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The party was in full swing and I had downed a few beers already when the host told me about the masturbation couch.

"Masturbation couch?" I yelled into his ear over the loud music. "Wha, what?" I stammered, embarrassed that this topic just popped up out of the blue.

"Yeah!" He said with a gleam in his eye as he led me down the hall to a small guest room.

"I've porn on the TV and there's a couch there." he shouted, pointing to the couch on the far side of the wall from the TV. "Anybody who sits on that couch HAS to masturbate, that's the rules!"

"Umm," I stammered again, "but there's people everywhere in here, don't you think that's a bit, well, obscene?"

"Hey, if you don't like it, don't go in there and don't sit on the couch. And I've already told everybody here about it, so there's no reason for them to go there unless they're interested. And now you know. So don't go sit on that couch unless you're ready to jerk off!"

With that, he grinned, gave me a slap on my back and walked away. I was left to stare into the room at the very average couch sitting against the wall, alone with only a TV a couple chairs and end tables.

I shrugged, wondering what idiot would actually sit on that thing and wank in public. Shaking my head to clear my thoughts I wandered around the party for a while looking at all the strangers with me. The music was pounding, and it was hard to hear. I felt a bit out of place, I had come with my friend, who knew someone who had been invited to what I had heard was just a regular, average, everyday Saturday night party. Nobody had mentioned a Masturbation Couch. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered somebody talking about that!

There were a lot of people in the house, the party was rocking, but my mind kept going back to the masturbation couch. I couldn't seem to get it out of my head! I wondered if anyone was using the Masturbation Couch. There were plenty of hot, sexy 20 and 30 something guys and gals here. The more I tried to not think about it, the more excited I became.

Fuck it. I couldn't help myself, I just had to go down the short hallway to look into the room and see if the Masturbation Couch was in use.

I popped another beer, and went back down the short hallway to look into the room. I was surprised to see a few guys around the open door of the room, looking in. I came up behind them to see what they were looking at. I was again surprised to see a gaggle of young, stunning looking girls in the room, most in short dresses and high heels, one in skin tight jeans that made her butt look so squeezable! They were laughing and giggling and looking at the porn on the TV. They were daring each other to sit on the couch! For several minutes they kept giggling, but none of them sat on the couch and eventually they walked out, followed by the guys.

Again I walked around the house with the loud music, but again I couldn't get the Masturbation Couch out of my head. The more I thought about it, the more my cock grew in my pants, and the more I wanted to sit on that couch and masturbate!

I knew if I did sit on the couch everybody in the party would see me. They would see me with my pants and underwear down around my ankles. They would see me lick my hand to make it slippery. They would see me start stroking my rock hard shaft as I watched porn. They would see me rub my cock faster and faster as I felt the zing of pleasure go directly from my dick to my brain. They would see me masturbate.

The more I thought about it, the harder I became. I went back down the short hallway to see what was going on. The room was empty, but two gals and a guy were loitering in the hallway, talking and looking into the room and pointing.

I went back to the kitchen. My cock was very hard and I wanted to masturbate. I could almost feel the Masturbation Couch calling me.

The girl with the skin-tight jeans walked into the packed kitchen where I was leaning against a counter. In the tight quarters she passed by me on her way to get another drink. As she wedged herself between me and the party dudes and chicks on the other side of the very tight kitchen her butt slid past my tight bulge. I didn't move as her ass glided completely across my shaft. She never looked back, perhaps not feeling my hard cock, or perhaps feeling it but not caring.

But I felt it, and I cared. A rush of sexual excitement coursed through my veins. The Masturbation Couch was calling to me, my resistance to its siren-song fading.

As hottie's ass pushed again across my rock hard rod straining in my pants as she left, well, that's all it took.

Lust and the need to masturbate took me. I couldn't stand it anymore. The Masturbation Couch was calling me, cajoling me, beckoning to me to sit and please myself on it. My heart and hands shook as I realized The Masturbation Couch had won. I was fully under its spell. I had to go to it and touch my hardness. I had to rub my cock, and I was ready to do it in front of anyone, or everyone.

Before I could change my mind I maneuvered around the oblivious party animals and headed out of the kitchen. My heart thudded in my chest like the beat of the pulsing music. My breathing was short, fast. My cock led the way.

Fuck, I'm really doing this!

I headed to the room with the Masturbation Couch. As I turned the corner to the short hallway I was further emboldened by the fact that no people were in the hallway. I came to the door, and glanced in. Nobody was inside the room. Literotica billtomlin60 The empty couch called to me.

I entered the room, my caged rock hard boner leading the way. Pausing, I turned off the lights in the room. Now the only light was the bluish reflection of the TV on the Masturbation Couch, which waited for me, called me, beckoned me.

Slowly I crossed the room, breathing deep and shaking, heading to the Masturbation Couch. My heart was beating so fast I could feel it almost bursting in my chest. My cock was so hard. But with each slow step it started to soften. Something in my head screamed at me to stop, turn around, get the hell out of there.

But then I was there, and the lust in my pants took over all thoughts. One persistent thought repeated itself like a broken record.

You must masturbate if you sit on The Masturbation Couch.

Oh my God, I'm going to do it!

My heart racing. I turned, not yet sitting. I watched the porn on the TV and looked nervously at the door. Nobody was there. It was just me, the TV full of porn and the Masturbation Couch.

I watched the porn, it was pretty good stuff. A woman with an oiled butt was being worked on by two good looking guys with extra big cocks. She was on her hands and knees, her oiled and slippery ass up in the air, feeling the hands of the two guys who were rubbing her butt, her holes, her labia, and her inner thighs.

One of the studs moved over her, his hard cock rubbing up and down her oiled and wet slit. He started playing with the head of his cock against her bung hole, and very slowly, very evenly, started entering her ass. The camera came in close to record the slutty event.

My cock was rock hard again and I felt the overwhelming need to stroke my engorged shaft. I was past the point of no return, and I knew it, and I didn't care.

Still standing, I undid my belt. My fingers fumbled in nervousness as I un-snapped my jeans. I lowered my zipper.

My heart beat so fast and strong the blood pumping in my head drowned out the music pumping in the living room. I pulled my pants and tight white underwear down my legs to my ankles.

This is it! All I have to do is sit on The Masturbation Couch, give myself to it.

As I started sitting I noticed a pile of white towels for the first time, folded and sitting next to the couch on the end table to my right. I grabbed a towel and placed it on the couch. I looked one last time at the door, which was still quite empty.

I slowly sat on the Masturbation Couch. Now that I was down on the couch, my cock rock hard, my pants and underwear on the floor I knew I wasn't going to stop. Whatever happens is going to happen, but I'm going to masturbate!


I started stroking my cock. I licked my hand to make it slippery, and kept stroking and rubbing my shaft, feeling my rock hard balls and sliding up and around my sensitive glans. The incredible pleasure shot directly from my dick to my brain, and I laid back against The Masturbation Couch. Becoming more comfortable in my masturbation I spread my legs to allow easier access to my pulsing organ.

I focused again on the porn on the TV.

The woman in the porn movie was being penetrated by the guy above her, his long hard cock sliding in and out of her ass. She was still on her hands and knees, but now the other guy had positioned himself underneath her, and was getting ready to penetrate her cunt.

My cock was harder than ever, and the feeling of masturbating while watching porn swept over me like a 40 foot wave of intense pleasure.

I lost track of time, watching the porn and edging. Several times I was in danger of coming within a single hand stroke of blowing my white hot cream all over myself, The Masturbation Couch and floor.

I was edging and enjoying my masturbation session so much that I didn't even notice when several people had gathered at the door, watching me in stunned silence.

Suddenly seeing them and realizing I was being watched I stopped my stroking. The three girls and two guys crowding just outside the doorway continued watching me, not moving. Their expressions were a mix of mocking laughter, shock and interestingly enough no expression at all from one of the girls.

We all froze, seconds seemed like minutes.

So, this was it, my moment of decision.

Should I pull my pants up and run out of the house embarrassed and shamed beyond belief? Should I hope to never see any of these strangers ever again? Or, do I keep masturbating, pulling and pushing on my cock until I spurt my creamy, hot cum all over my stomach, my legs, the Masturbation Couch?

It seemed like an eternity, but couldn't have been more than a second or two. I made my decision.

My hand tightened on my turgid, slippery shaft. Looking them in the eyes I started masturbating again, slow at first, but quickly picking up speed.

After all, I was sitting on the Masturbation Couch and everyone knew:

You have to masturbate if you sit on The Masturbation Couch.

After several more strokes I turned my attention away from the stunned voyeurs and started watching the porn again. My mind focused on my cock, the feelings of pleasure I was receiving by rubbing it, and the porn on the TV. I lost track of time again.

Several more times I almost shot my load, but each time I was able to at the last possible second stop my stroking to calm down. I continued edging, enjoying the intense feeling of sexual excitement radiating through my body from my shaft and super hard balls.

I knew I couldn't last. I knew I was very, very close to having the most massive orgasm of my life. I knew I was going to cum.

I spread my legs as wide as possible, my cock bobbing to my rapid heartbeat like a sailboat mast rocking in a heaving sea.

I looked to the door to watch my audience as I prepared to blow my load high up into the air. Among the now larger gaggle of voyeurs crowding around the door was the sexy woman in skin-tight jeans. She had entered the room, and was standing just inside the door.

The hot girl in the skin-tight jeans never took her eyes off me. Her eyes locked with intensity on my raging boner. Her face was expressionless, although I thought that just perhaps I might have seen a glint in her eye.

I started stroking my cock again but much faster now. This was it. I was determined to have the biggest orgasm of my life.

She licked her lips as she realized I was looking at her.

I increased my speed, knowing that in about 10 seconds there would be no turning back and I would have a massive eruption. I spread my legs as wide as possible to give her and the rest of the crowd the best possible view of my most intimate explosion.

I arched my back and stiffened my legs as I tightened my now slippery hand like a death-grip on my slick shaft and tight balls. Pre cum, dribbled out of the tip of my member onto my hand. I increased my speed, my hand pistoning up and down my dick.

Just a stroke left before my orgasm! I looked straight at the hottie in the skin-tight jeans, pointing my engorged pole directly at her. To my great surprise, she licked her red lipstick lips sensuously with her tongue then opened her mouth wide. She stuck her tongue out as far as she could, aiming her now open and waiting mouth at my hard cock and balls. It was as if she was preparing to receive my hot cum in her open and slutty mouth.

That was it! I couldn't stop! There was no more edging! I pointed my engorged member toward her mouth.

"Uggghhhhhmm!" Hnngghh! Hhnngg! Hhhnnngghh!" I screamed as wave after wave of intense sexual pleasure burst in me like a supernova.

'My cock pulsed as my balls squeezed against my shaft, releasing the heavy load of hot, sticky cum and sending it flying in the air toward her hot open mouth. My orgasm pulsed up the base of my shaft, my cum spewing out and up like fireworks. It was the most amazing orgasm I ever had! My cum shot high into the air, across the room toward the hot, sexy slut with the tight jeans.

My orgasm kept on going and going, and my heart was beating so loud against my chest.

"Ahhhhggggg!" I cried as the pleasure took me.

The sexy woman in the skin tight jeans smiled, made a motion as if she was swallowing my cum, and with a wink turned and walked out. She pushed past the guys and gals who had just witnessed the event and were crowding the door in stunned amazement.

Exhausted and sleepy I decided to head home. As I got up and pulled up my underwear and pants I was shocked. The watchers in the doorway were applauding and cheering me! I was even more surprised as two of the hot gals and one of the stud guys entered the room and took their place at the Masturbation Couch.

The call of the Masturbation Couch had seduced them just as it had seduced me.

As I headed to the door the new masturbators sat, taking my place, giving in to The Masturbation Couch. Their eyes radiated lustful desire to jack and jill-off.

The Masturbation Couch was ready to receive again.

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