The email, when it came, sent a chill down my spine.

" willing to get tied up, blindfolded and gang banged raw....sent home with your ass and stomach full of jizz from a group of 2 black and 2 white TOPS...we only fuck raw and you will only see one of our faces....we will meet in a parking lot, you'll get in the backseat and be blindfolded...led into a home and raped...led back out and dropped back at your car"

My cock hardened at the thought. My heart raced. I had this impulse to immediately delete the email. I even pointed my mouse to the delete button, but I hesitated. I shouldn't do this. It was too risky. Too many bad things could happen. There was too much downside.

"Sure. Just tell me where to go."

Jesus, what was I thinking? But four cocks... for a slut like me, that was too hard to turn down.

"Just go to the parking lot of the Wendys on Monroe Avenue. Now."

"How will I know it's you?"

"You'll know."

All the way there, my heart was in my throat -- and my cock was rock hard. The duality of my life was in stark contrast right then. I was a conservative, careful professional. But I was addicted to cock. Especially black cock, but any cock, really.

I sat in the parking lot, mind racing, looking at every car that pulled in. I had assumed that he was black, the way he addressed me in the email, but I began to question that. I stared at every man that came by, but none of them seemed to be looking. I began to have that sinking feeling, that I was being stood up. Disappointment flooded over me..

The sharp rap on my driver's side window startled me. I looked and this large, muscular, but older, black man was impatiently motioning for me to lower my window.

"C'mon punk. If you want to get that ass used, get out here."

I was literally trembling as I got out of the car. He grabbed me by the arm, none to gently, and propelled me forward.

"Black SUV. Back seat." Ahead of me was a giant Chevy Suburban with black out windows all around, looking almost menacing as it sat there. He opened the back door for me and I hesitated for just a second, looking around, almost like I was hoping someone there would save me. But he just smiled.

"You know you want it bitch. You'll do anything for it." As he said that, his left hand squeezed the outline of an enormous cock through his jeans. I stared at it, open mouthed.

"You want this, bitch, you better get in."

I stumbled forward, and almost lost my balance as I climbed up into the SUV. He just laughed.

"There's a blindfold on the seat next to you. Tie it on. You peek, and I turn around and bring you back."

I did as I was told. I had the feeling that I would be doing that a lot tonight.

About 15 minutes later, the SUV turned off the street it was on, and went over some kind of bump, like it was crossing the sidewalk into a driveway. A few seconds later, the engine turned off, and I heard the drivers' door open.

"Stay put, bitch."

I sat there for I don't know how long, but eventually the door opened and a younger voice, a black man also, said, "This way, pig."

He grabbed my arm and led me inside, telling me where the steps were, and guiding me by the arm.

"Take your clothes off. Everything but the blind fold," it was the first man again. I complied, and just as I pulled off my boxers, he grabbed me by the back of the neck and pushed me to my knees.

"Time you got a taste for what's in store for you."

There was some rustling and I became aware that someone was close to me. I could smell him -- man scent -- not unpleasant, but strong. Just then, my head was pushed forward, and my face came hard into contact with a man's hairy ass.

"Eat it, bitch."

I struggled for a second, trying to pull back, but there was no denying this man. I gagged once, twice, but in the end, he won.

"I said eat it, bitch."

So I started, tentatively, with my tongue, licking and feeling my way around in the dark, telling myself that I didn't like this, rimming a guy was definitely not on my to-do list, but here I was. His ass tasted earthy. Not dirty, per se, but not completely clean, either.

All the while, the man who brought me was pushing my face into this stranger's ass, ordering me to work harder, tongue deeper.

And despite myself, despite my gagging and revulsion, at some point I realized my cock was rock hard, dripping precum. I tried stroking it a little, which didn't go unnoticed.

"Lookit -- the little cunt likes it. He likes eating ass. Look at him stroking his cock."

My driver chimed in at that point. "Don't cum too soon, bitch. 'Cause you're going to take all these cocks and eat all these asses whether you're into it or not, and if you cum, that's just your problem."

It was almost like he read my mind. In the past, if I came in the middle of servicing a guy, I lost interest. I almost never could continue, causing a lot of hookups to end on a somewhat unpleasant note. I pulled my hand away from my cock. If I was going to get through this experience, it would be easier if I was aroused.

A third voice chimed in, from the guy whose ass my face was buried in. "Jesus, I'm going cum just from this rim job." At that, he stood up and poked his cock in my face.

"Lick the precum, bitch."

I did as I was told, and started to swallow his whole cock, but it was suddenly pulled away. He slapped me, hard across the face. I was stunned. This was more than I had bargained for.

"I didn't tell you to suck it. Just do as you're told."

I started to get up, with the words just forming on my lips when the next blow came. This one wasn't from a hand, it was more like a cane or something like that, and it came across my back.

My driver added, "Who said you could get up? You volunteered for this bitch, now take it until we're done with you."

Someone, I think it was the younger black dude, grabbed me by the hair and started dragging me forward. On my knees, I crawled as fast as I could to avoid the pain of my hair being pulled out by its roots. Eventually I came to a carpet, and then what seemed like a sofa.

My hard cock had wilted. I wanted to scream, "You can't treat me this way!" but fortunately, I had enough sense to keep my mouth shut.

My driver was next to me again. I was beginning to tell them apart by their scent and the size of their hands as they touched me. "Open your mouth bitch."

I did as I was told. This was getting to be a habit.

Soon though, his big, mostly soft, semi-hard dick was in my face. He slapped me with it. Rubbed it over my face. Rubbed the head of it on my tongue, then pulled up so his balls were in my face.

"Suck my balls." I complied immediately, licking the pair of oval eggs from just below his dick to up and under him to his peritoneum. I licked the channel between his scrotum and his thighs, relishing in his man scent and the strong taste of a black man's sweat. And as I did, I noticed I was hard again. Painfully hard.

I could hear my driver moaning a little, sucking in his breath when I got to an especially sensitive spot, and this encouraged me. Giving pleasure to strong men was what I was all about. So I kept going, twisting around so I could lick at his asshole from underneath him. As I did, he moved slightly, spreading his legs and his cheeks so I could get in there deeply.

"Told you the little cunt likes to eat ass," the younger black man said, laughing a cruel laugh. "Wait til he gets to me. I'll sit on the cunt's face."

I was so into it, that I found myself looking forward to the young man's asshole. I was working so hard on my driver's ass that my tongue and jaw hurt from the effort. But just about as I was running out of energy, he moved, and I felt the head of his enormous, and now totally erect cock at my lips. I opened my mouth, and in one stroke, with his hands holding my head, he buried it in my mouth and throat and, after a short pause, began to fuck my face. He didn't let up. I learned to take breaths when his cock was on one back stroke and to exhale the next time. After what seemed like an hour, he began to grunt and shortly thereafter he started to fill my mouth with cum. Two, three, four big blasts, and my mouth was full it started to leak out through my lips. Then he pulled out and blasted the last couple of spurts onto my face.

"Damn that was sweet, bitch."

As soon as he was done, another cock took his place, first rubbing his cum all over my face and his cock, then shoving it in my mouth. This guy wasn't as massive as the last, but his cock was plenty big. But after a few strokes, it was clear he had another agenda.

"Get up on the couch and spread that pussy for me."

I felt around for the couch, found it and crawled up on it, on my knees, ass up and face down. I felt his cock probing at my ass and then a cool sensation as lube was dribbled over it, then he entered me slowly, almost gently, until I could feel his balls slamming up against mine. His gentleness was short-lived, soon, he was pounding away at my ass like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't tell which man this was -- one was unaccounted for -- but he didn't feel like I imagined the younger black guy would feel. And when he talked -- grunted really -- it didn't sound like him.

Soon, I could tell, he was getting ready to bust his load in me, his paced quickened. He grunted and groaned and then he grabbed my hips and buried himself deep and unloaded. He came and came. I reached back through my legs so I could feel his cock as it spurted in me and I counted four big ones before he withdrew, and I know he'd let loose a couple before I got my hand back there. As he pulled his cock out of me cum spilled out of my asshole and into my hand, filling it. I brought my hand back and rubbed his cum all over my straining cock and almost lost it right there. I stopped in time, remembering that I wasn't done with these guys.

After he withdrew, I stayed there for a couple of minutes on my knees, with the cum leaking out of my stretched ass and running down my legs. I had been used utterly without regard to my wishes. I was naked in front of four strangers -- or maybe it was more, I really didn't know. These strangers had watched as I had sex with three men. Men I had never seen. Their cum has all over me -- on my face, in my mouth, in my ass and now on my cock. I should be humiliated, ashamed, ready to run away. But in fact, I was as aroused as I have ever been. My cock was rock hard. My heart was beating as fast as if I had just run a race. My respiration was rapid. I was excited. And I couldn't wait for the next cock to use me.

What happened next, I didn't expect. The younger black guy -- the one who had earlier dragged me across the floor by my hair came over the me and smacked me on the ass hard, enough to make me wince and cry out a couple of little "ohs" as he said to me, " Get up bitch. And lay down on your back on the sofa.

As I straightened up, more cum gushed out of my asshole and ran down my legs. I reached back again, and got some more on my hand, and rubbed it again on my cock.

"Damn, the bitch is a cum freak," one of the men said. The others laughed -- at his remark, but at me, really, and my cock twitched in appreciation. I was so close to cumming myself that it was all I could do to keep from grabbing my cock and stroking myself into oblivion, but I resisted.

I lay down on my back on the sofa, which now that I was down on the cushions, smelled a little ripe. The next thing I knew, the young black guy, whose scent was strong, was positioning himself above my face. Soon I felt his ass as it was lowered over my face.

"Eat it, cunt," was the only command I heard and all I needed. I reached my tongue out and immediately it was in contact with this younger guys hole, lapping, licking, probing. From my position I could just reach his ball sack, and licked from there to his asshole and beyond, taking in the tastes -- bitter, salty, earthy. I nibbled on his ass cheeks before I returned to probing his tight hole, desperate to get my tongue inside him. Up to that point, I hadn't felt his cock at all, but that was about to change.

Slowly, he began to move backwards so that first his balls, then his massive cock was presented to my mouth. I licked and tongued for all I was worth, and was rewarded by hearing his sounds of pleasure, his "ohs" and "Fuck yes" and, when I finally got his glans presented to me, his sharp inake of breath.

"Damn, bitch. You sure know how to use that tongue."

I could feel him adjusting his position and for a moment, his cock was lost to me. I wanted to cry out -- I was so enjoying this stranger's most intimate parts, but soon, I was back in it, with his cock descending into my mouth. He had leaned forward, so his body was parallel to mine, and directly above me. He lowered his cock into my mouth and then slowly pushed it into my mouth.

I think I panicked a little, because his cock was truly huge -- it was as big around as a fist, and while not super long, was long enough to choke me when finally his balls were in my face again.

He began to stroke slowly in and out of my mouth, each time cutting off my breath as his cock bottomed out in my throat. Each time I gagged, or fought off the gag reflex more or less unsuccessfully. He didn't seem to be in any hurry, just leisurely fucking my face as if he owned it -- which right at this moment in time, he did.

I was vaguely aware of movement in the room during this time, of the catcalls of the other guys urging my face fucker on, calling me all sorts of humiliating names and grunting some as they watched. I was getting more and more uncomfortable, my jaw ached from being stretched so, I was breathing only when I could and I was gagging almost non-stop. He clearly did not care about my discomfort or my urgent desire to have him done. He just kept fucking away at my face.

For my part, I was still rock hard, and still near to the point of cumming, despite my discomfort. When my face fucker finally got to the point where he was near to orgasm, when his stroking in and out of my mouth became fast, and irregular, when I heard his breath coming more and more erratically, I reached down and started stroking myself. As if on cue, when his orgasm arrived, so did mine. I was spaying cum into the air, even as his was threatening to drown me, filling my mouth and throat with bitter, salty, sticky fluid. It overflowed from my mouth, out around his cock, and I could feel it running down my cheeks and over my chin. As my own cum landed on my belly and chest, and pooled in my navel, he withdrew his cock, and left a trail of cum and spit on my face as he backed up and left me laying there.

But I only had a moment before the significance of the sounds in the room became meaningful to me. A scant moment later, before it had registered, really, the first spurt of cum hit my face. The sounds I had been hearing were the sounds of the other three men jerking themselves off as they witnessed my use as the sexual plaything of the young man with the enormous cock. One after another they dropped their loads on me -- it left me feeling so utterly used, that it excited me greatly. I began stroking my cock again furiously and could feel myself approaching a second orgasm that was just slightly out of reach until the fourth man -- I think it was my driver, but I can't be sure -- blew his load directly onto my cock and balls.

I groaned deeply -- screamed it almost -- and came again, the second time in as many minutes.

I think might have actually dozed off for a minute in the quiet aftermath of so much orgasmic bliss. I was truly exhausted. My ass hurt from the use, my jaw was still sore, and I had cum oozing all over my body, and out of all of my orifices. But my respite was short-lived.

"C'mon, bitch. Time to get your sorry ass home."

With that I was roused off the sofa, handed my clothes and my sneakers and grabbed by the arm and propelled out the door and into the SUV. Before he slammed the door shut, my driver warned me that I should get dressed, because it was a short ride back to my car, and dressed or undressed, when I got there, he was throwing me out into the parking lot of the Wendy's for all to see.

It is harder than you might imagine getting your clothes on while blindfolded in the back seat of a moving vehicle, but I managed. I lost my socks along the way, though it was no great loss. And I never did have any idea where my underwear went. I assumed that one of my fuckers kept them as s trophy. When we arrived at the parking lot, my driver told me I could take off the blindfold, and I did, using it to wipe at least some of the cum off my face before I had to get out in public.

I drove home in a daze, nearly oblivious to the odd looks I was getting. I did take a look in the mirror and I was a sight. Hair standing on end, cum in my eyebrows and mustache. I pulled way into my driveway and made a dash for the back door, hoping none of my neighbors could see me in such a state.

After a shower and some food, I began to feel like a human being again, instead of a discarded cum rag. As I thought about the afternoon, I got aroused again and jerked off multiple times before I went to bed, wondering what each of the men looked like, but especially the face fucker as I had come to think of him. His scent, his enormous cock and his ruthless disregard for my comfort, let alone pleasure, was enormously exciting to me and served to fuel my fantasies for weeks to come.

As the weeks passed, though, the intensity of the experience gradually faded to the point where I rarely thought about it any more. I would drive past the Wendy's lot and smile, but the intensity was gone.

Then about three months, later, I opened my email and read with a quickening heartbeat:

"Punk - you ready to get used again? I got a few more guys sitting here stroking hardons. You know where to go. 11 a.m."

Of course, it was out of the question. Too dangerous. I survived last time, but they slapped, spanked me, nearly choked me. I could have been outed by any one of them.

I should say no, of course, but I typed quickly. "See you there.",0,0,0,16,399