Disclaimer: This story is original and involves characters all above 21 years of age. It is entirely fictional and is not meant to represent anyone either real or fictional. Please feel free to send feedback as this is my first attempt.

Sammie Donates her Body to Science

"Next" -- the nurse had opened the door but all you could see was her red painted fingernails holding the solid wooden door and the gleam of the light reflecting of her shiny black leather stiletto boots. You stand up and walk into the dark room that she is leading you towards. There are red lights like the kind they used in old photography darkrooms handing from the ceiling. You can see what she is wearing now. White short dress with short sleeves; white stockings that go all the way up her legs. Her curly black hair pulled back into a bun. You gaze at her face and try to place where she could be from. Partly southasian? Maybe from North Africa? She was beautiful with haunting eyes. "Sit here" -- she points to a medical examination bed. "Take off everything including your undergarments and put on this smock."

She walks out of the room, leaving you there to do as you were told. As you undress you feel a bit nervous about your situation. Who was that man I met on the internet. Why did he want me to go here? This doesn't look like a real clinic. But another part of you was curious and wanted to find out more. Why was the nurse so attractive and dressed that way?

You remove all your clothes and neatly pile them on a nearby chair. Your skin sensing the coolness of the air around you. You put the gown on with the open part in the back and sit down on the bed and wait. As you look around you see cabinets with medical equipment, gauze, trays, containers. You also see somethings that you don't recognize from your nursing training. There is a device near the wall with many dials on it and an electrical cord. It has a long metal rod attached to the side. Another looks like a kind of device used in veterinary clinics. You give up trying to understand what is around you.

After what seemed like 30 minutes or more you here footsteps nearing the room you are in and a knock at the door. Your heart skips a beat when you see this older not unattractive but serious looking woman in a doctor's coat enter the room. "Sammie? Right?" she says with a thick eastern European accent. "Good"

"You are here at the request of one of my favorite clients. He is requesting a complete examination. First I will ask you to describe any medical issues or significant history you have."

After about 15 minutes of going over everything from allergies to little surgical procedures and dental check-up frequency, she tells you it is time for the exam. She starts with the usual stuff, checking your vision, looking in your mouth and ears, listening to your heart and lungs. She gets to the point where you expect the abdominal exam and she asks you to lie down on your back. "Phaedra?" she calls out "Phaedra we're ready for you." You watch as the nurse re-enters the room. This time with three other beautiful young women with her.

"Dr Petrova. I have brought the nursing students as you asked." The students watch as Dr Petrova slowly removes your gown and drops it onto the floor. Phaedra comes to your side and assists you into the position the doctor needs you in explaining to the students as she does it. "You see, Dr Petrova has a very particular way she likes to conduct the exam and part of her technique is very secret -- she does not want other practitioners knowing her techniques -- so, that is why we start with a blindfold." She matter-of-factly reaches into the cupboard and pulls out a basic black blindfold and puts it on your face. As you were about to object she goes on, "all of our patients sign waivers allowing us to move efficiently through the series of examination techniques without needing consent for each part". As she says this you realize that while you were in the waiting room you were asked to sign several consent documents that you didn't bother to read fully.

So there you are feeling the gaze of these 5 women on your naked body. Feeling four pairs of hands as your wrists and lower legs are moved into position. First the pull your arms out on to armrests at each side of you. Next they lift your legs into the stirrups used for gynecological examination. Once in place they fasten a number of restraints to each limb. Your heart beats harder and faster. "All good Sammie?" Dr Petrova asks not waiting for your response, "good!"

You hear Dr Petrova explain the first series of examinations and she guides each of the three students through them. First a breast exam -- by the time the third student is completing the exam by pinching your nipples they are standing erect. "You see ladies, we need to see if there may be any functional milk production, it could be a sign of something serious."

They then go on to examine your abdomen and each performs a complete pelvic exam.

Dr Petrova: "So far very good. No problems. Next we need to see how she performs under stress. An unstressed exam is imperfect as certain serious conditions are only revealed when the body's systems are pushed." You hear a heavy machine being rolled close to you.

"Sammie" she says, "we now from our research that pleasure and pain both create their own forms of stress on the body. What we do here is evoke both pain and pleasure responses and measure their effects on you. To do this we need to use various devices. Just know that the order we do things has been well thought out."

With that you feel a jab in your arms as Phaedra removes a few vials of blood while the students attach heart monitors and other equipment to your naked chest. You start to hear the beating of the monitor as the machine is moved to the foot of the bed.

"Now ladies we will begin the first test. This machine is to evoke the pleasure response. I will need you three to continue to provide sufficient pain stimulus while we go through this."

With that you begin to feel the stings of three different objects (maybe riding crops? You think) as they intermittently strike your skin. "Ow" you cry out.

"Silence Sammie!" Dr Petrova speaks sternly and you hold in your cries.

Next you hear the sound of buzzing and someone is rubbing some kind of warm slippery fluid over your most intimate parts, coating your asshole, your outer lips and into your vagina. The buzzing is getting louder and you feel a vibrating dildo push it's way into you. At first it just sits there vibrating but then you notice it is going in and out slowly.

There's a buzz at the door. "Come in" says Dr Petrova "Ah, Ms Aitkinson from the health inspection office. Welcome. As you can see we are in the midst of an exam. I know I suggested you come watch to ensure we comply with Ministry policies. As you can see, our patient has singed all the waivers for these somewhat unique examination techniques." You here pages of paper being moved around. "Ms Aitkinson, why don't you sit in the chair and observe."

You feel humiliated knowing that these six women are witnessing you go through this outrageous procedure. Yet you also are feeling incredibly turned on. You wonder if Ms Aitkinson remembers the time you were in her office last year getting some documents signed. It was such a short meeting. You reassure yourself.

Gradually the vibrator is moving faster and faster while the nursing students assisted by Phaedra have moved on to connecting your breasts to some kind of vacuum device. The suction on these vacuums changing in synch with the thrusts of the vibrator. You cannot help but start to moan. You cannot control yourself anymore.

"Watch her blood pressure and heart rate increase with the exam. " Dr Petrova points out. "Now watch as we apply a small amount of electric current. " You now feel a cold metallic probe enter your anus. For some reason it feels incredibly good. You blush knowing that they can see you like it.

But that changes quickly as you notice small intense shocks coming off the probe, gradually building in intensity. The rhythm of the exam forces is speeding up at the same time. Thrusts and suction happening at least 4 times per second. The shocks are also synched right up.

Your voice is getting louder. The moans have turned to gentle and soon intensifying cries. The waves of pleasure and pain are pulsing though your body. Just as you are about to orgasm in front of them all Phaedra quickly takes another vial of blood from your right arm. The shot of pain is too much and your body starts convulsing in the biggest orgasm you have ever had or could even imagine. At that moment all the machines are turned off and you are left with just the sound of your own deep breathing and heart beating.

Ms Aitkinson breaks the silence with her sexy midlands accent. "I am very impressed Dr Petrova. I will be speaking fondly of you at the head office." She leans down surprising you and kisses you passionately on the lips. "You are a very good patient Sammie"

You are lost in your reverie as the students disentangle you from all the equipment and wheel you to the recovery room. You fall asleep for a short time. When you wake up you are back in your clothes sitting in a reclining chair with a cup of tea and a biscuit beside you.

Dr Petrova comes into the room to explain that the test went very well. "We checked your stress hormone levels before and after the examination and despite all the stimuli your body did not over react. We will still be sending out some tests for various conditions. These will come back in a few days and you will be called if you need to know of the results."

She walked out of the room and the assistant in the leather skirt called from the next room. "feel free to exit when you like. There's no hurry. Enjoy the tea and biscuit first."

You stare across at the wall barely believing this just happened. What could be next?