This is a factual account of my first experience with a guy. I still get a smile thinking about it.

It was the early 80's and I was in college, about an hour away from the home I grew up in. I needed to get home one Saturday and had no car. I could usually take the bus but I didn't want to wait the 6 hours for the next scheduled ride. So instead I walked a mile out to the entrance ramp to the expressway and stuck out my thumb. I had hitchhiked a few times before but with no interesting stories to tell. It didn't take long before a big Cadillac, the two door version, as big as a boat, pulled over and I hopped in.

The guy (I never got his name) and I started to make small talk as we rolled down the highway. He was probably in his mid-40's and a bit pudgy. At one point I remember noticing his hand was on the seat between us. A minute or two later I caught out of my peripheral vision his hand moving closer to my side of the car. I had an instant realization of where this was leading.

I few moments later I felt his finger nudge up against my thigh. Very softly, as if it were inadvertent (it clearly wasn't). I had a strange mix of excitement and fear. Although I had many sexual fantasies about both women and men, I had never been with a guy before.

The "normal" reaction would have been to move my leg away. But I didn't move an inch. It seemed a bit of a dare to him to see if he would take it further. He did. I felt him put his hand gently on top of my thigh and just rest it there. I was wearing my standard summer college attire, a pair of relatively tight athletic shorts and a t-shirt. By this point my hard-on was quite visible, I was getting turned on by the whole situation.

We drove a short distance in silence, with his hand now making gently motions on my thigh and slowly creeping deeper between my legs. I just put my head back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. He then placed his hand on top of my cock and began to gently knead it. I took that as a cue, lifted my hips and slid my shorts down to my ankles, leaving my cock fully exposed. I saw him stare at it and get a hungry look in his eyes. He began to slowly jerk me and I slid my hips closer to him to make it easier. It didn't take long for me to build close to an orgasm. I was going to enjoy blowing my load but he must have also sensed it and said "can I suck it?"

Well, for a college kid who'd had a total of 2 blowjobs in his entire life, nothing sounded better at that moment. I said something like "hell yes!" He stopped jacking me and just cupped his fingers around my balls. An exit was coming up and he slid the car over to take it. I just leaned back in the seat and enjoyed the feel of his hand on my balls.

Just off the exit ramp was a large truck stop. The parking lot was huge and there were not many cars or trucks there at that time. He pulled to a remote corner, looked me in the eye and said "I think you'll enjoy this". Thank God for a late '70's Cadillac, the front seat was huge and he had plenty of room to stretch out and have his face meet my cock.

I felt his lips wrap around me and got a surge of energy from that. He started to slowly move up and down my shaft, but as a 19 year old undersexed, overstimulated horn dog, I found my ass starting to move and began to thrust my cock into his mouth. He placed one hand on my ass and massaged it as he continued to bob on my cock and I continued to piston it in and out of his mouth.

It didn't take long for me to build to a climax. Just as I was about to explode I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled him down onto my cock. He didn't deep throat me but definitely got more of his mouth around me and I was in heaven when I exploded. It was definitely the most intense orgasm I had ever had ... the spasms lasted for close to minute, with me pulsing into his mouth over and over. To his credit, he swallowed almost all of it, only letting a little dribble out the corner of his mouth.

At that point I was spent, both physically and mentally, as this was such a new and unique experience for me. I just sat back and closed my eyes and enjoyed the afterglow. I heard the car start up and move off and we were back on the highway. At this point we were probably 20 minutes away from my destination. We drove in silence at first, then he began to talk a little, telling me how much he enjoyed my cock, how sweet my cum was, etc, etc. That led to him asking me for my phone number. I lived with two (straight) roommates at college and did not want him talking with them. I said I couldn't give it to him, which seemed to disappoint him, but que sera. I directed him to drop me about 2 blocks from my house as I didn't want him to know where I lived. As much as I enjoyed the experience, he was definitely not my type and I wasn't really interested in seeing him again.

I have very fond memories of the whole experience, it helped me get comfortable with my sexuality. It also gave me my first shot of confidence that I could assert a level of control in sexual situations, which was an interesting eye opener for me.;u=19281