The next day Shera was hanging with my sister and a couple of other friends out in the yard. It was a very nice sunny day and everyone was enjoying the fresh air but I was in my room with the blind pulled down. My mother was in the kitchen as she always seemed to be, working away at whatever. I was the only one upstairs and heard someone come up the stairs and go into the washroom. When I heard the toilet flush and the sounds of the person leaving the washroom, I got up and looked to see that it was Shera. I opened my door wider and when she saw me, I put my finger to my lips and made a 'shhhh' and waved her into my room.

She was wearing a different pair of sweatpants than last night and a snug top with a light buttoned-down sweater over it. As she entered my room I swung the door closed behind her but didn't close it fully.

I pulled Shera close and kissed her mouth. She kissed me back hungrily as I let my arms fall down to her ass. It felt so good just kneading and gently squeezing her ass as we kissed. My cock stuck right out in an obvious bulge as I was just wearing sweatshorts and a t shirt. I moved her hand to my bulge and she rubbed it as we kissed. My erection grew to full length and hardness in seconds as she stroked it while I groped at her tits and ass. I was plunging my tongue into her mouth as she panted into mine and I pulled my shorts and underwear down to free my boner. Shera's hand clutched it and her breathing got much more intense as she began pulling it.

I pulled my mouth away from Shera's and pushed her toward the floor. She shrunk down to get on her knees and just looked up at me then toward my full erection while she still maintained a grip on it. The head was fully engorged and clear fluid was slowly streaming from it, a couple of inches down the shaft already. I moved it toward her mouth and put a hand on her head. She opened her lips and took it into her warm mouth. God it was amazing! Her tongue slid around it and she sucked at it consuming every bit of the fluid that was running out of it. Shera let go of my rod and her arm just fell to her side.

Her eyes seemed glazed over almost like she was in some sort of trance but her mouth kept sucking and her tongue kept swirling and licking. I just kept pushing my cock in and out of her mouth and she panted and gasped around it. The stimulation was at maximum but accentuated by the fact that there were people very close by so I tried to stay tuned to hear if my mother or anyone else came upstairs. I wanted to have Shera but I didn't want us to 'get caught'.

I was pulling out of Shera's mouth completely and as I would move to put my cock into her mouth again, I would move a little off target to bump her lips with the head. She always responded with a gasp that was a little more intense and would often swallow, especially when I would move off target enough so that the head of my rod slipped against her cheek or her chin or nose. She would mumble a syllable and swallow just as my cock head bumped her lips again and entered her accepting mouth. The longer this went on, the more chance there was of us getting discovered and I was vibrating, my adrenaline surging.

I pulled my rod from Shera's mouth and lifted her from her knees. She wasn't dead weight - she wouldn't move on her own but when guided, would move in whatever direction she was being pushed or pulled. So, she stood as I pulled her up to her feet with little smacking sounds coming from her mouth. I led her toward the bed and positioned her facing it, brashly rubbing and squeezing her tits. I got behind her and pushed her torso gently down toward the bed while holding her hip with the other hand, slightly pulling up. I pushed her feet apart a little with my foot and there she was, bent at her waist, legs straight and face down on the bed.

I pulled her sweats and underwear down to her knees and there before me was a glorious sight. Her taught ass cheeks and little pink ass hole right above her shaved clean pussy. She must have shaved it today! She didn't have a lot of hair before but she didn't have it shaved. Now it was completely bare. Her pussy lips were puffy and shiny. I wanted to fuck her so badly but I needed to appreciate this a little. I got right down and put my tongue on her pussy. It was wet and hot as I pushed my tongue right inside her vagina. I rubbed my mouth over her smooth flesh so perfectly shaven. With my tongue licking at her wet cunt and my nose right against her ass hole, I was about to explode with adrenaline as Shera panted and gasped.

I put my tongue flat against her ass hole and dragged across it slowly twice before I stood up and got situated behind her. I steadied my waving rod and pointed it at her pussy, then leaned in and placed it right at her opening. As I leaned in and entered her tight cunt I laid my chest againt her back and worked my hands under her. One to grope her tits and one to finger her clit. I pushed into her slowly but steadily, all of the way in with no pulling back. Shera's pussy was tight but so wet that I didn't have to pull back at all.

Shera breathed heavily as I tried to stroke her as hard as I could without the bed squeaking or banging against the wall. Her warmth and tightness were amazing on my throbbing cock and the feeling of her super smooth mound as I manipulated her clit was fantastic. I kept trying to fuck her hard but quietly and after only about 5 minutes of stabbing my cock into her I felt her spasm and her breathing got a little erratic. I kept my hand on her bare cunt moving my fingers side to side over her slippery clit but I lifted up and put my other hand down between her ass cheeks.

I rubbed Shera's ass hole in little circular movements with my finger as I felt her contractions start pulsing on my hard cock and she gasped "Oh!" with every thrust. I stroked in and out of her as her orgasm finished, a wet kiss sound every time I pulled my meat from her and another wet kiss sound as I plowed back into her.

Just as her contractions stopped I hissed in Shera's ear "Ok. I need you on your knees again." and I withdrew my wet rod from her and pulled her up off of the bed. I pushed her to her knees as she panted and I steered my jerking cock to her mouth. I held her face as my load started streaming into her mouth. She swallowed and sucked and panted as she managed all of the sperm that pulsed into her mouth in wet streams. Her tongue swirled as she swallowed and I felt her hot exhales on the base of my cock from her breathing out of her nose. "Yes Shera." I whispered "Just like that." as I felt the smaller squirts of my load getting thrown from my convulsing rod. She kept sucking until I was completely finished and continued to suck until I pulled my cock from her mouth. I would have loved to fuck her again but the chances of getting away with it in the situation were too risky.

After pulling my shorts back on I pulled Shera to her feet. I gently fondled her breasts before dropping down to get her sweatpants and dress her. I stopped at her bare, shaved pussy and licked her wet lips which she accompanied with a gasp. I kissed her on her bare mound and pulled her sweatpants up, straightening them. "My God Shera, you are amazing!" I whispered in her ear. I continued "I like that you shaved yourself. It's beautiful." I said before opening my door carefully and looking around. Not seeing anyone, I popped back inside and kissed Shera's mouth.

"You might want to tidy up a little before you go back down, I messed you up a bit." I kissed her mouth as I slid a hand down the back of her sweatpants and in between her ass cheeks. I wet my finger in her pussy before moving it to her little ass hole and pushing it inside. Her tight little hole held my finger as I kissed her. "Ok, let's go." I said and I led her to the bathroom with my finger still in her ass. I kissed her again in the bathroom as I pulled my finger from her hot hole and left her to freshen up to be with other people again. My cock was still hard so I wanted her to stay with me longer but the prospect of having someone find us out was just too much. I would have to wait before I could have more of her.