This is a continuation of Claire's story. It may be best to read them in order.

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It was late on Sunday evening and Claire has spent the last hour slowly teasing her husband while they lay naked, cuddled together in bed. His cock has been trapped since Friday evening inside his small pink plastic cage, locked by a heart shaped padlock.

As Claire cups and firmly squeezes his balls with one hand she lightly traces a fingernail around the base of his cock and over the small exposed areas of skin through some small gaps in the plastic cage. He struggles with the teasing and his arousal causes the cage to twitch to his heartbeat, blood rushing into his member but failing to hard inside the tight confines of the pretty plastic prison.

At first Claire had felt unsure of why her husband wanted them to try chastity play, she had agreed out of her love, and an element of curiosity, but she continues to worry that he could cause injury to his penis.

Claire had taken her role as mistress seriously though and they had both enjoyed a fantastically sexy weekend of teasing and tormenting. Wearing the small padlock key on a long delicate silver chain which hung perfectly in the pale centre of her large soft breasts and dressing her generously proportioned BBW body in the prettiest outfits and sluttiest underwear she owned, she felt more confident and attractive, ready to take the lead and deserving of worship.

For his part he had kissed and cuddled his pretty wife at every opportunity, had paid compliments, given foot massages, helped around the house more than usual and listened attentively when she spoke. On Saturday he had given a full body massage with the requisite happy ending, making Claire cum explosively using his strong hands and fingers inside her pussy and on her sensitive clit.

It had been a fun weekend, but Claire was uncertain about continuing this particular session much further. The idea of having them break the boundary of their sexual and working lives would no doubt feel dangerously sexy, but may be a step beyond what she could handle.

She closes her eyes and imagines herself the next day wearing a sexy, teasing outfit to her solicitors office, her colleagues and the partners in her legal team wondering why she was dressed so provocatively, asking each other what the small key nestled in her cleavage was for, some maybe even knowing exactly what it meant. Would anyone ask her? And how would she answer?

Outside of the office at lunch Claire could be almost anonymous while wearing her face mask. She would attract a lot of eyes as a larger lady dressed in a revealing outfit. The muscular, young cashier at the sandwich shop would certainly notice her; he would flirt confidently while openly examining her cleavage before looking directly into her eyes and asking if she would like him to help her with anything?

Claire smiled to herself and imagines her husband's day at work: attending meetings, dealing with staff, talking to the girls in his sales team, unable to fully concentrate on anything. The constant arousal he would be feeling is mixed with the constant worry someone would notice an unusual bulge in his trousers. Having to sit down in a cubicle like a girl rather than using the urinals. Having to send his wife pictures of his caged manhood at her demand and receiving pictures in return of her touching her pussy, giving herself pleasure and reminding him that his cock and orgasms belong to her.

As their programme comes to an end Claire decides it is time and switches off the TV, leaving their naked bodies dimly lit by a small lamp on the bedside table. She moves around and bends forward so her key can reach his padlock, feeling a moment of worry as the cage springs forwards, the instant release of pressure allowing his cock to grow rapidly. Claire busies herself placing her necklace, key and heart shaped padlock into a small jewellery box on her nightstand, leaving her husband to remove and disassemble his cage. Once this task is completed she sits on the bed and wraps her hand firmly around his cock, relieved that it feels hard and seems unharmed. She continues her teasing by moving her body out of reach from her husband's wandering hands, holding her elbows over her breasts and sitting forwards. He can squeeze and caress her ample belly and muscular legs, but nothing else, no handful of tit or fingers on her pussy, not yet.

Claire roughly pumps his hard cock several times before stopping and applying some cold lube to her hand. She gives him a dozen more hard pumps and pauses again, sensing the growing frustration from her husband, knowing this time there is no cage to stop him taking the relief he needs.

Claire continues to start and stop her masturbating for several minutes before releasing him fully and announcing it is time for sleep. She switches the lamp off and lies down, facing away for him, a smile on her face as she waits for his hands to grab hold of her breasts, squeezing her with his desire, his hard-on pressing between the cheeks of her arse.

She pushes him back gently to allow her to roll onto her knees, he moves behind her and once she has positioned herself he forces his hard cock into her pussy with one push from his hips. She gasps as she still feels sore from the finger fucking she received the night before. He grips her hips firmly as he pushes forward and holds himself as far into her soft pussy as possible, enjoying the sensations after his days of denial.

Claire knows he will not last long as the frantic thrusting begins, but she is surprised at the number and strength of the spasms his cock gives inside her when he reaches his orgasm. He tells her that she is getting her pussy filled with cum tonight. She smiles at his pride and enthusiasm.

Later, as he lies softly snoring, Claire reaches a lazy hand down into her panties and slowly dips and swirls her fingers around inside the warm folds of her pussy. The load had indeed been large, and she is slowly leaking her husband's cum. Coating her fingers with his thick fluids she moves them from her opening and onto her sensitive clit. Using his cum as lubricant she quickly and quietly brings herself to orgasm, careful to not disturb her partner sleeping soundly beside her.

As Claire began to drift off to sleep herself she realises that Valentine's day is only a week away, she would need to do something special for her sweet husband.

Claire spends the next week working hard, but finds herself starting to daydream about Valentine's Day and to think back on what they did the previous year. Back when life was still normal.

The kids were sent away for a weekend with their grandparents. Claire and her husband dressed to impress. He wore a smart shirt and pants, his thick beard brushed straight. She dressed in heels, a mid-length black dress and a silver cardigan, her hair looking perfect, the short blonde bob neatly cut that morning at the hairdressers, just a hint of make-up on her pretty face.

Underneath her outfit Claire had chosen to wear a black underwear set, the bra holding her large breasts tight, the panties were small and were already feeling damp with anticipation against her freshly shaved mound before they had even left the house.

The couple had sat slightly apart, holding hands during the taxi drive to the nearest town. They chatted and flirted together while having drinks at a small bar before moving on to a busy Italian restaurant, lost in each other's eyes as the food arrives and their wine bottle is emptied.

Afterwards they find another bar with live music, the band playing covers of classic pop songs they both recognise and enjoy.

Claire excuses herself to use the bathroom, when she returns she quickly presses her hand into her husbands, he looks momentarily confused as he is left holding a small piece of fabric, he smiles with realisation and he puts her panties into his pocket. Claire moves in for a deep kiss.

They sit closely and kiss more during the return taxi journey, asking the driver to drop them at a local pub rather than at their house.

The small pub is warm, welcoming and almost deserted, allowing them to cuddle together in a dimly lit corner, their flirting and kissing leading them to realise it is time to leave.

Claire holds her husband's hand as they walk home, the village streets silent and only lit by the occasional street lamp. She leads him off the main road to a side street. Kissing and holding each other, his hands move down and under her skirt, his fingers feeling around her thighs towards her pussy. They find a bench and she quickly unzips his pants, pulling his hard cock out, she straddles him and allowing him to enter her.

Headlights appear in the distance and cause the couple to part, giggling and laughing as they quickly rearrange their clothes.

Nearer to home they enter a small passageway. A high wooden fence is on one side, metal railings on the other. The view over the railings is of a small brook, then across s road to a row of cottages, dark and silent. Claire stops, looks arounds, gives her husband a wicked smile and lifts her skirt over her wide hips. She grips the metal railings, leans forward and spreads her feet apart, her husband moves close and fucks her from behind, his hands on hers, both of them excited by their boldness, looking out from their hidden position to the deserted street and sleeping houses.

The couple hold hands as they walk home, both having had a fantastic evening, already thinking about making love again when they reach the warmth of their bedroom.

Claire enjoys reliving her memory and starts to think more about how they could celebrate Valentine's this year.

A romantic meal would be a must, to get the children in bed early, then enjoy a candlelit dinner with a glass or two of nice wine, something simple: a steak with pan fried potatoes; maybe some green beans. Some light music playing, John Mayer perhaps. They would leave the dishes for the next day and instead spend the evening talking, laughing, touching. They move from the hard kitchen chairs to the comfort of their lounge with the fire on low. They finish the wine bottle and he mixes a glass each of her favourite drink, a rhubarb gin with ginger ale, lots of ice. Eventually she excuses herself to change into something more comfortable, knowing exactly what she would be wearing when she returns.

He would be sat with a trashy TV programme on, a crime of the week thriller where models in lab coats solve impossible crimes in minutes, the light would be low as she makes her entrance, handing him a new drink, she would sit next to him and watch his reaction as he realises she is wearing only a black blazer style jacket, two buttons closed but stretched around her large belly, her round breasts spilling out and pushing the lapels apart above, the bottom barely covering the tops of her thick thighs.

Claire would lean forward towards her husband and share a slow kiss, their tongues chilled from the ice in their drinks, as she pulls away she moves her hand to his mouth and pushes two fingers past his lips and onto his tongue, leaning back and lifting one leg onto the couch, she lifts her knee high and leans backwards, exposes her cleanly shaved pussy to her husband, using her saliva wetted fingers she begins to slowly play with herself while he watches intently. Dipping her fingers into her pussy she again moves them to his mouth, , giving him a taste of her pussy. She repeats her touching and this time licks her fingers herself, enjoying her own sweet taste.

She reaches for the TV controller and presses play on the porn she had secretly set earlier, her husband had several porn films on DVD from before they had first met, she knew he would love that she had initiated watching one, maybe not realising though that her intention would be that he would not be watching much.

As the first scene started he was struggling for where to pay attention, Claire was lay back on the couch, breasts revealed, playing with a her swollen nipples, legs spread, slowly pushing two fingers in and out of her open pussy, occasionally holding her fingers out for him to lick clean of her juices.

On the TV screen a large breasted blonde girl was sucking a long, hard cock, spitting on the head to make it wetter and allow her to take it deeper into her mouth. Claire was concentrating on the cock, imagining how it would feel in her hand, her mouth, her pussy. The buzz from the alcohol and her husband's attention allowing her to ignore the insecurities she would usually have felt, watching the attractive figures displayed onscreen and dipping her fingers into her wet hole.

She motions for her husband to move himself onto the floor and encourages him to position himself so his face is close to her exposed pussy, her lips spreading around her fingers as she continues to slide them slowly in and out, his attention is completely on her beautiful cunt as she begins to quietly describe to him what is happening on the film.

Telling her husband how big the cocks are and how they are being used. Teasing him as she watches and describes how two cocks penetrate and stretch a tight pussy, suggesting that maybe he should treat her to that experience, how she would love to have her pussy filled completely.

Claire pulls her husband's head towards her and then uses her fingers to pull her swollen, pink lips wide open. He needs no further invitation and starts to use his tongue to explore her, pushing deep inside then lapping around her hot hard clit. Claire makes encouraging noises and continues to describe the porn she is watching.

Before long she feels her orgasm start to build and tells her husband she is ready for him to fuck her. She positions herself so he is able to watch the porn as he fucks her doggy style, she frantically rubs at her clit to bring herself to a shaking orgasm and then relaxes, allowing him to take his time pumping his swollen cock in and out of her soaked pussy in time with the professionals.

As she feels he is about to cum she pulls away and turns over, pulling her jacket open as spurts of his hot cum land across her breasts and fat belly. She giggles and slowly rubs his seed into her flesh, smiling up at him. They kiss, then slowly disentangle, clear the living room and make their way upstairs. Her husband always says that it must be good sex if you need to shower afterwards.

Claire replays this fantasy several times in her mind, fine tuning details, the timings, the descriptions of the sex acts, the tone she will use when she demands to be fucked.

Perhaps instead of him fucking her she would have her husband lay on his back and she would ride on his cock. After coming she would move off him and take his cock into her mouth, licking and sucking her juices off him. He could enjoy her mouth while watching her head bobbing up and down, above that, a close-up image of a perfect pussy being fucked hard would excite him further.

He would be a gentleman and let her know when it was time. She would ignore his warning and continue to suck on his cock, swirling her tongue around the head and pushing her lips up and down the shaft until he grunts and fills her mouth with his cum.

She swallows some before moving his softening cock from her mouth, she moves herself upwards and presses her lips against her husbands, her tongue and mouth coated in a thick layer of his cum, he resists slightly then opens his mouth to accept her. They share a long, passionate kiss, passing the salty flavours back and forth, a new and deeply bonding experience for them both.

Claire is looking forward to this weekend, and is especially looking forward to seeing which fantasy she will turn into reality, knowing she will need to spend some more time daydreaming before she finally decides.'s-cooking/msg611613/