As his eyes feasted on me daily and his body obviously responded, the naughty side of myself grew and grew. One day, I made the decision to finally touch it. I regularly caused it to stand up, so as far as I was concerned, it was mine and I wanted to feel it. He was so shy and awkward that I couldn't just walk up to him and grab it, as that would probably terrify him, so I devised a little licentious plan. I needed a way to have plausible deniability and still touch his pure and abstinent penis enough to be able to imagine it properly. Suddenly a devious and guileful idea hit me as I was getting ready to go grocery shopping one routine Saturday morning. Zachary had no idea that his naughty mama was about to get a little touchy-feely and he was about to get thrill of his young life.

I spied him, wearing only those old sweatpants on the couch and walked toward him from behind. He often set the remote on the sofa-back and, as luck would have it, today was no different. His huge headphones deafened the sound of my footfalls and I swiftly "hid" the remote behind a throw pillow. I then, wrapped my arms around him and gave his neck a quick kiss while saying "Mmmm...Good morning Zachy." He paused his game and said "Morning, Mama." As my bottom lip gently brushed his ear, I whispered, "I am getting new batteries at the store. Have you seen the remote?"

He looked over his shoulder at where he had left it, then looking puzzled, began to rifle through the blankets. The whole time, my maternal arms continued to envelope his slender torso and then, I watched his 19 year old cock spring to life beneath his sweatpants. I had forgotten how fast they grow when they are that young. I so wanted to just go right for it, but he wasn't ready for that. I had to act quickly before he covered his tented pants and I lost my chance to be a bit mischievous. I let go of him with my left arm but held him tightly with my right. I pretended to rummage through the blankets for a few seconds and then I did it! I hastily wrapped my hand around his cock, gave it a playful squeeze and said "No, that's not the remote" and then continued to pretend to hunt for the remote. I then "found" it and looked at the batteries. I nonchalantly told him I was off to the store and left with a huge smile on my face.

That definitely got his attention more than anything I had done thus far. Zachary followed me around the house like a puppy and it was adorable. Of course, he wasn't a puppy, he was a very randy young man who was clearly lusting daily for me and I was enjoying playing my games of motherly, desirous torment Every chance I got, I drew his attention to my mouth or my boobs. The more he tried not to stare, the more attention I received.

Jane told me, a number of times, that Zachary hadn't been calling her very often, and when he does, he talks about me. "Good," I thought. As far as I was concerned, he was mine. For almost a year, I had been his mother figure and I didn't know if I would ever give him back. I know that sounds immature, but the idea of him becoming my son and my perfectly trained lover was a fantasy, I wanted to come true. Of course, when I would talk to Jane, I always tried to assure her that Zachary loved her dearly and was just busy studying and working. I conveniently never mentioned that I had become the object of his desire and he was not my pseudo-offspring and I intended to keep it that way.

My pecks on his cheek started to linger longer and longer when I would give him his hello or goodbye hugs. I also pressed to him as I embraced him in a very not-so-motherly hug. I ran into a problem one day when I pressed against him for a hug. His man-meat awoke and stood up! He promptly pulled his hips back to disguise his erection. I wanted to push mine forward but knew that would scare him. I had to find a way to take him in my arms longer without seeming like a horned up teenager and make it appear like just another ordinary hug. The idea came to me one day as I saw him walk in and set his backpack down next to the door.

The next evening, I hear his car pull into the driveway as I was preparing dinner. He walked in, said "Hey Mama" and commenced setting the backpack on the floor. As he was standing, I closed the distance and was in front of him as his cute little butt was practically against the wall. Perfect.

"How was your day, Sweetie?" I asked as I stepped forward and wrapped him in my arms. I firmly pressed my mid section against his and he had no where to escape to. I pulled his head down so his ear was almost touching my lips and whispered "I missed you." Before he could respond, his cock became rock hard! He pulled his hips back but his ass was less than an inch from the wall. I stayed pressed against him made a little small talk. His answers were monosyllabic and awkward but the more he tried to ignore it, the harder his cock became. I was thrilled.

After a few seconds, I let go of him as to not scare him and said "Why don't you go relax in your room for a few minutes before dinner?" He promptly followed my instructions and disappeared into his room. I happily sang along to some music as I prepared our meal, knowing what he was doing in his room. I wondered if, in his fantasy, he called me "Mama" and wondered what he wanted to do to me. During dinner, I acted typically as we talked about our days. He squirmed a bit, in his chair and seemed distracted. I knew he was falling under my spell and falling hard.

The next day, I was craving a pickle, so I went to the fridge to retrieve one from the jar. As I turned nibbled the crunchy, juicy snack, Zachary appeared and was getting ready to work an afternoon shift. Still chewing, I smiled and asked "Wanna tickle...I mean pickle?" We both chuckled. I swallowed and chortled "I can't believe I almost asked to tickle your pickle!" He laughed and I slowed down, tilted my head and gave him a seductive gaze. I walked toward him, placed my hand lightly on his chest and, with my fingertips gently drummed to my voice, in a sing-song tone and trilled "Tick...le...your...Pick...le...." and continued to walk passed him. I wished him a good day at work and he went on his way.

While I was really, really enjoying myself, I wanted more. I spent the rest of the afternoon carefully crafting a plan. Mama was going to do something devious and perverse but also loads of fun!