Through the desolate part of Nevada, we happened across King's Adult Book Store. We pulled in to the parking lot and noticed that there were about 8-10 cars and a few trucks. Jan looked at me and smiled.

"This could be interesting, don't you think?"

"I didn't think many of these places still existed, with so much free porn on the internet."

"So, what do you think?"

Jan thought for a moment and said, "We might be able to get some type of toys, right?"

"Probably. But there probably is a bunch of guys milling around and checking out the porn booths."

"What's a porn booth?"

"They pay money and watch a video in a booth. They usually jack-off at the same time. Some might have holes in the walls to stick their cocks through. Here, let me show you."

I opened up a porn site on the internet. Searching I found a film of a book store with the glory holes. We watched a couple where there was a woman being fondled through the holes.

"That's crazy. I've heard the term "glory holes"before, but I thought they were just holes in bathroom stalls."

She thought for a moment then added,"Are there always women in there?"

"No. I think often it's just men. You don't see those on the internet as much. I think some guys just hope some other guy will stroke them or maybe suck their cock."

We looked at the videos a while more and decided to go in and have a look around. Maybe we would buy a few things.

We noticed that the front of the store had many cars and the back had a couple on semi's parked but running.

The front entrance was well lit as we approached. I pulled the door and held it for Jan. As we entered, it appeared like a normal store except the merchandise was all porn related. An older gentleman looked up and greeted us as we walked by the desk and asked he could help find something. We told him we were just looking and headed up the first aisle.

We were overwhelmed at all the different items that were available. We laughed at the size of the dildo display. Literally 30 different models and colors. I asked Jan if she had any idea of what she would want. She shook her head and seemed overwhelmed by the selection. We continued up and down the aisles until we came to an area in the far back. There was a darkened hallway with a sign advertising "video booths."

There was a sign saying that the machines took bills only.

I leaned in and asked," Should we take a look or is it too risky?"

We smiled and entered the doorway. There were at least 10 doors with a few that had some people waiting to enter. We tried the first few doors and they were occupied. We slid passed a guy waiting and found an open door. We quickly headed inside and locked it. It was dark and dingy as I anticipated. There was a screen where the video played and slot for putting bills.

The middle had a small bench and as I expected holes were cut in each side with a rubber sleeve that helped keep light out from the other booths. We sat. On the bench and started laughing. It all seemed ridiculous. I asked Jan if I should put some money in and she shrugged.

I placed a five dollar bill in and a video started to play. Immediately, we were presented with a threesome of two guys and a girl. As they were going at it we noticed the flaps on the holes start to push open. It was clear that we were being watched as we sat on the bench.

"I think they are expecting a show."

Jan looked at me and smiled.

"What should we do?"

I pulled Jan on to my lap and started massaging her tits through her shirt. I kissed the back of her neck then around to her ears. She leaned back against me and I slid my hands up under her shirt. As I pulled on her nipples she moaned softly.

She placed her hands behind her and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. Within seconds, a hand came through one of the holes and reached for her leg. Jan looked at it for a moment then shifted a bit so he could reach her. I watched his hand massage her from knee to upper thigh.

Her breathing increased, and I could tell she was interested in more. I reached down and peeled her shirt off. Her breasts were pushing up over her bra, so I slid them out and laid over the lace. As I pulled on her nipples another hand appeared form the other side. It was hard for him to reach, so his hand barely touched her other leg.

Jan turned to the side and extended both legs to one of the holes and her upper body to the other. She laid back across my lap and I cradled her in my arms. One hand started sliding up her arm and came to rest on her breast. His hand pulled and twisted her nipple until she groaned softly.

The other hand massaged up her legs to the bottom of her shorts. He wiggled up one of the legs and touched her pussy. There I was, sitting with my wife across my lap, watching two hands fondle her. My heart raced and I was a bit surprised when she undid her zipper then shimmied them down her legs. His hand went straight to work sliding up under her panties and into her pussy.

As I watched, the hand fondling her tits alternated between nipples and was pretty rough on them. He tugged on them then twisted. All this attention had Jan ready to cum. I felt her tummy tighten and then she shuddered. The hand continued pumping in and out of her pussy as she jerked her midsection. Her orgasm was strong and her juices flowed from her pussy and down her legs.

As she calmed down, she sat up on my lap, just out of reach of the hands. She turned, straddled me, and kissed my lips. She reached down and released my cock from my shorts and slid it into her pussy. We sat still for a moment until she began riding me. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and stretched it a bit. Her muscles gripped my cock and willed it up into her pussy.

We continued grinding until I noticed two cocks had replaced the hands in the holes. I whispered to Jan that we had new visitors. She glanced down and a smirk appeared on her lips. The cocks were both bobbing up and down, as if to wave for attention. Jan continued riding my cock and then reached out and took a cock in each hand. One was average size and the other was at least 8 inches long and fat. Her small hand barely fit around it.

I held her and continued thrusting up into her pussy as she stroked them. I watched as the smaller cock started to throb. Groaning started from the other room and then his sperm shot out over her hand. She kept milking it until stopped. Releasing the cock, she turned her attention to the other larger one. I felt my cock start to tighten up and I new it wouldn't be long before I came.

We turned slightly towards the big cock and Jan stroked it faster. His pre-cum was dripping on her hand and she smeared it along the shaft. We heard a voice for the first time.

"Suck my cock. Can you suck my cock?"

Jan replied, "No. I don't know you. I don't feel safe."

I nodded in agreement and she continued riding me. My cock started pulsating and I told Jan I was ready to cum. Her pussy muscles gripped my cock tighter and I shot my load up into her. I moaned and she held me tight to her tits. Her hand was still stroking his cock but he still hadn't cum.

Another cock appeared in the other hole, but Jan ignored it. She put both hands on the big one and fondled his balls.

"Hold up a second."

Jan looked at me and the big cock disappeared. A second later his hand came through and held an unopened condom.

"Take this and put it on me. You know it's safe then."

Jan paused then took the condom. She pulled off of me and kneeled in front of his cock. Ripping open the package, she rolled down his shaft. She touched it with her tongue and made a sour face.

All at once she turned and looked at me, a hint of a smile returned to her face. She turned and backed into his cock. It filled her pussy and she groaned loudly. As she held his cock inside her, I heard groans from other side.

Jan whispered, "Fuck me. Fuck me now."

She held her ass against the wall and I could hear him thrusting in and out. The banging on the wall was also very loud. I moved forward, kissing her lips and tracing my fingers down to her clit. She was breathing heavily when I heard him start to orgasm. He groaned loudly as she held him in her pussy. He thrusted a few more times and then pulled out.

She stood up and kissed me long and hard. The other cock was still waving from the hole but we'd had enough. Jan quickly got dressed and when we finally looked presentable, we opened the door to leave. We were met by a group of 6 or 7 guys that were waiting for the booths on either side. They groaned when they saw we were leaving. I shielded Jan with my body as we slipped through the crowd and made our way into the shop area.

Jan grabbed a few things as did I, and headed for the counter. As we paid, a large guy pushed passed us and said, "Goodnight."

We looked as this tall, rugged guy, smiled and left the back of the store. Jan walked to the door and opened it a bit, and watched him climb into the truck. I walked up behind her and figured we'd just head around the store and to our car. As we started to walk, a voice came from the truck.

"You want a drink?"

We stopped and looked at him for a second. Jan smiled and asked me if we should take a look at his truck.

We both walked up to the passenger side and he promptly pushed open the door.

"C'mon in."

Jan climbed up first and I followed behind. We sat side by side when he spoke first.

"I have never seen a woman as pretty you in this store. I've got to be the luckiest man alive. I'm Ray. What's your names?"

We introduced ourselves and explained we had never been in one before. We told him we watched some video in the car to see what might be inside.

"There are usually just a bunch of guys milling around looking at porn. Some hoping to get a hand job in the parking lot or in their car."

Jan chimed in, "Is that what you were hoping for?"

"No, it wasn't. I was watching a movie and jacking off when your door opened. I had no idea you were in there until I peaked. When you let me rub your tits, I hoped for something more. Man, did I get more. Nothing like that happens around here."

Jan smiled and looked at me. Then she turned back and looked at Ray.

"If you're up for it, I would like to ride that big cock of yours some more."

Ray smiled, helped Jan on to the bed, then climbed in behind her. I sat not more than three feet away and watched as he covered her with his massive frame.

She was on her back and he quickly had her shirt pulled up. He rubbed her tits as he stuck his tongue down her throat. Jan's hands were fumbling with his zipper and he shifted to his side. She freed his cock and held it in her hand as he continued to maul her breasts. As he pulled her nipples, she asked him to wait. She lifted up and undid her bra freeing her tits. He immediately moved back in and sucked her nipple in his mouth.

Ray acted as if he'd never had sex before. He seemed crazed at the idea that this beautiful woman was in his truck and wanted to fuck him.

Laying on his side, I got a good look at his big cock. The head wasn't as large as some, but it was a good 8 inches long and thick. Her hand looked tiny in comparison. As she stroked it, he moaned softly, reached down and pulled off her shorts and panties. Her naked pussy was glistening as he slid down, lifted her knees to her chest, and buried his face. The smacking noise was loud and had Jan writhing. I took the opportunity to free my own cock and start stroking.

Her ate her and rubbed her tits for at least 10 minutes. Every time I thought she was going to cum, he'd slow down and let her relax a bit.

Eventually he sat up on his knees and pulled the pants off his ankles. He eyed her as he stroked his cock. It was clear he was ready to fuck her.

"Are you ready, Jan?"

"Please put on another condom."

He looked disappointed but reached into the cabinet and pulled out a condom. Once on, he leaned over her and guided his cock into her. He only entered about halfway at first. In and out, but only halfway. He was teasing her and she knew it. He then left it halfway in and placed his thumb on her clit. Rubbing her had the desired effect. She started rolling her hips trying to pull his cock in.

He smiled as she moved in time with his fingers.

"What do you want? Tell me what you want."

"Please push it inside of me. I need to feel it in my pussy. I need to feel your big cock fill me up."

With that he pushed forward, burying himself in her pussy.

She screamed out, "More. Please more."

He started to find his rhythm. His long strokes had Jan on the edge of another orgasm.

"Please, oh please let me ride you. I want to be on top."

He flipped her without pulling from her pussy. She was on top of him and pulling his shirt off. Once off, she placed her hands on his pecs and rode up and down on his cock.

She was as turned on as I've ever seen her. Her moaning put me over the edge and I shot cum on my hand. The picture of her pushing on his chest with her head thrown back will stay with me forever.

He reached down and rubbed her clit and she rode until she started to moan loudly. He kept thrusting as she started to orgasm. Pussy juices ran down his stomach as she kept repeating, "Yes, yes, yes."

He started groaning and I heard him tell her he was ready to cum. He asked where she wanted it.

"Just keep fucking me. Don't stop. God, don't stop."

He orgasmed hard, bucking Jan around his bed. As his moans softened, Jan relaxed a bit and laid on his chest. He held her there as he emptied his cum into the condom.

Their breathing slowed and I found a napkin to clean myself off. Jan rolled off of him and I could hear the sound of his cock falling from her pussy. She leaned against me and kissed me.

"He was very good," she said with a smile.

He sat up on one elbow and watched Jan get dressed, peeled off the condom and put on his pants and shirt.

"As I said before, I never thought something like this could happen. Every time I pass here, I'll be looking for you. But you're not from around here right?"


"Damn. Well, you were awesome, and you sir, thanks for lending me your wife."

"It was totally her idea."

With that, we left the truck and walked to the car. As he pulled away he honked and waved. We got quietly in the car and pulled out the drive.

Jan had a look of content. She smiled at me then closed her eyes.