I was sitting in my designer kitchen with my friend, Rachel It was a beautiful June day and I had the bifold doors open. We looked out to the garden and the paddock beyond.

"It's been nearly a year since you married Toby, hasn't it? How are you two getting on? "

Toby was kneeling between my legs with his nose close to, but not touching, my pussy. He was showing he knew his place in this house.

I patted Toby's head and said, "why don't you answer Rachel, honey? Tell her how you are liking married life...go on, it's ok."

Rachel smiled and looked down on the kneeling Toby.

"It is wonderful to be married to Sarah. She is so beautiful and treats me really well. I love being married."

"Aww that is so sweet, You were sure enjoying Sarah's womanly smells down there. It is so funny and so sweet, I could eat you all up."

"Say thank you to Rachel, honey."

"Thank you, Rachel."

"Did you enjoy your stay in the Gynarchy? It is so pretty this time of year."

"Yes ma'am it was very interesting. The history and the architecture and the pretty women. Some days Sarah went sightseeing on her own and I stayed in the male creche at the hotel. I got to know the helpers there and they helped me on the big slide. I loved the ball pit with the coloured softballs."

"Good boy, Toby. I loved sightseeing without a whiny man asking why to everything. You know how that goes, Rachel I went on a bus tour of the city. The parliament building is so impressive and the Women's Museum was inspirational ."

"I sure do. I love the city parks, so peaceful. You told me you had to cane Toby last week, what happened?"

"Well we were visiting my mommy and Toby forgot himself and went to sit on the couch in the TV room. I told him to sit on the floor and then he began to chatter to my mommy about how I had decorated his room in pinks and whites and he had a collection of soft toys to play with. Well he knows he should only talk when given permission and not to dominate the conversation."

"Wow that sounds bad. He is not usually naughty. I see you are continuing with his training. As he has a room to himself does that mean you don't sleep with him?"

"Not every night. I sometimes have a guy visiting and sometimes I like to know he is safe in his room when I am busy doing other things. It's not adult baby style but more dependant child style...you know?"

"I know, my Peter is the same He has a room decorated in pastels and he has to ask me for permission to speak. He is much better behaved now."

"Well, when we got back home I caned him with three strokes right here in the kitchen. He counted and said how sorry he was. He has been better since."

Toby was sitting on the floor looking up at us. He looked so sweet.

Rachel went home after making arrangements to meet again next week.

On our wedding anniversary I took Toby out for a treat by going to new eating place in town based on the Gynarchy style creches. I am member of the club and go with Toby often, he loves it and gets quite excited when I say that is where we are going. I don't usually tell him until we are in the car on our way because he whines about how he is looking forward to playing in the creche.

There is a nice café style coffee shop for the women and a big staffed creche for the husbands and other guys. It has high slide, a coloured ball pit, a climbing frame and, Toby's favourite, a pink dolls house. I sit with the other ladies and watch Toby through the large glass window. He has so much fun and learns how to behave with other gynarchy men....so sweet.

After a while he came out and kissed me on my cheek and sat down. I had a chicken salad and he had alphabet spaghetti on rye bread. Toby is such a good boy. He didn't really understand how romantic wedding anniversaries usually are, he just loved being with me and enjoying my full attention.

It was early to bed that night and Toby cuddled up and fell asleep quite fast after a busy day. He wanted to lick my pussy but I tapped his nose and tod him no, he didn't have permission tonight.

The next day we were both back at work.

I am currently working on a big project involving contract law. I really enjoy it and when it is successful it brings big bonuses....money is my second favourite thing after Toby.

About a week later Toby asked me if we could go to the cinema at the week-end. I was quite surprised as he is restless watching movies at home. I asked what he wanted to watch and he said that the hair stylists where he worked were talking about a film called "Barbies Dream House Adventures." I asked Toby what it was about and he told me in great detail. I agreed and we went to an afternoon showing on the Saturday. He was singing "Let it go" all the way home in the car....he had so much fun.

I bought a frozen CD with all his favourite songs on it and a Frozen duvet cover for his room. He is so precious when he gets excited about things. Last year he fell in live with all things Ariane Grande...he watched her videos and joined her fan club.

I get back good reports about Toby at work. He is very popular with the Stylists and with the customers....he makes great tea and coffee...bless him. There was one incident that I was told about when Toby put too much sugar in a customer's coffee. The problem was he tried to make out he though t she took four spoonful's as though it was her fault. The manger told him off and he apologised to the customer. The manager rang me because she though it was a disciplinary matter and I should talk to him.

Through the tears he told me he knew there was a customer who took four spoonful's of sugar and he was sure it was her. He acknowledged he was wrong and I didn't punish him further. I considered he had learnt his lesson.

There was something about Toby that night that made me take his chastity device off and make hot and slow and passionate love with him. I screamed in carnal pleasure.

One of our favourite things together is visiting our femdom friends for a dinner party. Toby looks so handsome in his suit and tie and I take the opportunity to dress up in my finest outfit. The conversation flows as does the wine, Toby doesn't drink and only eats kids favourites, like sausages and beans, turkey twizzle's and chips and so on. Our hosts understand as all the husbands have similar fare at these evenings. When coffee is served the boys go into the play area in the kitchen and we ladies talk and talk...it is such fun.

After one of these events I had to reprimand Toby for saying he would like to vote in the next election. He knows he is not allowed, and he knows I feel strongly about such equality nonsense. If men are our equals then that means Toby is my equal and that is insulting.

I do love my Toby, we have such fun. I'm considering how far to take his regression to childhood, he seems to like it though.