Chapter Two - Another Day In The Office

Emily fought tears threatening to spill down her cheeks due to the sharp, burning sensation in her sinuses as she choked down Marcus' urine. Due to a policy on the office regarding cleanliness, employees had to ensure their FACs swallowed every drop when they used them for bathroom breaks.

"Yo, thanks for having me over yesterday," one of Marcus' co-workers, Dylan said, as he approached the man.

"Hey man, no worries, was good to have you. Been a while since I got that drunk, I'm surprised I'm not hungover." The two men chuckled, and Marcus' flow finally came to a stop.

"By the way, can you ask your wife about those dumplings she made?" Dylan asked, "Lizzie wants to try making them."

Emily felt Marcus' cock begin to swell inside her mouth, and wondered if it was because of Dylan's wife. She slowly pushed her tongue back and forth, as if asking the man if he wanted a blowjob. He didn't stop her, so she continued.

"Yeah," Marcus chuckled, "I'll send it to you on Messager. What do you think of that FAC announcement today? Did you see the news?"

Marcus had gotten so used to having a FAC worshipping his cock that he could casually watch YouTube on his computer with his co-worker. He wanted to show Dylan a recording of today's news broadcast.

"Wow, she's hot! Damn, she's got some curves!" Dylan said, causing Marcus to laugh. "I might have to use her later. I think I know where that exact booth is, so..."

"Apparently the FACs in these public booths are higher quality or something," Marcus said, then thrust his hips, causing the back of Emily's head to strike the table. "Like, they actually have a personality, unlike this wet blanket."

Dylan chuckled, then spoke in a low tone. "Well, that's not surprising. Mister Garceu is a bit of a cheapskate."

The back of Emily's head ached, and mucus built up within her throat as the bump forced her to take Marcus's cock deeper.

When Dylan left, Marcus watched the video again. He loved how eager the red-haired android was, and his cock throbbed as he imagined using her. "Suck faster," he ordered Emily.

The woman obeyed, picking up her pace until she found her rhythm. "Shhrrk shhhrrk sshhhrrk," her cheeks became slick with spit, much like Marcus' thighs as the saliva built up from the constant activity. She felt him throb again, and precum filled her oesophagus. She powered through the uncomfortable sensation, swallowing the fluid only for more to replace it. Then, the man's balls tightened against her chin when she throated his cock to the base. Rope after rope of thick, beer-flavoured semen clung to the walls of her throat before eventually falling into her stomach.

Marcus rocked in his chair as his body shook with pleasure, tightening his thighs around the android's head to keep her in place. When the orgasm was done, he sighed in relief and straightened up in his chair. He gripped an arm-rest in his left hand and pulled his chair into the desk, uncaring of the fact his knee drove into Emily's shoulder, knocking her back.

Looking forward to using the new line of public service FACs, Marcus closed the YouTube tab and busied himself with the customer emails Mister Garceu tasked him with replying to.

Chapter Three - Michelle, Advanced FAC

Michelle smiled at the man as he walked into the booth. "Good evening, Sir!" She said, her voice filled with joy.

"Open your mouth," the man ordered, before he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans, then pulled his cock free.

"Yes Sir!" Michelle said, somehow maintaining a happy expression with a wide-open mouth.

Ben was exhausted from his over-time night shift at the nearby Seven / Eleven. The man was in his fifties and was sick of answering to men and women younger than him. The manager at his store was an Indian woman - or Pakistani? The rude bitch treated him like a second-class citizen and rarely looked at him as she spewed orders and criticism his way because he occasionally forgot to thank customers for their patronage.

The disgruntled worker brushed his greying, shoulder-length hair back with one hand, and used the other to peel his wrinkled foreskin back. He didn't know why, but the fact the Android looked so happy pissed him off. Ben unleashed his bladder at full force, targetting the bubbly girl's mouth with a torrent of urine that was just as noisy as you'd expect. She swallowed it, and he kept the flow going, aiming the flow at her eyes which forced her to close them. Her hair became drenched in the yellow-tinged nectar, and soon he bathed her tits with his smelly liquid.

Five seconds passed once the stream stopped, and the happy girl giggled. "Thank you, Sir! That was delicious!" When the man stepped forward, Michelle took his piss-dripping dick between her lips and suckled the remaining drops free.

"Suck it," he ordered, closing his eyes as his cock hardened. He imagined the android was his Indian or Pakistanian boss - the idea of stinging her eyes with his urine before forcing her to suck him off had his cock hard in an instant.

Light from the booth's ceiling shined off Michelle's piss-soaked face, and the urine continued to drip from her drenched hair. She slowly moved her head back and forth, though each time Ben's cock reached the entrance of her throat, she held him there for a few seconds before pulling away.

Michelle looked into Ben's eyes as the man gripped the sides of her head and forced her to look up at him. He buried his cock down her throat before she withdrew again, and his nuts were balanced on her chin. She felt his manhood throb, and he held her there for a good ten seconds before allowing a thick strand of saliva to splat between her eyes. Then, her nose buried in his thick bush of grey pubic hair as he began humping her face like a brand new fleshlight.

She heard his breathing quicken, then his balls tightened. He thrust hard into her throat, causing his thighs to clap against her cheeks, and repeated the same motion three more times as he unleashed his rage-filled orgasm.

Ben sighed with relief at having vented his frustrations. He felt better and considered patting the android's head for a job well done, but didn't like the idea of getting piss on his hand. There was a sink he could clean himself up with, but he decided the thing wasn't worth the effort.

When the man pulled his cock out, he left the tip between Michelle's lips. She suckled it clean, and when he was sure no excess sperm would dirty his underwear, he left her.

Once the man was gone, Michelle leaned back and pressed the red button on the wall behind her. Water began to jet from a shower head above, rinsing the urine off her body, all which seeped into the drain beneath her. She grabbed a bottle of Listerine from the small steel shelf beside her and gargled a mouthful of it before spitting it down the same drain. She repeated this process until the taste of Ben's urine was a memory.

"I hope I made him feel better," she whispered to herself with a wistful smile.

Ten minutes passed before another person entered the booth. He was much younger than Ben - maybe in his early twenties - and she heard him talking to someone outside.

"Let's just go together," he said, urging his hidden companion to follow. "It will be fun! Come on!"

Michelle grinned as a woman followed the twenty-year-old into the structure, realising she was nervous about the situation. "Good afternoon, guys!" The redhead said, squeezing her breasts together with her arms as she leaned forward. When she got a closer look at the man, she realised he was quite muscular.

The woman looked uneasy, though she laughed at Michelle's gesture. "I don't know, Jean, it's just too weird..."

The boyfriend leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. "Come on, just give it a try? For me?"

Michelle stifled a giggle at how red the Asian girl's face turned after the man kissed her.

"Okay," the girl gave in. Michelle stifled a giggle, finding it cute how red the Asian woman's face turned after Jean kissed her.

"You're the best, babe," Jean whispered in the girl's ear, "Go in her mouth."

Elle pushed her jeans down to her ankles and carefully placed them on the edge of the sink.

"Oooh, no panties, huh?" Michelle teased, making the girl blush more while earning a laugh from Jean.

Once she stood in front of the android again, Elle gingerly hovered her crotch above the redhead's face. Her urine came out in a nervous squirt, stopped for a few seconds, then came again. It continued like this until Elle felt more comfortable and a steady stream filled Michelle's mouth. She gulped it down and winked at Jean when she noticed his cock hardening.

Michelle closed her lips around Elle's vagina and licked her clean. When the shy girl stepped away, she seemed happy the experience was over with.

"See, that wasn't too bad, was it, babe?" Jean asked, gently caressing his girlfriend's pussy lips with his index and middle fingers as she retrieved her jeans.

"No..." Elle admitted, accepting another kiss from the hunky twenty-something year old.

The joyful smile never left Michelle's lips, even when Jean held his cock in front of her face. She wrapped her thick suckers around the tip, expecting him to fill her mouth with urine as well. Instead, he gently began rocking his hips against her face, his cock swelling along Michelle's tongue.

Michelle's eyes were focused on Jean's until she caught Elle staring at her with a mask of envy as clear as day. Although it was hard to tell due to the cock in her mouth, the redhead smirked. "Mmmrrh," she moaned, taking the man's cock deeper, slowly dancing her head around until her bottom lip tickled his nutsack. Elle looked as if she wanted to storm out of the booth, but she seemed unable to leave the man alone.

'She's just an android - it's not like this means anything.' Michelle imagined the Asian girl's thought process, and the whole situation became more exciting for her. Urged by the woman's jealousy, she stuck her tongue out and massaged Jean's balls, moving her head back and forth just enough to milk his cock.

Jean groaned, and after throbbing a few times in her throat, he unloaded his orgasm. With the expertise expected of a high-end android like herself, Michelle allowed the sperm to run down her gullet until the man was finished. When he pulled his cock out, she enjoyed the look of surprise he had when she kissed his balls. "Thank you for letting me get you off, Sir," she said with that big, warm smile.

"Mmm," Jean groaned, pulling his pants back up. "You're welcome." He turned to leave with his girlfriend, but to his surprise, Elle wanted to stay behind. "Alright, well, I'm gonna light a cigarette. D'ya gotta go number two or something?"

The Asian girl lightly jabbed her man in the ribs, getting a laugh from him. Once Jean left, Elle approached the android and abruptly struck her below the right eye with a punch. "I don't care if you're a piece of rapebait machinery - that's my man," she hissed, then leaned down. "If, by some stroke of misfortune, he decides to use you again - you'd better enjoy it. Because I'll make damn fucking sure it's the last time you put anything in that filthy mouth."

Michelle wasn't sure how serious the girl was, although the damage she felt on her cheek was telling enough. "I look forward to it!"

Elle recoiled in surprise, an expression of disgust soon replacing her visage. She was tempted to attack the thing again, but the android's response told her it was pointless. She rolled her eyes and left, and Michelle was sure she heard the girl giggle.

Michelle gargled another mouthful of Listerine, spat it down the drain, and ran the shower system again. Three more men came and used her mouth - two as a urinal, then blowjob - and the other just as a urinal. The digital clock on the top of the left wall indicated six PM, which told her things would likely get more extreme from here. It was usually past this time when drunkards stumbled into her booth, which either meant she could expect to drink a lot more piss, or that the roughness would intensify.

She didn't mind either way - that's what she existed for, after all. A Female Android Cocksleeve, created for the convenience and sexual relief of anyone that wanted to use her. Michelle smiled to herself, feeling lucky that she was created for such an important, amazing role.

"There she is!" A man wearing a suit and tie entered the booth, which Michelle only just noticed due to her thoughts.

"Oh my god, you're right!" A woman exclaimed, "She looks way better than the one we've got at home!"

"Hi there, Michelle!" The man said, smiling down at the android. Her name was engraved on a bronze plate above the door outside.

"Good afternoon, Sir, Good afternoon, Ma'am!" She greeted happily.

"Oh you are just adorable! I wish we could just take you home, sweet!" The woman pinched Michelle's cheek lightly. "Do you think we can take her home, Dylan?"

"You've drunk a bit too much, hon," Dylan told his wife. "Come on, let's get started. It'll be awkward if someone else walks in."

"Oh, you didn't lock the door?" The woman turned to take care of the problem, but Dylan stopped her.

"They'll have to wait their turn anyway," he told her, giving her ass a firm squeeze. "Do your thing."

Michelle was surprised to find out Dylan was talking to his wife, who kneeled beside her. "Oh, well you're an explorative couple, aren't you?" She laughed.

"And you are amazing! The one I've got home doesn't say a damn word unless I order it to." Dylan had his cock out, stroking himself in front of the two women.

"You can suck him off, darling," the wife said, scooting forward to slurp one of the man's nuts into her mouth.

"Wow, you're so generous, thank you!" Michelle giggled, lolling her tongue out, which the man eagerly used as a pedestal for his cock. When he began rocking his hips back and forth, the redhead closed her lips around the length and moved in tandem. Dylan's erection grew to full mast, and soon it regularly jabbed against the entrance of her throat. She listened to him moan, which caused his wife to moan as the woman suckled those balls.

The door opened, allowing light from one of the street lamps to shine in. "Oh, sorry!" A man said, quickly disappearing out of sight.

Dylan and his wife shared a chuckle. "Shame, I'm sure our sweet little sucker here would love two cocks to suck." After a few more seconds, Dylan pulled his cock out and began rubbing the underside of his length against Michelle's forehead.

Michelle was about to kiss the underbelly, but her mouth was taken by the wife, whose tongue pushed between her lips. While they kissed, Dylan ground his cock between their foreheads, slowly working his way down towards their mouths. Michelle and the wife knew what he wanted, so they broke their kiss and began suckling on his length as if their lips were the buns to his hot dog.

"That's it girls. Unngh, Cassie, you're amazing babe. Get your tits out," Dylan told his wife, and she obeyed. He watched as his wife and the android pressed their breasts together - Cassie's were bare and much smaller than the impressively large knockers barely contained in the black bra Michelle wore.

As Cassie kissed up along the cock, reaching the head, Michelle made her way down the length until the man's balls rested in her mouth. He tasted of sweat, and the redhead imagined him wearing that pin-striped suit all day. The man ran a hand through Cassie's hair, then did the same to Michelle. Men didn't show kindness to her that often, not that she minded either way. She was an FAC, meant to be used - how men got off didn't matter, as long as she helped them cum.

Cassie's tongue massaged the underside of her husband's crown, enjoying the taste of his precum until the man let out a deep moan. She stopped suckling then and kissed the slit - "Come on Sweet," she said, gently rubbing Michelle's back. "Here comes your reward!"

Michelle left the balls dripping with saliva and closed her lips around the tip of Dylan's cock. She could taste Cassie's saliva but pre-cum dominated her tastebuds. She watched with curiosity as Cassie stood and began kissing her husband. Her hand came down and jerked the man off as their tongues danced in one another's mouths. A deep groan preceded his orgasm and soon Michelle's mouth filled with sperm, which she gulped down as it came.

"That was even better than I imagined," Dylan said, once he calmed down from his climax. "A buddy of mine is coming later. Possibly tomorrow morning. When he does, give him the best blowjob of his life, could you?"

Michelle laughed, wiping her mouth. "Sure, what does he look like?"

Zipping his suit pants up again, Dylan answered, "He has a shaved head and a thick, red beard."

Cassie took hold of Michelle's cheeks with both hands, leaned down, and pressed her lips to the android's. "Mmmmmwaah! You were amazing, sweet. We'll see you again soon!"

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