"Oh, my God!" I heard Lacey scream as she jerked Jenna and me awake, "you really DID call my bluff about Jenna! What the actual fuck?"

"Yeah, well, you told me that you were going to be 'the nastiest slut' and that 'this means war.' One thing that you maybe missed about war. It makes you the enemy and when I'm fighting one, I fight dirty as hell. I told you that you didn't want to start this. But you have, all because of a rule that you imposed without my consent and that I only broke after you didn't keep your word about the virgin ass. Well, in the words of Jack Palance from Young Guns, 'get ready for hell.' Because that's what war is," I reminded Lacey, making her blush crimson in front of her friends.

"Oh, and by the way, speaking of fighting dirty, didn't you warn all of your friends away from Damon here? Thus making it virtually impossible for him to get any strange, outside of maybe a hooker, unless he got with me? Then you announced that rule about not screwing me without waiting for his agreement. After you made the deal and the promise to give him your anal cherry, a pledge that you broke," Jenna got busy lawyering on my behalf, adding some shame to Lacey's face.

My fiancee sputtered, stuttered, tried desperately to say something, but then just broke out into sobs, while her girlfriends glared at me and pulled her aside for a group hug or whatever. It was clear that she hadn't planned for me to do anything but pout and sulk. Well, I had warned her and she hadn't listened. Bitch really should have taken me at my word. That's the problem with ladies sometimes...because they often don't mean what they say, they assume that men don't, either, when we typically do.

"Okay, okay...let's just...stop it! I fucked up...you...fucked me over, can we just...go back to normal, forget the stupid deal, whatever? I lost, you won....are you happy? I'll keep my end of things...I'll give you my ass, right now, if you want it, right in front of my friends and Jenna. Just...drop it with her and do me...please!" Lacey ranted while I stood there, arms locked across my chest and a stony expression on my face.

"You're not gonna, are you? Are you...breaking it off with Lace?" Stacy confronted me now.

"Why shouldn't I? She clearly thinks that giving up the butt even now would be enough to keep her word, when I made it plain to her that the point was that it would be a 'virgin ass.' In her own fucking words, no less! Clearly, she doesn't think that I mean what I say, because she doesn't mean what she says, so how can I trust anything that she ever says in the future? Am I gonna have to keep trying this little merry dance of guesswork? No fucking thinks. With lovers like her, who needs enemies?" I snapped, making Lacey and even Jenna step back at my vehemence.

This was not old Damon at all, the friendly, cuddly teddy bear type. This was new Damon, and he was a hard-ass. Something steely had formed inside me due to this whole mess and I was in no fucking mood to play games. I turned my back on Lacey and I heard her burst into tears yet again, well aware by now that she had played with fire and gotten herself singed. I wasn't the one holding the matches, though, nor the gasoline. That was all her.

"Damn, you really are a bastard, aren't you? A cold fish...I never would have guessed it. Have you no heart, no pity, no compassion at all for Lacey? Do you really have nothing but hate, anger, and wounded pride? Can't you drop your ego for ten seconds to show some kind of basic human decency? You're breaking her heart," Donna fumed at me.

"Yeah, well, what goes around comes around, bitch," I didn't hold back anymore.

"What does that fucking mean?" Vicky asked me now.

"I mean that she had no concern for my feelings when she stomped on them recently and trash talked Brett about cucking me after the wedding...or when she warned other girls away from me, or when she gave up her ass to him after promising that it would be cherry, or when she let him call her those names after sending me to the couch for a while just calling her 'slut' even once! I fail to see why all of the 'basic human decency' has to be so fucking one-sided! Turnabout's fair play! Where was her empathy when she threatened 'war,' anyway?" I stormed off and Jenna followed me as I locked the bedroom door behind me.

It was her fucking turn to sleep on the damn couch, especially in my own damn house, with my name on the paperwork, not hers. Before I knew it, Jenna bent over in front of me and handed me some lube. Jenna then proceeded to get very vocal about what we were doing, too. It was as much about humiliating Lacey the way that she had humiliated me as it was about the sex, of course. As far as I was concerned, unless Lacey came up with a rebuttal to my reasons to dump her sorry ass, our engagement was over....and our romance as well.

Through the door, Lacey and her friends could hear Jenna grunt and moan as I took her tight ass yet again. They must have heard the screams and the ecstasy, and Jenna made it clear that she wasn't faking a thing. For one thing, it didn't take long for her to noticeably cream herself from my cock balls deep in her bum. She was one helluva tight fucker, too. Her bottom looked just right as it closed repeatedly on my dick with each stroke. Her fantastic glutes were shiny with her sweat and her hips worked magic on my prick.

I could hear Lacey loudly bang on the door now, but she had either forgotten how her key worked or forgotten that she had one. Finally, however, she turned the knob and walked in to find Jenna sucking my cock straight from her own booty. When I spilled my spunk down the hatch, causing Jenna to swallow it, pulled my best friend up for a kiss, and grabbed those fine buns of hers, it was a message sent loud and clear. I was a free agent and could screw whoever I wished now.

What Lacey did next shocked the holy hell out of me, though. Instead of stomping her feet like a spoiled little bratty princess who didn't get her own way, she closed the distance, walked over to me, knelt to take my dick into her own mouth, and started sucking me straight from her own rival's cornhole. She grabbed my ass with her left hand and Jenna's with her right, stunning me even further.

I was afraid that Lacey might bite me, except that Jenna would have torn her limb from limb if she did. Instead, she rose to kiss me...and Jenna. I was jolted by this, of course, especially with her friends watching us share a triple makeout session. I was still confused as fuck by this whole deal, but Lacey finally broke the ice.

"Okay...one more chance, please! You can keep Jenna...for the week. I give you my specific blessing for her, okay? At least I know who I'm dealing with in her case. The rule about 'no Jenna' was rather stupid, I agree. Especially since I didn't think through what could happen if you didn't have too many options. I should be glad that you didn't pick up a hooker and shell out a lot of money for that which would be better spent on me.

"All I ask in return is...no break-up yet...and a hall pass with one of your friends. No more Brett, I swear it. I know that it sounds crazy, to ask for permission to screw one of your friends, but who else could I get at such short notice? Other than Brett, that is...and he is a complete jackass. You were right about him. He's lucky I haven't turned him in for rape after his last stunt. I lightly bit his dick, enough to make him beg me to let him leave with his manhood intact. And I pepper sprayed his face while he left," Lacey declared.

"He left?" I wondered aloud.

"Yeah, we were at Stacy's," Lacey confessed now.

"I kicked him out pantsless, too. My place, my fucking rules!" Stacy scoffed now.

"Okay...you can fool around, but not with one of my friends. With one of yours. Yes, a girl. You can do that only because you're begging me for one last chance. It might not seem fair, but neither is scaring off your girlfriends and imposing a 'no Jenna rule' while boasting that you were gonna have all of the fun and I would be home alone jerking off. Neither is breaking your word about your virgin ass. Those are my terms, take it or leave it," I insisted, deliberately goading her to break it off with me.

Oddly, Lacey wouldn't take the bait. She huddled with her galpals and they all reached some kind of pact or whatever. I could sense that something fishy was up and I was right.

"Okay, on one condition. It's amended to be all three of my friends! Stacy, Donna, and Vicky here. I can eat them all out whenever I want until wedding or breakup, whichever comes first. Come on, girlfriends...to the sofa...we're gonna have a lesbian orgy and he'll just have to stick to Jenna while we get down!" Lacey laughed while I grabbed Jenna and didn't even close the door behind me.

"Alright, but you won the right to eat us out...we didn't promise to return the favor," I could hear Donna tease Lacey now, all four of them a little tipsy even now, at ten in the fucking morning!

"Oh, shut up and eat her ass! You know that you want it....you wrote about it in your diary, how much you want to rim Lacey! That's why you're trying to break her and Damon up...you've got a crush on her!" Vicky teased Donna, pushing her head toward Lacey's butt-crack.

I heard slurping and realized that Donna's hate for me was founded in jealousy...because she wanted Lacey all for herself. Well, she could have her, for all I cared. I didn't really want Lacey anymore. I just wanted an exit strategy for ending the engagement without making a colossal mess. I still loved her, sure, but I didn't exactly like her much anymore...and I despised Donna, of course.

I closed the door behind me now and got to work pleasuring Jenna. My best friend. The only friend that would honestly take a bullet for me, I was convinced of that. Just for spite, I spread her cheeks first and started rimming her with a vengeance. The screams of joy told me that it worked...Lacey would hear it...and know what I did to Jenna. She would be green with fucking envy, too!

I somehow doubted that Lacey was more than bi at the most. Lesbian material? Not fucking likely. She loved dick far too much for that.