They got to the house; a lovely detached property. Clare told Hana to ring her Dad to get picked up, and at the same time, went routing for a top and joggers or such like for Hana. Her dress was wrecked; part ripped, grass stained and wet from the evening dew. She looked a mess. "And sort your hair out as well Hana," Clare shouted down.

Hana had been properly fucked as part of the foursome down on the training pitch. They all had to be fair, before a houseowner had reported them, and they all retreated to the Chairman's wife's (Jan's) house as a cover from the police.

Clare was quite the organiser being team captain, and thrived with the responsibility of being in charge. It wasn't difficult to find some clothes for Hana, as Jan had a petite frame as well.

Half an hour passed. Hana had got her Dad to pick her up, and Lou and Rich sloped off once the police patrol had been and gone from the nearby club.

Jan turned up. She'd been running the bar, and had dealt with the police and locked the club up. A petite fifty-five-year-old, with a brown bob of hair, and tanned skin from a cyclical pattern of multiple holidays, and a keep fit gym bunny. She looked Clare up and down. "Well?" Jan stated, dressed in tight jeans and t-shirt, hands resting on her cocked hip.

Clare looked across to her with regretful eyes, and apologised, "I'm sorry Jan. End of season, drinks etcetera."

Jan glared with a motherly look. "I'll put the kettle on. Go have a shower. You look a mess Clare!"

Clare promptly went upstairs and did as she was told, like she'd been bollocked by her mother as a child.

As Clare was showering, Jan popped up and found a bathrobe for her and threw it on the bed outside the en-suite she was using, and shouted through to her, "I've left a robe for you," and went back down.

A few minutes later, Clare was refreshed, and was downstairs. Jan had lit the real fire and ushered her into the lounge. The room was warm, and she handed Clare a mug of tea. "Get yourself settled; I'm going to get out of these clothes. I smell like a brewery."

Jan continued, but with a firmer tone, "You've been irresponsible tonight Clare. The police told me the club could lose both its alcohol licence and our sporting venue certification; if found responsible for anti-social behaviour as they put it. Keith (hubby and president) will need to be told, as he'll find out from his associates at the gentleman's club. You've put me in a spot. You owe me Clare!"

Clare just stared at the floor as Jan snappily spun about and went upstairs.

The lounge was low-lit from side lamps and an orange hew was being thrown across the thick rug and beyond from the glow of the coals on the fire. Clare felt guilty for what had happened, but felt safe and warm on the plush sofa with her naked body wrapped in the soft cotton robe.

About ten minutes had passed, and Jan returned.

She'd showered and was dressed in a thin silk robe with a Japanese style pattern print. Her hair was tousled and damp. Jan placed a small open pot of aromatic oil on the fire hearth, then returned with two elegant crystal glasses, and handed Clare one as she sat at the opposite end of the sofa.

"Champagne with a splash of brandy," Jan declared, as she could see what Clare was asking.

Jan continued, "It'll wash away the worry and help you relax. We'll deal with fallout from the club in due course." There was a pause, then Jan continued, "But right now you're under my roof Clare, and you're mine for the night!" she exclaimed in a firm, matriarchal way.

Clare was shocked at Jan's declaration, but at the same time excited. She was intrigued, and knew from Jan's demeanour that they were going to get intimate and physical.

Jan then sat up, and leant across requesting the glass Clare had half drank from, and placed both drinks on the side table next to her.

Then with Clare's robed body laying along the sofa, Jan snaked to the side of her, and started slowly stroking Clare's perfectly toned calves and thighs. Then, parted the top of Clare's robe slightly and kissed her breast bone, before moving up to her neck, jaw bone, then eventually her lips.

Clare was shifting her body slightly, and whimpering quietly. She was so turned on with the intimacy, in contrast to the earlier physicality on the Sports field.

Jan was now on top of her, and moved up a gear, kissing Clare passionately, sliding her tongue in and around her mouth inquisitively. Clare responded in kind, and had now moved her hands round to Jan's hips and arse. With Clare squeezing Jan gently, she slowly but easily manipulated the silk robe up and above Jan's small pear-shaped waist and arse, and started stroking, and squeezing her smooth skin.

Jan groaned at the feeling, and shifted herself slightly. She stopped kissing Clare's lips, and bent round to her neck below the ear and kissed and nibbled, whilst at the same time untied Clare's robe and it slid to the sides to reveal her sporty form. Almost simultaneously, Jan pushed her left knee up and thigh gently into Clare's mound, gently increasing the pressure causing Clare to gasp, and claw into Jan's arse. Jan continued, and her small kneecap pushed and parted Clare's sodden pussy, whilst at the same time applying a lovely pressure and feeling upon Clare's clit.

Clare was tingling, and pulled Jan's silk robe open, who was slightly crouched over her, revealing her proud breasts; stunningly pert considering Jan's age and motherhood, with large beautifully hard nipples standing proud. Clare squeezed her breasts and rimmed and coated Jan's nipples with her thumbs. Jan's head lifted in pleasure, and she whimpered.

Then, with Jan now in a more vertical position, she removed her own robe, and revealed her wonderfully toned body. Clare hadn't realised until now, but as Jan shifted slightly, it became apparent Jan was absolutely dripping wet, her mature pussy lips glistening.

Jan then made a move. She shifted up the sofa and adopted a straddled position across Clare's shoulders and gently planted her pleasure zone onto Clare's face, and whimpered again. In shifting her position, several drops of her love juice had dripped across Clare's stomach and breasts. It was such a turn on for Clare.

Clare started kissing, and probing Jan's pussy but almost immediately, Jan clipped her round the head, and demanded, "Clit, now!"

She shocked Clare, but duly obliged, immediately.

Clare's used to being in charge. This was a different dynamic, but she was buzzing off it.

Jan's clit was a wonderful size, large and engorged. It had the physicality to enable Clare to rasp and catch and flick it backwards and forwards with her tongue causing a pacey vibration. Jan was writhing and tugging at Clare's hair for both support and pleasure. It was turning Clare on equally, and she moved her own hand down to her frustrated clit. Jan clocked her hand movement and again clipped her head sharply, and yelled, "No!"

Clare made a muffled squeal in frustration, as Jan was now pushing heavily down on Clare's face. The initial light positioning had long gone. Clare gripped Jan's waist and hips hard, clamping her, and put her tongue into over drive on and around Jan's clit.

Jan felt amazing, and was now animated, swearing out loud in her posh accent, squirming and rocking around the fulcrum that was Clare's face.

Jan couldn't hold any longer. With one hand pulling tight on Clare's hair, the other squeezing her own right breast hard, Jan threw her head back, swore loudly, "Fack," and shuddered all over Clare's face. Twitching hard, her juices dribbling down Clare's chin.

After a few seconds, Jan clambered off, her thighs glistening with her juices and Clare's saliva, and whilst unsteady on her feet, she regained her poise and reached for their drinks.

"That's better than any middle-aged dinosaur of a husband," Jan declared confidently.

A minute or so passed as they finished the drinks. Jan without speaking, ushered Clare to the rug in front of the fire. Clare got up from the settee obediently and dropped out of the loose robe. She walked the few steps and dropped down onto the rug. It was warm and plush.

"On your back please?" Jan stated firmly.

Clare looked vulnerable laying there prone, but she felt quite the opposite, knowing that whatever was likely to play out was going to give her a fantastic hit.

Jan produced an elegant blindfold and dressed Clare with it. Clare was bristling with anticipation. Jan simply said, "Relax."

With her sight shut off, it heightened the other senses and for the first time she focused in on the sound of the fire gently crackling alongside her.

Clare wasn't sure where Jan was, and for what seemed like a minute or so, Clare just lay there, then Jan's hand stroked her hair and face. The simple gesture caused Clare to stiffen slightly. Her nipples hardened and goose bumps came over her chest and arms.

Then, without warning, the aromatic oil that had been sitting on the hearth was dribbling, all warm, over her breasts and stomach; sliding between her tits, and dribbling down the side of her rib cage. Clare gently wriggled in surprise.

This was no chip fat. This oil was bespoke and designed for the cause.

Over the next few minutes, Jan proceeded to slowly massage the oil into Clare's perfect skin, running across her breasts in a rhythmical pattern. Jan driving her hands over her nipples, dropping down across Clare's abdomen and then across her thighs and down to her groin.

Jan's thumbs beautifully pressed and glided around Clare's inner thigh, and worked around and edged into the sides of her pussy, whilst slowly contorting the area around her clit.

Clare was bubbling up to an orgasm, her clit warm and sensitive.

Then, Jan liberally applied more oil to her right hand and whispered for Clare to relax.

Although she tried, Clare was breathing heavy and she was on the edge. Jan bunched her four fingers together and gently stretched out Clare's pussy. Clare gasped, and subconsciously, her body rocked towards the probing digits. Jan advanced her fingers, rolling and rippling them inside Clare's entrance. Tactile against her inner wall.

Clare twitched and rocked, and suddenly came hard. A big wave of heat moved through her without much warning. Clare was shocked but delighted at the massive hit.

A minute had passed and Clare's moans and movements subsided, Jan withdrew her fingers, and whispered. "That's just for starters my Dear. It would be discrimination if the rest of my hand was to miss out on such delights."

"Fuck," thought Clare, "I'm going to get fisted!"

Clare had never been fisted before. She'd tried when she was a lot younger, but her fella's hands were too big. "This was viable," she thought. "Jan's hands were petite, no boxers knuckle with her," Clare mused.

Clare was so excited, but knew she had to relax. The recent orgasm had given her a mild wide-on, her pussy gently gaping now.

Jan re-oiled, and with fingers bunched again and her thumb tucked in and under the middle two fingers, she re-connected with Clare.

Straight forward enough to the knuckle. Clare puffed and exhaled, body tingling with Jan's fingers producing waves of pleasure again.

Jan then got her body low, and to the outside of Clare's right thigh, and with her breasts gently hanging down, Jan started slowly manipulating her knuckles, eventually edging passed Clare's beautiful opening; the pressure slightly relenting once Jan's hand had passed all the way in.

Clare gasped and swore with incredulity at what was happening.

Clare was wide eyed but without vision. The blindfold doing its job. It was the most amazing feeling to feel the pressure of Jan's hand filling her cavern up. The mouth of her pussy snatching and grabbing at Jan's wrist. Jan wasn't even moving her hand, but Clare could sense another massive wave was going to hit.

"Breath," Jan advised quietly. "It's your pussy grabbing me. I'm not moving," Jan confirmed.

"I can't stop it," Clare exclaimed.

Clare was helpless due to the expertise of Jan. An unusual feeling for her, but she loved it. Jan then straightened her fingers out slowly, and started rippling them in a wave-like fashion, snaking away deep inside Clare's inner reaches.

With the blindfold on, Clare became detached with the high ecstatic feelings going through her body and mind. She was having fantasy thoughts of a sexual primeval snake claiming and invading her body, and again, with speed, another stunning pussy tearing orgasm chased through her body. Her head exploding. Her body grinding and sliding over the rug.

Jan, kept her hand inside her and still, and waited patiently until Clare had subsided again.

Clare wasn't sure if she could take any more, but Jan had other ideas, and one last push was in her head.

As she dribbled one more glug of oil over her wrist and lower arm, Jan started to slowly move in and out, like a steam train piston starting up, slow and deliberate. Her hand now in a fist again. Clare instantly tensed. It felt amazing.

With an increase of pace and depth, Jan's wrist was now starting to disappear due to the depth of the stroke and part of her forearm was also sliding into Clare's utterly filled pussy.

Clare couldn't contain what her body was feeling and swore, and bucked, lifting her head. But this time, Jan had no intention of stopping straight away. She continued to plunder into Clare. Her lower arm and hand as one, filling and stretching Clare's creaming pussy.

Clare was now screaming for her to stop, but not stop; her hands now grasping for Jan, to raise a reluctant objection to cease. Clare was struggling, and her orgasmic sensations made it difficult to choreograph a breath.

And then suddenly, it was over. A schlupp of a sound was heard, made by the wetness and pressure of Jan's hand retreating from Clare's pussy. Her flaps pulsing like a fish's mouth out of water.

Clare was utterly done for. "What a fucking night," she thought, as she lay helpless quivering in front of the fire.

Jan kissed her once, got up, and went for fresh drinks. She returned, placed one down on the hearth for Clare, then sat down on the sofa chair, naked with her legs crossed, elegantly looking down upon her prize, taking a sip from her glass.

A few minutes had passed. Clare regained some semblance of composure, and sat and drank. The morning light had already started to invade the room through the curtains. It was 5am. It was time for bed whilst the world woke up.

Jan confirmed as much. "Come on, let's get upstairs. We're both rather facked!" she exclaimed. Jan continued, "Remember Clare, we've a load of bother to sort at the club. You still owe me. You're mine until I decide otherwise," Clare nodded in approval. She could get used to being owned. Why would she not want a repeat of tonight's adventure?

They headed up both thinking of what would be next, with Jan not giving anything away. Clare hadn't even realised it was Jan's first time with a woman.