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Whatever you do to me, I won't blame you. I didn't mean for this to happen- to tempt you like this. I swear I just meant to lay down next to you. I would never want to jeopardize your relationship with my mom.

It's just that you've made her so happy. I guess somewhere deep down I wanted to feel that same glow she has the mornings after you spend the night.

I couldn't say it out loud, but that's what was going through my head when I saw you sleeping this afternoon. I was tired after driving home from class, and your bed just looked so comfortable. How could I resist crawling onto that big comforter next to you?

I watched you sleep there for a moment. It felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity to study your body in secret. To take my time admiring the stubble growing in on your cheeks and chin, watch the rise and fall of your bare chest. I felt my cheeks burn as I let my gaze follow the slope of your stomach down to your belly button and that patch of hair leading me down to the waistband of your sweats. Just grey sweatpants. The material was thin. I remember noticing the contour of your hips through it. I could see the powerful muscles of your upper thigh twitch unconsciously.

Now I'm here, looking down your body, on a precipice.

I can see your cock.

It's a bulge in the fabric down your right leg. It looks thick.

I don't realize that I'm leaning in until I hear you breathe a little deeper. I snap back and look at your face. My eyes are wide in fear and shame. Yours are still peacefully closed. I watch for a few seconds, holding my breath and my heart is fucking pounding.

Your breathing stays steady and that rush of adrenaline tensing my muscles starts to change. It feels like it's dissolving and dropping and pooling down between my hips in a restless, heavy heat. An urge. I breathe with you for a few cycles and settle down into the crook of your arm.

I'm just taking a nap with you. I'm tired and a little chilly, and you're always so warm when I hug you, so why wouldn't I snuggle up?

Why wouldn't I start to trail my fingertips over your chest? My arm is uncomfortable down by my side. I brush back and forth over the dip of your sternum, feeling the soft tension of your pectoral muscles. Gently- I don't want to wake you up.

The swirl of whatever pattern I'm drawing on your skin grazes your left nipple and you tense momentarily. That same spike of adrenaline shoots through me as I tear my eyes away from my wandering fingers and up to your face.

Your eyes are closed. You're breathing steadily. I study your lips. They're parted slightly. I imagine my name dripping off of them in your golden timbre and lick my lips.

My fingers are tracing their lines on your chest again, slowly swooping around and around. My other hand is pinned underneath my side, but it's restless. I curl my elbow up between our bodies so my hand is pressed to my own breast and start to mimic the circles I'm making on your chest. I can feel my nipple through my bra. Fuck it's so sensitive. I start flicking my thumb over the hard nub, immediately relieving some of the need buzzing deep in my stomach. And fuck, when you inhale your rib cages presses further into me and it pinches my nipple just enough to send electricity flowering out through my nerves.

I barely realize when I've started kneading your chest with my fingers. I've stopped caring that what I'm doing might be wrong, that you might wake up and catch me.

Especially when I look down. Fuck.

Your dick is bigger. I whimper. I need it.

I step off the edge, my hand ghosting down your body as I fall from all reason into base desire. I'm touching it. I trace the outline through your sweatpants. Fuck it feels so heavy and so warm.

Your arm shifts under me but I barely stop to see if you're awake, I'm already sliding my hand into your pants and fuck I'm touching your dick. God it feels so good to wrap around you. Your hips squirm a little bit and your breath deepens, but your eyes are still closed. I don't remember doing it but I'm straddling your leg now, pulling your cock out of your pants while I grind my slick panties on your thigh.

The hand that was on your chest drifts down to join the other in exploring your cock, rubbing a line down over your ribs and navel before meeting the first drip of precum rolling down over that swelling head. I still feel you growing in my palms as I grip and twist your stiffening rod.

My hips are rocking back and forth in time with my hands. My body knows what's next. I know that the pressure of me humping your leg is nothing next to the ecstasy of sinking your whole length deep into my tight cunt. I feel like I'm wet enough to take you in already. I look down again and see that I'm leaving a little trail of slick on your sweat pants. Fuck, daddy. Are you going to wake up and stop me before I breed myself on you?

I look up at your face. Your eyes are still closed. I can't tell if you're still taking those deep breaths that confirm you're asleep. I don't know if you know that I'm pulling my panties to the side of my wet pussy lips and pressing the plush skin to the swell of your balls. You must still be asleep, because you're not stopping me from rubbing my swollen clit back and forth over the ridge of your shaft as I slide this soft wet pussy up towards your cock head.

I put one hand on your chest as I shift up on you, as I drag this sensitive little bud back and forth and grind it on your tip. I feel you take a deep, shuddering breath as my lips part over the end of your dick. I relish how you split me open just a little and I swirl my hips to deepen our contact.

You edge on entering me. I'm not quite ready. I roll my hips and your dick slaps back down onto your navel, now sticky with my cum. I have to ride you, but I can't just fuck myself on you yet. As far as I've gone, that feels too far.

When will you wake up and break that hesitation out of me?

So I grind my slippery little hole all along your length. I lower my lips to your chest and kiss you while I hump your throbbing shaft.

My heart is pounding in fear, just waiting for you to wake up and find me. There's no way I'm going to get away with this. Are you going to stop me? Yell at me? Punish me?

What's going to convince you that the only thing you can do to make me behave is to fuck me?

I didn't mean for this to happen, but I don't think I can give you the choice anymore. I didn't think just laying next to you would immediately turn me into your little cumslut.

I really won't blame you for whatever you do when you wake up.

You're having a pretty good dream. It's kind of a sensual one, you notice. You can feel wind on your skin, a warm breeze blowing over you. You can taste the drink in your cup spilling over your lips and little drops flowing down into abstract paths over your chest. You look down and see that your clothes are gone and you're getting hard.

Oh, this is going to be one of those dreams. You feel heat and pleasant friction rolling up from your groin- it feels like you're going balls deep in a soft, needy mouth, but there's no one there.

You relax into the sensation as your girlfriend appears next to you. She snuggles up against you and her fingers brush and wrap around your cock. Fuck the pleasure feels overwhelming and pure in your dream, each stroke boosted by your unconscious mind exploring the depths of your fantasy. Fuck, your cock head is so sensitive as she rubs it. Fuck, you are so impossibly hard. Your hips start to thrust up into her grip, and the corners of your dream start to slip. Your body engages and you start to wake up. Frustration creeps in- you really want to cum. You can swear you still feel that hand pumping your foreskin, you just need it to go a little faster. A moment later though, the tug adjusts itself to your fantasy- the tight grip around your cock speeds its movement. Your hips quiet and the dream stabilizes around you.

Your girlfriend is straddling your lap now. She's dancing and grinding over your erection and she's so wet- wetter than she's ever been for you in real life and fuck she's rubbing that slutty little fuck hole up and down your thick cock and she's daring you to fuck her. All it would take is you to reach out, grab her, hold her and rut your load up into her cervix.

You sit, stunned by the pleasure of the moment, then you reach forward. As you try to engage your muscles, the dream starts to slip away again. The edges of your vision fold in on themselves as you're slowly pulled back into your body.

The heat of your swollen dick stays constant as you reconnect with the waking world. For a few long moments before you can move, your brain sorts out reality from fantasy. Your eyes are closed. You can't see. But you can feel. You feel wet warmth sliding rhythmically up and down your shaft. You feel shaky hot breath ghost over your right nipple, followed by a kiss and tentative lick. You feel the lace of a bra rub against your stomach, then a soft moan lilts by your ear.

You can open your eyes now, but you keep them closed.

I don't know you're awake, but I pull myself up by your ear, privately hoping that you'll come too soon. I lean up, my cunt teasing the tip of your cock, my breasts pressed into your shoulder. I lean in and whisper,

"I won't blame you, daddy. For whatever I tempt you to do to me."

You know in an instant who's been stroking your dick. My voice is unmistakable, though you've never heard it quite like this.

And of all of the thoughts that could flood through your head when you discover that your girlfriend's 20 year old daughter is jerking you off while you sleep, the very first one is a notification you saw on my phone earlier. That little blip on my lockscreen. The little blip from my period tracking app, notifying me that I'm ovulating today.

The second thought that flies through is another memory. Of me, assuring my mom that I've been taking my birth control as she warns me not to get knocked up by some college frat boy.

Then, finally, you remember the full package of birth control pills I lazily hid in my bedside drawer (the same one you go through when you need to "borrow" a condom). The unopened package of birth control.

Your last thought? It's about how I'm fertile right now. About how my womb is ready to be seeded. How my needy little cervix is just inches of tight wet fuck tunnel away from being coated in your sperm.

You can open your eyes. You can move your arms, your legs, your big dick if you want to.

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