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I knew that Ray thought Kristy was sexy but when he told me he'd pay for a smell of her panties, my jaw nearly hit the ground.

For the past year or so we got together every Saturday afternoon for a beer on his back patio while Kristy had coffee with her palls. Ray was 30 years older than us, in his 70's and I knew he could be a bit of a perv. He'd made all sorts of comments about my wife's body and what a hottie he thought she was. It seemed whenever she was out back, sunbathing in a bikini, he found reason to come over. There was always a tool he needed to borrow, but I think the tool he wanted to use the most was in his pants.

Since our kids had left home for college, it seemed that Kristy had rediscovered her body and her clothing had gotten a bit sexier and bikinis a bit smaller. She had even gotten one bikini that she especially like to sunbath in because it left such small lines. She had even taken to trimming her usually thick bush so that it wouldn't stick out the sides. The suit was a Wicked Weasel suit that barely covered anything.

The first time Ray came over and she was laying out back in that suit, I thought he'd have a stroke. Come to think about it, I bet he did have a stroke when he got home. She might have well have been nude when wearing that suit. The top couldn't contain her 34dd. The front just covered her areolas, but her nipples stuck through like gumdrops. The crotch sunk into her trimmed pussy. And, if she was on her front, the bikini wedges between each of her ample mom buns. Ray always seemed to know when she was wearing that suit.

Kristy and I were able to make ends meet but not much more and Ray knew that. With the mortgage, car payments, and college tuition, room and board, there wasn't much left for extras. Maybe that is why he made the offer that Saturday. I had no idea just how far that offer would go.

We were sitting there chatting as usually about his favorite topic, Kristy. I had just taken a swig of my beer when he said, "I'd give you ten bucks for a smell of her panties, used of course." I coughed and beer came out my nose.

When I regained my breath I replied, "You can't be serious." He just reached in his wallet and pulled out a ten dollar bill, setting it on the table.

"You go get the panties she wore yesterday and the ten is yours." Ray said.

I should have known better than to call his bluff, but I got up, went next door to my house and grabbed the lavender bikini bottom panties she had just put in the hamper. As I left my front door, I balled the panties up in my hand, suddenly feeling guilty. I walked back to Ray's with my head down and those panties balled as small as I could. I was sure someone was going to see me, but no one did.

When I returned to Ray's, he had another cold beer waiting for me. I couldn't believe I was going to do this, but I put the panties on the table next to the ten dollar bill. He smiled and I quickly looked down to avoid his eye contact. "Take the ten," he said. "If these smell as good as I've imagined they would, there will be a lot more coming your way." He picked up the panties.

I lifted my head to look his way when I heard a loud sniffing sound. Ray had the front of the panties held against his nose, inhaling deeply. I was shocked. I knew that her panties smelled wonderful, I'd smelled them on an occasion or two, but it was as if he wanted to sniff all the smell from them. It was then I saw his tongue extend, licking the crotch. His right hand came down to rub his cock through his khakis. He opened his eyes and looked directly at me. Without realizing it, I was stroking my cock. too. I was aroused, knowing my 44 year old wife's smell was getting Ray off.

I immediately removed my hand and sat down. I took a drink of my beer as Ray took one more sniff and set Kristy's panties on the table. "She has the aroma of a goddess," he said as he continued to rub his cock. I could see it had stiffened.

"How much would you charge me to rent the panties she is wearing today?" he asked. "You know I've jacked off thinking about her and I'd love to do it while smelling her panties."

I didn't know what to say. She was wearing a pink polka-dotted thong today. I'd seen it when she put it on. "What would you pay?" I asked.

He brought her lavender bikini back to his mouth, stuck the crotch area on his tongue, and sucked in, as if trying to pull any juices from the gusset of the panties. "Would $20 be enough to rent them overnight? I can almost taste her on these, mmmm."

"Yes," I choked. "I will bring them over as soon as she puts them down the laundry shoot."

"If you get them good and soaked, I'll pay extra." Ray said. "Try to finger her or rub her pussy with her wearing them. You'll get even more is I can tell she has cum wearing them."

"Oh, god, I'll bring them as soon as I can." I raced home with an erection so big it hurt. I thought about jacking off, but I was hoping I would get to make love to Kristy. Sometimes she comes home a bit tipsy from her girls' meets. I hoped today was one of them.

Two hours late the front door opened and Kristy walked in. She wasn't drunk, but I could tell she had a couple drinks. "Come here," I said. She walked towards me and I took her into my arms. I gave her a big kiss, my tongue dueling hers.

"What's gotten into you?" she asked.

"Nothing. I've just missed you all day. Ray and I had a couple drinks and he was talking about how hot you are. How lucky I am." I told her.

"He did?" she questioned.

"Yes, don't tell me you haven't noticed how taken he is by your body. He thinks you're very sexy."

"Oh my, what all did he say?"

"Are you sure you want to know?" I asked and she nodded. "OK, but I want you to come with me. Let's go and lay on the bed. I know I'm going to be turned on telling you." I could see her nipples showing through the sundress she was wearing. It was getting her hot, too.

As we lay on the bed, I told her some things he had told me in the past and some things I knew to be true, but I didn't mention the panties. I told her how he loved to see her sunbathing in the backyard. He especially liked her Wicked Weasel suit. I told her he could imagine her naked because the way it formed to her body. How her nipples were visibly sticking out. How the bottom slid between her vulva and formed to her lips.

All the while I was telling her, I was touching her body. I rolled her nipples through her sundress and bra. I pinched her nipples when I told her about how he could see her nipples. I ran my hand up her legs to her vulva as I told her how the suit formed to her lips. I could feel she was wet.

I traced my fingers up and down her lips and she moaned. I told her I was sure he had jacked off thinking about her and she moaned again.

"This is turning you on isn't it? You like the idea of our old neighbor stroking to you, don't you? I should probably stop." I told her.

"No, please, keep playing with me, tell me more." She replied. She spread her legs and asked me to take off her panties.

"No," I told her, "One of the things he mentioned was how hot it would be to try to make you cum through your panties."

"He did not!" she exclaimed.

"Oh, but he did," I told her. "He said he wanted to run his fingers up and down your pussy lips, just like I'm doing. He'd tease your clit through your panties and finger you by pushing them inside when you became wet enough."

She let out a load moan and pushed her hips towards my hand. At the same time I pushed my finger into the fabric, pushing it between her lips and into her vagina. She was as wet as I'd ever seen her. Her hips kept undulating, her eyes rolled back, and she came. Not only were the panties wet, but so was her sundress and the bedspread.

She lay there panting for several minutes, then reached over, undid my belt and took my hard cock into her mouth. Needless to say, I didn't last long either before I came, shooting rope after rope of my cum into her mouth.

Now it was my turn to pant. As I lay there, she got up, stripped off her clothes and told me she was going to take a long bath. She asked if I would throw her clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. I promised to do that, at least with most of the clothes.

After Kristy had settled into her bath, I took the panties and placed them into a Ziploc bag, they were that wet. I then walked across the yard, knocked on Ray's door, and when he opened I handed him the bag. Ray looked down, opened the bag and smiled as he was greeted by Kristy's intoxicating scent. "Thank you," he said. "I will have them back to you tomorrow." He closed the door.

That night Kristy slept like a baby, but I tossed and turned. I got up twice and masturbated while wondering what Ray was doing.

The next morning, while Kristy went grocery shopping, I went back to Ray's. He was still smiling when he ushered me in. He asked if I wanted a beer, but I just wanted to know if he liked the panties and if they were all he had hoped for.

"I haven't cum like that in years," he told me. "I could smell and taste her on them. You made her cum while wearing them, didn't you?"

I nodded and asked if he had jacked off into them. He told me he hadn't because that hadn't been part of the agreement, but he told me he would like to cum in a pair of her panties.

He opened his wallet and took out a crisp $50 bill and handed it to me. "You exceeded my expectations. The only thing better than smelling and tasting her panties would have been to actually eat her pussy." I could feel my cock harden. He could tell the effect this was having on me and he smiled.

"I'll tell you want. Next weekend when we get together for a beer, I want you to bring me the panties she wore to work on Friday and a pair that you think are really sexy, even if unworn. I will give you $100 if I can smell the worn pair and jack off into the sexy pair. Is it ok if I cum in a pair of her panties?"

"For a $100, sure." I told him.

I spent the next week thinking about what I'd bring him. That Friday she just wore a pair of black Calvin Klein cotton panties, nothing sexy, but I knew they would hold her scent and he would like that. I decided to bring him a pair of Victoria Secret bikini panties that I thought were really sexy. They were red satin and lace. The front part that covered her pussy was satin and the lace splayed out on both side around her hips and backside. I loved it when she wore them with the matching red bra.

When I arrived, he had cold beer ready and he examined the panties as we chatted and drank our beer. After downing a couple of beers, he asked, "Is it ok if we cut our time a bit short? I have some business to attend to."

I told him that would be fine and asked if he would bring them back in the morning. He could bring back the hedge trimmer he borrowed as a cover. The next day was Valentines and I planned on using the $60 from last week and the $100 that I would get to take Kristy out to a nice dinner.

At 10:00 the next morning the doorbell rang and Ray and I made the exchange. It went off without a hitch. Ray had discreetly placed the panties in a bag with the hedge trimmer. As he thanked me he palmed me the $100 and said he hoped he could borrow them in the future, with a wink. I assured him we could probably work something out.

I then headed to the garage to put away the trimmers and place the panties in the clothes hamper, knowing I would be doing laundry later. I could see teeth marks in the Calvin Klein panties but what really shocked me was the amount of cum in the sexy panties. He must have cum several times.

I then went back into the house and told Kristy that we were going out to a nice dinner for Valentines. She kissed me and told me it wasn't necessary, she knew money was tight, but I told her I'd been saving just for this occasion. I told her to be ready at 5:00 and we went about the weekend chores.

At 5:00 she came down and she looked stunning. She was wearing a dress I had always thought was sexy but demure. She was smiling as I took her arm and we drove to dinner. The entire drive she kept looking over at me and smiling. As we ate dinner and drank our wine, she had a look as if she knew something I didn't. I finally asked what she was smiling about.

"Somebody is going to get lucky tonight," she said.

"I hope so," I smiled back.

"That is unless you don't have any more to give," she countered.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, I was getting ready and I wanted to look sexy for you. I know how much you like me in my red panties and bra, but I couldn't find my panties. I finally found them in the hamper. God, how many times did you cum in them?" she asked.

"I, I, um," I stammered.

"It is ok, sweetheart. I found it really sexy, as a matter of fact, when I slid them on they were still wet so you must have cum in them this morning. I couldn't believe how sexy I felt, wearing these panties, with your cum coating my lips. I even used my finger to scoop some off and fingered myself. I almost came, but I wanted to save it for you."

"Oh god," I said and I felt my cock get rigid.

What should I do?

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