I had to go to Baltimore for a business meeting and decided to head down to the hotel bar to get a burger and beer and watch the Colorado / Texas bowl game. The bar was busy, but I was able to find a seat at the end of the bar next to a beautiful lady and next to her, I assumed, was her husband.

They saw that I had a CU shirt on and we started talking about the game which was about to start. The game got started but it was hard to concentrate on the game because Kay, the lady next to me, had the most amazing tits and she was wearing a button up shirt. I was on her left, so I could see in the gaps at her cleavage and lacy bra. Ed, her husband, kept catching me looking and would just smile at me. As the game went on and the drinks flowed, we were all getting friendly. I kept seeing Ed put his hand on Kay's thigh and rubbing it, pushing her skirt up more every time.

We had started making bets on different plays, usually who would buy the next round. Then CU was about to try a 55-yard field goal and Ed bet they would miss it. He offered the loser to pay the dinner bill. I said I would pay for dinner if he missed it. However, Kay has to go to the bathroom and take her bra off if he made it. He said, "That's a bet." Kay just asked, "Don't I get any say in this??" We said that she could pick another bet and we would agree to it. The kick was perfect and Ed said, "Sorry hun, but I you need to lose the bra!!"

Kay left and went to the bathroom. As she returned, you could see all the guys, and many of the gals, enjoying the way her boobs bounced with every step. She sat back down and I could see that her nipples were on full high beam. And she had one less button done. The view caused my cock to harden a bit.

Kay bet me on who would score next. If she lost, she would unbutton one more button. If I lost, I had to show her my cock. I lost and she said, "Pay up." Being at the end of the bar, I had some privacy was able to get my cock out discretely. Ed told her to touch it. She put her hand in my lap and ran her fingers over my cock and wiped up the precum. She looked me in the face and licked her fingers clean. I could see Ed moving his hand under her skirt and Kay spread her legs. He pulled his hand out and put his fingers up to Kay's mouth, she looked around and then licked his fingers clean.

Kay said she needed to be fucked and asked if I would like to join then in their room. She told me that they have talked about a 3-some for a long time, but had never done one. She had bet Ed that she could get a guy to show her his cock in the bar. If she won then she got to invite the guy to their room and Ed would do anything she wanted him to do the rest of the night. She reached over and grabbed my cock and asked if I wanted to join them. There was no way that I could say no. I told her that I was hers and to do what she wanted with me. I had no idea what she wanted!!

She was rubbing both of our cocks in the elevator on the way up to the room. We were rock hard!! When we got to the room, she told us to sit on the bed and enjoy the show. She slowly unbuttoned the rest of the buttons of her blouse and when she opened it, I thought I died and went to heaven. I'm a boob guy and these were the most amazing boobs I have ever seen. She came over and rubbed them across my face. She told us to strip and we wasted no time. Ed's cock was a bit longer than mine, but I was a bit thicker. She pushed us back on the bed and started sucking my cock. Then she moved to Ed's. As she sucked him, I got behind her and open her ass cheeks and licked her ass. I then moved lower and licked her pussy. Her pussy was so wet! My face was covered in her juice as she came on my face.

Ed said that he was about to cum and Kay stopped sucking him and told him he needed to wait. Kay got on the bed on her hands and knees and told me to fuck her. I wasted no time and had my cock fucking her wet pussy immediately. Ed was watching his wife take the only new cock since he married her 20 year before. He knew this would not be the only cock she would have in the future. He could tell she was loving it and he had never been more turned on.

Kay told Ed to get under her and to lick her pussy as I fucked her. Ed hesitated and Kay reminded him that he lost the bet and had to do anything she asked him to do. Ed got under her and he had never been more turned on. A hard cock was fucking his wife 6 inches above him. He had dreamed of this, but never thought it would happen. He moved his head up and put his tongue on Kay's clit and that was all it took for her to orgasm for the second time. Ed then wanted to see how many times we could make her cum. He started licking her like there was no tomorrow. Kay told me to stop for a minute because she could not take any more. She told me to pull my cock out of her pussy, but to stay where I was. I was so close to cumming, but I would do anything she told me to do. Then came the surprise!! She told Ed to lick her pussy juice off my cock. I asked if I heard her right. She wanted her husband to lick my cock?? She said she has always wanted to see Ed suck a cock and he had always wanted to see her with another guy, so by her winning their bet they both were going to get their fantasy. She reminded me that I said I would do whatever she wanted before we came to the room. Kay looked at both of our cocks and said, "Who are you kidding boys?!? Both of your cocks are hard and dripping. You both know you want to continue."

She was right. I was so horny and I had jerked off to stories on Literotica where things like this were involved. I pushed my cock back into her pussy and pulled it out and said it now had a fresh coat of pussy juice. Ed leaned up and started licking my cock and then he took my cock into his mouth. He sucked me for a bit then guided my cock back into her pussy. He licked us both as I fucked his wife. I knew I would not last much longer and asked where she wanted me to cum. She said that I could cum in her pussy and Ed would lick all of my cum from her if I was willing to do what Ed had just done to me. I told Ed to get ready to enjoy a nice warm cream pie.