I've rewritten this twice now and I feel like I can only move on after I share this with the world. My girlfriend is Chinese and very petite at about 5' tall and maybe 75 lbs soaking wet. She's very conservative in public but she's not conservative and this story is how I found out she wasn't as innocent as I thought.

Elizabeth is 10 years younger than me and was a freshman in her local college when we first met and started flirting. She said she wanted to know what American dating was like so I took her out a few times and basically told her that it was very common for people to hook up with friends even without a relationship. She had a very conservative upbringing and thought it was weird and ridiculous.

I convinced her to come to America for a summer job experience after her second year of college. She was very excited and eager to experience American culture and spend part of the Summer with me. When she got to the US, I was still traveling and we talked about her experience working as a cashier at an amusement park in Georgia. She would send me pictures of the people she was working with and she was becoming good friends with a black girl that was her manager there.

Elizabeth started sending me pictures of her with her co-workers and short videos dancing with the other girls. She started spending nights with her manager and told me that her manager's friend spent a year in China and that his friend wanted to go.

One time she spent the night at her manager's friend's house and she sent me several video clips and pictures of her dancing. Two of the videos made my heart sink. One was of her dancing sexy and putting her jean covered ass in the air directed at the camera to the sound of the two guys cheering and her turning laughing. The other was a bit later and was a selfie video of her sitting between these two muscular black guys on a couch watching a movie. The look on her face is very familiar to me now. She looked very turned on.

That video was the last thing I got from her that night and I didn't hear from her for a couple of days but she sent me a picture where she was sitting between the two guys kind of on their laps with a leg draped over each of theirs. She looked tiny between them and it turned me on to think of them fucking her. I was sure that she didn't do anything with them because she was very conservative and she told me that they were nice and she didn't like men with dark skin but it still made me wonder.

We continued to flirt with each other for a month until she finished her program and agreed to let me show her the West Coast starting in Montana. I was excited to see her and I knew that she was getting interested in possibly dating which would give me the opportunity to finally take this petite Chinese girl. The idea of corrupting her and making her mine still makes me hard.

Our first night together wasn't very interesting other than we sat close and watched a scary movie and I made my first joke about the two guys she stayed with that night. She didn't like my joke and said she wasn't attracted to black men. She said she wanted to go to sleep so I showed her her room and tested her to see if she wanted me with her. My cock was very hard in my pants and my thoughts were racing but she just stared at me until I asked her if she needed anything else and she smiled and closed the door.

It took me a while to fall asleep. I was still very hard so I pulled out my cock and thought about going back to her room and how I would fuck her. She was sleeping above me and I could just go walk into her room and take her. I wanted her to be clear that she wanted me before I did anything so I didn't do it. Eventually I watched a video of a young Chinese girl masturbating in front of a white guy before he fucked her. I didn't cum because I wanted to save it all for Elizabeth.

The sexual tension between us continued for a week as we traveled through Montana to Arizona. She started talking a lot about my past experience with women and kept hinting at wanting to "kiss" to see what it was like. When we were near San Diego, she made a random comment about windmills turning her on. That caught me off guard. We needed to book a hotel room so I finally got the courage to see how far I could push her. I asked her to pick the hotel out of two choices, one with a king bed and one with two queens. She picked the king supposedly because it was cheaper. I knew that she was making it more obvious.

She went in and showered first and then I went in and showered. We both got comfortable and started talking about what we were doing the next day and I convinced her to try swimming in the ocean though she didn't know how to swim. As we talked, we turned the lights off and I touched my foot to hers to see if she'd pull back but she didn't.

She was wearing a sleeper tank top and silk shorts. At some point she put eye covers on so she looked unaware of what was about to happen. I asked her about the windmills and she said that she was joking around. I asked her about the kiss and she said she was curious about it so I asked her if she wanted it then. The next moment was a shock when she said yes. I kissed her gently just to the side of her mouth and she moaned hard. That made me get more aggressive.

As we kissed deeply, I pulled her shirt up over her head and locked her arms above her head. She was excited and completely exposed to me. Her perfect little breasts were warm and I started kissing and sucking them as her moans turned to light screams. She struggled to free her hands with no success and I move my hand down under her shorts to find a hot wet mess in her panties.

Elizabeth must have been in a constant orgasm because her panties were completely soaked. As I slipped my fingers between her pussy lips, she screamed and started shaking. I curved my fingers up inside her and started fucking her tight pussy with my fingers. She bucked her hips and slightly sprayed all over my hand. Then I pulled her shorts off completely exposing her wet pussy. She tried to tell me to wait but I pushed my cock inside her making her moan hard. Her pussy was so tight it took me a few thrusts to fully get inside her. Every thrust made her scream and moan. She had an intense orgasm and I was forced to pull out because I couldn't hold back and I shot cum from her pussy to her face.

She was shocked by my aggressive sex and said that I was stronger than she thought I would be. I was in heaven because I just fucked a perfect Chinese girl for the first time.

As we laid there she asked why it took so long for me to move on her. I was shocked and asked her what she meant and I was surprised that she expected me to take her the first night we were together. I laughed and said I didn't think she wanted it that night. She asked what I did instead and I told her that I watched a Chinese girl fuck a white guy on a porn site.

Elizabeth said she had never seen a porn video before and wanted to see the video with me so I showed it to her. She loved it and wanted to watch more so she started stroking my cock like the girl in the video asking for another video. We found out that Elizabeth really liked Amai Liu and watched a few videos of her until I tried to start one with a black guy and she said she wanted to try riding me like Amai Liu.

My girlfriend was very wet and I slid into her more easily as she lowered herself onto me. She looked like a pornstar bouncing on my cock. I still can't believe how tight she was. She came a couple times and she got tired and started rocking her hips and closed her eyes. I moved my hands to her perky little breasts and she moaned and smiled as she opened her eyes. Elizabeth leaned in and kissed me deeply asked if she was better than Amai and I said yes. I told her I was going to cum and she slipped my cock out and stroked it begging me to cum and I shocked her with a shot of cum that hit her chin and her chest down her stomach. She giggled and kissed me before heading to the bathroom to clean up. I fell asleep watching her walk naked to the bathroom.