The next twenty three hours passes so very, very slowly for Troy. He has the wet dreams of his life that night. Waking up with morning wood he craves release so badly. His thoughts are all jumbled. Why did SHE invite him? What could SHE possibly want with him? He's really, really anxious and decides to take a cold shower, calm down and not wank. In the far reaches of his mind he longs for something sexy with HER, but, hell, SHE probably just wants him to wash HER car or whatever. Whatever would be OK, in fact it would be fabulous. Anything, just to see HER, to be in HER presence.

After his parents are off to work he decides to go to morning classes to attempt to keep his thoughts away from HER. Its a useless, bewildering trip as he just floats from building to building, room to room in a daze. Finally he drives home at 1:00 and stews about what to wear, what to say, and again, what SHE wants. By the time he walks out at 1:50 he is a nervous, shivering wreck.

The walk over to the Diamond residence takes less than a minute. In that time he realizes his palms are sweating, his stomach is rolling and he is scared shit-less. He stops at the decorative iron fence defining the property frontage not knowing how he's to get in, but on cue the heavy gate rolls open a few feet. As soon as he's through it begins to close. Of course there must be security cameras he realizes. Up the curving drive he goes, the house coming into view. He's never seen it because of the high stone wall and dense landscape hiding it. Now it looms on the horizon, a multi-story, contemporary gleaming titanium edifice. It screams 'We are rich."

At the elegant entry, he looks around, swallows his high anxiety and rings the bell. Through the tinted glass he sees HER coming. SHE struts like an aloof runway fashion model, every surface swaying sensuously. The door swings open and Troy's meager confidence just evaporates. SHE is beyond drop-dead gorgeous; blonde mane flows over HER bare left shoulder cascading beside an enormous tit. The luxurious tresses fall behind HER bare right shoulder to appear again below HER wasp-thin waist. Chic gold and diamond earrings dangle on either side of a sleek neck. HER breathtaking face is dominated by full, pursed lips and huge, piercing gray eyes. Troy is dumbstruck by HER bodacious beauty, his mouth hangs open, his groin ignites. In the eerie silence HER gaze is taking in his athletic physique as if SHE were stripping him naked.

"Welcome," IYA announces at length, "Come in." HER voice is smooth and sultry, unlike any female he's ever heard. He steps into the foyer, HER exotic fragrance invading his senses.

"Th,thank,ya,you." The words come forth strained and desperate.

"I KNEW you'd accept MY invite," SHE states, sweetly smiling and pivoting on the black marble floor as hair swirls in billowy waves. Glancing back over a bronzed, muscularly defined shoulder, IYA gives Troy a self-assured, sensuous gaze, "Come along to MY great room, hun."

Troy shuffles mindlessly behind a most sumptuous ass which rotates rhythmically with each slow, measured stride. The plump, firm globes are separated by a deep, enticing cleavage and sit atop impossibly towering legs. A cascade of golden white tresses sways back and forth swishing across the upper shelf of HER spectacular rear. The metallic click-clack of extreme platform soles and slender, soaring stilettos echo like gunshots in the vast space. Down-lighting reflects off of HER outrageous, glistening latex catsuit. The garment molds to HER colossal figure like a succulent second skin of vibrant rouge-toned pink. Every single step SHE takes is fluid sex. HER gait is unlike any he's ever even fantasized in its brazen, mouthwatering allure. A hard-on unavoidably blossoms in his slacks.

They enter a vast space and SHE turns slightly to toss a casual comment his way, "You've seen ME several times before. Do you remember?" His mind is flooded with past visions. SHE stops and gracefully turns to face him. For the first time Troy realizes how incredible tall IYA is and not just because of HER, higher than high, heels. SHE is nearly a foot taller than his five eleven height with a presence that exudes erotic sexuality.

Longingly he stares at the pair of stunningly massive breasts projecting outward. They stretch the low-cut halter-like top of HER catsuit to its elastic limits. He is so overwhelmed with lust that he babbles incoherently. This reaction seems to amuse HER and IYA arches HER back causing an already shocking bosom to expand even further out and up. "Remember?" SHE repeats in a tantalizing tease, knowing exactly what HER tits are doing to the horny young guy.

Yes, I, I, da, do," he manages to sputter watching as SHE gracefully descends into the supple contours of an enormous white leather sofa.

"I have often been told I am QUITE unforgettable," SHE exults, one shimmering, shapely limb elegantly crossing over the other. SHE looks up at Troy, long, full lashes fluttering. The twinkle in HER come-hither eyes tells him SHE's certainly aware that he is desperately in heat. His engorging crotch is quite visually obvious evidence.

"Sit there" SHE orders smartly, pointing at a side chair across from the sofa. He willingly,

helplessly collapses into it. "What is your name?"

"t, tr, Troy."

"Uhhh, I like that. Sooo masculine." SHE begins to enticingly caress the top of HER thigh, watching Troy intently. Next SHE twists an ankle back and forth ever so slightly before starting to bob a shiny, soft pink pump very close to his shin. Its spiked heel is pencil-thin and must be at least nine or ten inches tall. Its open vamp displays HER dainty, gold polished toenails. Troy is silently, hopelessly enthralled by the tantalizing dreamscape IYA is so easily creating.

Suddenly SHE purrs, "Something to drink, babe? Iced tea maybe?"

"Yes, pl, please."

IYA raises one of HER arms, its length from ample bicep to slender fingers coated in a glove of pink latex matching HER catsuit. SHE presses on a jeweled bracelet. In response, a chime sounds seemingly throughout the house. In a few seconds a male appears from the hall. He's wearing loose shorts and a muscle shirt and looks like an NFL lineman.

"Yes, m'lady," he drones, bowing his head somewhat.

"Bring MY young lad an iced tea and refresh my champagne," SHE orders in a matter-of-fact tone not looking at this guy at all. HE dips his head and swiftly leaves.

"That's Ronnie, one of MY personal servants." As Troy takes in that info he watches HER

lean backward against the soft leather spreading out HER arms and resting them along the sofa back. This pose amplifies the enormity of HER upper torso and gigantic breasts in a purposely bold move. "He's properly responsive, trained to cater to all my needs," She arrogantly adds observing an uncontrollable quiver engulf the youth's body. No doubt he is ravenously turned on.

"How about you Troy?" SHE queries, tongue then circling HER full, glossy lips.

Thoughtlessly he stammers, "I'd ca, cater to ya, your nee..."

IYA quickly interrupts with a snicker, "Hum, hum you would I'm sure, but... I meant tell ME about yourself." Troy realizes his mistake and a full-on blush sweeps up his face. SHE extends a latex-clad leg and lightly brushes up his calf with the side of HER patent pump sending his erection into overdrive.

"I want to know all about MY cute neighbor boy," SHE whisper breathlessly.

Troy is in all-out engorgement now. He can't possible disguise the extra large bulge in his slacks, its summit pressing relentlessly against the underside of his belt wanting more room.

The eyes of IYA are laser focused on his cock, a cunning smile washing over HER glamorous face. This wicked scrutiny simply drives him to even further hardness which is most certainly HER intent.

Troy struggles to speak, babbling virtual nonsense about family and school until SHE interrupts again. "Baby," IYA murmurs seductively, "I want to know the juicy stuff."

HER shoe ceases its subtle tease of his shaking leg and slides back. That movement is accompanied by just a slight splaying of HER statuesque legs which gives him a fleeting view of an imposing cameltoe. SHE quickly re-crosses HER sleek limbs as Troy emits a soft moan.

"I know you've just had a birthday," SHE continues pointedly, "I heard your party." Troy's effort at an apology is overridden, "Eighteen?"

"Ahh, 19."

HER head dips, eyes still glued to his crotch, "Ohh," SHE sighs with feigned disappointment, "I've missed out on so much fun, haven't I?" IYA lightly fluffs HER blonde mane, "SO much!"

Troy is on fire. He longs to adjust himself to allow more expansion but he is unable to make that happen under HER uncompromising gaze. SHE asks about dating and parties and girlfriends. Intimate, personal questions brazenly posed and sheepishly answered. The history of his few triumphs and many failures are exposed. His innocence and inexperience have been revealed.

After minutes of what can only be described as sexual interrogation, IYA grins victoriously.

"You look more than delectable to ME," SHE growls flirtatiously. He is awestruck at this blatant come-on, unable to form thoughts or words. "Really, not hanging onto you? Silly girls, I wonder why? Are you too hot, too HUNG for them?" Troy squirms in the chair and cast his eyes at the floor trying to understand what is happening. Mrs. Diamond, GODDESS IYA, seems to be seducing him, a teenager whose confessed his miserable sex life to HER. Why? WHY? Could it be his size? How would SHE know before right now?

SHE reaches over and pats the contoured seat next to HER, the invading sun refracting beams of light through an immense diamond wedding ring. "Come here, darling," SHE coos gently. Without hesitation he complies, shuffling the few steps forward. Yet HER hand still remains on the white leather where he is to sit. Troy raises his head to see HER keenly inspecting the lump in his stretched slacks.

"Uhh, that is SOOO naughty," SHE shames him with a snarl, yet grins mischievously, again showing HER long, flexible pink tongue licking HER lips. He feels hot pre-cum oozing into his boxers.

"I'm really, really sorry," he desperately whines, "but YOU're just so gorgeous." Senselessly he shoves his right hand deep into his front pocket, certain that his left will not fit over his stiff

member. "I'm truly embarrassed," he professes pathetically.

"Don't be Troy baby," SHE caresses the leather once more and then removes HER hand allowing him to sink down. Less than a foot separates him from the fragrant, bodacious body of the GODDESS. "I've seen countless erections," SHE adds with a coy smirk, swiveling around to face him.

HER gloved hand touches his cheek lightly and SHE leans closer, whispering, "I want to watch yours grow some more. I know I can make it even bigger." Sharp fingernails trail down his neck and trace along his collarbone. Troy groans with a craving desire like nothing he's ever experienced in his life.

"Undo your belt, unsnap, unzip, but keep it inside." The orders are quick, stern and undeniable. He cannot believe he's obeying, even as his hands grope wildly. HER eyes, hypnotic and expectant, are watching him fumble, burning into his fragile psyche. HER fingertips are teasing his nips through his shirt. Troy's mind flashes on a vision of those slick gloved hands sliding up and down on his raging prick. 'Oh, please," his brain screams.

Freeing the throbbing shaft from the confines of his pants it surges upward under his shirt, immediately adding several inches to its length and more bulk to its girth. Not visually missing any of his mammoth boner, SHE hisses, "Yes, YES," as if encouraging it with lusty words. It surpasses his navel. Its swollen head presses out his shirt.

"Uhhh, its enormous, darling," IYA exclaims, pushing HERSELF away from Troy. SHE rises off the sofa, placing hands onto arching hips while tossing HER billowy blondeness back. Troy ogles this spectacle of defiant sensuality, heart and erection throbbing fast and wild.

"I bet when the girls see you hard and huge it scares them, Right?" SHE states with husky certainty, "That's why you don't have a babe, isn't it?" Taking a few steps forward SHE plants towering legs in between his thighs. He's panting, gasping for air when SHE applies pressure with HER knees which spreads him open.

"Well, IYA just loves BIG boys the bigger, the better." Troy's hands and arms are at his side. His body has slumped down into the plushness of the sofa making his mid-torso rise upward as if he were presenting his steel hard trophy for HER inspection. 'Touch me, please' his brain begs.

"Poor baby-boy," SHE pouts in mock sympathy, undulating HER wet-look rubber encased hips forward and backward, rippling HER pelvic region in lewd suggestive thrusts. "Are you a virgin?" and the pleading in Troy's face answers the question. "IYA really likes virgins, too!"

"I enjoy you getting all hot and bothered over ME," SHE pronounces, arms extending up and over HER head as HER colossal body oscillates like a lithe belly dancer building up to orgasm.

"You're so excited, so ready, so needing to release."

Troy is in a fog of primal hunger. His gaze transfixed on the exquisite, writhing GODDESS above him. His gnawing desire petrifies him.

"You may touch it thru your clothes, I want you to," SHE directs in a low, sultry murmur. One of HER hands descends to flutter by HER heavenly mound, guiding his eyes to the deep slit carved into the shimmering latex.

"Play with it, MY darling," the palm of HER hand simulating a stroking motion. He follows HER lead.

"Yes...faster...harder," SHE snarls, observing his torso shivering and lunging as he pounds the foot long monster mindlessly. IYA's beautiful face forms into a wicked grin, reveling in the massively endowed male SHE has discovered and how much control SHE has so quickly gain over him.

"I want you to CUM for ME... NOW."

On cue, on demand HER boy lets out a loud, throaty groan. He explodes with untamed, bucking abandon. His pent-up seed squirts into his shirt again and again and again.

"More, more, I want more,' SHE chants, imploring HER new boy-toy, "Get it all out, your entire load." With blurred eyes and intoxicated senses, Troy's hand coaxes further spurts as he arches his back off of the sofa and lunges upward.

IYA most definitely approves of the performance and chuckles at his youthful passion. "Yesszz, you are one sweet hunk, babe." SHE backs away from his still writhing frame to pick up and savor the bubbly champagne while admiring the new one SHE will be adding to HER collection.

Troy finally exhausts himself, looking longingly to the GODDESS for consent to quit. SHE smiles at his sweaty, drained hulk.

"Now lean up...Get your breath...Settle down...Relax," SHE says in a soothing, extended drawl. Troy lets out a moaning sound that resembles that of a satisfied infant. Tears form in the corners of his eyes as reluctantly he removes his hands from the shriveling organ.

"Excellent start," SHE purrs strutting back to the prone, wasted, yet still fully clothed youth.

Smiling slyly, SHE menacingly raises a leg, projects it forward and downward to place its toe directly on the base of his cock. As expected he moans in pain and newly inflamed lust. 'This one is going to be a lot of fun,' IYA tells HERSELF. SHE then bends slightly, placing an elbow on the top of HER glistening pink thigh. HER chin comes to rest on the palm of a glove and SHE leans into the boy. Their eyes lock, his filled with adoration, HERS with devilish sparkle.

"Now lick your fingers for ME."

Troy hesitates for a moment, processing what has been demanded of him. HER stare becomes icy as he fails to respond. "Oh, OK," he whimpers beginning the task. IYA beams as his tongue laps up the sticky white jism. "You can finish cleaning up at home," SHE adds abruptly pivoting upward. SHE turns HER back on him, running both hands into HER hair and swinging it from side to side.

"Do you like to please IYA?"

"Of course you do, MY pet."

"I want you back here again."

All this said in rapid succession between sips of champagne.

"Yes, please, yes," Troy's excitement is quite evident in his shaky voice.

"Same day and time next week," SHE commands sternly, "Understood?"

"Yes, GODDESS," is his reply.

"Good boy," is HERs, followed by a ringing chime. Troy knows that sound and hurriedly secures his slacks as IYA approaches and just before the servant appears again. SHE moves right next to HER new one letting the jiggling mass of HER splendid tits hover inches from his stunned face. "Dream of ME," SHE whispers as a finger touches his slacks, presses in and traces a path around his aching balls. Troy is HERS.

IYA calls to Ronnie over a dipped shoulder, "Show this one out." With that the GODDESS saunters out of the great room and disappears down the hall.

Bewildered and yet ecstatic Troy follows the bull of a man to the front entry and staggers out. The door shuts on his fantasy come true.

Inside the mansion a velvety, feminine voice enters the servant ear, "Strip, I need a fuck!"