When I moved over to England, I was ecstatic. I had lived in Romania for most of my life, but I was finally ready to take the leap. I wanted to take my career to the next level, and while everyone around the world needs art in their life, Romania wasn't really cutting it for me. So when I got the job offer to work as an art teacher up in Newcastle, I was over the moon. I packed my bags, said my farewells to my family and hopped onto the next flight out.

Everything seemed new and exciting when I got there, and for the first time in a long time, I felt content. In the morning, I'd wake up sip my coffee out on the balcony and then cycle to school where I would teach around 4 classes a day. The kids were in their teen years, so definitely not the easiest age to deal with. But most of them seemed to enjoy art class, and the rest of the staff were pretty nice too. After school, I would go back home where I would spend the rest of my day making art, tending to my plants and cuddling my cat.

I'd occasionally go out for dinner with my friends from work, and I went to yoga classes twice a week too. But two years later and a couple of months into the pandemic my not so boring life became rather dull. I tried a bunch of things, I started reading more, binge-watched some series and even took up embroidery, but they just weren't doing it for me. There was one thing that was missing in my life, and I knew exactly what it was.

I was looking for a guy.

Not just any guy though. He would have to independent and have his own things to do, cause I wanted to continue all of my hobbies. I didn't want someone who would come and take over my life, but someone who could accompany me through it. A guy would respect me for who I am. Someone that I could have a proper intellectual conversation with other than discussing the latest trend on social media. Ideally, one who liked to read books, because readers always have colourful minds, and exciting things to say. He wouldn't have to be athletic, but would definitely need to have enough stamina to keep things interesting in the bedroom. And ideally taller than me, that would be a plus.

Over the past couple of years, I've always told myself that I am independent and don't need a man. But the truth is that I want one in my life, and I've had this little voice in me pushing me to get back into the dating scene. So when I saw the new Math teacher Mr Jake, I couldn't help myself but daydream.

Ooh, la la. I mean, really though. A girl can dream. Honestly, Mr Jake is the definition of the perfect guy for me. He's fairly tall and well built, not too much but certainly works out. He's got soft brown curls with a clean shave, and a pair of brown eyes that could instantly turn anyone into jello. He always wore a button shirt, neatly tucked into his pants and slightly rolled up at his sleeves. Just enough to show off his sexy forearms and manly hands which now that I think of it do not really match those of a Math teacher. His fingertips were always lightly stained with a dark shade, he was probably into cars on the side.

When I moved to England, I used to find myself captivated by their sexy accents, especially the posh ones. But nothing sounded as good as Mr Jake.

His deep voice had a gentle flow to it, allowing his word to roll over the tip of his tongue, through his pouty lips. Making it seem like the world was on pause whenever he spoke to me. I remember the first time we talked to each other was at the coffee bar.

He came up behind me in the line and mumbled "All these strange names for coffee. I never know what to order. I'm just looking for a normal black coffee, any idea which one I should get?"

I turned around and found this fuzzled up man behind me, his eyebrows all scrunched up as if he was trying to solve some equation. He had one hand behind his neck, and the other one tucked away into his back pocket. He didn't have a briefcase or anything of the sort, so I wasn't entirely sure what to think of him. He looked like a cross between a very well dressed alumni student and a teacher. If I had to guess I'd say he was in his early thirties and truthfully, I wasn't that far off because I later found out that he's 36 years old.

"Well, you should ask for a Tall Americano then," I said, smiling at his still confused expression. "It's black coffee, in a medium cup. It's what you want to get. Trust me".

And with that, I twirled my skirt away, picked up my coffee and walked off to the closest bench. I closed my eyes and leaned slightly backwards, taking in what little sun England had to offer.

"I'm sorry, may I sit next to you? Ms... Uhm. Rebecca?"

I opened my eyes and found the same gorgeous quizzical face staring back at me.

"How'd you know my name?" I asked, squinting and placing the palm of my hand over my forehead to create shade.

"The coffee cup. It kind of gives it away, it says Rebecca on it" he said with a chuckle, pointing at my paper cup. "I'm Jake by the way. I'm the new Math teacher," He said, reaching out his hand for a shake.

I moved over to the side of the bench, making space for him to sit down, and we spent the rest of the hour, chatting away. The whole time he spoke, I kept looking at his lips, there was something almost hypnotising about the way he spoke.

In fact, I didn't really absorb a lot of what he was saying, all I got was that he worked in a different school before but the kids there were too stuck up. And that he missed the countryside, that's why he moved out here.

The time went by quickly, and we both had to go off to our classes, but over the following weeks, we kept meeting up for coffee. Chatting about our latest encounters in life, and subtly flirting with each other. Needless to say, every day after school, I would go home and think about Mr Jake, and how I'd love to run my hands through his curls and just press my lips onto his.

I wondered if he was a slow and passionate kisser. The type that would say a thousand words without ever leaving my lips. I was also curious how his rough hands would feel over my soft skin, and if I'd lose my breath when he grabbed me by the waist. I couldn't bare to wonder any more, so the next week I asked him for a picnic and to my surprise he agreed.


On Saturday afternoon, we made our way to the woods. Walking through the dense trees, making jokes about each other's accent, and brushing our hands against each other. Until finally, we stopped.

Jake came close to me, and I took a step back bumping into a tree. He leaned in forward, resting one of his hands onto the tree above my head and grazing the side of my face with the other. I felt my heart racing, and I swear I could hear my blood pumping through my veins. I'm 32 years old, but there I was as excited as a teenager who's about to get her first kiss.

I bit my bottom lip and looked up straight into Jake's eyes which were now a few inches away from mine. My hand ran up to his back, and I pulled myself a little bit closer until our lips touched.

So soft. So pure. So innocent. Almost as if we weren't sure how the other would react. But we didn't move away; instead, we pulled each other closer for a proper kiss. The type of kiss that you get when you've been waiting too long for it. The one that makes you feel like you've just inhaled fresh air for the first time. Our lips merged together, and our tongues played with each other, teasing and twisting into a passionate kiss.

Jake pressed his body against mine, his hands pulling me in, nearly lifting me off the ground.

My breasts were pressed up tightly against his chest, and my leg crept up the side of his hips. He moved his fingers down my thigh and pulled me in again for another kiss. But all I could focus on was the growing bulge in his trousers pressing against my burning jewel exposing my neck, and started to trail his lips down to my collar bone. Then he pushed my strap over my shoulder, allowing my dress to hang loosely and continued to kiss my shoulders, moving closer to breasts. I shifted my head backwards and took a deep breath as I enjoyed every single kiss he placed on me. Then with just one finger, I pulled his head up and brought his lips back onto mine.

We kissed again. A deep and burning kiss that had been coming for a while. Jake ran his hand up the sides of my torso and cupped one of my breasts, gently squeezing it over my clothes. Until we softly drifted our faces apart again and looked at each other. Both of us smiling like we were in our own dimension.

"Wow", I breathed out with a grin. "You're an amazing kisser".

"Oh am I? I'm glad you think so," he said with a smirk.

"Shall we find a place to sit?" I asked as I walked away further into the woods.

We kept walking until we found a nice area overlooking the river. We placed our blanket down and sat down over it, cuddling up close to each other. And for a while, we didn't say much. We both just laid our backs down onto the blanket and listened to the water running by. Then a few minutes later, I felt Jakes hand gently grabbing mine. Interlacing his fingers and lightly squeezing them until I turned my face over to look at him.

I found him observing me, smiling and closely analysing every little detail of my face. Until his hungry eyes landed on my lips, desperately wanting to taste them again. So I rolled over to my side and kissed him again. This time I was in charge.

I pinned his hands up above his head and moved my lips over to his ear. Gently whispering, kissing and biting his ear. I could see the corners of his mouth curling up into a smile "you're so much trouble", he whispered.

And with that, I climbed on top of him, carefully moving my hips over his crotch, and started to grind his bulge as we continued to make out. I could feel him growing harder, as his member began to press tightly against his jeans, allowing me to easily glide over it and tease my clit. I rocked my hips back and forth, fueling my desire by his growing member, curious to see what was waiting for me. But before I had time to run my hands over him, Jake pushed himself over me and knelt down in between my legs.

He grabbed my wet panties, pulled them down to my ankles and out of my legs. Then he lowered his pants, exposing his rock hard cock, placed a condom over it and leaned down in between my thighs. Teasing me with just his tip over my pulsing hole. With one swift move, he grabbed a fistful of hair and pushed himself into me, making me gasp in excitement.

His cock fit perfectly into my wet pussy, giving me a feeling of fullness. A type of pressure that I had been longing for.

As he started to rhythmically pump himself into me, I licked two of my fingers and began to circle my clit, making me even hornier than ever. I drifted away from the rest of the world, focusing only on the pleasure that I felt. The deep thrusting of Jake's cock and my fingers over my clit felt incredible, making juices leak out of my slit. Eager for harder and deeper pumps. I could sense that I was edging towards an orgasm, and I asked Jake to suck on my nipples, knowing well enough that it was the last thing that I needed to make me cum.

Without even questioning it, Jake lowered my dress and started to suck on my hard nipples. His warm breath contrasted so harshly with the cold air, giving me a thrill and covering me in goosebumps. Until finally, I felt my pleasure peaking up to orgasm and taking over my body. At that moment, Jake pulled my face closer to his and kissed me until I went soft.

A mix of emotions ran through my body. Euphoria, pleasure, excitement. Reassuring me that this right here was not crazy, but it was raw passion between two individuals who had longed for each other. But I didn't sit on those thoughts for long; instead, I pushed him onto his back and buried him into me.

I looked into his eyes and watched him appreciate my body, taking in my beauty as I bounced around over him. Then after satisfying his eyes, he pulled me down and my upper body close to his. And slowly started to pulse his hips underneath me, hitting perfectly against my favourite spot, tipping me over to my second orgasm.

My body went limp over him, absorbing the throbbing through my inner walls as we continued to fuck slowly. Taking our sweet time, inhaling other's breath, kissing and just being present in that moment.

"Cum for me, babe." I whispered, "please cum for me."

Jake looked at me with delight, he pressed himself against me a couple more time and then shot his warm cum inside me.

We both stood there for a second. Barely moving. Waiting for our bodies to regain the energy that we had just given each other.

Then slowly, I found enough strength to climb off of him and rolled onto his side. Jake stood up and took off his condom, wrapping a little knot over it to keep it from spilling. Then he sat back down next to me with a smile spreading from one ear to the other.

"I think I'm in love," he said, wrapping his arms around me.