. He made his way past the shed and through the thick tree line that divided his parent's property and the field. On the other side of the trees, the light from the porch was barely visible plunging Austin into a vast darkness. The field was on a slight incline and Austin always liked stopping at the top to look around.

Once he found a dry spot he sat down and looked up into the vast sky dotted with bright white stars. He closed his eyes and started taking deep breaths to try and process the earlier events of the day. The words David spoke to him came to the front of his mind and he had no idea how he was going to break things off with Tyler. He didn't want to but he also knew David could make things really bad for him at school. He was so deep in thought that he had no idea that someone was approaching from behind.

The next thing he knew, his glasses went flying as he went face down in the dirt, someone was on top of him. He struggled under the weight of the person as he tried to push up, but the bigger person easily shoved him back down.

"Please get off me!" Austin begged.

"I don't think you took what I said earlier seriously. I saw you talking with Tyler by your locker." David whispered in his ear.

Austin's heart began to race and pound in his ears, "He was asking me what happened. I promise, I didn't say anything to him!"

"You have ruined enough lives in this school fag!" David punched the side of Austin's head.

Austin cried out in pain, "Please, stop! I will break up with him!"

"Not good enough! People like you will always find a way to fuck shit up. The only way to make sure that doesn't happen is if you are dead!" David moved a little and rolled Austin onto his back before getting back on top of him.

Austin pleaded with David, "Please, don't kill me! I promise, I will leave and never come back!"

"You don't get it. If you are breathing, there will always be a chance that Tyler will try and find you and then he'll get hurt. Eric is gone because of you! He is stashed away in some crazy house. Can't you see the damage you've done and how you ruined his life?! We should have made sure you were dead that night." He started hitting Austin in the face causing blood to spray out of his nose.

Austin's arms were pinned under David's legs, he was helpless, "Please David, please don't do this."

"Shut up faggot!" He landed a few more hits to Austin's face before he pulled a switch blade from his back pocket.

"I will do anything you say, anything!" Austin begged, as his eyes transfixed on the knife.

David stopped for a moment, "Oh really? Anything?" He grinned as he flipped the switch letting the knife pop out.

Austin trembled as he looked at the shiny blade, "Yes. Anything you want."

"You are a whore to think you can fuck your way out of this." David laughed. "Not everyone can be fooled by your seductive ways."

"I-I didn't mean that." Austin choked out.

"Then what? Your family doesn't have money so what else does someone like you have to offer but his ass?"

Austin was silent, he had no idea how he was going to stop this.

"Nothing to say?" David stood up looking down at Austin, "Exactly, because you know that is all you have to offer. Take your pants off but leave the underwear on."

Austin's hands were trembling as he started to unbutton his jeans. As soon as he had them undone, David reached down and yanked them all the way off tossing them to the side.

"Just as I expected, you are rock hard." David laughed as he looked down at Austin, "Roll over, now!"

Once Austin was on his stomach, David got on top of him and placed the knife next to his cheek.