"Seems like a rough week, Ky." My boyfriend's text read, underneath a text from myself which was upwards of 30 words of me bitching about work and how I needed a rest.

My phone buzzed again. "If you like I can pick you up in an hour. We can just have a restful night in together x."

I liked the sound of that. Me and Alex had been together for a little under 3 months and, even this early on, he was always good to me. And while it was a little early for any serious feelings, I saw potential in us. He was 27, 5 years older than me, but I didn't mind. I guess I have a thing for older guys.

I picked up my phone and text him back. "I would like that a lot, thank you Alex x." My mind wandered a little but was interrupted by his quick reply.

"Awesome, I'll get the blankets ready, we can put on a crap movie, have a bunch of snacks. What do you think to pizza?" I chuckled lightly, it was obvious he had been thinking about this at his own work.

"Aww you're too sweet, sure thing x." I text back with a stupid smile on my face. "Guess we aren't having anal then xD" I joked.

This was met with some laughing face emojis and a short text reading, "We don't need to do anything high effort like that Ky x."

I sent some laughing emojis back and he replied instantly. "I'll pick you up in half an hour if that's okay?"

I answered with a quick text saying, "See you then x." And sprung out of my bed with renewed energy.

I stripped out of my work shirt and trousers, leaving me just in my socks and underwear. I was wearing a tight black cotton thong which really accentuated my ass and pressed on the small bulge that formed at the front. Alex had given me the best sex of my life on the night I first wore it, and since I had bought myself another 5 pairs of varying colours. They mixed well with the remainder of my underwear drawer, which consisted of a mixture of underwear ranging from cute comfy panties to more slutty lingerie from my past of being more than a little slutty. I considered changing into something cuter, but decided that a nice simple pair was enough for tonight.

I picked up a blue hoodie from my bedroom floor that was actually Alex's. It ran pretty big on my slim, smooth, 5 foot 4 frame, but I didn't care. Even as it bottomed out halfway down my thighs. I decided to complete the outfit with a pair of black leggins which were tight, but very comfy. I lifted the back of the hoodie and turned to look at my ass in the mirror. It had the desired effect of perfectly showing off my plump behind.

There was no point in doing anything with my dark blond mop of hair. So I just ran a brush through it so it was nice and soft. My head tingled as I caught myself thinking about Alex running his big, strong hand through my hair. I let myself get lost in the feeling until I glanced down at my phone and saw there was only 10 minutes left until he arrived. I sprung into action again, packing a shoulder bag with a change of clothes, something a lot more 'dress to impress'. When I had done there was a change of socks, a pair of black skinny jeans, a slim fit white t-shirt, a cute lavender coloured pair of cotton panties and my cropped denim jacket.

Just as I was happy that I was ready I heard the buzzer go off at my front door. I grabbed my bag and left my flat, after running down the stairs to the front door I saw Alex waiting for me outside. He stood at 6 foot 1 and had a well toned, muscular body, I could see the outline of his six pack through his tight grey sweater. His short brown hair blew in the wind but it wasn't long enough to fall into his emerald green eyes. I caught myself thinking how lucky I was to have landed someone so hot as he pulled me in for a hug.

"Hey Ky, you okay sweetie?" He greeted softly, pulling me in tighter. I nodded quickly in response.

"I am now you're here Alex." I looked up and smiled at him.

"Loving the hoodie." He smirked, stroking my back through the soft jumper.

"Thanks, I got it off this really hot guy." I grinned, rubbing my cheek on his well sculpted chest.

"I wonder who that is?" He chuckled and opened the passenger side door. I thanked him and kissed his persistently stubbly face as I got in. I knew Alex shaved his face every day, but I didn't mind the stubble that came every evening as much as he did. I felt like it somewhat completed him.

It was a short drive to his place, usually I'd walk but it was very cold and windy this particular Friday. We passed the time by bitching about our respective weeks which had both been busy to the point of manic.

When we arrived at his little one bed house, Alex planted a kiss on my lips and sat on his sofa, patting his thigh. I took the invitation and sat down leaning onto his chest and just let him hold me there. We put on one of the Bridget Jones movies and our cuddling was only interrupted by the pizzas arriving. We simply grazed on them and still had 2 or 3 slices left each when the movie ended.

I turned my head up to look at my boyfriend and said, "You know, I really appreciated this. Believe me it was needed."

Alex glanced down at me, all warm and snuggled up to him. "No problem Ky. I'm glad you enjoyed it." He finished by kissing the top of my head.

I grinned and stole a look down at his crotch. Then I moved myself closer to him and raised my head so it was level with his. "You know Alex, I could do a little something for you, as a thank you." I slowly bit my lip and ran a finger along his jeans covered crotch before kissing him.

"Just spending time with you is enough sweetie." He replied, taking in a deep breath. "Though if you want to, I'm not gonna stop you."

I took this as my cue and kissed him deeply while grabbing at his clothed cock. Alex's deep moans vibrated on my face as I squeezed on his balls. He struggled to undo his jeans with just his one free hand, so I pulled away from kissing him and opened up his flies. He removed his arm from around me and pulled down his jeans and boxers. His cock was already at full mast, leaking a little precum from the tip.

I could feel my own dick trying to get hard in my tight thong at the sight of it, but it only reached half of its normal 5 inch length when trapped in the constricting underwear. Alex had a wonderful cock, somewhere between 7 and 8 inches and with a nice girth to it. I couldn't resist anymore, leant down and licked up the precum. This was met by a sharp intake of breath. I took a brief second to savour his salty taste before licking it again, letting his cock rub against my tongue.

Suddenly I felt the relative cold of Alex taking the blanket off of me. He wasted no time in pulling down my leggings to expose my ass cheeks to him. "Someone's dressed to impress under that hoodie of mine." He said in a soft tone, running his finger against the string of my thong, pressing it against my hole. I moaned on his cock and wriggled my ass until that was met with a light spank. He nestled his other hand in my hair, stroking it, but slowly applying a little pressure to push my head onto his hard on.

I responded to this by parting my lips and taking his cock in my mouth. "Mmm Ky, you have the softest lips." Alex moaned and spanked me again. "And a very fine ass." He added, grabbing at each of the cheeks and running his finger under the waistband of my underwear.

I hummed a thank you and took his cock deeper in my mouth. Then his hand in my hair went, from gently stroking it, into a fist and he started pulling and pushing my head up and down his shaft, which soon became sleek and wet from being in my mouth. He pushed me down all the way, making me take it down my throat. My own dick responded by tensing and throbbing, my hips moved of their own accord, desperately grinding my bulge on the sofa.

"Heh, someone's getting excited." Alex remarked and moved his hand from my ass, down between my legs. He rested his hand under my dick and balls and grabbed them. He squeezed on them every time his other hand forced my mouth balls deep. I was in total ecstasy and I was certain I would cum just from being groped while sucking cock.

But Alex came first, groaning and holding my hair and balls in two separate iron grips. His cock shot a hot stream of cum into my mouth, so much cum. But I didn't swallow it, not yet, even as it filled my mouth completely. "Good boyyy!" He cooed once his orgasm had passed, he released his grip on my hair and went back to stroking it once I had lifted my head off his now softening cock. Some of his cum leaked onto my bottom lip while I savoured the taste for a moment before swallowing. "You missed a bit, sweetie." He told me before scooping it off my lip with his finger and feeding it back to me while I sucked on his finger.

He lifted his hand from under me and it was glistening in precum. "Looks like someone is still horny." He grinned. "Well, you make me feel good, it would only be fair to return the favour sweetie. How about you strip down to that thong and sit on my lap?"

"Hehe, you know I'd love that." I giggled, standing up off the sofa, stepping out of my leggings which were already halfway down my legs, and then I quickly took off my, or his, hoodie. Now I was stood in front of him, just in my thong, my bulge visibly throbbing, I asked, "How do you want me?"

Alex paused before answering, "How about sat facing away from me, I want that ass grinding on me." I nodded and turned around to sit on his lap, I felt his hot cock between my ass cheeks, the only thing between it and my hole was the string of my thong. I grinded on him for a moment before he wrapped his big, strong arm around my chest and pulled me back until I was pressed against him. His sweater felt soft against my back, which contrasted with his stubbly chin on my shoulder. With my hands holding the backs of the sofa cushions either side of him, and with one of his arms still free, I was helpless. Which only made my dick throb more. My petite body was in the power of my big, strong, rugged boyfriend.

"Do you want to cum, sweetie?" Alex half asked, half growled into my ear, warming up the left side of my face and sending shivers everywhere else. His free hand gently caressed my thighs and lower tummy.

"Yes please." I answered weakly.

He bit my ear gently. "I know you can do better than that, Ky. Beg." His tone was very commanding, and I could do nothing but obey.

"Please, Alex, I want to cum. I need to cum. Please make me cum!" I begged, I would have sank to my knees if I wasn't already being held right where he wanted me.

"There's a good boy. Who am I to say no to you sweetie?" Alex nibbled on my ear and his hand slipped under the waistband of my thong. I whimpered when his hand touched my dick. "Aww so small. Is that underwear a little tight Ky?" He asked directly into my ear in a soft mocking tone.

I nodded and whimpered again when he held the tip of my dick with just his finger and thumb. "Good." He growled, nibbling at my ear harder. "I know you love it when you feel small and helpless." He was right, I had told him at some point in the several hours of pillow talk we had built up. Alex started quickly rubbing the tip of my dick with his finger and thumb, making me whimper and squirm in his strong grip. He carried on doing this, growling sweet nothings into my ear, pinning me to him, rubbing the tip of my dick with my precum making it wet and sensitive.

I couldn't last long and soon I spurted my pent up cum in my panties. "What a good boy!" Alex hummed, pulling out his hand, which was covered in my cum. "Wanna lick it up, sweetie?"

"Y-yeaa." Was all I could say, my voice weak and panting. He rubbed his soaked hand all over my mouth. Most of my load ended up in my mouth, but some glazed my lips and chin. Once Alex's hand was clean he released me from his grip, but held me up when my legs shook as I tried to stand.

He stood up with me and I looked up to his eyes. "Thank you for having me here, and giving me a lovely night."

"It's my pleasure Ky." He replied, then leant down to kiss me on my cum glazed lips. We sat back down on the sofa and Alex wrapped me half naked in the blanket we had used before. It became so comfy and warm next to him, in his arms, that mixed with how tired I was, I ended up falling asleep right there.