I first met Terry at a coffee shop, he was a tough guy, a hard ass, no one told him what to do or how to do it, he was arguing with my barista about what he had ordered and what he was given, his beverage clearly was not what Terry wanted. This went on for almost five minutes, Terry was furious. I chimed up suggesting the barista make him a new one, to his exact specifications and I would gladly pay for the one he did not want and the new one he just ordered.

Terry looked at me like why was I getting in his business? Who the hell was I, I clearly must have wanted something from him, why was I going to pay for his coffee? did I have some hidden agenda, why would I, a total stranger pay for his coffee and not want something in return? Terry did not thank me he simply stared at me, I gave my order to the barista staring down Terry. Terry was the kind of guy no one crossed, no one made him look the fool. Terry was an alpha male he was always in charge, of himself and his surroundings, no one even suggested he ever made a mistake, I just did.

Terry was a big guy six foot three, a big strong muscular guy, his chest so impressive to say the least, his arms well built strong body builder working mans arms, with big hands that were calloused from hard work. Terry worked construction, he was never afraid of heavy work, he thrived on it, it was his passion. Carrying stacks of lumber or sheets of plywood, or full sheets of sheetrock Terry loved to flex his muscles to show how strong he really was.

Deep down Terry was a nice man, a good man, but he always showed his rough tough exterior, Terry feared to let anyone close to him. Terry longed to be loved and to love but feared letting anyone in close enough to fall for him or he for them. Terry feared his feelings being out in the open vulnerable to anyone, he kept himself guarded, protected, I had broken that protection he had surrounding him.

The coffee shop would be our first time we met, Terry took his coffee tasted it, confirmed it was what he wanted with a nod to me and the barista he walked out the door. Terry turned back as he opened the door to leave, to get another look at me as he exited the door. I got my coffee and was on my way, I had two new clients I was to meet today and I was already running late, I hoped I would not miss my bus.

Terry and I were on the same bus it seems headed downtown, but still he did not say anything to me before or as we exited the bus, as we rode along he did exchange glances with me a few times, the bus full he about three quarters the way back me in the front quarter. As people got off Terry offered an empty seat to a lady instead of taking it for himself. This clearly showed the man was a true gentleman at heart, his hard tough exterior showing he was not so tough after all, he clearly was a nice guy all I knew was I liked him, he was the kind of man I longed for.

Terry and I both got off at the same stop, him out the back door me out the front, him going one way myself the other, I stood at the stop and watched him as he walked off. Terry turned back a few times to see if I was still watching him, and yes I was he had caught my eye, he was a handsome man for sure. Chiseled features with his untrimmed beard, his neck needed trimming, his eyelashes so long, his eyebrows needed to be plucked, his piercing dark eyes, long brown hair tied back, hidden inside his work coat, his almost white hard hat covering his head, Terry did a good job keeping himself hidden.

Terry and I ended up at the bus stop at the same time, he on one side of the stop me on the other. He and I traded looks a few times, I gave him a small wave he only nodded my way, our bus pulled up. Terry allowed women and children to get on before him, he even let me on before he did as we were about to get on at the same time. Terry and I ended up standing again, this time we were right next to each other.

The scent that emanated from him was intoxicating to say the least, a mixture of sweat, overall body odor, from a day of hard labour, the smell of a construction site, I felt myself pulling in closer to get a whiff of him, Terry kind of gave me this weird look like what was wrong with me was I really trying to smell him. Terry and I stood trying not to look at each other, I think if I did really look into this mans eyes I may want to lean in and kiss him. I really did not trust myself near him, there was something that drew me to him.

As we got closer to our destination a seat became available, Terry quickly offered it to me.

"Please take it for yourself, I have been sitting in an office all day, I am sure you have been on your feet sit, relax, please you look tired."

Terry did not thank me he simply nodded, confirming he did need to sit he was tired, no he was exhausted lately. Terry sat I stood behind him I could really check him out his way, the seat behind him became available but I chose to stay standing, I so wanted to massage his shoulders I was so intrigued by this man.

Once at our destination Terry went his way to catch his bus, I to mine and yes I did look back at him a few times, even walking away the man was so hot. The next morning I was looking forward to seeing Terry again, he and I in the same coffee shop, this time Terry behind me.

"Put his on my bill please." Terry said to the barista.

"That is not necessary, I would gladly pay for ours if that is okay with you Terry."

"How do you know my name?"

"From your cup yesterday I saw your name, I'm Tom by the way."

Terry grabbed my hand holding mine firmly in his tight grip, the man was strong no doubt about that one. Terry held my hand in his a moment too long, I could see his discomfort in being vulnerable, just by being friendly with a handshake. I quickly paid for both our coffees and walked out to the bus stop, I stood there sipping my coffee, Terry came out standing fairly close to me.

"Thanks again for the coffee Tom appreciate it."

"You are most welcome Sir."

Terry and I got on our bus and of course it was another ride standing up, this bus always so full of people, Terry stood close to me but did not engage me in conversation whatsoever. When we got to our destination Terry and I got off at our stop, the bus now filled to capacity.

"See you later Tom, thanks again for the coffee."

"Yes for sure Terry, and your most welcome, see you later."

It was another long day in the office, I did not notice but it had started pouring rain it was a cool day as well, as I made my way to my bus stop Terry was there and he was dripping wet.

"Terry you're soaked to the bone, here take my umbrella you could end up sick you're sopping wet, and freezing cold by the looks of you. your lips are turning blue."

"I can't take your umbrella Tom you will get soaked as well."

I leaned in close to him he and I shoulder to shoulder sharing my umbrella, Terry normally would have moved away but the guy was soaked and frozen, I could feel his body shivering his jacket soaked his shirt inside as well. Our bus pulled up Terry and I ended up at the back of the bus standing of course, less people today than usual, Terry stood beside me the man dripping wet.

"Let me take this jacket off you Terry."

I grabbed the zipper and unzipped him out of his jacket, before he could object, I pulled the sleeves the jacket was stuck on him. Terry did not argue he was too cold to say anything, once his jacket was off his shirt was damp not soaked, I pulled my coat off and proceeded to put it on him.

"Tom I can't take your nice coat what will you wear to get home in?"

"Terry I will be fine you wear this home bring it back to me tomorrow morning, you can't stay in that wet coat you will end up sick in the hospital."

Terry looked so funny in my coat it was not his style whatsoever, Terry seemed to warm up a bit having it on however.

"Feel better Terry? You were turning blue at that bus stop."

"Yeah Tom I feel a bit warmer, it may take me all night to warm up I am so cold and so tired lately, hope I am not coming down with something."

"You take care of yourself Terry, see you tomorrow."

"Thanks Tom you are the best guy ever."

Dam I wanted to pull him in close to me hold him and warm him up, kiss him right here and now, Terry and I got off at our stop him going his way me going mine. I got on my transfer bus then raced home having only my blazer and umbrella it was a cool fall day, and it was still raining, I would get in the hot shower once I was in my home. I got home stripped naked I was frozen, hopped in the shower to get warmed back up.

No sooner in the shower my dam phone was ringing, I would miss that call, I was far to cold to get out just yet, the hot water warming me right up. As I was getting out of the shower my phone went off yet again, I quickly grabbed it.

"Hello, yes this is Tom Matthews, okay no problem, see you tomorrow thanks again." I said to my new client, him calling me again.

I spent the night covered to my neck, my nose in a book I was into, the rain and how cool it really it was out, it would take me all night to keep myself warm. The next morning I looked forward to seeing how Terry was, he was soaked to the bone yesterday, I really hoped he was not ill.

Terry and I met at the coffee shop our usual each day, Terry had my overcoat in a bag for me.

"Your usual Terry?"

Terry handed me the bag with my coat in it, the man had the sniffles, he had a full on cold, maybe the flu the man looked terrible, he really should have stayed home was my thought.

"How you feeling Terry? You look terrible, sorry for my bluntness."

"Yeah Tom I feel awful, I feel worse than I look. Thanks for the coat yesterday it warmed me up some for my walk home. I did get home and the heat in the building was not working, and no hot water, I covered up to my neck and stayed there all night, but I could not get warm."

"Sorry to hear that Terry, will they have the heat on by the time you get home today? The weather for today is much like yesterday, you will be wet and cold again, you really could end up with pneumonia if your not careful."

"Terry you're very warm, you can't go to work like this you'll end up in the hospital for sure."

"Tom I can't stay in my cold apartment all day its damp, cold and no hot water, I will only get worse, so work is the better option, besides I feel fine."

Terry and I got off at our stop, I asked him if he would be okay, he assured me he would be fine, as he coughed and coughed, I handed him my umbrella and went our own ways to work. I stopped turned and asked him where he was working. He was working on the new high rise a few blocks from my work. It was a long day at work, Terry was on my mind all day I was worried sick about the man.

I left work to get to the bus stop to catch Terry to see how he had made out, he walked very slowly towards the stop, the man looked terrible, his face was a bad color, his fever that much higher, his energy level so low.

"How are you Terry? I don't even have to ask I can tell by the way you look, you look terrible."

"Terry you're burning up, and your clothes are sopping wet, sit down here."

I grabbed my phone and called a cab, He was going to the hospital like it or not, Our cab showed up I helped him to his feet, got him in one side and got in the other.

"Mercy General please and hurry."

"Tom I am fine I don't need to go to the hospital, really I'm fine."

"You're going, I'm taking you, you can argue all you want you are not well my friend."

I pulled him to me holding him to my chest as we drove in rush hour traffic the streets were so busy. Terry did not pull back he laid his head on me, the man at the point of exhaustion. Terry would shiver every once in a while, he could not warm up it seems. We got to the hospital, they checked him out, he did not have pneumonia, a chest infection. They gave him a prescription for antibiotics he needed bed rest, lots of fluids and lots of sleep.

I got Terry in a wheelchair, he argued and complained the entire ride to the cab, but he was in no shape to walk to the car. I got him in the cab, I gave the driver my home address.

"Tom where are we going? I have to go home."

"You my friend are not going back to that cold damp apartment you are coming home with me, I have a spare bedroom and I will not hear another word about it from you Sir."

We got to my house Terry was not well whatsoever, he had a fever and the man was freezing cold, Once in the house I got his coat off and boots, I took his hand and led him to my shower, I turned on the steam and the rain shower. I started to undress him unbuttoning his shirt, peeling it off it was damp and did not smell very good.

I pulled off his tee shirt the man was a bear, his chest covered in a layer of fur, I had him sit and peeled off his socks them too sopping wet, his feet soaked. I grabbed his belt, unbuckled his pants they too were wet, I got his legs out. I would let the man take his own underwear off, I scooped up the wet clothes ordering him into the shower.

Terry reluctantly removed his underwear hiding his penis and balls with his free hand, the man's body was incredible, muscles everywhere, his legs covered in a layer of that dark brown almost black hair, he had an amazing butt. Terry got in the shower the rain shower head soaked the man with warm water it quickly takes the cold out of your bones, the steam helps keep the heat in.

Terry was in the shower for almost a half hour, I had sweats a tee and a bathrobe and slippers a pair of clean underwear for him to wear, clothes that would keep a guy nice and toasty warm, once toweled off he came into the kitchen he looked so different, his hair loose, he was shiny clean, but his color in his face was not good he looked like he may pass out.

"Are you hungry Terry? Would you like some soup or something a little more substantial?"

"Honestly Tom I am starving, I have not eaten since yesterday, I could not even make myself a sandwich for lunch."

"How about some homemade chicken soup, I always have some in the freezer in case I ever feel like you do, and a sandwich, ham and cheese okay?"

"Yes Tom anything is fine, I feel like such a bother for you, you hardly know me and your taking care of me."

Once fed the man was wiped out, I got him in the spare bedroom all tucked in an extra comforter to keep him toasty warm. Within a few minutes he was snoring, I checked on him a few times, he was out for the night. I ate and cleaned up, I grabbed a book and settled into my bed for the night. I dozed off at about eleven. I was up at seven my usual time.

I got up made coffee, then went to check on Terry, he was still asleep, he looked a little better, the color slowly coming back to his face, he looked a bit more healthy. I went back to the kitchen to get stuff out for breakfast, I called work to tell them I would not be in I would work from home today. Terry heard me talking on the phone, he got up he was weak still tired, but needed to pee so very badly.

I heard the toilet flush, Terry came out his face white, he came to the kitchen took a seat on one of the bar stools.

"Tom I don't feel so good, is it okay if I stay here for the day, don't think I can make it home just yet."

"Terry come on, you are not leaving this house till you feel better, I am off today I plan to wait on you hand and foot."

I handed Terry a glass of orange juice, he was not up for coffee today, I made him breakfast, then suggested he get back to bed. The man did not argue he felt as bad as he looked, I walked him to his room tucking him in placing the thermometer under his tongue he was still a bit warm, but much better than yesterday. I gave the man his pills and he was out for a few hours.