Log Entry 1

I'm Dr. Lance Cader and what I'm about to tell you is highly confidential. We have discovered a way to go through time with our consciousness and we have limitations, but it is a start to what we hope will more exciting discoveries down the road. I am going to write some basics down here as more details are in the official documentations that we keep on the secured server.

We have discovered that with the GG-69 program, a person who has the gay gene can connect through time with someone else who has the gay gene. With a team of two, a person can use the GG-69 and "enter" the mind of the subject for a small amount of time. A second person needs to monitor the traveler in the GG-69 chair to ensure all vitals are good and stable.

At this time, we are not sure exactly how the traveler exits the subjects mind but our calculations show that for now stabilization is short lived. I decided that I would be the first traveler as I too have the gay gene and in theory should be able to go through time.

We set the projection time for June 1940, Dunkirk, France to see an account of the evacuation of the British soldiers. Our scan found Jacques Badeux a 20 year old fisherman from the town of Le Havre.

I got in the chair and placed the headgear on and nodded to my assistant Paul. With a twist of a dial I saw a flash of blue light and then. . . .

Opening my eyes slowly I saw that I was on a boat and before me was a British soldier. I could read the thoughts of Jacques so I knew this was Lance Corporal William Chapman. He was unable to get on one of the boats at Dunkirk so he made his way to LeHavre and Jacques had gotten him hidden on his boat to await the British Ships coming to get any remaining soldiers they could get to safety.

"William, we must hide you in the pilot house. It will be a tight fit for the two of us but you will be able to stretch out and be out of sight. I will get us over to a part of the harbor that isn't used much while we wait for your rescue ship to get here tomorrow." With the knowledge I had from Jacques thoughts I anchored our ship.

William told me about his escape from Dunkirk after arriving from the rear guard too late to make the ships. Hearing rumors of the other evacuation points he made his way here. The poor boy was exhausted but even in that state he was a site to look at and I knew from Jacques mind he too was attracted to this young British hunk.

"Jacques, its getting warm in here with the sun beating down on us. Do you mind if I remove some of my uniform?" said William.

"Of course not, I too am warm and am going to strip down to my skivvies."

We both stripped down to the bare essentials and felt cooler for it. I noticed that young William was bulging in his boxers and was hiding a delicious bit of English sausage. I couldn't resist and delicately and slowly put my foot upon his bulge and gave it a gentle rub.

"What are you doing?" William asked with flushed cheeks.

"We are going to be here awhile and why not enjoy ourselves a bit" I said. "Don't be nervous no one has to know and by tomorrow morning you will be gone." I took his foot gently and placed it upon my cock straining now to be contained. I reached through the fly of my briefs pulling out Jacques cock and gently moved William's foot up and down on it. He watched his foot as if it had a mind of its own soon following the rhythm with no assistance from me.

At the same time I reached over and drew his hefty pecker out and gave it a tug. "See, your body knows what it wants even if your head doesn't." I used my foot to gently caress him, slathering his precum on my sole to enhance the experience.

I took his foot from my cock and licked his toes. Sucking each and everyone of them I noticed that William had closed his eyes and was letting out a low moan. He opened them only when he felt me remove his foot but saw me lean toward him and engulf the monster he had been hiding. I licked and sucked the precum flowing from his fountain head and then gobbled him to the base with my nose being tickled by his blonde pubes. He moaned and placed his hands upon my head wanting a quicker pace. I complied and I knew that within a moment I would be getting that English Cream. I wasn't disappointed as he shot rope after rope down my throat. I saved a bit and grabbed his face deep kissing him and passing on the sweet cream he had given me. I could hear Jacques sigh within his mind with a feeling of content as his attraction to this soldier had been sated.

Breaking from the kiss, I asked William if I could sit with my back to him so he could jack me off to finish our tryst. With an unspoken answer he opened his legs and turned me around. Kissing on my neck and ears he furiously jacked me until with a great explosion, I came over my chest and onto his face. He smiled at me at that moment and then a blue light flash and I was back in the GG-69.

Blinking and looking around, I looked toward Paul and asked what happened. He told me that watching the monitors there was a spike in the tele-rhythm and then I was back in my own mind.

Reviewing the recordings of the machine readings, I deduced that upon cumming the euphoria that hits the brain is enough to force out the Traveler's consciousness and revert to the subject's control.

With a hint of the taste of English Cream still on my tongue, I knew that I was in for some explosive exploration and began preparing for the next trip.