There I was, standing less than a foot away from him in the woods, watching him jack his dick, using my cum as lube, pointing the dripping cum slit at my cockhead. Aiming right at mine. Then he's pumping the air, groaning and then...cumming. Hitting my pubes, my balls.

That is how it ended. Let's wind the movie back!

Like a lot of guys, my journey to that day began in the world of porn, watching guys fuck hot women. Back in time, porn did not include graphic detail of hard shafts or cumshots. But that changed. When it did, it was hot. Hot to see the size of the load, the distance of the shot. Sure the women were hot, but those dicks were often center stage!

More and more, I found myself looking at the dicks as much as the cunts. There's variety in cunts, but not like the variety in cocks and how guys finish. As time goes by, I'm watching her stroking a dick that's on edge, wondering how she'll finish him—facial? Tits? On her tongue?

And what about his fine cock? Will his cum be clear and dribble, or white, thick, and blast into places that nobody expected? And what does that stuff taste like? I never had a desire, but maybe I should try—after all, the gals seem to smile after getting a dose. My curiosity grew and so did my dick when I let my fantasies run.

Next stop on the fantasy train? Gay porn. I started wondering what guys did with each other. Sure, people talked about guys screwing each other up the ass. But was that it? Did guys do other stuff? Of course they did. There were daisy blow jobs, helping hands male bukkake, blowing, 69-ing, and frottage—one of my faves to google. To see two hot dripping cockheads oiled and rubbing together—and especially with the two shafts unloading at the same time—that was the ultimate for me. I had found a new word: frottage.

I'm watching yet another great finish, edging myself. My dick is dripping. I'm thinking, "I'm a straight married guy", what the hell is with this desire to look at hard dicks and cumshots? I'm enjoying this! I wonder if I'm alone with these ideas?" For me, the first supplement to the porn was free chat rooms, with countless rooms and subjects, and people typing super fast and sharing disjointed conversations. Next up were chat rooms that were specialized—like "married and curious". Finally, I took the plunge and paid for a membership to a site specializing in gay chat.

There were rooms dedicated to certain subjects. Others by geography. I went into one for married guys, and went private with someone, blowing my load over my hands as we talked about eating creampies from our wives. As I became bolder, I went to the local ones, and had phone sex where me and another guy would edge for 20 or 30 minutes, then listen to each other cum hard.

I met Derek in a chat room—he was bi-curious and local. He was married, about my age and it sounded like we had similar fantasies. We talked about dick, how we were leaking. He asked if I'd tasted my precum. I dipped my finger and did it for him. He did the same. I told him how I liked "frot" and how I'd jacked off in front of a full length mirror, putting the head of my cock against the mirror pretending it was someone else, and blowing my load. We got on the phone, he asked me to tell him about it, and he came as I talked him over the edge...."imagine the feeling of my hot jizz on your shaft!".

There was a forested nature park not far from me. One day, in our text chat, I idly mentioned it would be hot to have a session "real time". He agreed, and asked if I'd really do it, and when. I happened to be free and within a matter of minutes we were sorting out precise details. We agreed we would not even need to talk. I would wear a Red Sox baseball hat. He would have a Dodgers hat.

There's a picnic area about a mile inside the main gates. It was early spring and nobody would be there—a bit too cool for picnics. We would meet at the nearby parking lot and go into the woods. Without a word we'd both drop our pants and start jerking for each other. I texted him my plan to rub my cockhead along his shaft. He asked if he could do the same and I just about shot my load then. I texted that it would be great to edge, see who could last longer. In the end, we agreed we would let the other know when we were about to cum, to allow the shooter to cum on and along the other guy's shaft. The "finalist" would enjoy hot jizz as jacking lube to finish.

And that is exactly what happened. The meeting began as we planned. I was nervous, and so was he, but we were both hard and edging within minutes. I wanted to pull some precum up, show him some drips. He reached out and scooped it and ran my juice over the top of his dickhead. I was trying to make it last—I was having a "hard" time doing so. I stopped for a moment to watch him give me a show. He did likewise.

We got closer. I rubbed my cockhead along his smooth hard shaft and, man, was that hot. I moved my hand to let him do the same. Then we rubbed frenulums together, watching the precum ooze.

And then it was time to cum. I decided I would give him a fine show and told him, "I'm gonna jack it hard now, and give you my load. Are you ready for some cumlube?". He complied and gave me the target. And I went to town, putting the head of my dick mid-shaft on him as I came.

My cock started to deflate a bit, but he was ready, taking his cue and picking up his jacking pace. I held my wet cum covered cock up in my hand for him to spray, turning the shaft to the side to give him lots of target. He got closer, and started to buck, my own cum dripping onto my dick as he pumped hard and shot. The first big blast hit my shaft and dribbled onto my balls. The next one went on my cockhead. The forest smelled of cum, and I loved it. It was raunchy pure animal sex.

We both chuckled, that sort of awkward moment that happens.

I pulled up my shorts, and to this day, my cock will twitch remembering that moment. My balls were soaked from our cumshots mixed together, and as I drove back out of the park, concentrating on the sensation, I thought about how hot it was to have my cock and balls covered in a mixture of our cum.