Daphne Moore had been mumbling similar words for the past hour, her hands were beginning to ache from the countless handshakes. The first day of a convention was always a busy affair. Thankfully, She had been allowed to sit down as she signed the merchandise - Last year had been a different story. Daphne had gone from bit parts to a recurring character on a fantasy show, and now the conventions saw her as royalty. Honestly, it was a nice change. She was at that awkward age in an actor's career, no longer young enough to grab those pretty little roles, and she wasn't famous enough for people to overlook her age. Simply, her thirty-seven year old self had been very lucky to get this part. Yes, she was an evil witch and the role wasn't going to be winning awards anytime soon, but it was entertaining and people loved her. She just wished her co-workers understood the feeling.

Her leading lady was alway muttering about jumping ship - She was too good for a show about goblins. Hettie was young, she didn't fully understand the traps of the acting world. Daphne had warned her, but the girl wouldn't listen to the words of a washed-up actress. Talent was not enough in this world, you needed beauty and youth on your side. Daphne had the talent, however, the youth had left and the beauty was resting solely on her large chest. Big breasts can get you parts - Mostly in pornos. She had been in art-house films, which felt like pornos. Her overwhelming bust had been the main character in many black and white movies, mostly about a man finding himself within her tits. The line was slowly dying. Daphne used her free moment to mumble to one of co-workers, the short Belgian man mumbled in return. Jannes always placed a smile on her lips, he was her ally in the madness. The odd questions were commonplace in this line of work, and sitting next to a salty actor always helped. Jannes had gone to some fancy acting school in Paris, and now he was answering questions about Goblin lore. Occasionally, she would have to poke him in the leg as a little reminder to shut up. Their fanbase was very heated when it came to the lore of the show, and she wasn't risking her job for anyone.

Four o'clock came and the actors hurried to collect their things. A few awkward fans watched them from a distance.

"I need a drink." Jannes stated in a matter of fact tone, his eyes were heavy fustastion. "Join me?"

"I can't. I have to do a personal meet and greet." There was some regret in her voice as Daphne spoke, a gulp of a beer would have felt nice on the tongue. However, she knew Jannes had other ideas in mind. They didn't speak it, but he was burning a torch for her.

"Remember the fan competition? They chose me." She answered his unspoken question, the disappointment was noticeable. They shared a few salty jokes before parting ways. She hated those hopeful eyes of his. Those feelings would have to remain a fantasy. Dahnpe had been hiding in the closet for years. You couldn't be a leading lady and a lesbian, people didn't have the imagination for it. People called out her character's name, and she waved back until she was finally in the safety of her hotel room.

She had an hour before the meet and greet. Cold water was thrown on her face and make-up was reapplied. A red dress was waiting for her. Meet and greet was probably some lonely lad, and she would give them that fantasy. After all, the make-believe was an actor's job. An image of womanly seduction was viewable in the mirror, a forced smirk was made as she posed. It all seemed correct. There was a heavy sigh before Daphne finally made her way to the restaurant. The contest winner had won a sit down meal with the actor of their choice. She was flattered. She thought Hettie would have been chosen - the young and pretty - However, it was her. The restaurant was a simple place near the convention, the place smelt strongly of pesto. The walls matched the colour of her dress. Daphne had arrived earlier than expected, she wanted the correct seating for her fan. A booth was chosen. Thankfully, it was far from the windows. Daphne sat with her back facing the window. She looked better without daylight on her face. The handlers for this event were looking busy on their phones. Their main job was making sure there wasn't a murder.

A few moments had passed, and a small voice made itself known. Daphne hadn't heard it at first, it took a strong cough from a handler before she noticed the girl. The sight had been unexpected. The winner was wearing an odd mix of clothes, a bulky black coat was hiding a maxi dress, and someone had tortured this poor girl's face with makeup. Her pale foundation was the wrong shade for her brown skin. Daphne stood up. The winner was dramatically shorter. The mousy girl waved awkwardly as she did a semi-bow. Daphne bellowed a friendly greeting and tried a hug.

"This is Aasmi," A handler mentioned as the girl struggled with her coat. Daphne returned to her seat, the first drips of pity were bubbling in the back of her mind.

"You're a big fan of the show?" The question was stupid, but the silence needed to be filled. Aasmi grinned, her pink coloured braces were on full display.

"Yeah! Of course. Episode seven was nail biting, do you remember? You poisoned Gret and you had the best villain speech." Her words were burdened under a heavy accent.

"Yes, we are lucky to have such talented writers." Daphne used her interviewee smile.

"Yeah, but it works because you're such a good actor." Aasmi buzzing with delight, her hazel eyes were gawping at the sight of Daphne. Clearly, a case of starstruck was taking place.

Aasmi had completely forgotten the meal part of the evening, the arrival of the waiter had been a sudden shock back to reality. Daphne couldn't complain. The girl was intense, but in a passionate sort of way. Also, the countless compliments were rubbing nicely against the ego. Over the dinner, Daphne learnt a few things about her winner. Aasmi was from India, and was currently studying in the UK. She seemed like a lonely soul as she talked about her life. Daphne smiled and inserted a comment when needed. She was allowing the girl to talk as much as she desired. It wasn't a horrible time. She had been expecting a horny school boy, but this could be handled. A few questions about the show were voiced, and answered with ease. It was the question about her, which halted her interviewee mindset.


"Are you happy with the show?" It was a simple question, however, the answer wasn't coming to mind. Daphne felt a frown crossing her forehead.

"Yes." She was happy to have the work. Aasmi played with the pasta on her plate.

"I liked you in Rotten Hill, it's a sad film but the story is good."

"That's an old film." Daphne laughed. A brief image of a serious actress flashed in her mind.

"Yeah! But you look better now!" Aasmi added in a hurried fashion. She wasn't sure how to reply to the statement, she chose a smile and cut into her steak. The dinner continued and a wine was ordered. Aasmi eyed the glass. Daphne ordered a second glass without thinking, and encouraged Aasmi to drink from it. The girl found it bitter and made a face. There was a shared laugh. Then suddenly, it seemed to be over. The dinner was done. Daphne stood up, the handlers danced around them and Aasmi struggled with her coat once again. The pair stood outside the restaurant.

"How are you getting home?" Daphne asked as the day was turning into a dangerous night. Aasmi stared at the passing cars, a phone was in one hand.

"I'm staying at the Yoyal hotel."

"Me too." The words found Daphne, before common sense could. "You can walk with me."

A sudden uncontrollable smile came to life on Aasmi.


"We're staying at the same hotel, why not?" Daphne stared into the restaurant, the Handlers were too busy arguing about the bill to notice them. She began to walk. The footsteps of Aasmi followed shortly after.

The girl was delighted with the extra moment of chatter. Daphne was cursing her ego, the flattery was getting the better of her. Every compliment was welcomed with a sweet smile and one cheeky wink. The blushful display caused a sudden and lustful thought in her. Daphne studied the adoring fan. Aasmi wasn't a beautiful girl, however, not awful. The curse of being average was a heavy burden on a girl's shoulder. You were beautiful or nothing in this world. Currently, Daphne was beautiful for this girl, and that meant power. She tested the water with a simple pat on the back. Aasmi grew bashful, her eyes stole a few peeks of Daphne's smirk. A few more tests took place. A hotel door was held open for the girl, she was charmed as they walked to her room. This was probably a secret fantasy for Aasmi. Daphne didn't have to wait for an invite. When they entered the room, Aasmi blushed and grabbed all the clothes off the bed.

"I didn't know what to wear," She stated sheepishly. Her hotel room was smaller than Daphne's room, and only had a single bed.

Aasmi had invited her for tea, but her embarrassment grew larger as she only saw one cup.

"It's ok, we can share." Daphne laughed the matter away, and took a seat in the only chair. The view was awful, you could only see a brick wall and that was perfect for her needs. The kettle boiled, and Aasmi talked once again about Daphne's films.

"Aasmi, dear. Do you ever see The Salty Shores? It was one of my favourites." The Salty Shores had been a Danish arthouse film about a stalker and his obsession with a foreigner. Daphne was lying. It was not her favourite film, however, the ending was useful. The stalker had followed the foreigner and had found her lesbian lover. The sex scene had been very european, and the only rememberable part of the film.

"Yeah, i've seen it." Aasmi poured the tea.

"What do you think?" Daphne continued to poke the bear. The girl was trying to find a smart comment, she passed the tea to Daphne and their fingers briefly met.

"How... do you... do it?" The question was broken up by awkward pauses.

"The sex scene?" Daphne remarked in a professional manner - After all, it was only a job.

Aasmi took a seat on the bed, there was a small nod as she did so. Daphne crossed her leg.

"It's only an act, it's not a real kiss."

"Not real?" A bushy eyebrow was raised on her forehead.

"There's a big difference, i'll show you." Daphne placed the tea on the small table, it was now or never. Aasmi's puzzlement had bought Dahpnee some time. She crouched in front of the girl, she was still wearing her coat. A gentle kiss was placed on stiff lips, the red painted lips massaged slowly until Daphne felt a little moment. She stopped.

"See? That's a fake kiss." Her lipstick had stained the confused girl's lips.

"That's fake?" Daphne snorted at the question as if it was a stupid thing to ask.

"Of course, there's a big difference! Can't you tell?" There was a shaking of the head and Daphne could only smile. "I'll show you."

She placed her hand on the girl's chest and pushed her gently into the bed. There was a brief utter of doubt, but their lips met again.

This time, there was hunger. Daphne allowed her hands to travel over the coat, and suckled on the bottom lip. The girl was wooden. She moved away from the lips and moved downward. The throat was always a weak spot. The first lick caused a heavy inhale of breath. Daphne chose to stop again.

"See? That's the difference." Her smile was wide and knowing. Aasmi stared at the ceiling, and chose not to move.

"I didn't know the difference." the statement trembled from her mouth. "That was my first real kiss."

"Oh my, i'm sorry." Daphne poured honey into her words, but the thought had already crossed her mind. Aasmi bolted from her resting position.

"NO! I just didn't want to look stupid in front of you."

"Aasmi, honey. You're not stupid, but you should be honest. I wouldn't want to hurt a sweet girl like you." The light scolding caused a shameful look, and Daphne almost felt guilt.

"I'm sweet?" Aasmi's hazel eyes were large as she fished for the compliment.

"Of course, i've really enjoyed myself. It's nice to talk with a fellow film critic." Daphne's hand massaged the arm, the proud was fueling the girl.

"You must be hot?" The remark was simple and did the trick. Aasmi stared down and fumbled with the zip. Daphne chose to help and made it a smoother event, sliding it from her shoulders.

"Let's put it there." The coat was folded onto a chair. "I should do the same." There was a knowing smirk as her breasts were barely hidden by the red dress. Aasmi gawked with a lack of grace. Daphne looked down at them.

"They're too big." She pouted - It was a childish displace of self pity.

"They look fine." Aasmi insisted. "I wish mine were that big." The girl's chest was on the smaller side.

"They're natural, people always think they're fake." Daphne cupped her breasts and jiggled them. ""You're probably already seen them. - From my films, of course."

Aasmi gulped. Daphne jiggled her breasts a little longer until the girl finally broke eye contact with them.

"They look better than mine." Her voice was sheepishly.

"I doubt that, honey. Pretty girl like you, I bet they're beautiful." Aasmi sunk into her seating position.

"What's wrong?" A comforting hand placed on the girl's shoulder.

"My nipples are inverted." A wave of shame overtook the girl, but Daphne chose to laugh.

"That's normal, and there's an easy fix for it." The lie entered the room easily and planted hope in the girl.


"Take off your dress and i'll show you how. Don't worry, i'll do the same." Daphne tried to grab the dress' zip on her back, but couldn't reach. "Can you grab it for me?" She turned her back to the girl. There was some hesitation, but the unzipping took place. Daphne pulled her dress down and left it on the floor, the lacy black underwear had been a good choice for the day.

"I'll kick off my heels, i can't have them on the bed. You should take your flats off." This command was easier to follow.

"Do you need help with the dress?" Daphne pointed at the navy maxi dress, but didn't wait for an answer. Aasmi was still taking off her shoes when Daphne began to pull the dress over her head. The girl's underwear didn't match - pink panties paired with a grey sports bra.

"Relax. I know what i'm doing." Aasmi was eased onto her back, Daphne made sure to rest the girl's head on the pillow. The sports bra didn't last long. Her fingers were quick to lift the fabric and Aasmi's pesky little breast floundered out. Her brownish areola were large in size, her hands tried to cover them.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of! Here, see mine." Daphne grabbed Aasmi's hand and moved them away from the girl's chest. She escorted the younger hand to her own chest, the black lacy bra was pulled down with Daphne's free hand. Her massive tits sagged freely over her bra. Aasmi's hand was inches away from Daphne's rosy nipples.

"See? There's nothing wrong with it." She wore a motherly smile. "Your breasts are so cute."

Aasmi was gawking again, and Daphne took this time to get closer to the girl's breasts. Her nipples were definitely invented. She brushed one finger across the little opening, this was her first time with these times of things.

"Let's find your nipples." Daphne smirked, her hot breath crept across the skin. Aasmi clamped her hands over her face, but little notice was taken of it. She tested the area with her tongue, poking her little opening. Aasmi inhaled deeply. Daphne saw a little movement, however, she didn't have the interest for a second test. Her lips were fastened to the brownish areola and began to suck. Aasmi bit into her bottom lip, her legs bolted and wiggled together. Daphne's sucking was turning the skin red.

"There it is." Her hard work had caused a tiny nipple to appear on Aasmi's chest, the girl peeked down at the small marvel. "I should say hello."

Daphne licked the newcomer as if it was ice cream. Aasmi trembled as her nipple felt the first nibble. Daphne's hand crept toward the other lonely breast, massaging it with violent vigor. The first moan was magic.

Daphne broke away from the needy breast and gripped her own, their nipples touched. Her rosy nipples rotated around the young girl's nipples. Aasmi reached forward and allowed her nervous finger to touch.

"Oh, touch them." Daphine purred as she forced her breast into the girl's face. The touches were timid, but the little kisses and the feel of hot breath sent shivers down Daphne's spine. She grabbed onto Aasmi's breast again, causing moans to vibrate against her own chest.

"You like this?" Aasmi's voice was hidden under the heavyweight of the flesh.

"I love it." It was a lie, but the girl needed confidence. " And you could make me feel really good, i would love you too." Daphne plurred as pulled the girl's nipples. There was lust in Aasmi's eyes, and fought a soft moan from appearing.

"How?" She questioned.

"Copy me." Daphne removed herself from the girl and moved down the bed until she met Aasmi's panties. The fabric was pulled down, a little wet spot was noticeable on them. Daphne gripped her own panties and removed them.

There was a big hairy difference between the women's vulvas. Aasmi had a mass of pubic hiding her vagina from view, Daphne's was bald and the first stage of wetness was already warming her entrance.

"Copy me." She reminded the girl as she moved herself into the sixty-nine position, Aasmi would be able to clearly see her pussy now. Daphne shifted forward and licked around the mass of pubic, lowering her own vagina until she could feel Aasmi's tongue. Daphne tongue travelled through pubic hair, however, she was having trouble with finding the clit. She gripped the sides of Aasmi's vulva and pulled it open with her fingers. Daphne whimpered slightly as her own vulva was pulled. She wanted to cum and fast. She burderned her head into the girl. Her mouth bolted to Aasmi's clit. A moan was felt throughout Daphne's vagina. Aasmi tried to lick, but was losing momentum when faced with Daphne's experience and speed. The girl shook and moaned. It didn't take long until Aasmi screamed her oragasm into beings.

Daphne remained desperate for her own cumming. She rolled onto her bottom, pulling her labia apart.

"Aasmi, please. I need you." The girl had barely recovered, but crawled towards the Daphne's open legs.

"Lick this." Daphne lifted her hooded clit and pulled Aasmi's head closer.

"Harder!" The grip tightened on the back of the girl's head. Juices were beginning to drip onto the sheet, and yet it wasn't enough. Aasmi was pushed backward and Daphne crawled on top, grinding her drenched pussy against the girl's thigh. She rode the Aasmi until her own oragam overcame her. Her nails had marked the girl. Their eyes met.

"Are we dating now?" The question was stupid, but an actor had to live up to the fantasy. Daphne nodded. The sweaty girl smiled with glee.

"But now, i need a shower." Daphne stood from the bed; regret was already creeping into her mind.

"Can i join you?" Aasmi asked excitedly, sitting up from the bed. Daphne agreed since she wouldn't see the girl again, however, the idea was quickly removed from her mind. Aasmi had found bravery within the bathroom and turned Daphne's clit into a sore mess, Aasmi's third attempt of eating pussy found results. The girl did not stop until the breathy pleads were made. Daphne cleaned around her swollen clit and grinned to herself. It was good to be an idol.